?The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is ? An Execellent Addition ?To Your Online Business Toolkit?

How To Check Keyword Ranking


This Jaaxy review will throw light on What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is About, and especially the reasons why you should consider taking advantage of this excellent opportunity to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, boost your finances and take your online business to the next level.

Go ahead and check out the Jaaxy Keyword tool free of charge. Perform a quick search below to obtain quality results for your current marketing campaigns online.

If you are interested in the results, continue reading to discover more on what the Jaaxy keyword tool really is about.







Name Description
Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Public Price $0, $49 & $99/month.

Special Price For Wealthy Affiliates

$0, $0, $19 & $49/month
Best For: Beginners & Experts digital entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, internet marketers
Rating 9/10:


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AWhat The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is About


Have you ever wondered why some websites receive more traffic than the others? Or how some people always get to know exactly what to write about? And what magic they use to get those posts ranking on the very first page of Search Engines?

These guys are not magicians. They just have the right information at the right time. You don’t just get up one morning and start writing. You need some background research to find the right thing to write about, which could attract the right traffic to your blog like honey attracts bees.

This is where Jaaxy comes in. This tool is your online guide to find those magic keywords to use in your blog posts and online campaigns.

Jaaxy is an online keyword ranking tool that will facilitate keyword research and analysis for SEO.

Every blogger, digital entrepreneur, marketer or whichever name you call it, cannot bypass this protocol before writing a blog or running an online campaign or … To get to the right people, you need to choose the right words.



BHow does Jaaxy find those keywords?


When building your website or blogging, the information posted is meant for online visitors. With the billions of blogs/articles/posts competing with each other online, how then do you ensure your message reaches the billions of traffic which could eventually convert?

Your article must stand out and distinguish itself. The only way to achieve this is by using the best keyword tool.

Without complicating this explanation, you need to know that the main source of data Jaaxy uses is the famous search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When you type in a keyword into Jaaxy in order to understand how well it ranks (how popular it is, and whether many people are searching it or not) within these 3 popular databases, Jaaxy uses some algorithms to scan through these search engines and displays the combined and simplified results to you.

And what are those results? You receive information about search visitors, quality grading, related searches, and much more.

Your Jaaxy is your number one companion online if you must write popular posts or create quality content or succeed online.







Check out the following great tasks Jaaxy can perform for you:

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Jaaxy can locate high traffic niches which have not yet been exploited.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

You get to identify low competition keywords which are excellent for fast rankings in Google

How To Check Keyword Ranking

You are informed about the number of websites competing for a particular keyword

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Jaaxy provides information about the minimum amount of traffic you can receive for a particular keyword on a monthly basis

How To Check Keyword Ranking

By searching a particular keyword, Jaaxy displays related keywords as well, thereby proposing other ideas that could be applicable to your niche as well

How To Check Keyword Ranking

The Jaaxy platform makes it possible to save interesting keywords you came across by chance so that you could return to them later if necessary

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Are you having difficulties finding the appropriate affiliate programs for your niche and keywords? Jaaxy got you covered here.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

You have this amazing opportunity of checking the ranking of a new post you just published a few minutes ago. It provides the rank of your new post in both Google Yahoo and Bing all at once.








Jaaxy is just fantastic for all online endeavors, whether as a starter or an online savvy. The following is some of the beneficiaries of this great tool. This list is nonexhaustive:

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Those who join various platforms and sell ready-made products offered by those platforms otherwise referred to as Affiliate Marketers

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Those who write several articles concerning several things including reviews. They could be Professional Bloggers, Article Marketers, Freelancer Writers.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Programmers engaged in the development and design of web applications, also known as Web developers and Designers

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Those who purchase a domain name, with the purpose of quickly selling it at a significantly higher cost, referred to as Domain Flippers

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Those who use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers, whether international and local, commonly known as Online advertisers. This could also include YouTube marketers and other forms of advertising online.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Internet marketers (whether international and local) wanting to know how high their sites and posts are faring on site rankings

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Local and international businesses






How To Check Keyword Ranking



The owners of Jaaxy are Kyle and Carson, the very same brains behind Wealthy Affiliate. They also use this tool to drive free organic traffic to their posts and websites.








The support provided to Jaaxy-related issues is that same support provided to all members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They are fast, accurate, spontaneous, qualified, patient, committed, kind… This is one awesome team!!!

Heeee. Don’t get me wrong. I’m talking from experience and these qualities have not been exaggerated. They are available at any time of the day and will not stop until they got your problem sorted out. I can boast here that this support team is the best ever online.

Click the image below to have access to some training videos about the use of Jaaxy:


How To Check Keyword Ranking



Kyle and Carson are owners of the Wealthy Affiliate University, so when it comes to the training side of Jaaxy, you are in good hands. We are talking about guys with decades of years of experience. The problem is not whether the support is available, the problem lies in if you will make good use of them.







