What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? ?Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour??

What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour?



What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour? All these questions have been answered in my review. READ ON FOR MORE DETAILS.



Name Description
Product Name: VOGENESIS
Product Price $39.95 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Jenny Lewis
Best For Those who wish to pursue a career in Voice Over
Overall Score 3.5/10







Vogenesis Is Not A Scam for a couple of reasons:

  • 60-day money back guarantee is available,
  • Legitimate and Ethical Business Model
  • Some highly relevant training resources have been included to help you get started


Do I recommend Vogenesis? NO, for a good number of reasons:

  • Relatively light content compared to other Voice Over training materials available online
  • Irresponsible affiliate marketing tactics implemented by promoting other products not relevant to Voice Over Career through upsells.
  • the use of price tricks that can cause newbies to pay higher if they are completely unaware of how to manipulate the sales page and pay less;
  • misleading sales pitch, of the possibility of making $1,000/hour
  • the presence of upsells will most likely explode your budget if you are just starting out


I found a relatively great voice over training resource online which I have included in my review.


And if you are looking for another great alternative of making money online,  where you would be capable of getting a substantial ROI in the nearest future from your current investments, and continue to enjoy passive and recurring income in the long run, then








1.1What Is Vogenesis?


Vogenesis is a Clickbank product that claims that you can make over $1,000/hour using their Voice Over training resources. Is this true? Well, don’t start panicking or getting excited, because we are about to verify if those claims are worth it and true.

Make sure to pay attention to what follows, especially to what I’m about to reveal in the next section.





1.2Important Components Of A Good Voice Over Training Platform


Having done a little bit of research online, I was able to bring together the following key topics that must always be included in any good voice over training platform. They should include but not limited to the following:

  • Setting up your equipment
  • In-depth voice training, covering topics such as warming up your voice, improving the resonance and depth of your voice, mouth closure, the five vocal elements, coloring words and showcasing product names, how to voice hard words and numbers correctly, etc.
  • Reading scripts and using appropriate voice styles, such as sight-reading, mastering the announcer voice, being able to get into the head of the listener, arm movement when recording, etc
  • The possibility to test your skills already, while using the Voice Over training resources
  • Audio editing and file types,
  • Marketing your services and Building your Voice Over Business
  • A reasonable number of videos to cover each topic treated during the training program.







2.1Initial Prices


The initial price is $39.95, as shown in the image below:


What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour?


But when you click away from the page a few times, the price is dropped further down as can be seen in the next image:



You can clearly see that if you have absolutely no experience online, you are most likely going to pay $39.95 on the first attempt. This is not cool.








There would be up to 3 upsells!


==> First Upsell $37: Voice Over Insider’s Guides

This product teaches you how to market your Voice Over services

==> Second Upsell $47: Multiple Streams Of Income

Includes information on the various methods to make money online, which has got absolutely nothing to do with advancing your voiceover career.

==> Third Upsells $47: Quick Cash Machines

Offers 5 templates websites to build other businesses, once again not related to Vogenesis.


Summing up to give $131 if you follow through with all her misleading instructions.

And to be more specific, if you were really so excited about this opportunity when you first found it and went through with the initial prices and all the upsells, you would have spent exactly $170.95! 

This amount could grant you full access for 7 months, to a lifetime opportunity to build an online empire of passive recurring income, if you take advantage of their Black Friday deals, or for 6 months if you take advantage of their yearly normal discounts, or to make things even simpler for you, access for 4 months, if you decide to purchase their monthly plans.

And what do you really unlock after spending $39.95? to purchase Vogenesis? Check it out the following section.





2.3Components Of Your $39.95 Package


Let’s take a closer look at the resources you get at Vogenesis to start your Voice Over career:

  • 15 videos of approximately about 1 hour long in total
  • 93 page eBook


The two main resources above cover a wide range of topics including the following:

  • How to control your voice
  • Learn cold readings
  • Improving mental muscle memory
  • Breathing techniques
  • Connecting with your social voice by expressing emotion and conviction,
  • and others…


You might think that this is comprehensive, but you would be surprised when I reveal some of the disadvantages of this program below.







Let’s take a closer review of Vogenesis through the examination of its PROS and CONS.

3.1PROS Of Vogenesis✌


1✌ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee✌

This is the major advantage of the products listed on Clickbank because they all must offer a 60-day guarantee period to protect customers.


