??What Is Ebates About? 7 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Ebates – Your 2019 Secrets!!??

What Is Ebates About?


Let’s face it. When shopping online, this is what we all want unconsciously:


What Is Ebates About?

  • Quality;
  • Variety;
  • Opportunities To Pay Less;
  • Discount Offers;
  • Opportunities to equally apply the same online discounts to items bought in a brick and mortar store;
  • The Possibility To Discover Great Offers Before Anyone else;
  • Secure Payment Channel;
  • Some of us would love to receive frequent updates in our inboxes;
  • Great Customer Support System;
  • Possibility To Spot Hot Deals when browsing the internet without having to log in to any online shopping portal;
  • And is it too ambitious to mention receiving checks after shopping in your mailbox a few weeks later?


What’s in there for you so long is Ebates is concerned? Is Ebates your ideal world shopping channel? What’s Ebates About? Read on to discover 7 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Ebates!


Here are additional treasures you will discover in this post:

What Is Ebates About?


  • the nature of the unique services they offer;
  • the various types of discounts offered: Cash Back & Double Cash Back Schedules;
  • how to spot hot deals;
  • how to receive checks after shopping, and above all,
  • and much more.




Name Description
Product Name: EBATES Online Shopping Portal
Industry Cashback website, and online coupons
Price For Joining: $0
Bonus For Joining: $10
Trending Feature: Receive Checks After shopping
Best For: Online And Offline Shoppers
Founders: Alessandro “Sandro” Isolani and Paul Wasserman
Founding Date: May 1998
Area Served: United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan
Verdict: 100% LEGIT








Watch the video below for a brief summary of Ebates before diving into specific details:







According to Wikipedia, Ebates is an American cashback website headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The site acts as a shopping portal offering coupons and cash back from over 2,000 online retailers. It’s a company that gives you cash back for shopping through their affiliated stores.

Ebates was founded in 1998 in Menlo Park, CA by two former deputy district attorneys, Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman. Funded by venture capital firm Foundation Capital, Ebates.com launched on May 3, 1999, offering up to 25% cash back from about 40 online retailers. Through publicity and word of mouth, Ebates.com had 100,000 hits per day after its first week.

Since then, they have grown steadily into one of the largest, free member-based savings programs in the U.S. In fact, more than 10 million members have already earned over $800 million in Cash Back through Ebates.

Enough of history already. It’s time touch base with reality and actually, understand how Ebates works.



A cash back is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase. Continue to read to learn more about Cash Backs.





What Is Ebates About?

We belong to an era where everything imaginable is acquired online. Using the internet to shop has become the order of the day.

Ebates has put in place a procedure to make shopping not only fascinating, but revenue generating as well for the purchaser, the merchant, and Ebates,  through the use of cash backs.

Ebates has relationships with thousands of stores and offers you discounts or Cash Back when you shop at these stores through Ebates. Literally speaking, Ebates pays you for shopping. This article will enlighten you on how you get paid after shopping. There are a lot of similar sites that give you cash back for your purchases, but Ebates is one of the oldest and most well-known.





There are two ways a purchaser can make money out of Ebates:


3.1Earn Cash Backs with Ebates After Shopping


Ebates uses a simple but effective business model: stores pay Ebates a commission for sending purchasers to shop at their websites. Ebates then splits that commission with the purchasers, in the form of Cash Back.

To earn Cash Back:


  • Join Ebates: it’s free and only requires an email address and a password
  • Start shopping with Ebates by clicking on one of their links (on their site, in an email or in their mobile app, for example). Choose your favorite store from the thousands available.
  • When you’re notified that Cash Back has been activated, then shop normally.
  • Receive your Big Fat Check


What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!


And it’s done. Once the store notifies Ebates of your order, Cash Back will be added to your account. Then, every quarter, they pay out your Cash Back via a succulent Check or PayPal.



3.2Make referrals and earn commissions






What Is Ebates About?

Ebates acts as an intermediary between the affiliated stores and the purchaser. Their main responsibility is to refer new purchasers to affiliated stores.

Ebates is paid a commission by the affiliated stores when the buyer referred shops at merchant’s stores. Then Ebates split that commission into two halves: one half for the buyer and the remaining half is for Ebates. The portion given to the buyer is called Cash Back.

