The WP Auto Ranker Review?Uncovers 05 Untold Truths You Need To Know?

The WP Auto Ranker Review Uncovers 05 Untold Truths You Need To Know


The WP Auto Ranker Review Uncovers 05 Untold Truths You Need To Know To figure out whether WP Auto Ranker is a scam or not. Awesome plugin to generate unique SEO friendly content automatically for your websites with just a few clicks. But to what extent is the awesomeness of this plugin?

You are about to find out.




Before we dive deep, this is my personal opinion about this plugin:










1.1What Is WP Auto Ranker & How Does It Work?✌

Simply put, WP Auto Ranker is a plugin that will supposedly take full responsibility for the creation and ranking of your content AUTOMATICALLY. That’s right. The WP Auto Ranker seems to equally take care of your SEO needs, meaning you don’t have to bother anymore about optimizing your content for search engines because this plugin can do just that for you, and help you attain page 1 rankings with Google.


Dan Green is convinced that this plugin will ensure that unique content is automatically created and published on your respective websites on a daily basis. Sounds like a great solution, but don’t conclude just yet.

You need to continue reading.







a. Getting Started With The WP Auto Ranker Plugin

Just like any other plugin, you have to, first of all, install the WP Auto Ranker plugin on your website. Once installed and activated, use the following two simple steps to automate the creation of unique content on your website on a daily basis:

  • Select content source
  • Select how you want content to be displayed on your website


The plugin will go to work and retrieve content from the selected sources, spin them and create totally new content for your website. There are spinning options that you can customize, as well as the possibility to search free stock photos on a website that has been integrated into this the WP Auto Ranker plugin.

As soon as your post is ready, this plugin will then proceed to publish it on your website every day on full autopilot.

That’s all there is to know about how this plugin works. It’s very easy to use and straight forward to the point.







b. Prices Of The WP Auto Ranker Plugin

There are as many different prices reported online, as there are many reviews. I cannot lay my hands on something reliable. If you are interested in buying this plugin, I encourage you to visit their sales page for more information.

Unfortunately, the website URL of their sales page is not secure, so I will not link directly to it.








1.1PROS Of The WP Auto Ranker Plugin ✌


1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

The majority of products online offer this guarantee period which is a good thing.





1.2?The WP Auto Ranker Review Uncovers ?05 Untold Truths You Need To Know? To Determine Whether It’s A Scam Or Not?




1 ?No Information On How To Optimize Your Content?

Here is the first untold truth.

Since Green promises that this plugin will take care of ranking your posts, it’s no surprise that there is no information available on this topic. While experienced marketers could quickly go through the automatically generated posts and so some auditing and editing where necessary, an inexperienced individual will just have to content himself with the output, which could turn out to be wanting in many areas.

More on this later.

You really want to be in complete control of this optimization process, even if you are getting help from this plugin. There’s no better way today, to make better use of the content marketing strategy, than learning how to optimize your content for SEO yourself.

This skill will follow you online wherever you go, as you would be able to affiliate with any network and generate consistent clean cash just by writing great content of the products you recommend.

Yes the learning process to learn SEO could be very steep in the beginning, BUT THAT’S ONLY IN THE BEGINNING. After acquiring this skill, it becomes second nature as you continue to create more content. Then you graduate and create your own templates you can use for all your blog posts. That’s right, I have over 4 different templates I use for writing my product reviews. It’s really become that easy.

If you are very serious about starting a sustainable business online, taking the first couple of months to learn this skill will sustain your business forever. It takes some only a few weeks, while for others, it will take only a few days. It all depends on your determination to get this fundamental skill thrashed once and for all.

So if you are a newbie and you continue to look for shortcuts to content marketing, which is by far the most robust method so long as making money online is concerned today, then understand that you are most likely going to move from one shiny object to another, and hoping you stumble upon that quick magic solution (which unfortunately does not exist???).

The marketers promoting this plugin are not using it, or even if they do, it’s not installed on their main business website. So why then should you start your own business with it?

Well, this is food for thought for you.