The use of Jaaxy keyword & Niche Tool can be better demonstrated with a screenshot from the platform itself:


How To Check Keyword Ranking


Here below are details of each of the buttons as presented in the table above.






AKeywords Tool


  1. Keyword

A display of the relevant keywords following a particular keyword search.

2. Avg-Average:

The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month. This is the total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. The recommended minimum is 50 monthly searches if you intend to write an article around that keyword

3. Traffic:

Visits to your websites if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.  This is the lowest estimated traffic for those ranks, so you may be surprised if you see even more visits coming in.

4. QSR- Quoted Search Results:

Corresponds to the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. Jaaxy uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to determine precise keyword competition within search engines to give you a reliable figure.


Lower figures rank better than high figures. The lower the amount the better. Beginners online should aim for the low hanging fruit keywords which are less than 100. 200 is a pretty good number and 300 is good. Over that things start to become harder and harder for you to rank.

5. KQI-Keyword Quality Indicator:

The word itself is self-explanatory. A Greenlight represents a Great quality keyword, a Yellow is OK while a Red is Poor.

6. SEO:

This is a score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, higher = better)

7. Domains:

It checks and tells you if there is an availability of domains that are related to the keyword.

On the sidebar of your search you should see:

8. Related Keywords:

Jaaxy suggests closely related keywords or keyphrases for you to dig deep into your keyword quest





BExtra Features


How To Check Keyword Ranking




  1. Site Rank:

Used to check the site health of your website in terms of ranking in Google.com, Bing.com, and Yahoo.com. Excellent for verifying how well your site or post is ranking, and how your competition is faring.

2. Alphabet Soup:

This takes advantage of Google Instant feature to add all letters of the alphabet to your keyword/keyphrase based on actual searches people are doing to give you even more long-tail keyword ideas

3. Saved Lists:

Assemble your keywords into lists to better organize them by topic or niche, and revisit them later. While returning to your saved keywords, you can deepen your analysis and study how good those keywords really are in terms of potential traffic and competition. Just pick which ones look good in your search results and save them to a keyword list.

There is a possibility of exporting keyword lists in .CSV or .TXT so that you can import them into your favorite spreadsheet application and evaluate them offline by performing additional comparative calculations.  You can equally rename your Saved Lists later or open them, select some of the keywords and save them again in a different (maybe more focused) keyword list


4. Search History:

It stores a list of your previous keyword searches even if you didn’t save those keywords to your saved lists. Use this as a reminder of previous searches.

Use it to remember your previous keyword searches even if you did not save those keywords to your saved lists.

5. Search Analysis:

This is a great feature to use to spy on competitor activities. You can see which sites/pages are listed in the top 10 positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo. It’s very important to know everything about your competition. Spy on:

    • Google Pagerank
    • Alexa rank
    • Google AdSense
    • how many words are being used on those pages
    • number of backlinks to those websites/pages
    • title, URL, meta description and meta keywords
    • outbound links



6. Affiliate Program:

There is an affiliate program for Jaaxy. This section gives you details on how to promote Jaaxy and earn commissions doing so. It suffices to copy the tracking code found under ‘Links & Tracking’ and integrating into an existing website. You can equally create a separate review like this one just for that purpose.

7. Brainstorm:

This feature helps you overcome writer’s block or those times when you have no more ideas for what niche to go for. It picks the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.







Grammatically Incorrect Keywords...

These results often present exceptionally fantastic output from the research tool. You should definitely avoid such keywords, even though they have awesome results. A grammatically incorrect keyword will never be ranked by Google.


For example:

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Let’s use Jaaxy very wisely.







Unbeatable Features Provided By Jaaxy...

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Jaaxy is a powerful tool with unbeatable features. Below are some of them:

How To Check Keyword Ranking


How To Check Keyword Ranking

Easy to understand, easy to use and extremely user-friendly interphase

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Awesome and reliable support

How To Check Keyword Ranking

This tool uses an Effective and Efficient Algorithm that ensures that accurate output is displayed at the speed of light.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

You can easily find and locate great traffic unexploited keywords

How To Check Keyword Ranking

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Automatic upgrades ensure that you are always working with the latest version

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Combines data from the largest search engines on the internet: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The accuracy of your results is always guaranteed.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

No software download or installation is required.

How To Check Keyword Ranking

Excellent training and support put in place

How To Check Keyword Ranking**NEW. You now have free access to this tool as a WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBER. See image below and read further down to see the improved pricing conditions.

How To Check Keyword Ranking**NEW. The pricing was recently (December 12th, 2017) drastically reduced. Read further down to see updates.



