Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] ?$70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source?? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!??

Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] $70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!



So many programs online promising automated money making online and one of them is Viral Cash App. Not only that. They claim to have discovered a $70 Billion Traffic Souce that they can help you tap into and start generating passive income on a daily basis and in the long run. Are all these claims trustworthy? Definitely not. Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! Continue reading to discover 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam.




Name Description
Product Name: Viral Cash App
Product Price $24.95 + UPSELL $197
Product Owner Matthew Neer
Official Site

Check out screenshot below

Best For The Owners And Other Dishonest Individuals
Overall Score 0/10











I don’t still understand how some reviews of this program offered it 5 stars. They are probably likeminded dishonest individuals as Matthew, and birds of the same feathers will certainly fly together.

Viral Cash App claims they are capable of helping you take advantage of a $70 Billion traffic source to help you generate passive income consistently in the long run. Good to know that they have a 60-day money back guarantee because if you are someone who loves to do things the right away, you will certainly want your hard earned money refunded as soon as possible. Later on in this review, you will understand why you shouldn’t even sign up for this crab.

It’s absolutely true that the access to tons of free traffic is made possible through the use of viral videos, but how does this program go about it? YOU WILL BE SHOCKED TO FIND OUT HOW ==> BY STEALING OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT (VIDEOS) AND INSERTING YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS.


It is for this reason that I label them as SCAMS, UNETHICAL AND FRAUDULENT!!! Forget about the money back guarantee. It’s no excuse to steal from others. These guys are scammers and they are not afraid to admit it in their sales video ???


Learn how to make money online with dignity and pride, and as at now, I have only 1 recommendation for you:













1.1Matthew’s Definition Of His App



The Viral Cash App allows you to plugin into a COMMISSION NETWORK and siphon off some of those profits for yourself and into your bank accounts. Matthew, owner of Viral Cash App



He made the following additional claims about his App:
  • It’s only an App, meaning there’s no setup process because it’s cloud-based;
  • It’s absolutely easy to get started.
  • Not related to any form of currency trades such as Bitcoin
  • No paid advertising involved
  • No SEO or Google involved
  • Not an eCommerce of Shopify
  • Not an MLM or Pyramid schemes
  • No need to buy a domain name
  • No need to pay for hosting






1.2How Viral Cash App Works!


a. Components Of Your Package
==> Dynamic Page 

You will own a dynamic page with the most exciting and shareable content on the web. Content here is referring to Viral Videos. This content contains the most searched for keywords on the web which will direct people to YOUR MONEY PAGES (probably the products you are promoting on Clickbank including Viral Cash App?).

==> Money Pages

MONEY PAGES are created and hosted by the Viral Cash App. These are the landing pages of the products you would be affiliating with and promoting.



b. This Is How Viral Cash App Actually Works.


Use the following steps to get started:




Once you have completed the 5 steps above, the following activities will be automatically initiated:

==> Viral Cash App will automatically insert display advertising, (which will most likely be the keywords you selected yourself), on your chosen content/video, and relaunches the video online automatically;

==> Anyone who clicks on those links will be driven to your MONEY PAGES

==> If they make a purchase, you make money.


That’s all. You wouldn’t have to do any of the hard work to get paid, because it’s all automated.

Of course, it’s automated because they have already created the keywords that you will use on the videos to drive visitors to your money pages, which were also created for you as well.








Welcome to the most important section of this Viral Cash App review, where you will discover some good points as well as major flaws that this automatic system has.


2.1PROS Of Viral Cash App


They have a 60-day money back guarantee period.




2.2CONS Of Viral Cash App




?1 Misleading And Irrelevant Compilation Of Videos From ABC NEWS!?

The owners of Viral Cash App made a compilation of news broadcasts, linked them up together, to make it sound like they were all referring to Viral Cash App. These broadcasts are real, for sure,  but here is the thing:




Watch the video below and pay close attention to the first 65 seconds, and then read my comments just below the video:




And if it’s still not obvious what I’m trying to point out, then read my comments below:


 ⏩Comments of the first journalist from ABC news:

He was just painting a picture of the work from home lifestyle, where you wouldn’t have to compete with traffic, but simply get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and start making money with your computer. ?Where on earth did he mention Viral Cash App as the opportunity he’s referring to??



⏩ Comments of the second journalist still from ABC news:

He was actually asking a question: ?”…they send you a big check before you even start doing any work????”’? If you listen to him closely especially to the tone of his voice, he was literally telling you how ridiculous you can be, for accepting to believe it if someone told you that you can receive a big check before you even start working!