2✌ Some Good Training Resources Available✌

Their basic package contains some highly relevant content when it comes to learning about Voice Over with Vogenesis.


3✌ The Business Model Is Legitimate✌

This method of making money online is actually in high demand today, and you can really take advantage of it. This is an ethical and legitimate way of doing business online, and highly recommended.




3.2??CONS Of Vogenesis??


1 ?Price Tricks?

Jenny Lewis plays an effective price trick that works pretty well on the less experienced ones. And if you are new and want to know more about the trick in question, it has to do with ”pretending that you are about to leave the sales page”

The site in question will start to drop the price progressively each time as you attempt to leave. So make sure you try to quit the sales page several times in order to benefit from the lowest possible price.

If you are new to all this, you definitely will be caught up with the first price with all the sales hypes that are used to promote the product. In this case of Jenny Lewis’ Vogenesis, instead of buying at the initial $39.95, you can get the product for as low as $19.95.

So please be careful.


You might want to avoid the following programs as well at all cost that play even worse tricks on you:

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid




2 ?This Course Is Relatively Less Comprehensive For Its Price?

In order to access Jenny Lewis’ complete resources including the relevant upsell of $37, you would have to budget for a total of $76.95, for 15 training videos of about 1 hour long in total, and an eBook of 93 pages.

But when carrying out a research online, I discovered another Voice Over training resource which has the following characteristics:


a Course Outline

What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour?


I want to draw your attention to the very last course on that image above: Marketing Your Service, Finding work And Building Your Voice Over Business. This particular training is ?included as an upsell with Vognenesis for $37?, and I seriously don’t know how comprehensive that would be.

But it is included absolutely free of charge with this training resource I came across online, and when you compare it with the rest of the lectures above, Marketing Your Services appears to be the most important element of Voice Over training, as you can see that it comprises up to 14 lectures and the only module having the longest video training material, 1Hrs38mins!!

In other words, this module alone is more comprehensive than the entire Vogenesis training as a whole.


b Check out the details below of what this module covers:


What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour?


Take note of something above. Every topic there is accompanied by a video, which is the most effective method of learning anything online today. You are not going to have this luxury with Vogenesis.

They have about 15 videos, but the eBook of 93 pages do not include videos to facilitate the understanding of the information presented there. And the video is just about 1 hour long, whereas the example I’m presenting above has up to 5 hours long of video training resources.

This is one of the reasons why I would not be recommending Vogenesis, because it’s less comprehensive, and I’d rather prefer that YOU GO HERE INSTEAD to grab more comprehensive training resources and videos if you wish to pursue a career on Voice Over.




3 ?Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour??

Mediocre programs never fail to use such incredible sales pitches. Can you really make up to that amount using this training platform? Let me be honest with you. Jenny Lewis is making this sound super easy to start earning.

If it were that easy, why then would she include all those resources to help you get started? You would have to put in tons of hours, learn, practice, repeat to attain mastery level before you can start the hoping of making a substantial amount of revenue, not $1,000/hour.

I don’t still understand why people still make such unrealistic income claims about making money online, and the worse part about it, is that people actually believe them.




4 ?Irrelevant Upsells Have Been Included In The Vogenesis Package?

Unfortunately, Jenny Lewis appears to be one of those irresponsible affiliate marketers that enjoy misleading and taking advantage of those who cannot make the right decision online. It’s a great thing to be an affiliate marketer, but how you go about it would really define whether you would remain long in business.

Why include upsells which would not help the new prospect advance their knowledge in the relevant field, in this case, becoming a Voice Over artist? The upsells I’m talking about are


==> $47: Multiple Streams Of Income

Includes information on the various methods to make money online, which has got absolutely nothing to do with advancing your voiceover career.

==> $47: Quick Cash Machines

Offers 5 templates websites to build other businesses, once again not relate


Right. I know there are various methods to make money online, and I’ve decided to give Voice Over a try, why then do you want me to pay money to access, probably a list of opportunities which could be found online for free? This is a major distraction.

Talk less about the templates of $47. How would all these upsell help me get started with VoiceOver? I sincerely believe these are all irresponsible sales tactics, and not appreciated at all.






5 ?No Certificate Of Completion Available?