How To Check Keyword Ranking









The Negative Side Of Jaaxy...

There are always two sides to a coin. It’s time we take a look at the other facet of Jaaxy. Let’s discuss some of the points which give room for more improvement:

  • Exporting saved keywords to spreadsheets for evaluation can represent some challenges to those not familiar with the Excel tool.
  • When using the free versions of this tool, your site ranks searches display results only if they appear on the first pages of either Google, Bing or Yahoo. If your site is ranked on the second page of these search engines, they will not be displayed by Jaaxy. You must go premium to have more access to your rank results. This could be overly difficult for those starting off online. Anyway, not really important for beginners. You should focus on building quality content.
  • You cannot use Jaaxy to determine the difficulty levels of some potentially harmful keywords, which appear to be great as portrayed by Jaaxy. You should take it as a habit, to manually check the difficulty level of each keyword you are about to use, by pulling up the SERPS from search engines. Just key in the keyword in Google, and see the number of results displayed. Anything more than 10 000 000 is not recommended for a starter. This is my personal point of view. But in order to accurately determine the difficulty level of your keyword, I recommend that you use a keyword tool that has this feature included, as there are many other factors to be taken into account to determine keyword difficulty, other than search results. An excellent example is KWFinder.







Updated Jaaxy Pricing Plans...

Jaaxy has recently been integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate community under the following conditions:

How To Check Keyword Ranking


You equally have the option to update to Pro or Enterprise depending on your needs. Four Pricing Plans can be identified. Here are their differences:



1Jaaxy Starter (Price: $0)


This plan is available to starter members (those with free membership) at Wealthy Affiliate.

Also available to non-Wealthy Affiliate members.

It gives you the opportunity to test drive Jaaxy to find out how it works, what it is and to see if it’s something you would be willing to invest in on a monthly basis.

You are offered 30 free search queries of any kind (Search Analysis, Alphabet Soup, Keywords), 20 keyword results, etc. See the table above for more details.


2Jaaxy Lite (Price: $0)


Jaaxy Lite is available ONLY to premium members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Amazing features such as unlimited keywords search and 100 site rank searches are all part of this package. See more details on the table above.



3Jaaxy Pro Plan (Price: $19/month)


This plan used to be $49, now it’s only $19 for Wealthy Affiliate premium members. What a remarkable improvement!!

The price remains $49 for starter WA members and non-WA.

The Pro plan has everything you need to start your keyword research quest. It was designed for people new to internet marketing as well as more experienced internet marketers


4Jaaxy Enterprise (Price: $49/month)


This used to be $99. Another astonishing reduction to $49!!!  for Wealthy Affiliate premium members. This is just awesome!!!

The price remains $99 for starter WA members and non-WA

Jaaxy Enterprise is relevant for internet marketers working on many websites at the same time. It was designed for more advanced internet marketers who need to compile huge lists of keywords for several websites. If you’re looking for even more power, extra features and willing to take things to a completely different level, the Enterprise Plan would be a perfect match.








Jaaxy has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available online for a keyword tool, and you can earn consistent recurring revenue by simply referring others to the community!


How To Check Keyword Ranking








To sign up to Jaaxy and take advantage of your free package,














''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research






Accuracy & Reliability


Mobilie Friendliness


Affiliate Program



  • Useful for all levels of online entrepreneurs
  • Easy to understand
  • Automatic upgrades/updates


  • Some features may never be used
  • Limited site rank search results displayed for free versions
  • Manually exporting results to Excel for analysis could be time consuming.

19 thoughts on “?The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is ? An Execellent Addition ?To Your Online Business Toolkit?”

  1. I love the detailed review of Jaaxy. Actually I have used this keyword research tool many times myself and it is so accurate and has gotten me on the first page of Google many times.

    I will say you get what you pay for and Jaaxy is worth every penny. If you think of the potential income of landing on Page 1 of Google for your keywords then you realize this is a must have resource for serious marketers.

    What is there not to like about Jaaxy. You laid out the pros perfectly. Jaaxy has so many features that you may not get around to even using all of them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much for this comment that adds value and weight to Jaaxy. Indeed the results you get with Jaaxy are refined products. All you have to do is select and use because you might even have a problem of choice.

      Landing on page one of Google is my main objective right now. I came accross a perfect understanding of the uses of Jaaxy two months after creating my website. I am grateful that Jaaxy has finally come to my rescue. My marketing campaigns will only move to a completely new level because I have a tool that will provide the golden eggs.

      Experts online like yourself really understand how useful this tool can be.
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this. I wish you the very best on all your online endeavors

  2. Amazing amount of information. Your graphics are colorful and very easy to follow and understand. I did not know who owned Jaxxy or that they had a affiliate program. I am curious about that and might do some further investigation. I have used the Jaxxy program but not as often as I probably should.
    Great article. You did a lot of research and it shows.