 ⏩Comments of the third journalist – the lady:

She said, ”The good news is, there’s an App for that”. I have a few questions related to her comment and what Matthew actually wants you to understand:

  • Why did she have to complete the statement of the previous journalist? The previous journalist should have completed it himself! What a flawless compilation. Matthew is trying to make you understand that ?”You can actually receive a big check before you start doing any work, and there’s an App for that.”?
  • And what App would that be? ?Nothing mentioned about Viral Cash App here!?



⏩ Fourth Journalist (female) Interviewing Young ”Millionaires”

Watch very carefully? She asked an interesting question about what these guys do, and I quote: ”When you say it’s paying off, what exactly do you mean?” And guess what, ?THE COMPILATION CUT OFF THE ANSWER. WHY WOULD IT IF SHE’S TALKING ABOUT VIRAL CASH APP??

I see only 1 answer: those youngsters might be millionaires, but not as a result of Viral Cash App.



⏩ Comments of the Fith Journalist – A Lady

She was raising awareness on how to know whether an offer is legitimate or a scam. Unfortunately, her answers were not revealed.


I could go on, but I will end here, and here is the conclusion after making the above observations:




I was very curious about Viral Cash App going on the news for what it’s worth, and on ABC for that matter.  How could this App be so popular on the news and I didn’t even know about it?

So I stumbled upon an article about how to identify a legitimate or scam offer, which provided just the answer I was looking for:



Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] $70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!



So watch out. Don’t be fooled by this compilation of videos from ABC NEWS. None of them has got anything to do with Viral Cash App.








?2 False Sales Pitch About Accessing Video Only Upon Invitation?


Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] $70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!


No one invited me to watch this video. I found it online because all I did was type the appropriate keywords in search engines.

He makes it sounds like Viral Cash App is a VIP product reserved only for a limited few, thereby raising some fantasy priority awareness which is uncalled for. There is no such thing as priority access with this product so don’t be tempted to feel that you just found an opportunity that nobody else has.

He goes on to say that it’s an ?extremely secretive? and ?highly classified? message, blah blah blah…So many other senseless claims!









?3 What Is $70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source??


This is where things turned out for the worse with Viral cash App.

Matthew claims that he will help you take advantage of a $70 Billion Dollar free traffic source. So the idea here is accessing a free traffic source of that worth, and to be honest with you, I became very curious to find out how I could access this free traffic that I’ve not yet discovered.


?That’s when the bomb landed.?


This is what Matthew says in his sales video. Check out the image below:


Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] $70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!



?I don’t know if this rings a bell for, but do you seriously want to make money online by stealing??


This guy is stealing other peoples’ content online, and INSERTING YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS into them. As soon I realized this, I became fully convinced that this program is brilliant ”Bull Shit”. Sorry to offend you. This is the part where I I knew I had to score them a ZERO!

Listen. I know what it takes to create videos. As at now, I’m not into creating sophisticated ones yet, but the simple ones I make take so much time on my part. Just imagine that the content of your video is being tactically stolen and used to monetize other affiliate products???

This is insane and I’m already angry because I’d once been a victim of this nonsense! And here he’s advertising this method as a business opportunity???? Who in their right minds would sign up for this dishonest scheme??? What???









?4 Matthew Says You Can Resell The Website?


Mathew mentioned in his sales video that once your site starts making money, you can resell it for thousands of dollars, and he actually gave some pretty good examples of websites on sales selling for huge amounts.


I do have a question for Matthew: ?Which Sites Are We Talking About Here??


If I understood him correctly, he said his Viral Cash App will give you access to your dynamic content ”PAGES”, as well as YOUR MONEY ”PAGES”. So which one of these two actually becomes a ”WEBSITE” that you can actually resell to claim thousands of dollars later?

Remember he said that you don’t have to pay for hosting or domain name, and these are the two key components to prove ownership of a website, not pages. How dishonest can this guy be? Any newbie online who does not know the difference between website and pages will fall for this scam.

About one year ago, I didn’t know the meaning of ”WordPress”. That’s how ignorant many people are when starting off.


Here are some other sneaky programs with false claims to avoid as well

==> CB Passive Income

==> AZ Sniper

==> AppCoiner

==> Work Home Scams List To Use As Reference Online








?5. Are You Sure The Affiliate Links Inserted Would Be Yours??


This guy says he will be using other people’s content to monetize your links, what makes you believe that he will be using your affiliate links? If he’s stealing from others, he’s probably going to steal from you as well.

This is so shameful!!








?6. No Success Stories??


Look here. This guy showed us his earnings, and I don’t even know if they are real. But that’s not what I’m interested in here. Where are the people who have made the system work for them?

