What Is Education About? Talent Guru?



What Is Education About? Talent Guru?


The answer to this question, ”What Is Education About? ”, still baffles me as I write. Is a good education still considered as winning a lottery ticket today? Could we associate education with being a talent guru?

In the past, a good education was considered a jackpot. The formula was a basic truth of life: success in high school equals attend university, which in turn translated into a good job and guaranteed financial and material prosperity (and perhaps fame) for the individual, not to mention lasting security for his or her family.

How true can this be about education today? Continue reading to find out.








What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

#1. The Myth Of Education

#2. White Collar Jobs

#3. You Are Unique

#4. The Habits Of Successful People

#5. Education As A Talent Booster, Not A Talent Terminator.

#6. Watch A Couple Of Videos On A Failing Educational System

#7. Conclusion







After a couple of decades, the myth of education has undoubtedly and disappointedly become very questionable.

What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

People today are looking around at those who hold prestigious positions in the government for instance, and are noticing that a good number of legislators, mayors, and other officials have had little formal education.

In fact, some holding these positions have not even finished elementary school. Successful businessmen are not always the best in their class, either. People are drawing the obvious conclusion that to get ahead, you don’t need much of an education. The old formula–education equals a good job–is no longer a fundamental truth as it was decades of years ago.

This is even worse in the economies of corrupt developing countries. You need to belong to a ”powerful network” or better still, be a relative of an executive staff before your credentials could be ”received” and considered. And once the job offer is landed, the salaries perceived become even more frustrating. You start thinking of how long it would take in your new position to work and pay off school loans. Then the painful truth jumps right at you; you have to work for the rest of your life paying loans.

Parents have learned the hard way that the investment value education once had, doesn’t pay off anymore. Some even at the expense of their lives, hoping their children could get a better future. God bless their souls.




What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

The community in which we find ourselves today has brainwashed us to understand that success is getting a white-collar job and be content with it, irrespective of how much you are paid, or how much time we put in, or how annoying our bosses can be. Just swallow and continue because there are millions out there wanting your position and don’t get the chance.

So those currently working have got FEAR wired into their brains, minds and entire soul. This destroys the innate ability to think out of the box and gaze beyond the horizon of their horrible miserable lives. They know something is not right, but they are so stuck to even start thinking of why they feel so trapped.

All the years of education, acquiring masters and Ph.D. degrees, to end up earning chicken change, whereas those who could barely make it through primary school, are having fun traveling from country to country. What is not working? Is it me or the system?

Well, you can brag about your white collar job and empty pockets if you really love your job. You cannot love a job that does not help you pay bills and live a stressfree life. You should think twice if your dream job has these negative attributes.







From my early childhood, Bob Proctor has been my famous mentor until today. In one of his books ”You Were Born Rich”, he quoted a wise saying from James T. Moore, and I requote;


What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

One And Only You
Every single blade of grass,
And every flake of snow—
Is just a wee bit different …
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small, like grains of sand,
To each gigantic star
All were made with THIS in mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate—
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do—
And you should likewise feel very proud,
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful
unlimited human being.




Also, listen to a reminder about your uniqueness from Beckah Shae:

Don’t doubt yourself for one minute and begin exploring the wonders embedded in you by your Creator.


This is the fundamental reason why WEALTHY AFFILIATE stresses the nonimportance of educational qualifications if you really want to create the life of your dreams. You do not need any professional qualification to become wealthy. Just let your inner genius come out.

Transform your inner uniqueness to something that is needed elsewhere in the world, and earn a lot of money doing so.





Successful people have identified something about their real identity and made good use of it. That’s why they got some guts and nerves. This set of people understand certain fundamental truths about their existence on this earth.

And most of these people didn’t go through the current system of education: they followed their inner calling.

Quoting from another famous mentor Jack Canfield, author of ”Chicken Soup For The Soul”, successful people have the following characteristics in common

What Is Education About? Talent Guru?


