Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints==>[ARE ALL ACCURATE]

The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True




?‍♀️Welcome to this article about The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints?

Let’s start off on a good foot and make certain things clear. I promote Wealthy Affiliate quite alright as an excellent Affiliate Marketing training platform. I need you to know this first. But this morning I decided to do things differently. I was actually curious to know what others were writing about this platform, with a focus on the negative experiences. So I went online checking on The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints, and when I found them, I was astonished and embarrassed to realize that ALL ARE 100% TRUE!

I didn’t realize how much I had been so blind all this while, or perhaps I took it for granted that everybody knows what I already know concerning Affiliate Marketing and the way Wealthy Affiliate delivers it.

Read on to learn more about what The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are, And Why They Are 100% True.







Before we get into the core of our topic, I just wanted to include the sources of the complaints under analysis in this article, so that you could check them out yourself if you want more information.

I’m excited because the sources are quite authoritative, so you are about to discover real and genuine Wealthy Affiliate Complaints made by users who were not pleased with Wealthy Affiliate.

Check them out below:


The main complaints came from Trust Pilot and Site Jabbar because Indeed had none.






2.1First Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint: Their Free Level Is A Load Of Chunk!


Complaint Details:


Why It Is 100% True!

You are definitely not going to make any substantial amount of money with Wealthy Affiliate’s free package, or with any other free money-making package for that matter. This is 100% correct.

Facts The User Is Not Aware Of

Many internet marketing programs do not even offer a free package. Even if they do, you forfeit access after the trial period is over. But with Wealthy Affiliate, you continue to have access to the entire platform to continue to take advantage of.

Just a reminder of what you get with Wealthy Affiliate’s free package:


The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True
Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Is Not Bad At All Compared To The Others.



How many affiliate marketing platforms out there offer you free SSL protected websites to get started with your affiliate marketing business? As you can see from the image above, Wealthy Affiliate offers 2! And these sites rank well with Google because they have the HTTPS attached to all your subdomains.

So if you want to stick to the Wealthy Affiliate free trial, you should take your introductory lessons very seriously because they teach you how to use the entire platform to access the ton of resources available there.

This is just a tip I’m giving away that others will not be willing to disclose. You are still going to have access to others’ blogs having a lot of tutorials. You can take advantage of that and continue to build your business free of charge.

However, the major disadvantage you will face is that there will be no step by step guide to lead you, making the process more difficult.

So yes, the Wealthy Affiliate free trial, as well as other free resources online, WILL NOT GET YOU ANY FURTHER.

Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial is available to help you have a feel of what to expect as a premium member for 7 days. It’s enough time for you to decide whether Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not.




2.2Second Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint: Great Site And Support But Be Warned! 


Complaint Details:


Why It Is 100% True!

It’s absolutely true that you have to keep paying on a monthly basis, and this fact is made clear right from the start. So I don’t understand what Columbian Catnip was actually expecting.

I chuckled when I read this complaint. You see, Wealthy Affiliate is such a genuine and contagious platform that once you get locked out, it hurts really bad. I totally get that.

That’s is exactly what I understood reading between the lines of the complaint above.

Facts The User Is Not Aware Of

Perhaps the user had not yet had the time to familiarize herself with everything that was literally within her grasp just for a couple of dollars on a monthly basis.

Do you wish to know the true worth of Wealthy Affiliate? On a monthly basis?

⭐⭐⭐This platform is worth more than $800/month but given away at only $49/month.⭐⭐⭐

It even becomes way less expensive when you go for the yearly billing ($29.9/month), and an absolute no-brainer at Black Friday deals ($24.9/month).

I didn’t think twice going for the Black Friday deal, and the most amazing part, my billings renew at Black Friday prices ⭐EVERY SINGLE YEAR⭐. That’s right. They don’t increase as other platforms do.

Perhaps you are thinking right now that I imagined figures just to inflate the value of Wealthy Affiliate. I did a research online, and here is a list of ONLY SOME OF THE FEATURES offered by Wealthy Affiliate, that cost a fortune out there.