Trust me on this, if they were available, that would have been the first thing Mathew would have showed you. But since there was none, he had to show us his warrior forum earnings, which were blurry enough to hide the details of the owner of the account!

Whatever, maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not, but if this guy is capable of stealing other peoples content and making money from it, then he’s capable of doing a lot more.








?7 You Cannot Promote Your Own Content Using The Viral Videos?


For those of you who don’t bother about hurting others and making money, you might be thinking that you could really take advantage of those viral videos and promote some other products you are affiliating with.

This would be absolutely impossible and sorry to let you know that you cannot beat the system because the monetization of your links are 100% automated, and this takes us to the next issue









?8. What Sort Of Products Will He Be Promoting By the Way??


If these guys are inserting affiliate links to promote terrorist activities how would you ever know since everything is automated? Or are you only interested in receiving your money?

Do you even have access to your money pages to know what the products look like? Hmmmm.







?9. Nothing Mentioned About How Much You Can Make?


By the way, how will the money be determined? Will you earn 100% of the commissions you made from a successful purchase on your money pages?

Nothing was mentioned about how earnings would be shared if at all they will be willing to share it with you.










Well, if you didn’t read the heading above, let me spell it out one more time:




Don’t waste your money on this program, and become part of a group of people whose main objective online is to steal from others and disrupt the harmony of a scam free internet environment.


Take the time to learn how to build your online business ethically and legitimately, and also learn the art of driving tons of free traffic to it. I have only 1 recommendation that will help you make that much money online because they provide all the tools necessary to help you succeed online, without ZERO UPSELLS. And what’s even more amazing? This is the only money making platform where you can join without your credit card information needed, and where you can maintain that free account for life.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Viral Cash App Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$47 and Downsell + UPSELL OF $197

Overall Performance


10 thoughts on “Viral Cash App Is A Scam!!! [Review] ?$70 BILLION DOLLAR Traffic Source?? 9 Reasons To Stay Away From Viral Cash App Scam!!!??”

  1. Hey there! When I see products by Matthew Neer I wish I could put a post-it note for future visitors to the product or site to stay far away from them as he is a well known con artist if you ask me. Almost all of his products are just like this one and promise big profits but never work! I’m glad that you are helping people find the right way to make money online.

    Take care!


    1. Oh really?

      I didn’t even know he already had such a negative reputation online. Thank God my opinion about him was right.

      Thank you very much for your comment Miranda, I’m really grateful.

  2. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Thank you so much for such a comprehensive review on Viral Cash App, I felt great reading your article. If only we had many people of your mentality, then we would dig out all these scammers. I also point out to people’s reluctance in researching of each particular online program that promises money before committing money.

    I have signed up with your recommended program and I will be looking at it in the next few weeks, I will be getting in touch with you.

    Thank you so much  

    1. Hi,

      I’m happy that you found this article helpful. Congratulations on signing up, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need any personal assistance.

      Let’s continue our conversation inside.

  3. It becomes more and more infuriating to see these things pop up.  The only reason is to steal your money.

    I have heard this guy’s name before but haven’t ever associated him with anything until now and hope dont ever again and why am i in italic?  Hmm.

    Viral cash, viral videos just stay clear of them

    1. Hello Stew and thank you very much for your comment.

      One really needs to be careful online, and by the way, where did you hear about him?

      I know, those are words to give you a hint with regards to what to expect. Potential scams will always use those catchy phrases.

  4. It gets so tiring seeing all the scams out there.  I am so grateful that their are articles out there like this.  Im not going to lie, I am pretty good at picking out a scam but thats only because I have been scammed so many times.  Viral Cash App is just another in a long list.

    I wish these people would actually put their time and effort into legit programs.  They would get rich and stay there.

    1. These people know that many people searching the internet are looking to make quick money, which does not exist unless you go dirty and do really nasty things.

      So they take advantage of that and so many people fall for them because they think quick cash is possible. What annoys me the most with Viral Cash App is that they use other people’s content to make money. Very unethical. 

      Thanks Dale for your comment.

  5. wow! In depth review for sure. I’ve been seeing the Viral Cash App ads all over the place, but have never been sure how it actually works. It seems like a lot of people are promoting it just to make a quick buck, and in the long run people are just ruining their reputation. How long have you been using the system that you recommend?

    1. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for about 14 months, and every single week, new training resources are added through live classes. I don’t remember the last time I attended a live class.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a super active community in terms of training, community, etc, and after 14 months, I fee more confident than ever before. And to be more specific, these are my very frist 14 months online. I had never ever tried to set up an online business. I’m really excited that my first attempt is a success. I can only attribute it to Wealthy Affiliate

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