    1. Thanks Deborah.

      Kyle and Carson are the authors of Jaaxy. They an an amazing profitable affilaite programe for jaaxy. You could sign up for free to check it out for yourself.

      Intergrating Jaaxy as you routine will do you a lot of good as an online entrepreneur. They identify and give you golden egg keywords for you to choose from. This tool is really one of its kind, plus it combines data from Google, Yahoo and Bing to provide results that are relevant in all three search engines.

      Thank you very much for your appreciation. I’m happy that my article has pushed you to do further research on Jaaxy. I would be happy to share if you find anything new.

  3. Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool, whether you are a beginner or advanced internet marketer. It’s simple to use, user-friendly and has good support (like what you said).

    I do find Jaaxy a lot more useful and user-friendly that Google’s keyword tool. But like what you said, I find the tool quite pricey, and for that, I would give it about 4.5 out of 5.

    1. Thanks Marco.

      For those not yet making hard currencies online, it would seem very expensive to manage, but ROI in the long run will be very satisfactory.

      YOur rating of 4.5 out of 5 is still very satisfactory. Meaning our Jaaxy remains a quality product .

  4. You know I have a blog and I try to do all my key word search on google. Now I see where I have been missing out! I am wondering if the benefits off set the monthly cost for the service. I would think with all the features, that it might? I am curious how long you have been using Jaaxy, and if you think it helps generate you more revenue because it helps get your site ranked higher? Please let me know and thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot Matts Mom for your comment.
      The benefits certainly off set the monthly cost, but like I said, this could really weigh down on newbies online whose websites are not yet monetizing.

      As a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, I make good use of the free keyword tool available only for premium members, so the only cost I manage is my monthly chicken change subscription fees (of $49).With this I can host my websites for free, using the most recent version of WordPress, using free keyword tool, and having access to 25 more websites for free hosting,… all in one package of only $49. You can check out more details of this package at https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount?a_aid=a7a1d997

      Plus the tool at Wealthy Affiliate was created by the same cofounders of Jaaxy, Kyle and Carson. Paying for another keyword tool would not be cost efficient for a beginner at online business.

      This tool is for beginners who host with other platforms requiring them to use external keyword tools. If it becomes too costly for them to handle, my proposal is for them to flip domains and benefit from the all in one package at WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

      This tool is also meant for experienced bloggers and developers. There is nothing much to explain to them since they are already familiar with the notion and importance of keywords!!
      Also meant

  5. It can be very overwhelming trying to find the right keywords for your blog posts to stand out. I have tried Jaaxy as well as WA keyword Tool and it’s not as simple as it sounds for me at least. Im glad I landed on your page… and read your post. It reminded me how important it is to learn about this tool and how to use it effectively.

    1. Hello Agnes,
      Thank you very much for your comment. It is overwhelming trying to find the right key words for distinguishing your blog posts.

      What do you mean by saying that the Jaaxy and WA keyword tools are not as simple as they sound? I’m sorry to hear about this. You know I had the same difficulties in the beginning. I wasn’t even using any of the tools. I blindly wrote what I thought and posted without taking into account I had to intergrate keywords.Haha. And then when I followed Kyle’s training about keywords , thier importance suddenly jumped right at me. Wooooooow. When blogging now, I just open my WA keyword tool on a separate window. I can’t do anything without it now.

      When you develop a habit of using it, it becomes your second nature online. Very interesting and fulfilling when you find hot and competitive available keywords

      I’m very happy that you found my post helpful.

  6. This tool is what people that are new to blogging and affiliate marketing need. It is fast and very easy to use. I like the fact that it is online software with no need to download and install anything. What a great tool!

    1. Hello Dan,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Absolutely. Kyle and Carson really did a great job on this. It makes your online experience really exciting. Jaaxy is the number one keyword tool for all online entrepreneurs.

  7. Of all the Keyword tools i have tried, Jaaxy is definitely the best and yet the best priced. The keyword domain availability is also a feature I find very useful. I have reserved some cool domains I would never have thought of were it not for Jaaxy. To be honest the cons in Jaaxy are far much outweighed by the pros. I would not hesitate to recommend it anytime. This review will definitely help someone.

    1. Thanks Ami for your insightful comment.

      Jaaxy is definitely unbeatable because it combines data from three major search engines that we are all familiar with; yahoo, bing and Google. If I had known the importance of keyword research from the first day, I’m pretty sure my website would have been a hot traffic junction already.

      Anyway its not late. I hope others out there will not waste the time I wasted and start using Jaaxy immediately.

      Thank you once more for the added value.

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