Is OpenLearning Worth It When It Comes To Learning Digital/Affiliate Marketing?

What Is OpenLearning About?


OpenLearning is an Australian based for-profit educational technology that offers a social learning platform that can deliver massive open online courses. At the end of December 2013, they launched a cloud-based software product, to enable companies to create private educational portals on its platform companies. This sounds like great news, as the number of learning materials would certainly increase as a result of this initiative.

It’s time to take a closer look at What OpeningLearning is About when it comes to Affiliate Marketing And Digital Marketing.



Name Description
Product Name: OpenLearning
Features: Online Education
Price: Varies per e-learning Course, mostly free.
Key People: Adam Brimo, Richard Buckland, David Collien, Brooke Hahn
Founding Date: 2013
Number Of Users: 900 000+
Best For: Anyone looking for specific information online on a wide range of topics.
Recommended For Starting Affiliate Marketers: NO. 0.25/5
Recommended For Experienced Affiliate Marketers YES. 3/5
Overall Score 3.25/10
Verdict: 100% LEGIT

I was excited by OpenLearning’s social learning feature when I first read about it, and really hoped it would be a great resource for those wishing to take on either Affiliate Marketing or Digital Marketing courses here.

But after having a closer look, I realized that it’s seriously not worth it (watch out for these 5 reasons) when it comes to starting affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs.

As for experienced guys, the good news – it’s free. You can try things out, but nothing really much to discover here. OpenLearning still got so much to improve on, to make their digital and affiliate marketing packages very appealing. No wonder the social community around it is very scanty – only 4 comments per year!!










900 000 is an impressive number of students taking courses at OpenLearning. Take a quick look at the video below to have an idea about what your learning experience would be like here.



OMG. I’m just speechless. I mean…WOW!!!! This is my very first online learning platform, among the several I’ve had to review, (besides the king of them all with the best community so far), that has a SOCIAL COMMUNITY, giving students the opportunity to interact with each other.

This already makes two (2) training platforms with online communities. I can’t wait to discover many more, and I really hope that the digital marketing courses are fully developed here. This would make the learning experience really amazing.

Let’s now proceed to find out how we can access OpenLearning’s homepage.




It’s very simple and straightforward. When you follow this link:, you are taken directly to OpenLearning’s homepage. Refer to the screenshot below to see how it looks like:


What Is OpenLearning About?


Now let’s get to business: finding digital marketing courses on this platform. OpenLearning’s community appears to be fun. I hope there is a significant number of students taking their digital marketing courses if at all they offer them. Let’s get to work and start exploring.





No need to signup whatsoever. This is great. We start with the term, ”Affiliate Marketing”.


3.1Searching For ”Affiliate Marketing” Courses At OpenLearning



Interesting. It seems Affiliate Marketing has been treated as a topic under Digital Marketing. We will get to that in the appropriate section.

Let’s proceed with the next search term: ”Digital Marketing”.


3.2Searching For ”Digital Marketing” Courses At OpenLearning



Great, we found 3 results. We will now proceed to examine each of these courses to determine their relevance in helping the students set up a successful presence online in the digital environment.




Let’s get right into things.


4.1. e-Business

==> a. Course Outline



Ahhh!! This is definitely not what we are looking for. We want online courses that will empower us to become digital entrepreneurs right away and set up a business online. I see a lot of theory, and nothing about SEO, social media, keywords…

Digital Marketing is treated here as one topic, and not all relevant details are covered. The notes are mostly theoretical, and understanding could really be challenging for someone who is trying digital marketing for the first time.


==> b. Course Details

Check out the screenshot below:



==> c. Available Video Lesson

The lone video available for this course talks only about content marketing, which represents just one of the several important strategies to be applied when making use of digital marketing.

Watch the video below:

This course is very sketchy and should be used to supplement knowledge. Well, the great news is, it is absolutely free to join. It doesn’t hurt to enhance your skills with additional relevant information free of charge.

Let’s move on to the next.

4.2. e-Business Digital Planning For Small Business.

I skipped the course in the middle because it appears to be the most relevant. Let’s save the best for the last.