2 ?No Information On How To  Acquire And Set Up Your Website?

This particular point is specifically addressed to you, the newbie, and it’s the truth which can only be exposed only here.

This plugin is not newbie friendly simply because all you can do is install, activate, and configure some settings. There is more that comes into play when we declare a product as newbie friendly.

If you have never had the privilege of running a website or a blog before, then you would be wasting your time with this plugin because the following resources are not available here:

  • Choosing a host;
  • Setting up a website;
  • Creating menus;
  • Creating landing pages;
  • Structuring your own website;
  • Choosing a theme for your website;
  • Etc…


There is a ton of things that come into play when starting a new WordPress blog or website. If you think you will just go in for whatever service you can find just to get this plugin, then you would be in unpleasant surprises in the nearest future.

So as a newbie, before you even think ”PLUGIN”, you would have to consider the above-mentioned factors, because you don’t want to host where you would be compelled to pay additional for security, speed, and other tons of add-ons that the majority of web hosts often charge.

Before you start thinking of getting this ”PLUGIN”, you should budget in advance and determine the costs it would entail getting a reliable host for the website that will contain the WP Auto Raner plugin. An all-inclusive solution with security and speed included should be around $359/Year. You could also pay less if you take advantage of Black Friday Deals.

You see now, your $17 is slowly but steadily becoming something big. That’s not all. Go to the next section to see additional resources you would need to make the WP Auto Ranker work for you.





3?No Information On How To Monetize The Content That Is Automatically Generated?

This is yet another untold truth about the WP Autor Ranker plugin.

This plugin is only interested in pumping content to your website. You would be fully responsible with regards to how to use it because no guidance is available at this level. How do you select affiliate networks? How do you insert affiliate links? Which monetization methods to use?

You get to learn all that yourself.

Once again, newbies, if you have never ever attempted to make money online, how then will you know what to do with that content, if you don’t get additional resources?

Yet again, you would be required to pay extra just to learn how to make money with your website. And the monetization process is such a big deal that if you don’t get it right the first time, you would find yourself running around the internet and getting more frustrated.

This chronological process can be summarized in the following 4 steps:

  • Create a website
  • Build Content
  • Attract Visitors
  • Make money.

Let’s just talk a little bit about the first point.

In order to create a website, you need to know what you want to create the website about. This is the part where you get to choose your niche, an area of interests or your passions. If you miss this first step, you get lost right from the start.

Now as a newbie, if you rush and get this plugin, and just start pumping content on your website from JUST ANY SOURCE, even search engines will become confused and will have difficulty in crawling and ranking your website.

You need to identify a targeted audience you are interested in serving, because the internet is huge, and you cannot satisfy everyone. When you start using this plugin without this fundamental understanding of how the process of making money online works, then you are really wasting your time.


Click the link below to be directed to where you will be provided with all the resources needed to make money online today, including SEO training that is fun to learn, assistance with choosing your niche, free websites and hosting to start your online business immediately, and so much more:









4 ?Content Is Not Visually Appealing?

Did Green tell you about this truth in his sales video?

Google uses a lot of Algorithms to determine which websites and content to rank, and one of such is the average duration per session.

This indicator sends information/feedback to Google, about whether your content is interesting or not. The proof? The longer the session duration, the more interesting and useful your content is.

So Google will understand that your content is great, and keep it there for as long as people continue to stay longer on your posts and pages.

That’s why website design is such a big deal nowadays, because the reader, being visually inclined, will more often than not, stay longer on content that has been well structured, organized, full of beautiful images, and other effects to capture and keep his attention.

But the content produced by the WP Auto Ranker tool is far from being visually attractive and appealing. I checked out the case study used by Dan Green for this product, and most of the content I visited was really a disappointment.

Check out the image below:


The WP Auto Ranker Review Uncovers 05 Untold Truths You Need To Know



You can see from the image above that it’s just blocks and blocks of text, which is very strenuous to read. No headings, no subtitles, no call to actions, no colors, just some long… I don’t know. Not to mention the insanely long paragraphs.