Check them out below:


The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True
The Real Worth Of Wealthy Affiliate In $$


Why would someone want to continue to have access to all those features above FREE OF CHARGE????

Do you know how much it costs to run a platform like Wealthy Affiliate without increasing members’ dues for over 10 years? There was a slight increase of $2, and since then, nothing. ONLY $2!!

I was literally shocked at the incredible value I was exposed to, without even knowing it. I came to this awareness after reviewing so many products online. Well, not as many as the other websites yet, but at least I can boast of slightly over 100 reviews so far.

And what I discovered after taking a look at all these products, is that they charge every other extra service they offer as an upsell. We are talking about: hosting, keyword too, traffic training, even access a group community, not to talk of 1-on-1 coaching.

They are all incredible and expensive upsells. But these features seem to be taken for granted by those who don’t know their true worth yet at Wealthy Affiliate. Work With Home Jobs is really proud to recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a learning platform that currently does not have any better match to compete with yet.

So when I come across Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints like this one, I totally understand it when someone gets extremely disappointed for getting knocked out of Wealthy Affiliate for not renewing their subscription. I know it hurts but this will certainly happen if you don’t. 100% CORRECT AND BE WARNED!!




2.3Third Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint: TOTAL SPAM



Complaint Details:


Why It Is 100% True!

Wealthy Affiliate sends a series of messages to their new subscribers for the first couple of days after signup. This is 100% Correct!!

Facts The User Is Not Aware Of

But I think the person who dropped this particular Wealthy Affiliate Complaint lacks fundamental understanding in some internet marketing strategies that work pretty well today.

Let’s, first of all, take a look at the definition of ”spam”. Check it out below:



You can clearly see from the image above, that spam clearly has no target audience, meaning the whole internet is what spammers are interested in. Take a look at point ”D”. It says messages will be sent indiscriminately to a large number of internet users.

But this is surely not the case with Wealthy Affiliate, who targets only new subscribers to their platform in the context of email marketing. The complaint above is clear proof that the user does not know what difference exists between spamming and email marketing.

See what email marketing is:



Oh, how I love the definition above.

Email marketing is targeting a particular group of people, which is your potential or current customers. Do you now see the difference between email marketing and spamming that the complainer definitely did not understand?

If you don’t supply your email address, you will not receive any emails from Wealthy Affiliate, and no, Wealthy Affiliate is not targeting the entire internet, but their potential and current customers.

What is wrong in that?

What happens is that when you create your free account with Wealthy Affiliate, the only requirement would be to submit your email address. It’s at this point that Wealthy Affiliate keeps your information and contacts you later on with regards to their services.

And they go the extra mile to include information on how to deactivate their emails if you don’t want to hear from them. If this is not professionalism, then I don’t know what is.

I love hearing from Wealthy Affiliate because tons of experts are sharing tons of tips every day and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

So with a lack of fundamental understanding of the concept of spamming and email marketing, I’m convinced that these Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints lacked real substance.




2.4Fourth Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint: The Below Users Have Rated It 5…



Complaint Details

Why It Is 100% True!

It is absolutely correct that it is not easy to make $10 000/month and quit your job. If any other person tells you otherwise, that person is a scammer.

Facts The User Is Not Aware Of

But here is the thing.

Wealthy Affiliate never says that it doesn’t take any efforts to get to those figures. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate does quite the contrary and warns you well in advance that you will need to put in so much work.

It’s not that ”their strategy” takes time, that’s how making money online works in general, especially with affiliate marketing. So Wealthy Affiliate cannot help it when it comes to that. They are just helping you deal with an already insanely difficult situation. How I wished there was a shortcut, but unfortunately, there’s none.

That’s the main reason why Wealthy Affiliate is not sold as a Get Rich Quick scheme.


==> What does Anna know about MLM?

How can this complainer compare Multi-Level Marketing to Wealthy Affiliate program? This is yet another proof of lack of knowledge.

Let me repeat for the second time here that I’m one of those proudly promoting Wealthy Affiliate. If ever you decide to join using any of the links provided on this page INCLUDING THIS ONE, I will get paid a commission once you go premium.