  • They take 100% Responsibility for Their Life; They know the system has failed, so instead of sitting and blaming the system, they start taking responsibility and actions
  • They are clear about where they are because they don’t follow the mass and the community
  • They decide what they want
  • They believe it’s possible
  • They unleash the power of goal setting
  • They take action
  • They feel the fear and do it anyway
  • They are willing to pay the price
  • They ask and ask and ask
  • They reject rejection
  • They use feedback to their advantage
  • They keep score for success
  • They practice persistence
  • They exceed expectations






What Is Education About? Talent Guru?


Let me start this paragraph by quoting a beautiful definition I found online about talents,


What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

<< A talent is something that you are instinctually born with that gives you unique skills and abilities. Talent is set apart from knowledge in that it is not a learned behavior, although it can be strengthened and practiced. The Bible tells us that we are all born with distinct talents and gifts that set us apart from each other. When you discover the talents that God has given you and you use them to glorify Him, you will experience a full life! Our loving Lord wants us to feel whole and complete, and it is through talents that we can find our unique calling in life! Use these Bible verses about talents to encourage yourself and others who are seeking God’s plan for their life.>>


Our educational system urgently needs major fundamental reforms to target and develop God-given talents. We have seen from the definition above that talents already exist within the individual and completely different from knowledge (which is learned). These talents need to be spotted, activated and continuously boosted.


Our educational system should become a TALENT BOOSTER, not a TALENT TERMINATOR.

The system should be capable of identifying and developing unique talents in each individual and helping the individual develop them in ways that bring about self-fulfillment in all aspects of personal and community life. These talents must be used to add value to the surrounding environment, reaching out to those who need these unique gifts and completing them.

This was the purpose for which all of us were created differently.






  1. The educational system as a failure to inspire


2. Why schools fail. Students speaking out.








What Is Education About? Talent Guru?

The system should help the individual to identify innate riches and tap into them confidently, not borrow them from within the confinement of a classroom.

The very fact that no two individuals have the same fingerprint is enough available proof that every individual was created to make a difference in a unique way. Why then train everyone in the same way?

The educational system has rendered generations of people in every country redundant. This is a very sad reality but where there is life there is hope.

I hope our future generations will learn from our mistakes and implement a much better system.










If you have any questions with regards to these contents, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will be more than willing to help. 







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4 thoughts on “What Is Education About? Talent Guru?”

  1. I love this blog! You are so very right, if we do not learn to think rather than being trained, there is no hope for truly going forward! I have had this beef with the educational system for years. I worked for several years as a special needs instructor, and it was so very sad to see how kids were being tracked from 2nd grade on and labelled. Rather than being shown the gifts they had! Heart breaking!

    I have often thought that if we started teaching life skills ,meaning starting with learning how to think on your own, in pre-school we would immediately reconfigure options and thought processes…I still have hope!

    You did such an excellent job in this article! I can tell it is something close to your heart. I hope you continue to show people how new thought creates new paradigms and ultimately more positive connections between each other.

    Best wishes for incredible success, ariel

    1. Thanks Ariel.
      This topic is indeed one I’m very passionate about because of my personal experiences. We have to start desigining new ways of educating our children to bring out the genius in them. The world still got so much work at that level.

      There is still hope however. The first solution to a problem is identifying the problem. So we are on a good path.

      Wishing you success in all your endeavors.


  2. Preach Stunning Bell! You are in deep truth. I love this post. The ugly truth of society’s way to live a great life vs. reality. You hit the ball out the park. Great job!

    1. Thanks Mara.

      I will post more information with regards to this domain because I relate to it personally.

      When I look at the level of education I have achieved so far, compared to my personal fulfillment and satisfaction, I would rather declare that education almost rendered me miserable, had it not been for the guts I’ve always had from childhood. What about those who don’t have guts at all? What happens to them? Billions of talents have already been wasted by this current myth.

      Thank you very much for these encouraging words.

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