Nothing much to discuss here.

4.3. Digital Marketing Course

==> a. Course Outline




==> b. Course Content

The course outline looks very promising, but when I tried to dig deeper, I was very disappointed. The platform has only this same exact outline, without any further details provided. This is what I found:


This particular course seems to have been outsourced to some Web Experts, meaning it’s not treated under the umbrella of OpenLearning.

At the beginning of this post, I became so excited about the existence of a community at OpenLearning, but it’s now obvious that potential digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers are out of luck here when it comes to socializing during learning.

If these courses are truly outsourced to a third party, then there is no guarantee of the existence of a lively community on the other side.





5.1Social Community


This is a major advantage, the possibility to reach out to the other learners and share your progress. Every online learning platform should have a community, but unfortunately, this is not the case.


5.1Free Courses


There are some free digital marketing courses you can take advantage of.





6.1 ==> 6.5



The community around digital marketing courses at OpenLearning is very dormant, probably because their courses are not yet competitive or popular enough, meaning very few people are taking them.

Let’s take, for instance, the comments around the ”Digital Marketing Course”, within 1 year, only 4 people commented. Take a look at the image below:



I don’t know much about the other communities related to other courses, but when it comes to affiliate and digital marketing here, there is no active community.

A prerequisite to succeeding in the digital world is having permanent contact with likeminded people, and getting all the help you can. What you need is a large community of millions of successful digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, where at any given point in time, at any second, thousands of members are sharing and caring. That’s what you should aim for. No one can succeed online alone.



6.2OpenLearning Has Outsourced Their Main Digital Marketing Course


When taking a closer look at their main digital marketing course, I realized that there were no details associated with the course outline. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Read the comment of an interested student below:



An address to an external website had been included, meaning that OpenLearning is directing students away from their learning platform.

This is not cool because the benefits of studying these courses directly within OpenLearning’s platform, such as taking advantage of a socializing community, will be completely forfeited.

You need a platform where you can find and access complete training materials (at least 120 different lessons & videos, arranged in a chronological order for you) on Digital And Affiliate Marketing all in one place, without having to follow any external links and navigate away from the main training platform.



6.3Free Membership


The available free training on digital marketing doesn’t really cover much, plus the single available video targeted only content marketing.

A free affiliate marketing or digital marketing course should be self-sufficient enough to empower the student to start making money online while still learning. Take, for instance, this free training course on affiliate marketing comprises of 10 lessons, with each accompanied by a video walkthrough, and covers topics on how to select your niche, building your website, and even creating content, ALL FOR FREE.

All courses are hands-on and actionable, leaving room for no doubt. You get to practice on a live website,  which is offered by the platform free of charge.


6.4Sources Of Help


It’s a wonderful thing to know that you can interact within the community, as well as get support from the OpenLearning team along the way. But how about taking support to the next level, by being able to contact the owners themselves, and chat with them 1-on-1, and express your fears and worries about succeeding online?

You can do that with this extraordinary platform, where you have 7 different sources of help, including contacting over1 million members directly through private messaging, contacting server administrators directly, or even the very millionaire founders of the platform.


6.5No Additional Tools


This learning platform does not offer business tools that you could use and start up a business right away, and start applying all the knowledge you have accumulated so far.

This means you cannot earn while you learn with OpenLearning.

If it’s all just theory and theory, then there is a big problem. You could have videos accompanying all lessons, but once the student does not have the hands-on experience, on a live website, then sooner or later, they tend to forget very important online business concepts. Even as an experienced online entrepreneur, if I stay away from my website for just one week, I sometimes forget how to create page jumps from page to page.

For a successful delivery of digital and affiliate marketing courses to students, a convenient environment must be created through making certain indispensable tools available for the students, such as free keyword tool, free hosting, free websites, and even a domain registry, in order to learn first hand how to get a domain name for your online business. These free business tools will enable you to start making money in the learning process.




Let me go straight to the point:

I don’t recommend OpenLearning to starters in Digital Marketing for these reasons.

Experienced entrepreneurs could take advantage of the available free courses, but I’m not so sure if they will find anything new here.






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