Possible merchants include big-name retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, and many more.   The winning cycle is completed between the 3 actors involved when:

  • merchants get money from the buyer,
  • Ebates receives money from the merchants. and
  • the money returns back to the buyer as CASH BACK.







What Is Ebates About?

If you are visiting Ebates for the very first time, you would be automatically required to create an account. See how to do this in the next section.

By creating a free account, you receive a $10 signup bonus, which you can use to subsidize your first purchase. You need to make a minimum purchase of $25 before the bonus becomes activated. This implies that if the item of your first purchase is worth $50, you get to disburse only $40.

Plus the items you select must be eligible for cash back.






Joining Ebates is simple, and it’s always free. You can start shopping and earning Cash Back as soon as you sign up.


6.1Creating an Ebates account


Create a secure account by submitting your email address and a password. You can also join using your Facebook or Google account:




6.2Your Welcome Bonus


A $10 Welcome Bonus is offered to all new members. To qualify for your Welcome Bonus, you must be a new Ebates member and place a qualifying order totaling a minimum of $25 within one year of joining.


6.3Friend referrals


Not only do you get a Welcome Bonus for joining, but the Refer-A-Friend program pays your friends for telling you about Ebates. If you were referred by an existing member, there are two ways to ensure your friend gets credit:

  • Follow the link that was sent to you by your friend
  • Enter their email address when prompted from the “Did someone refer you?” option during sign up


What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!




6.4Shopping Methods


To clearly understand how you can shop at Ebates, visit Ebates Button Extension






What Is Ebates About?

There are 3 ways to receive your payments:

  • Big Fat Check sent to you
  • PayPal payment
  • Big Fat Check sent to someone else

Any method you choose is completely free and will be paid out every three months, according to EBATES payment schedule.


7.1Big Fat Check


If you choose to receive a Big Fat Check, you will receive a check issued to the name and address in your Account Settings.




If you choose to receive a PayPal payment, your payment will be issued to the account associated with the PayPal email address in your <<Account Settings>>. An email will be sent to that email address for verification purposes when you choose to receive your payment by PayPal or when you update your PayPal email address.


7.3Big Fat Check sent to someone else


You can choose to have your Big Fat Check sent to a charity, organization or another person. Note: If you send your Big Fat Check to a charity or charitable organization, Ebates does not validate the tax-deductibility of donation. It is your sole responsibility to document donations and to determine the tax-deductibility.   Visit <<My Account Settings>> to view or change your payment method





8.1Qualifying for a payment


  • A mailing address is required for accurate and timely payments of all types, including PayPal. You can add or update your current address by visiting Ebates.com on a desktop or laptop computer, then going to Account Settings.
  • If your Cash Back Balance is $5.00 or below at the end of the Cash Back Posting Period (see the timetable below), it will carry over to the next period. Visit ”My Account” to see your balance.
  • You also have the possibility of sending your Cash Back Balance to a specified mailing address which is different from yours. Update relevant details under the ”My Account” section.


To qualify for a payment, Ebates must have your name and valid mailing address, and your Cash Back Balance must be greater than $5.00 by the end of the Cash Back Posting Period (see the timetable below).


8.2The Ebates payment schedule


Cash Back earned in excess of $5.00 is sent every three months, based on the schedule below:


Jan 1 – Mar 31 May 15
Apr 1 – Jun 30 Aug 15
Jul 1 – Sep 30 Nov 15
Oct 1 – Dec 31 Feb 15







7 Shopping Pearls At Ebates


What Is Ebates About?

Ebates offers some great features that make your shopping experience marvelous online. These features facilitate your efforts and make shopping online so enjoyable that you might literally start shopping only for the sake of shopping. Be wise with your spending especially when using Ebates.

Not only do they offer irresistible discounts for products that cost way much more on other platforms, they also give you the credit for shopping with them by offering you Cash Back as well as Double Cash Back opportunities.

I’ve explained in great details how to take advantage of each of the 7 Ebates Shopping pearls below. I decided to treat them differently from the rest of this entire blog because of their importance.

Follow each of the links below to read more about any feature of interest to you:

1 You Can Use ”Ebates Button Extension” To Automatically Spot The Best Shopping Deals Online When Browsing The Internet, And Without Having To Login To Ebates. READ MORE.

