Traffic Multiplier Review Uncovers?05 Reasons Why Traffic Multiplier Is Not Newbie Friendly?




Traffic Multiplier Review Uncovers 05 Reasons Why Traffic Multiplier Is Not Newbie Friendly, contrary to the reassurance made on their sales page that just anyone could signup. While other Traffic Multiplier Reviews focus mainly on the good side of Traffic Multiplier (there are many though), this complete Traffic Multiplier review went an extra mile to evaluate the usefulness of the platform to both new and experienced online entrepreneurs.



Name Description
Product Name: Traffic Multiplier
Product Price $22.95 + UPSELLS
Product Site Address


Overall Score 10/10
Not Suitable For: ''NEWBIES NEWBIES''
Overall Score 0/10







While you could literally find some value with this package, depending on your experience online, I must admit that I was very disappointed with certain aspects of Traffic Multiplier, starting with its very own name, ”Traffic Multiplier”, which appears to be very misleading with regards to the information that this product offers.

By the way, do I recommend Traffic Multiplier?




Continue reading to find out more about Traffic Multiplier, and of course, to better understand the difference between ”Newbie Newbie” and ”Experienced Newbiew”.














I guess you might be wondering now what starting an online business has got to do with Traffic Multiplier. This section is particularly useful for newbies online, and perhaps relevant for some successful and established online entrepreneurs as well.

The objective of this section is to help you pinpoint, at exactly what phase of the online business creation process, Traffic Multiplier becomes relevant. So when the owners of Traffic Multipliers tell you that you can literally start making $227 per day of profits, these messages were not meant for everyone, but for a particular group of entrepreneurs, which will be disclosed after all the business phases would have been elaborated below:


==> Steps In Starting A Succesful Online Business

They are summarised as follows:






1 Identifying Your Passion/Area of interest/Niche

This is a very controversial point because there are as many views as there are many online entrepreneurs. But I  always recommend some guidelines to help decide on what type of online business you can start:

  • Choose a niche you are passionate about or
  • Choose a niche you want to learn more about.
  • Whatever you decide, make sure it’s profitable.


I need you to understand that sooner or later, you will encounter challenges with your business, and your passion will play a vital role as it will serve as the driving force to help you to continue moving forward.


2 Create A Website

You will use your website to carry out the following tasks:


Identify Problems In That Niche And Solve Them

People would be looking for specific information online to solve certain problems, maybe once, maybe regularly. Your main objective would be solving those problems as much as you can. In order to do this:


4 You Have To Create content to solve those problems. In other words, write copy that sells

Copywriting would enable you to market the solutions you are offering to internet users of a specific niche.


5 Drive Traffic To Your Site 

This is the process of making your solutions known out there. Once your well-structured content is ready, you have to make sure it reaches the target audience. Drawing traffic to your website is the heart of your online business


Establish A Reputation Online 

Once your readers find your content intriguing, they would come back for more, and that’s how slowly but steadily, you would start to build an online reputation.


7 Manage Your Audience

This is done by following up with your customers and subscribers with email



Remember when I said Traffic Multiplier was meant only for a particular group of online entrepreneurs? That particular group I was referring to, are the ”ALREADY ESTABLISHED AND EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEURS”.


This point will be elaborated further down this Traffic Multiplier Review.









2.1Initial Prices



That’s right. You can see from the image above that the initial price is $22.95 for the front end package. You can also see that there would be price increases soon. I don’t know by how much and when. So watch out for any discrepancy.

However, some discounts can be activated as well as you can see from the image below:



Usually when I see a product start giving such discounts and bringing the price down to less than $20…hmmm…









There would be up to 4 upsells!


