Can edX Help With Affiliate/Digital Marketing? What Is edX About?

What Is Edx About?


Embarking on Affiliate Marketing means finding an excellent platform to LEARN AND APPLY AT THE SAME TIME. Affiliate Marketing is not a challenge to be taken lightly. When you start taking your courses, you will understand exactly what we are talking about.

Imagine the possibility of finding the ”ideal” platform, where you can learn, host, rank, monetize, improve,  grow your professional affiliate marketing business, and even start making money online before you finish your training, ALL IN ONE PLACE. A dynamic training center where Support is available 24/7/365 even on Sundays, as well as an active community to answer any questions for you. And What Is edX About in all this?




Name Description
Product Name: edX
Features: e-learning, MOOC Provider
Price: Varies per e-learning Course
Founders: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University
Launch Date: May 2012
Number Of Users: 14 Million
Best For: Anyone looking for specific information online on a wide range of topics.
Recommended For Starting Affiliate Marketers: NO. 1/5
Recommended For Experienced Affiliate Marketers YES. 5/5
Overall Score 6/10
Verdict: 100% LEGIT


These courses are provided by top World Universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. I must admit that their technology is quite advanced when it comes to e-learning. That’s the reason why they are 100% legit and totally recommended for experienced Affiliate Marketers, with an overall score of 10/10. When you watch this video about Edx, you will surely corroborate our declarations here.

But when it comes to starting Affiliate Marketing, it’s a completely different story.  WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND THESE COURSES for these 6 pointers which are very crucial to your Affiliate Marketing success online.


If we must recommend only 1 platform, our top choice, the best of the best, for experienced affiliate marketers, and ESPECIALLY FOR NEWBIES WITH NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL, then:





#1. What Is edX About

#2. How To Login To Edx

#3. Finding Affiliate Marketing Courses With Edx

#4. Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend Edx

#5. Conclusion – The Best Place To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business










Edx was originally started as a joint venture out of Havard MIT and Cambridge as a way to create Massive Open Online Courses and a platform for putting those online courses out to the world. 85% of the courses are in English, but some courses equally exist in other languages, trying to solve problems for learners, educators, and businesses

The majority of learners don’t pay for it at Edx, they are learning for free. Will this hold true for learning Affiliate Marketing? We will soon find out. A handful of learners pay for verified tracking, meaning that if they complete a course successfully and they pass, they will get a certificate from Edx and the issuing university.

Edx is a non-profit organization and their mission is to make the best education available to any person in the world. anyone having access to an internet connection.

From the video above, we realize that Edx is really advanced when it comes to certain domains like science. But how advanced are they with regards to online business? We will find out using Affiliate Marketing as our case study.





==> Visit URL Of Edx

Just go this URL: and you will be taken directly to their homepage. Or click the button below to be taken to Edx homepage. It’s all one and the same thing.




==> The following page will appear once you follow that link above:


What Is Edx About?



Alright. We are getting to the more interesting part, in determining whether Edx advanced technology in e-learning equally covers online business. We are going to proceed to start searching for Affiliate Marketing Courses on this platform.






Edx is like Coursera and Udemy. You don’t need to sign up before you are allowed to look for courses. We think this is pretty cool. Follow the screenshots below and see how to find Affiliate Marketing courses at Edx:


==> How To Find Affiliate Marketing Courses




==> Result From Our First Search



Our first attempt to look for ”Affiliate Marketing” on Edx’s database has been a total failure. No relevant results were found, so we will proceed with a more global approach, and look for ”Digital Marketing” instead, and see what happens. This is closest to ”Affiliate Marketing” instead of a more generalized term, ”Marketing”.



==> Second Attempt To Locate Affiliate Marketing Courses. Search term, ”Digital Marketing”




You can see from the image above that 31 results have been displayed. We will now go through each of the courses, and identify those relevant to at least ”Digital Marketing”, since there was no accurate result for ”Affiliate Marketing”.


==> Check out the table below for our findings:


Ref. Name Of Training Duration Created By: Price
1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing, Social Media, And E-Commerce 5-6 Weeks The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania $585
2. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques 5-6 Weeks The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania $585
3. Reputation Management in a Digital World 6 Weeks CurtinX FREE
4. Digital Branding and Engagement 4 Weeks CurtinX FREE
5. Digital Strategy and Action 4 Weeks BabsonX FREE
6. Online Marketing Strategies 12 weeks CurtinX FREE
7. Strategic Social Media Marketing 6 weeks BUx FREE
8. Digital Leadership (5 Courses in the program) 6-8 Weeks Per Course Boston University $900 USD for the entire program.


Detailed comments on this table below.






Let’s start on a positive note. We were really impressed to realize that some of the courses related to digital marketing are offered free of charge. This is an excellent advantage for those experienced Affiliate Marketers, who already have an affiliate marketing website running for them. What an excellent opportunity to supplement the knowledge you already have.

We hope by the time you get to these free courses, they would still be free.

Concerning our baby affiliate marketers, here are the reasons why we will not recommend that you start with Edx:


4.1. Edx Does Not Offer Hosting For Your Affiliate Marketing Business-No Possibility To Make Money Online While Learning
4.1. Edx Does Not Offer Hosting For Your Affiliate Business-You Cannot Start Making Money Online While Learning

This platform was designed for educational purposes only. So all you get are highly interactive courses.

The best way to learn Affiliate marketing is using your own personally branded website, which can already start generating income as you consistently apply what you are being taught in the process. This isn’t cool.