2 You Can Still Benefit From Online Discounts When Shopping At A Brick & Mortar Store, by Using Ebates ”In-Store Cash Back” Option. READ MORE.

3 Ebates Has More Than 2000 Affiliated Stores, Thereby Offering Variety And The Possibility To Compare A Single Item Across All Stores At A Glance! READ MORE

4 With ”Ebates Double Cash Back Schedules” And Stores, Your Cash Back Opportunities Are Effectively Doubled Indeed!! Caution. Be Wise When Shopping With Ebates. READ MORE BY USING THE FOLLOWING GUIDE:.



==> Ebates Double Cash Back Schedules And Stores

==> The Ebates Mobile App

==> The Ebates Cash Back Button

==> The Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card

==> In-Store Cash Back

==> Email.


5 Ebates ”Hot Deals” Are Singled Out For Your Attention!! READ MORE.

6 You Have A Variety Of Collections At Ebates To Choose From. READ MORE.


6.1. Athleisure Collection

6.2. Handbag Collection

6.3. Luxury Collection

6.4. Wedding Collection.

7 It Gets Even Better. Did You Enjoy Your Shopping Experience With Ebates? Then Tell Your Friends And Make Even More Money, In Addition To All The Discounts And Cash backs From Your Shopping. Refer & Earn $25 per referral!! READ MORE.







What Is Ebates About?



1.1Cash Back Rewards


The Cash Back Rewards are very attractive and irresistible! The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything except a little bit of time logging in and filtering where you can earn cash back. If you install Ebates Cash Back Button, the shopping is less intrusive and after a while, you won’t even know you’re shopping through Ebates.

If you are a big online shopper, you can indeed save thousands of dollars using Ebates. To optimize your experience on Ebates, it’s best to stay organized and focused.


1.2Clear Instructions


The list of stores clearly displays the Cash Back percentage you get, and the amount is reinforced when you click on the link to a shopping portal.


1.3Cash Back In Stores


Ebates has also made it possible to take advantage of cashback while shopping outdoors. All you have to do is include your credit card details in Ebates website and Link the offers you want to take advantage of.


1.4Wide Range Of Products


Ebates has affiliated with more than 2 000 stores, making it impossible for anyone not to find what they are interested in. The variety is very extensive.



What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!

1.5NEW Increased Shopping Categories Available For Cash Backs As Compared To Last Year 2016


The number of cash backs offered has significantly increased, and includes a wide range of categories, covering several stores, as compared to the previous year.

Taking Amazon, for instance, last year these attractive discounts were available only women and children’s items of clothing.

This year the list has been extended to include electronics and others. See the picture on the right side of this post.


1.6Very Low Payment Threshold.


You need to earn minimum Cash Back as low as $5.00 to qualify for payment.


1.7Ebates Affiliate Program


To crown it all, Ebates has established a referral program to help you generate revenue while you shop and spread the good news to your friends.








What Is Ebates About?


Despite the glowing positives, Ebates is just like any other website and bound to have some negative things.


2.1Very limited Number of Payouts


This company has an outdated payment schedule, allowing you to receive your Cash Backs only 4 times a year! In today’s age of internet mobility, this schedule is quite archaic. Consider this source of revenue as ‘excess’ or ‘free money’ and don’t get too anxious about receiving. Only then will you value its worth.


2.2Missed Payouts


Missed payouts make up the bulk of the complaints.  Several reviews of this company always mention this weakness. The good thing though is that Ebates seems pretty receptive to handling the complaints regarding missed payouts. This is all that matters-good faith.


2.3Very Unpredictable Referral Program


This program has known significant changes since November 29th, 2017. Ebates used to pay $5 dollars base bonus for each referral. There was also an additional $20 bonus for some shoppers from specific countries.

Recent updates (03/15/2018) indicate a complete change of the game.

These bonuses have been completely removed and replaced by a flat $25 commission for every referral. Sounds great but for how long? A very limited time period (03/15/2018 to 06/30/2018).

You need to connect often to identify what has changed and make use of the changes to your advantage. Because with this opportunity Ebates offers, you can make millions of dollars without even shopping online.


Update 07/29/2018

The above bonuses ($25 per referral) are still applicable for the period (7/1/2018 – 9/30/2018).


Update 11/29/2018

The above bonuses ($25 per referral) are still applicable for the period (9/30/2018-12/31/2018).