==> First Upsell: Traffic Multiplier Gold – Done For You Campaigns $47/67
 Downsell: Traffic Multiplier Gold – Done For Your Campaigns $24/47
==> Second Upsell: Traffic Multiplier Platinum – Lead Magnet Library $47/67
 Downsell: Traffic Multiplier Platinum – Lead Magnet Library $24/47
==> Third Upsell: Traffic Multiplier Titanium: Facebook Pixels Tools And Training $47/67
 Downsell: Traffic Multiplier Titanium – Facebook Pixels Tools And Training $24/47
==> Fourth Upsell: Traffic Multiplier Automated Traffic Flow $197/297
 Downsell: NONE.








2.3Components Of Your $22.95 Package


Find below the list of resources you will access at the front end. You will actually receive 11 videos, of about 10 minutes long each, treating the following topics:

  • Introduction – Essential Viewing;
  • How To Set Up Your Site;
  • How To Create Your Page;
  • How To Create The Additional Pages;
  • How To Set Up The Browser Notification;
  • How To Set Up The Email Capture;
  • How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel;
  • How To Send The Emails;
  • How To Send Further Notifications;
  • The Strategy;
  • Example In Full.


Plus additional free resources and Bonus additional training. Not bad for the price, as compared to other Clickbank products.









Let’s take a closer review of Traffic Multiplier through the examination of its PROS and CONS.

3.1PROS Of Traffic Multiplier




1 ?30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

You have 30 days to try it out and make a refund request if necessary.



2 ?Great Available Information For The Front End Package?


The front end package offers a plethora of information on how to build your list. Some of them were listed above.






3.2??CONS Of Traffic Multiplier: 05 Reasons Why Traffic Multiplier Is Not Newbie Friendly??




1 ?The Name ”Traffic Multiplier” Is Misleading?

The name ”Traffic Multiplier” is misleading for the services it offers. When I first came across this product, I was hoping to find ways to multiply the inflow of traffic to my business.

Inside the traffic multiplier, you will find solutions related to mainly list building:

  • Free software to capture emails;
  • Another one to help you set up browser/push notifications
  • And a page builder to help you set up sales pages and capture more emails.


So you see the fundamental training resources available actually help you get the best of the traffic that’s already coming to your business, not actually multiplying them.

A more appropriate name, in my humble opinion, would have been, ”Traffic Monetizer” Or ”Profits Multiplier’‘. In this way, we expect to find solutions that will enable us to monetize the traffic that’s already there.

Don’t expect to find any reasonable solutions here to help you multiply traffic to your online business.


Traffic Multiplier could be misleading in its name only, but check out other products that are misleading in every sense of the word:

30 Minute Money Methods

Fast Cash App

Auto Chat Profits

Data Entry

Club 365

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid







2 ?You Cannot Start A Fully Operational Business With Traffic Multiplier, WHY??




This disadvantage is relevant to newbies online who are seeking to start a new online business.

I listed the various steps required to run a fully operational business at the beginning of this Traffic Multiplier Review, and out of the 7 steps highlighted, Traffic Multiplier provides solutions to only to the last and the 7th step.

So when it comes to identifying a niche, providing solutions, understanding how to provide these solutions, or even learning how to generate traffic to your online business, you are at a loss here

If this is your first time coming online, and looking for resources to learn how the money-making process works, then Traffic Multiplier would be an absolute waste of time and resources for you.







3 ?Very Limited Solution To Help You ”Multiply Your Traffic” Online?

Like I mentioned earlier, Traffic Multiplier offers no help with diversifying your traffic sources. It’s true they mentioned on their sales page that they can help you get traffic. Check out the image below for what I mean:




The ?”proven traffic methods”? the owners of Traffic Multiplier are actually referring to are Facebook Pixels. This is just a tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

Once again, this tool will not help you generate traffic but rather help you understand the behavior of traffic that has already been acquired through paying for ads on Facebook. So the only traffic method recommended here is ?paid advertising.?

While paid advertising is great because it brings rapid results, there are obvious consequences, including the fact that it tends to be insanely expensive in the long run, and usually not recommended to newbies especially.

