What It Takes To Start An Online Business With Udacity

What Is Udacity About Related To Starting An Online Business?


The popularity of digital marketing is no longer questionable but how have our educational institutions evolved to meet the growing demands for specific skills in this domain? Has Udacity succeeded to meet the challenge associated with providing quality and relevant education on digital marketing? What is Udacity about related to starting an online business?




Name Description
Product Name: Udacity
Features: e-learning, MOOC Provider
Price: Varies per e-learning Course
Founders: Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, Mike Sokolsky
Launch Date: June 2011
Number Of Users: 1.6 Million
Best For: Anyone looking for specific information online on a wide range of topics.
Recommended For Starting A Business Online: NO. 2 /5
Recommended For Experienced Digital Entrepreneurs: YES. 5/5
Overall Score 7/10
Verdict: 100% LEGIT


It’s obvious from our tables below. Udacity clearly has not adapted to meet the needs of new digital entrepreneurs online for these reasons.

Udacity is a rather hot cake for experienced marketers especially when you know exactly what you are looking for online, I recommend that you check out their courses.

If however, you want to learn all (affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing, online marketing) there is to know about starting a business online in one place without having to use several platforms to supplement your knowledge , there is only 1 recommendation for you, THE BEST, THE TOP, THE #1 RECOMMENDATION, which I personally use myself, then click the button below.







#1. What is Udacity About?

#2. How To Access Udacity Home Page

#3. Finding Online Business Related Courses With Udacity

#4. Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend Udacity

#5. Conclusion – The Best Place To Start Online Business








A great video about Udacity was found for you. Watch this 100 seconds video below to understand what exactly Udacity is about

It is important to note that Udacity is a for-profit educational organization which originally focused on offering university-style courses. It now focuses more on vocational courses for professionals.

This sounds encouraging, as we are looking to see if this platform would be suitable to learn how to start a business online, and other related topics such as Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Read on.






#2.1 Visit Udacity’s URL


It is simple to access Udacity’s home page. Just go to your web browser and type www.udacity.com, and you will land directly on Udacity’s home page.

Click to button below to be taken directly to this homepage, so you can take a look and see for yourself. You will be taught further down this blog on how to search related courses.




#2.2You will land on the following page. See screenshot below:


What Is Udacity About Related To Starting An Online Business?



Next, we’ll go through the process of looking for relevant digital marketing courses on this platform. I can’t wait to check this out because getting the right platform for my online business endeavor is turning out be more challenging than I thought. It is really extremely difficult to find the ideal courses online.

K. Let’s get to work.






It was quite a relief, to find out that I didn’t have to sign in or create an account before searching for courses. No need creating an account when you might never get to use it. It’s the same principle that edX, Coursera, and Udemy apply. Thumps up on this.

Let’s get right into things. Check out the screenshots below to walk through the process of finding relevant online business courses with this platform.



#3.1 How To Find Online Business Courses: First search term-Affiliate Marketing


We will start off by displaying the search bar. To do so, you have to click on ”Catalog” as shown in the image below:






#3.2 Once you do that, the following page will appear:



We were not successful with our first search results. Perhaps we were being too specific. Let’s try something more generic and see what happens.



#3.3 Second Search Term: ”Marketing”:



Marketing is a generic term, meaning that if there were other topics related to marketing, these courses would have been displayed as well. Basically, that’s it for Udacity.

They have only 2 digital courses related to starting a business online. And the second one, ”App Marketing”, only relevant when you are interested in Apps development and marketing.

I did an additional search on the term-”digital”, and only the digital marketing course was displayed alongside, other App development courses.

Udacity seems to have more resources for technology and web development, than for Digital Marketing.




#3.4 Details Of The Available Digital Marketing Course


Udacity Digital Marketing course covers the following topics:


–> Marketing Fundamentals

–> Content Strategy

–> Social Media Marketing

–> Social Media and Advertising With Facebook Blueprint

–> Search Engine Optimization

–> Search Engine Marketing With Google Adwords

–> Display advertising

–> Email Marketing

–> Measure And Optimize With Google Analytics





#3.5 Price-Related Details Of The Available Digital Marketing Course


Check out the table below:


Ref. Name Of Training
Name Of Training Digital Marketing
Number Of Courses 9
Duration: 3 Months
Pirce $999


We will discuss more on this below.







Before these reasons are brought forth, it’s important to note here that Udacity’s training content for Digital Marketing is very elaborate and almost complete. They have touched pretty much, very important core topics in digital marketing, and I must admit that I’m really impressed.

However, having come across a lot of training courses on starting a business online, and being in a position to recommend a course to anyone wishing to start a business online, Udacity will not be included as one of my recommendations.

My reasoning is simple. I’d feel very guilty to recommend Udacity out of pity and make you pay for something for which deep inside, I know you would have found greater value elsewhere.

I will not recommend Udacity for the following reasons:


#4.1. Udacity Is Very Expensive!