How about the possibility of earnng consistent income online working from the comfort of your home?, CLICK THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE.





You have to keep in mind that some cash back amounts are “up to” a certain percentage. Just because you see “up to 6% cash back” doesn’t mean you’re going to actually get 6% back. It seems a little confusing and downright deceptive, but Ebates is clear in their wording. Just assume you’ll get 1% on everything and you’ll avoid disappointment. If you get more, it’ll turn out to be a nice surprise!





5.1When did I discover Ebates?


I discovered Ebates at the end of November 2017 and decided to set up this blog right away. The amazing reviews I read about this ideal world shopping channel were really irresistible.


So I had this article published on November 29th, 2017 and then frequently visited online stores through Ebates to check out great deals.


5.2Update Today January 6th, 2018


I logged in today to check deals as usual. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. See it for yourself, the message I had received from Ebates:


What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!


I didn’t believe it myself! Wooooow indeed!!! So the good things happening to others have started happening to me too??! This stuff really works.


By the way, I didn’t get that through shopping cash backs. Interesting right? I got paid for the following reasons:


a. Referral Tier Bonus

A new subscriber who signed up in December 2018 made a purchase during that same period. There was a special promotional bonus running at that time, and valid only for the 2017 fourth quarter, offering $20 for new subscribers who signed up using my link and made a purchase within that same promotional period.

This is the message I received from Ebates with regards to my subscriber’s purchase activity:


What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!




b. Refer A Friend Reward.

$5 dollars referred to the base bonus at that time, which was applicable to all qualified referral signups. This is no longer applicable today, as everyone gets to receive a flat referral commission of $25 per qualified referral.

Check this out below:


What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!


A bouncing Big Fat Check of $25!!!!! Woooow!!!!


I felt delighted indeed. Don’t waste any more time. SIGN UP AND START MAKING SOME EXTRA CASH ONLINE TOO.







While Ebates offers plenty of opportunities to purchasers, Ebates also offers an incredibly easy and painless way to earn a little bit of cash, otherwise referred to as 'free cash'. It’s completely legitimate and many people online have reported successes.


What are you waiting for?







What Is EBATES About? | 2018 Secret!!




If you have any questions with regards to these contents, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will be more than willing to help.




''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



Clear Instructions


Cash Back Rewards Online


Cash Back In stores Offline


Referral Program


Low Payment Threshold



  • You can join for free
  • Ebates Button Extension
  • More than 2000 affiliated stores


  • Payouts of cash backs done quarterly
  • Unpredictable referral program

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    1. Hello Nathan,

      It’s true that Ebates does not ship internationally, as they only handle international payments drawn on their American Banks.

      However, these policies might change, and I cannot really give you specific answers to this regard. But I strongly recommend that you visit their support section once on the inside and make more specific queries. They are always quick to reply.

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    1. You mean available for shopping or available for their partner program? If you mean the possibility to make money online with Ebates, they can send your payments using PayPal as well, irrespective of your country (just make sure to confirm), but the use of PayPal for payments means any countries that uses PayPal is welcome to make use of their Affiliate Program.

  12. Great post and good info.

    It seems that this is a good program, with a good trust base and a lot of affiliate programs.

    I like the referral system a lot.

    I would consider to join it, if it wasn’t bad for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    Sometimes lack of payments, 4 times a year, even the referral system that can jam.. I think I will leave it aside and maybe if they update I will reconsider.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thanks for your comment Emmanuel.

      You see, if you want to make money from Ebates, the best way to go about this is write a review and forget about it. This is not something you want to be checking often because they pay only 4 times a year, but which is guaranteed. If there are issues, they will sort it out.

      To be honest, they have one of the best commissions for online shopping affiliate program. The $25 referral/signup has been consistent throughout 2018, and if it continues, I would have to take off that point. Some established affiliate programs out there don’t pay that much, and imagine getting only 4 people to sign up and use Ebates instead to do their online shopping, that’s $100!!! WITHOUT SHOPPING.

      I think you should focus on the positive side, because Ebates opportunities are enormous. And if you ignore the affiliate program because you love shopping, guess what, you still make money. What a feeling to be receiving checks in your Mail box after shopping.

      Whatever you decide to do at Ebates, you still make money. I don’t understand why this site is not yet that popular because the opportunities here are enormous.