There are many other reliable methods of acquiring free traffic online which have not been covered at all by Traffic Multiplier. They include:

  • Hooking your sites with Webmaster tools such as Google and Bing;
  • Getting listed in directories;
  • Content Creation;
  • On Page SEO;
  • Post to social media;
  • The use of the appropriate keywords;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Creating a YouTube Channel;
  • Etc..


And so many more. While the majority of training platforms online encourage the use of paid traffic, very few dare to provide extensive resources on how to acquire free traffic online.









4 ?The Concept Of Traffic Multiplier Being Newbie Friendly Is Very Relative?

When the term ”Newbie Friendly” was used to describe the Profit Multiplier system, this wasn’t appropriate as this Traffic Multiplier Review has proven that complete newbies in internet marketing will not get all the resources they need.


There could be 2 newbies here:

==> ”Newbie Newbie”

This is the individual that is coming online for the first time and has not yet started anything whatsoever.


==> ”Experienced Newbie”

This is the online entrepreneur that has established a reputation online, and for this reason, is enjoying a generous amount of traffic flowing to the already established business.

But the problem with ”Experienced Newbie” is that he/she does not know how to ”Monetize” that traffic appropriately, and ”Multiply Profits”.


While the first newbie will need resources on how to get started with online business, the ”Experienced Newbie” on the other hand, only needs a hand in increasing his profits, which is far easier to do. The Traffic Multiplier system would be of invaluable help to the ”Experienced Newbie”, but would be an absolute waste of time for the ”Newbie Newbie”, since the later has not yet built a business to monetize.

This concept should have been made crystal clear on the sales page to prevent a complete novice from signup up and wasting both Traffic Multiplier’s time and that of the individual.







5 ?Some Misleading Statements On The Sales Page Have Been Noted!?


There are some statements on the sales page that just don’t just pan out. Check out the image below:




You don’t need a website. Why? I don’t understand why the owners of Profit Multiplier claim that you don’t need a website to get these tools to work.

You absolutely need a website if you want your push notifications to work because you would be requested for a website address. The page builders as well, that Traffic Multiplier recommends, cannot work on their own. They must be installed on your website as plugins.

Were these intentional misstatements? I cannot tell, but they are certainly misleading. Perhaps somewhere along the line, you would be given information on how to get cheap websites and domains. And if that’s the case, that would even be more frustrating because they are not honest upfront about the hidden cost involved.

By the way, if you opt for any cheap services when it comes to hosting your businesses, I need you to understand that your hard work would become vulnerable to hackers and other forms of attacks, if you don’t pay for additional features to secure your website such as website security, etc.

To summarize:




This point comes to solidify the fact that only ”Experienced Newbies” can benefit from this opportunity, since they already have websites running, and chances are that they are the best in terms of security and other relevant hosting features since their experience online would have led them to select only the best resources.

But as for the complete ”Newbie Newbie”, starting your online business with low-class hosting is absolutely not the best way to start.











⏩Traffic Multiplier is far from being a scam. They have identified a need in one of the online business phases, and have provided a solution to satisfy that need, even though the name of the product, Traffic Multiplier, does not specifically give you a right picture of what you expect to see inside the package.

⏩That notwithstanding, what is available inside,








⭐I’ve defined ”Newbies Newbies” as those who are coming online for the first time, having no knowledge of how to start an online business. You will not find Traffic Multiplier useful, as it offers only a tiny piece of the puzzle. The greater picture of starting and running a successful online business (if that’s what you are interested in), would require additional and specific resources.

⭐It’s only when you got your business rolling that you will find some value in what Traffic Multiplier has to offer. In order to start an online business, there are tons of solutions out there, offering a separate package to each of the steps outlined in my complete Traffic Multiplier Review above, and charging them separately.

⭐But if you grab a copy of my free guide below, you will understand better how the different steps of setting up an online business are related with each other, and most importantly, access to only 1 solution, that will provide everything you will need to start in one place, as well as a list of tons of free resources to take advantage of, wherever applicable.