Well newbies, in order to make your own content stand out, be prepared to learn how to structure and organize your content for an enjoyable read.  Don’t just activate the system and fold your arms.

Green is right to say that his case study now appears on the first page of Google, I checked it out and it’s true. Solutions like this always work in the beginning, but the thing is  THEY DON’T STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

With the type of content, I see on that website, before long, session durations, for instance, will decrease, and before you know it, that site will disappear from the first page.

I don’t wish for this to happen, but it’s a risk factor you want to take into account.








5 ?Possibility Of Duplicate Content Penalties In The Long Run?

Ah yes. You don’t want to ignore this particular truth being exposed below.

This particular point is a very minor issue in the meantime, but while marketers are becoming smarter online, Google as well becomes even the smartest. Tons of Google updates are rolled out during the course of the year, and you don’t want one of them to significantly affect the website you created thanks to the WP Auto Ranker plugin.

What am I trying to say?

I tried doing some duplicate content search for some of the content found on the case study website. Duplicate content reports kept coming up. Not something to write home about yet, but it’s a trigger to attract Google’s attention sooner or later.

Check out the image below:


The WP Auto Ranker Review Uncovers 05 Untold Truths You Need To Know


Right down to 7 different websites.

While the duplicates above are not significant, the problem is that almost every post on the Sell You Essay website has that duplicate report. If it persists, it won’t take long for Google to figure this out.

This is very risky. I definitely don’t recommend this to starters. Experienced marketers could try this out with a new website and see how it works it, but don’t get this plugin activated in your main website. Please be careful.

I don’t know why people always come up with ways to trick search engines, and the consequences are always very unpleasant especially for the webmaster.


Take just a bit of time to learn all there is about SEO and make money online safely. Click the link below to learn how to make money online the right way through content marketing among many other methods:






1.3A Better Solution To Learn SEO Content Marketing That Makes The Process Fun And Enjoyable⭐



Content marketing has been officially recognized as a solid method to make money online today.  This particular channel requires some commitment and dedication on your part. That’s why tons of solutions are coming up, proposing a way of getting this done with little or no effort.

It won’t take long for Google to identify these plugins and software, and when that happens, you literally start all over, especially if you had no knowledge about making money online before using this plugin.

Instead of becoming part of something which is very risky, all you have to do is invest a bit of time upfront and learn this content strategy, and get over with it. Looking for shortcuts will only postpone the problem, not solve it.

When you finally acquire the skills related to content marketing, you gain more confidence in yourself and your online journey as a whole. The learning process is not a horror movie. Telling you that you need to put in some effort is just helping you to set the appropriate mindset.

You learn the techniques, apply them consistently, and then allow Google to play its role.


?I’ve realized that it’s the WAITING PROCESS that makes many people become frustrated because they are looking for quick results. The LEARNING PROCESS of SEO Content Marketing itself does not take that much time to grasp.?


Give your online business a chance and let it develop the solid foundation it requires to stand the test of time. Learn how to create highly SEO-optimized and unique content the right way, and enjoy the process all along the way.



Why I insist on the fun part is that you never get stuck. There is a brilliant community you can interact with and get help from at every step of your journey. So you can share all your challenges and don’t get to deal with them alone. Everyone is willing to help everyone. Don’t learn SEO alone. It’s much better if you are surrounded by experts.







No, WP Autor Ranker is not a scam. You actually get to see what you purchased, and of course, automatically generate content as well, but:




Alright. This is something I intentionally excluded from my complete review above.

I seriously don’t know where all the information is being extracted from to help you generate unique content for your websites. But if you are a newbie, I don’t see how this plugin will help you if you don’t yet understand the money-making process online.

Also, irrespective of whether you are an experienced marketer or newbie, the consistent duplicate content reports that pop up for several blog posts on the case study website, generated using this plugin, can draw the attention of Google in the long run, and attract penalties to your websites, which you might never be able to recover from.

If you are very serious about making money online today, using a system that works, which provides all relevant resources related to creating SEO friendly content for your blogs:

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my WP Auto Ranker Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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