  13. Ebates is good for shopping. Ebates means saving money while shopping via the cash backs that are being offered on variety of products from various online retailers.

    I love it that there is a referral program going on. This is another awesome means to earn some extra money. That’s a two way earning… Thanks for sharing.

  14. That´s a pity, Ebates not served in Europe. Do you know something like this in Europe? $10 bucks in return on your first buy is always a nice discount. Cash backs are always welcome:) Do they only supply online to use cashback coupons or also direct money back in the bank account?


    1. Hello Loes,

      Thank you very much for your comment. It’s a shame Ebates is not served in Europe, unfortunately. When it comes to a similar service that offers bonuses at sign up, I’m not so sure I can help you on that, but I found a link online that gives a list of online stores you can use in Europe. Try checking with each of them to read more about their conditions. 

      Here is the link : https://ecommercenews.eu/top-1

      With regards to your second question, there are three ways you can receive your cash back payments: 1- a Big Fat Check sent to you, 2-through your PayPal account and 3-Your Big Fat Check sent to someone else. Details of these three methods have been provided in the post above.

      I hope I was able to provide some relevant answers to your questions above. Do not hesitate to ask for more clarifications. Thank you once again for stopping by. Best Wishes.

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    I had no idea I could make money shopping! As a new mom, I’d been scouring the internet for ways to make money while staying home with my daughter. I’d heard about Ebates before, but had no idea how it worked, or if it even worked at all. After reading this article I decided to try this out and I just received my first $10! 😁 This was so fun and easy to use. Thank you so much for explaining how Ebates works.

  16. To many people who does not know Ebate shopping portal, I can say you are really missing a lot. Debate has been one of my top secrets shopping portal for quite some time now.What  make Ebate unique and fascinating among others is not just their services but the paid back commission by the affiliated stores called cash back.In fact Ebate is a revenue generating shopping portal..I love this website for bringing out one of the best oldest shopping portal.

    1. Oh really?

      It’s good to know that you have already been using Ebates for quite some time now. But it seems it’s not yet as popular as it should be, given all the huge benefits.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience about Ebates. Very much appreciated.

  17. Dear StunningBell,

    Thanks for the comprehensive and thorough review on Ebates.

    You have covered it all in detail and the video you embedded in your post is very helpful.

    After reading your post, Ebates sounds great and have many benefits when we shop through them.

    I am a full-time blogger and looking at the advantages I am thinking of promoting Ebates. Thanks a lot for the great insights. But when I read the disadvantages I really want to give a thought. The concern is their limited payment method and the point you discussed on Unpredictable referral program.

    Thanks again for the great information!

    Wishing you much Success!


    1. Yes Paul Ebates is awesome.

      Concerning their disadvantage, you should not consider Ebates as your main source of revenue, but ironically, Ebates offers opportunities that can really boost your earnings online, especially if you know how to go about with their affiliate program. $25/referral is really much, and something to definitely take advantage of.

      Thank you very much for your comment Paul, I’m glad you found my review very useful.

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    I have seen the Ebates ads on TV but could not make any sense of them, people are making money but how?

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    Correct me if I am wrong, that is what I thought I read. 

    It seems straight forward. How can you go wrong!

    Most of all  I am actually interested to know the 2000 affiliates listed under Ebates.

    Thanks for the information on Ebates.

    1. That’s right. You can compare across several different platforms at a glance. It makes shopping very easy and interesting.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and I’m happy you found this post useful

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    Your review on Ebates is right on time for me. It’s holiday season and that means shopping time too. Your article is comprehensive and informative and very relevant for this time of the year. I have heard of Ebates from the commercials on TV, but I didn’t know specifically how they worked, I just assumed they were another Ebay type system.

    Through your article I learned the truth about Ebates, its history and the ins and outs of how to benefit from their services(I knew very little). Their concept is awesome, they basically pay the consumer to shop with them and or their partnered stores. That’s my kind of gig!

    Thanks for education!


    1. Thank you very much for your comment Diane. Ebates appearing on TV means they are the real deal, thanks for mentioning this.

      Their concept is an amazing one indeed. Whether you shop or you don’t, you can still make money out of the system, which is really awesome. I hope you make the best use of your Gig.

      Thank you once again for your comment. Much appreciated.

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