⭐Not only will the solution you are about to discover teach you advanced techniques on how to get that free traffic flowing permanently to your business without paying a cent on ads (information on paid traffic is also available if you are interested), but you would also be provided information on where to get free resources such as page builders, autoresponders, and even browser notifications software as recommended by Traffic Multiplier.

⭐By the way, did you notice my push notification just about 15 seconds after starting to read this Traffic Multiplier Review? And the opt-in form you see below, to enable you to access your free guide, all of them are fully operational on my website without paying a dime on the tools I use, because the training platform you are about to discover recommended all of them.

⭐I could take it even further. I’ve created at least 10 landing pages for this website alone, ⭐⭐ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE⭐⭐. I’m not kidding. Check out some of them below:


?The landing pages you see above, might not be the best at all, but I have the freedom to design them to my taste and feel, ⭐⭐AT NO EXTRA COST.⭐⭐ Even the hosting and websites made available to me by my training platform, are all included in my membership fee at ⭐⭐NO ADDITIONAL UPSELLS!!!⭐⭐

?Oh, by the way, when I refer to free websites, I’m not talking about Done-For-You websites. My training platform teaches SEO friendly methods that will help you rank well in search engines, and DFY solutions don’t go that far, and they are not taught here.

⭐You will find all of that included here in this training platform and so much more such as a free keyword tool to help with your SEO, private messaging features to contact other members of the community, 50 highly secured websites, and free hosting, etc I cannot list them all here.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Traffic Multiplier Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

6 thoughts on “Traffic Multiplier Review Uncovers?05 Reasons Why Traffic Multiplier Is Not Newbie Friendly?”

  1. I have never heard of traffic multiplier not until I read this. I’m a newbie in online business but I am experienced, I built my site about six months ago and I have been running some things on my site which I am satisfied with the result. The features of this really triggered my interest in going for it since you recommended it for newbies with experience also I will go for this.

    1. Yes,
      When I mentioned experienced newbies, I was referring to those who already have traffic flowing to their websites, because the solution it offers can benefit them.

      If you try it out and it works for you, please I would love for you to come back and share your experience about how quickly you were able to make money with this program.

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m happy you found my review useful.

  2. I definitely consider building email lists and monetizing them for more advanced marketers that already have traffic to their business so I totally agree with you when you say Traffic Multiplier is for more experienced marketers. I personally think beginners should start out with the lowest costs possible and build up from there. So probably follow a training program such as Wealthy Affiliate and then look at other programs like Traffic Multiplier after you’ve made your first bucket of gold.

    1. That’s right, Kevin.

      Traffic Multiplier will definitely not help complete newbies get started, and if that’s what they really want, then Wealthy Affiliate should be their platform of choice.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Much appreciated.

  3. From my experience in buying traffic softwares and trainings, most are often over hyped. It’s really sad that many product creators use clever marketing tactics to lure newbies into purchasing their products.I have bought a lot of similar products that don’t work and are not newbie friendly as promised on the sales page. In some instances, I ask for a refund, but in many cases, I just lost my money. Thanks for being frank with your review of traffic multiplier. I would not recommend this product for any newbie marketer since you will get stuck with things like: Choosing an interest, creating content that solves people’s problems, and driving high quality traffic that converts to your offer. You need some level of experience with these equally important aspects of maarketing to make the whole thing work. Having a 30 day money back guarantee sounds good, but do the vendors actually live up to their promises?

  4. Sorry to hear about your experiences online Phraneell.

    Yes, newbies still have a steep learning curve before arriving at the traffic stage, and Traffic Multiplier will not help them to accumulate that knowledge.

    From your own personal experience, most of the vendors don’t live up to that. That only shows that the risk of not getting your refund with any Clickbank product is quite high.

    It’s always important to do your due diligence before buying any product. Thanks a lot for your comment.

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