#4.1. First Things First: Udacity Is Very Expensive!

Take a look at the screenshot below:




The yellow highlight on the image (also take note of the green highlighted text as we would return to it later) above indicates that this course is worth $1 000 (short by only $1 to reach the mark). And the duration of the course is only 3 months!

How then can I recommend this training, when I know of others that charge you far less than what is requested by Udacity? That’s not all, besides the courses included above, there are thousands of other tutorials on every topic related to starting a business online, hundreds of hours of video replays,… in fact, my top recommendation was designed to train ONLY THOSE WHO WANT TO START THEIR ONLINE BUSINESS. That’s the only thing they know, and they are pros because they live and breathe it.

#4.2. Access To Purchased Materials Limited For A Specific Period Of Time!

#4.2. It Would Appear Access To Training Materials Is Only For A Limited Period Of Time

When you take a good look at the image above under #4.1 (refer to the green highlighted section). It says, ”During your 3-months term, you will have access to the Nanodegree program classroom and materials, plus expert project  reviews”

Does this mean that after those 3 months would have expired, you would no longer have access to your training materials, which rightfully belong to you, and which you purchased at $1000?

Well, I’m not so sure about the answer. But if I were you, and considering going in for this training course, I would inquire before ever disbursing my hard earned funds.

With this training platform, you have LIFETIME access to the entire platform for life, provided your account remains active with them.

#4.3. Udacity Does Not Offer Hosting-Impossible To Start Making Money Online In The Learning Process

#4.3. No Hosting Provided By Udacity-No Possibility To Make Money While Learning

Udacity is an educational, for-profit organization, they don’t provide hosting services. If you have to apply everything you have learned at Udacity, you have to budget extra for your hosting services, and also spend a reasonable amount of time looking for a reliable host for your affiliate marketing business. That could be very overwhelming for you, especially if you just starting off online.

What does this also imply for your finances? Not only will you not be able to generate some income online during the learning process, you would equally have to pay an additional hosting fee, thereby increasing the overall cost of acquiring your online business skills.

Why not learn with those who provide hosting services free of charge? Once you sign up for the course, you become eligible to host for free – this means a chance of getting rich by the time you are done learning. And the hosting services provided by this training platform are one of the best in the sector today, including extra features FREE OF CHARGE that very few hosts (or none) are able to provide without increasing the price of their hosting package.

#4.4. No Free Websites Offered By Udacity

#4.4. Udacity Does Not Offer Free Websites 

This is another disadvantage of Udacity. No free websites offered. This is understandable, and this is one of the reasons why I personally would not recommend them for starting your business online.

Yes, if you have a platform that offers 50 Managed WordPress hosting websites with your training courses, versus another that provides only courses, which one would you prefer?

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely rush for the training that provides additional advantages. This makes it possible to learn hands-on, and also increases your chances of start making money while you are still learning. Plus once you master the skills, you can start making use of the additional websites for more business ideas.

Udacity would certainly provide projects and make sure they are reviewed to ensure that that you have grasped the basics, but instead of using a project, whose access might be limited in the nearest future, while not use your very own live website under creation as a project?

It’s more practical, plus the experience is quite different when you are using your very own website. You will treat it differently because you know it’s already live, and sooner or later, visitors would start visiting to check out your products.

#4.5. No SEO Tool Offered By Udacity

#4.5. Udacity Does Not Offer Free SEO Keyword Ranking Too 

Udacity’s Digital Marketing Course includes training on Search Engine Optimization, but no tool is offered free of charge for future online entrepreneurs to start using immediately on their respective websites.

Wouldn’t it be lovely having a free SEO Keyword Ranking Tool at your disposal, to use at will? No entrepreneur can succeed online without a valuable tool like the one offered by Wealthy Affiliate FREE OF CHARGE.

Unfortunately, Udacity teaches you what you have to know about SEO, but a tool to help with the implementation is not included in their training package. You would have to buy it separately if you want to consider using Udacity’s courses.

#4.6. Udacity Does Not Have A Domain Registry

#4.6. Udacity Does Not Offer Free Domain Registry

Only a platform specialized in hosting websites can have the resources needed to manage domains, and not all hosts have a domain registry for that matter. so I wouldn’t expect anything from Udacity with regards to this.

That’s the main reason why instead of purchasing Udacity’s courses, purchase a COMPLETE BUSINESS STARTER KIT and have everything in one place to start, grow, glow, thrive and shine online, including a domain registry. Here your websites compete only with the best online.

Your presence online would be one of boldness and confidence, not the contrary.






Experienced marketers could make use of these courses more judiciously.

But as a newbie online, I don’t recommend Udacity for starting your business online, because if you do, you will spend exceedingly for the same services, as compared to those that are offered by more specialized platforms that were designed to train only online entrepreneurs. $999 is the membership for 2.5 years on other specialized platforms offering both in-depth courses, as well as additional tools to help you set up your business website only within minutes.

Use our #1 recommendation below to start your journey online:






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