?What Is FutureLearn About? 5 Things To Know About FutureLearn’s Digital Marketing Courses Before Getting Started?

What Is FutureLearn About?




FutureLearn is a digital education platform wholly owned by The Open University in Milton Keynes, England. It is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) learning platform. FutureLearn has a robust network including 143 UK and international partners, as well as non-university partners.

Well enough of the stories. This post is intended to find out whether our digital education platform under study has adapted to the progressively growing strong winds of change of the digital era, which is currently sweeping across the entire economic planet. What Is FutureLearn About? Here are 5 Things To Know About FutureLearn’s Digital Marketing Courses Before Getting Started




Name Description
Product Name: FutureLearn
Features: Digital Education
Price: Varies per digital Course. mostly FREE.
Owner: The Open University
Founding Date: December 2012
Number Of Users: 8 Million +
Best For: Anyone looking for specific information online on a wide range of topics.
Official Site:


Recommended For Starting Affiliate Marketers: YES. 2.5/5
Recommended For Experienced Affiliate Marketers YES. 5/5
Overall Score 7.5/10
Verdict: 100% LEGIT







FutureLearn is one of the few online platforms offering a lot of free courses in Digital Marketing. This is one of the main reasons why they score a 10/10 and highly recommended to experienced Digital Entrepreneurs who know exactly what they are looking for. I have actually bookmarked their homepage. They really got some great freebies to explore.


When it comes to teaching first-time newbies in digital marketing, FutureLearn still has some improvements to make to their courses for some reasons which I believe will benefit both FutureLearn and especially the future digital entrepreneur. It’s on this note that I recommend the best platform for a complete starter:







#1. What Is FutureLearn About?

#2. FutureLearn Homepage

#3. Finding Digital Marketing Courses With FutureLearn

#4. Evaluating The Content Of Each Course

#5. Advantages Of FutureLearn

#6. 5 Things To Know About FutureLearn’s Digital Marketing Courses Before Getting Started

#7. Conclusion









FutureLearn has over 8 million students taking both online and offline classes. This is really impressive, meaning they must surely be doing something right. My greatest wish is for digital marketing to be one of the courses they excel in.

Let’s watch a short video below about what FutureLearn’s view of digital marketing:



Well, that was quite brief. No worries, we will make an in-depth discovery further down this blog about what they have to offer in their digital marketing packages.






To access FutureLearn’s homepage is as easy as the other online courses I’ve had the opportunity to review. When you visit this link https://www.futurelearn.com/, you are taken directly to the following page. See the screenshot below:





This is quite welcoming and easy to navigate. Let’s get to work and start finding those digital marketing courses. I’m already excited.




Thank goodness there is no need to sign up before searching. Let’s get started right away by searching for ”Affiliate Marketing’




3.1Searching For ‘‘Affiliate Marketing” Courses With FutureLearn.



Unfortunately, our first search term did not yield any results. We move on to the next obvious.


3.2Searching For ‘‘Digital Marketing” Courses With FutureLearn.


What Is FutureLearn About?


Having found 21 results, this implies some of them would definitely not be directly related to digital marketing. We would have to manually scroll down the list and select relevant courses for further analysis. This is where a Newbie will start to face enormous challenges, having no idea as to where to start searching, and what to select.

It is at this point that some potential students will drop down if no help is available.







Using my experience in Digital Marketing, I’ve identified the following courses which are relevant to succeeding in today’s online digital world:


4.1 Small-to-Medium Enterprise and Digital Engagement


Alright. This is purely a theoretical course. Thank goodness you can do it for free and access just a little information. In order to have unlimited access to all the topics mentioned above, as well as being able to take exams and receive a certificate of completion, you have to pay $59 as shown in the screenshot below:


Seriously, I hoped to find practical information here on how to start a small business, but it’s all theory. My expectations for the next course are quite high.

4.2 Digital Skills: Digital Marketing


All right this is becoming interesting. We are getting closer to the key concepts needed for the mastery of a digital online presence.

This course has treated only some of the digital marketing strategies. Take, for instance, an indispensable strategy such as Social Media Marketing has not been covered here, so this course should be used as a complementary course to others if you really want greater insight into the online environment.

Well the good news, this course is offered FREE OF CHARGE for anyone wishing to take advantage. Perhaps this is the reason why it is so sketchy. I will definitely bookmark this page and come back to it later. I can’t afford to let go of this freebie. As an experienced marketer, laying your hands on Digital Marketing information offered free of charge, is a resource that must not be wasted.


Check out the screenshot below of what I’m trying to say:



This is amazing. I can’t wait to return to this course and see what it offers with regards to Paid-Per-Click advertising.

4.3 Online Business: Digital Marketing For Success


This list of courses is impressive. But from personal experience, it takes more than what is listed above to successfully set up an online business. Browsing through the list above, I see nothing about building a website or even maintaining it, content creation, the use of keywords (or may be covered under SEO?), monetization etc. Perhaps they are covered in great details under another heading.