Well, this is no big deal particularly, but if other courses are including this in their respective packages, then Vogenesis should consider doing the same.

My Top Recommended Voice Over Training Platform not only offers a certificate of completion but also includes 3 downloadable resources, full lifetime access,  and access on mobile and TV.








To go straight to the point:








I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Vogenesis Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$39.95 + UPSELLS

Overall Performance


12 thoughts on “What Is Vogenesis? A Scam? ?Can You Make As Much As $1,000/Hour??”

  1. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there,

    Thanks for a very detailed review (one more! :)). I’ve never thought I could make money with voice-over. Thanks for pointing that out too. Now, regarding this program, the up-sells are always a way for the program creators to make more money. You have to really be careful. I do believe that products like these might give you the hist to start researching for similar and other opportunities. Just like you did. Thanks again!


  2. I feel always there is no end of learning. Thanks for the resourceful information about a click bank  product VOGENESIS.I have same opinion and agree with you about this product. Earning $1000 per hour is not so easy at the beginning but they represent it in such a way that so many people confused and got disappointed some time.

    1. That’s right. The inexperienced newbies will know that they have found the jackpot. These misleading statements are not recommended if you wish to promote a product.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. You just made the splendid another online scam site unmasking post. As soon as I see these numbers like $1000/day, I keep away from offers like that. And what’s more, not just that offer, the ”60 DAYS money back guarantee” is a very risky statement. Even PayPal doesn’t guarantee you get that money back.

    1. Great.

      It’s good that you already have some red flags to watch out for, and I will encourage you to stick to them, and be safe online.

      We only hope they will be honest enough to respect their 60 day money back guarantee.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Andre.

  4. Hey there,

    thanks for such detailed and informative review, I enjoyed reading it and found it to be very helpful! I’ve heard about Vogenesis in the past however I’ve never dedicated my time to learn more about them. Therefore, I am happy I have stumbled across Your review so I can finally see what’s the all fuss about. As far as Vogenesis goes, well… I am dissapointed, but not surprised honestly, as there is so much scammy and fishy making money online programs as well as the ones which do insane hype like in this case, where the program tells You ”You gonna be able to make 1000$+ an hour” and all of that other nonsesne, which is already a huge flag for me. And on top of this, they offer pretty weak and uninspired lessons which, like You’ve said- are less comprehensive than other lesson which You can find online. Thanks for protecting us, as the community from such various scams, fishy and overhyped programs and from all of that other crap, we truly appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Evald for such a comprehensive comment.

      Yes the hype was just too much, and responsible programs usually don’t make such claims. I had to give them the benefit of doubt and don’t completely rate them as scams, because you can really make money from being a Voice Over.

      But with this program, I wonder if you would learn all it takes to get you to an advanced level.

      Thank you once more for your comment, and I’m really happy that you found my review useful.

  5. As soon as I see a claim like 1000 bucks an hour I am gone.  I hesitate to call things scams but have no problem calling them bad opportunities.

    Im sorry but you dont just buy a simple eBook and watch a few videos and end up with a career in anything.

    I would absolutely anyone new and looking for their miracle that this isnt it.

    Please read the review and se that the product isnt rally recommended.

    This was a great review.  Thank you for taking the time


    1. Thanks you very much for your comment Dale. I’m glad you found some great value in reading my content. Thank you once again.

  6. I found the topic to be very interesting, I haven’t heard about Vogenesis before or much about voice overs, but after studying into your review on it, it looks like you mastered a pretty thorough study on the subject of Vogenesis.

    On the matter of irresponsible marketing tactics, price tricks and a misleading sales pitch of making one thousand dollars a month, I think that when these people make such unrealistic claims about how much money you can make in an hour, it’s because they don’t believe enough in their own system, they have to come up with tricks to get people to buy into their products.

    I have spent my share of time looking for how to get rich quick schemes and I have noticed an endless amount of that going on, promises to get rich over night and usually having to do virtually nothing but hand over to some stranger a large amount of money.

    1. Hi Neil,

      I also knew nothing about it before writing this post. LOL. I did my research and read a lot of relevant articles.

      For the record, it’s $1000 per hour, not per month. These claims are way too unrealistic. You hardly see genuine products making such claims. They would rather spend time talking more about their products.

      Stay safe online, and thank you very much for your comment. Much appreciated.

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