Buying courses from edX would equally mean that you have to budget for hosting elsewhere. This up and down movement just to get started with Affiliate Marketing is enough to get you discouraged right from start. Because finding a reliable host would be another nightmare.

Having said this, you need a platform where both TRAINING/COURSES/TUTORIAL/VIDEOS and HOSTING are taken care of. You only need to sign up, start your business right away, and start growing in one place. This is very critical, especially to maintain your sanity while starting affiliate marketing. There are a lot of scams out there and it takes a lot of time to find something good. PLUS by the time you get to the end of your training, your website would have started generating some clean cash.

Experienced affiliates would not have this challenge to find a reliable host, because they already hosting somewhere, and perhaps have had to change hosts several times, before finally settling for one which is considered more appropriate.

You wouldn’t have to go through all that if you start your affiliate marketing with this our #1recommendation, which is popularly known online:

4.2. Edx Does Not Offer Free Websites To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business
4.2. Edx Does Not Offer Free Websites To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

It goes without saying. If a platform does not offer hosting, there is just no way they would be able to offer free websites to start your affiliate marketing with.

As a starter in affiliate marketing, you need to learn and apply at the same time with a website, and a training platform that includes this in their package is certainly worth a try.

Our #1 recommendation offers 50 Managed WordPress websites to do as you will. It doesn’t end there. They equally provide complete training on how to set up your website. This is really one business learning complex and university. You see, for some starting affiliate marketers, who turn out to be smarter than others, they can take advantage of the additional websites, create sites for their clients, and earn even more.

You cannot get this privilege with Edx. Far from it.


4.3. Edx Does Not Offer A Domain Registry
4.3. Edx Does Not Offer A Domain Registry

Another challenge for a starting affiliate marketer is identifying the best platform to buy a domain for your website. Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you found all your affiliate marketing courses, your host, your websites, as well as a domain registry all in one place? That would save a lot of time and money for the beginner, who would probably have no idea about where to start looking for these key resources online.

This is one of the reasons why we will not recommend Edx if you are new to all this. Use a Professional Affiliate Marketing platform that was designed solely for that purpose. They would have the relevant expertise and infrastructure to face any rapid advancement in technology because that’s their job.

A more generalized platform like Edx, would not be well equipped to meet the rapid changes taking place in a sector like Affiliate Marketing. Edx does a pretty good job in their science-related fields though, but a lot of improvements are still needed in their business catalog.

4.4. Edx Does Not Offer A Keyword Tool
4.4. Edx Does Not Offer A Keyword Tool

A keyword research tool is an indispensable tool needed by all affiliate marketers, but as an educational platform, Edx is unable to provide this tool for their affiliate students, perhaps due to the incompatibility of the programs running behind the scenes.

The reason why we bring up this point is that we know there are other training platforms that include this in their training package. Perhaps you don’t yet know the use of this tool, but rest assured, it’s even more expensive than the training itself. Some Affiliate Marketing platforms, however,  have succeeded to integrate this into their package free of charge,

Which other platforms can do this but for our #1 recommendation for a Professional Affiliate  Marketing Training?


Start learning with them today. The advantages are so many and we wouldn’t be able to list them all here.

4.5. Difficulty In Finding Relevant Courses
4.5. Difficulty In Finding Relevant Courses

We walked you through the process above to identify Affiliate Marketing courses. Unfortunately, the first attempt wasn’t successful. We proceeded to use more relevant terms (Digital Marketing) hoping for better results. 31 results were displayed out of which only about 8 were relevant to internet marketing.

Now we have a question for you. As a beginner, how would you be able to identify what is relevant and what is not? How would you even know if you find it when you don’t know what you are looking for? We actually had a hard time going through the list, clicking through all the courses and reading respective course overviews to make sure we don’t miss out anything.

This task is very tedious, and a beginner would surely need more help to get around the platform with relative ease, especially when it comes to identifying what they really need. We have just proven the disadvantage of a generalized platform. You look for a specific term and you have a long list of courses to scout through. hmmm

We are not so sure if we have actually identified the relevant Affiliate Marketing courses with the term, ”Digital Marketing”. Perhaps we could try another term. We could continue with the trial and error game forever, but no one has forever online. Edx really has some improvements to implement at this level.

4.6. Available Courses Are Expensive
4.6. Available Courses Are Expensive

Not only are the available courses not sufficient, they are also insanely expensive!!!! Those first two courses, which must be learned to succeed in affiliate marketing, are worth $1 170. And there are at least over 10 additional courses to take in order to increase your chances of succeeding online and compete with other well-established Affiliate Marketers.

Affiliate marketing is meant for those seeking additional sources of revenue. Anyone who is capable of affording these course, and actually acquires them, is someone who doesn’t really need affiliate marketing. Because they already got the money.

An Affiliate Marketing platform should be self-sufficient enough to be capable of bearing the cost of LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP. Let the potential affiliate marketer decide whether or not to pay for premium membership. Not everyone can afford to pay for expensive courses online.







Edx is a great place for Experienced Affiliate Marketers to supplement their existing knowledge.

But if you are still about to start, it means you need websites, free hosting, free keyword tool, free community to contact anyone at any time when you get stuck, free site support to assist you with any website related issues (they work 24/7/365 and the average response time is 5 minutes even on Sundays!), free and easily accessible step by step courses, 1-on-1 coaching from everyone, even from the owners, and from me, and much much more, then EDX WILL NOT HELP YOU.





Have you tried Edx to learn affiliate marketing when you were starting? What was your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading our blog.


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