I must admit that quite a lot has been touched here which will certainly help a potential online business owner to kick-start a business.


Talking about the price? Another great news. It is absolutely free for anyone to join, but if you need a certification after completing the course, you would have to pay a fee of $59. Check out the screenshot below:


4.4 Google Analytics


The list of courses is self-explanatory. And the prices, yet another cool surprise. Refer to screenshot below:



Wow. All the courses presented on this post so far are free. This is a rare thing, as the majority of online courses charge way too much only for a couple of months.

4.5 Social Media Analytics:


This is also very relevant to your online business even though this particular course seems to place more emphasis on Twitter. To stand a better chance of driving traffic from social networks, a best practice is to understand how to use data from the most prominent, if not all, the social networks.

I’m referring to platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, StumbleUpon, etc, not only Twitter.


Another excellent surprise for this course. It’s free to join:


These five courses discussed above are the most relevant of the 21 results that were displayed.







5.1All Courses Have The Free Version


Isn’t it obvious?




This is freaking awesome. The only situation that calls for spending is when you actually want a physical certificate to prove the completion of this course.

A disadvantage, however, is that you have access to your courses only within the valid time period for the course, whereas those who opted for the paid option, will have unlimited access to their courses even when the course period expires.

This is absolutely an excellent opportunity for experienced digital entrepreneurs to enhance their existing skills and maybe discover information that could take their online business to the next level, FREE OF CHARGE.



5.2Paid Courses Have Unlimited Access


Unlike the majority of online courses, FutureLearn grants unlimited access to study materials, even after the expiration of the time period for the course. This allows the students to always return to certain principles and projects for quick reminders if necessary.







6.1Too Many Subdivisions


FutureLearn has subdivided Digital Marketing into many sections and giving each of them a name. For instance, the five courses examined above could as well be treated under one big heading: DIGITAL MARKETING.

These subdivisions of courses could render understanding very complex, especially for someone who is still starting off online. How would a newbie know where to start? The only solution for someone with no experience at all with Digital Marketing would be to just do all in any other.

FutureLearn could burrow some improvements from other platforms, who succeeded to merger the understanding of the entire digital marketing process in 120 chronologically organized lessons. All the student has to do, is follow lessons chronologically, and complete tasks. No more need to worry about where to start.


6.2No Step By Step Guide


The very fact that courses have been highly stratified makes it very difficult to identify a pattern. The only option for a complete newbie online would be to choose courses using their inexperienced instincts.

Of course, this approach would be highly inappropriate, and would definitely lead to inefficiency and great loss of much time online. Understanding Digital Marketing needs a step by step guide, from A to Z. It’s a very chronological process, considering the complex and challenging nature of digital marketing. There should be no chances of any confusion whatsoever.

The very fact that 95% of online entrepreneurs don’t make it online, should be enough reason to take digital marketing very seriously, especially when it comes to designing the courses for students to take.


6.3Free Courses Have Limited Access


It’s already cool that students can take free courses, even though access to those courses is limited only for the time period during which those courses are going to run.

We all know that the importance of having access to resources when needed. Digital Marketing starts to make sense when it’s applied practically. What happens if, during the practical implementation, there is a need to refer to some past training resources?

FutureLearn could still grant lifetime access to resources for members taking the free course and withhold any certification. That would be highly justified.


6.4No Mention Of Community


It would appear there is no community available for those taking the courses to interact with each other. This is very important as students would be able to reach out to each other and share their problems and solutions. FutureLearn should create a community where digital entrepreneurs in the making get to meet, interact and succeed together.

Teamwork is very important online.


6.5No Additional Tools For Students-No Possibility To Make Money Online During Learning


FutureLearn should equally provide additional tools for students to enhance the learning process and make it more practical. The possibility of actually working with real-life situations through live websites should be considered. This would enable the student to be in a better position to decide between looking for a job after learning or taking the bold step to already establish a business online. And the best part? THE STUDENT CAN START MAKING MONEY ONLINE BEFORE COMPLETION OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM.

Several training platforms online are doing so today. They empower their members by providing tools such as free hosting, free websites, a domain name registry for them to choose the address of their online businesses in the learning process, a free keyword research tool to help with their social media campaigns, and above all, a robust help center to attend to any problems that the future entrepreneur might encounter in the learning process.

Perhaps this is the reason why many people don’t do well at it, because they are not well equipped. Digital Marketing should be taught while having long-term objectives in mind for the students. An environment should be created to place the student in a better position to either be able to land a job immediately after taking their courses, or to start a business online if getting a job is taking longer than expected.







I definitely recommend FutureLearn for experienced Digital Entrepreneurs. FutureLearn scores a 10/10. They have excellent free resources to take advantage of, and the prices required to get a certification are very affordable. I’ve actually bookmarked FutureLearn’s homepage and will be visiting it frequently. This platform really impressed me.


When it comes to those with little or no experience with regards to the digital environment, FutureLearn scores a 5.5/10 for reasons which have been highlighted in the article above. If you are a newbie in digital marketing, then this might not be the place for you.







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