So their affiliate program works pretty much like any other affiliate program, but with an interesting twist: they will continue to pay you affiliate commissions for life (provided your referral’s account remains active), unlike others who pay you once and are done with you.

There’s clearly a mix up between affiliate marketing and MLM. It seems Anna cannot make out the difference.


==> Anna Is Insinuating That Only Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors Can Make $10 000/month Since They Are Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

First of all, it is absolutely possible to generate $10,000/month in income online, irrespective of your niche, but you need to put in the work. Luckily enough Wealthy Affiliate has some case studies on those currently hitting this amount that others refer to as jackpots or ”impossibility”.

Check it out below:


The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True
You can absolutely make $10.000/Month in any niche. This is proof!


That image below shows a long list of Wealthy Affiliate members who are crushing it online. You can click the image above to access the complete list if interested. So don’t let anyone’s impossibility define yours.

That word should not even exist in your vocabulary.

I’ve selected only one case study above to provide more details: OFFICIALLY A SIX FIGURE BUSINESS. Take a look at the next image for more details on this case study:



Secondly, my case study is NOT A WEALTHY AFFILIATE AMBASSADOR!

Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors are those who rank in the first 25 positions. But when I checked out RD40’s profile for the purposes of this article, he was nowhere within the first 200 top Wealthy Affiliate members.

Check his profile below:


The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True
RED40 Updated His Wealthy Affiliate Profile In 2019 To Reflect His Earning Status


Please notice the highlighted sections of the image above, especially the second yellow.


So you see, it’s absolutely possible, but you will definitely need to put in the work and time, and above all, PATIENCE.

It’s obvious that Anna has other issues with Wealthy Affiliate which she was not able to clearly express.


Thirdly, he’s not promoting Wealthy Affiliate to make affiliate commissions. He rather has a Health Niche website.



2.5Fifth Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint: I Found Wealthy Affiliate Based On…



Complaint Details

Why It Is 100% True!

Because WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, so this Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaint is definitely correct!!!

Again, Wealthy Affiliate is English, so if you don’t understand English, you should not even signup, talk less of going premium.

Facts The User Is Not Aware Of

What was Wonder Shields expecting?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to build an online business. Why do people think building an online business should be much easier than building a brick and mortar store business?

It takes months to build the foundations, and raise the walls. It takes faith to see what is not there, and know that it will eventually manifest, and it takes will power to work without seeing any results, because you know exactly what you want, and you know you will get it.

If you are looking for quick cash, please stay away from Wealthy Affiliate, because you will be disappointed.

You just went through the fourth complaint in the previous paragraph. It took Ralph literally 2.25 years to attain 6 figures. And now he can rely on his online asset he spent the past years creating.

By the way, that’s how the online environment works, it’s not Wealthy Affiliate. When you are in a competitive niche like Health and MMO (Make Money Online), be prepared to work tirelessly for Google and search engines to trust your website.


Once you finally win that trust, all the free traffic will be yours to do with as you like.

So buckle up if you want to consider giving Wealthy Affiliate a shot because it’s meant for visionaries who prefer to look into the future and think long term. Why else do you think Wealthy Affiliate is providing all the business tools you need?



You Do Not Lose Your Domain If You Decide To Leave Wealthy Affiliate. This Is Downright Misleading And False!!!

Take a look at the screenshot below:


The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints Are All 100% True
You can absolutely transfer your domain name away from Wealthy Affiliate


You must have noticed by now that I back up every complaint explanation with proofs, so that you don’t get to think that, because I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I will do everything to make Wealthy Affiliate very appealing.

Wonder Shields complained about Wealthy Affiliate just recently, in November 2018. This option to transfer your domain out of Wealthy Affiliate has been existing ever since.

Perhaps Wonder Shields stopped paying her dues and didn’t tell the team that she would be leaving, and then forgot to do her transfers within the required period of time.

You have up to 30 days to do all transfers, and up to 6 months I think, to request for backup before all your data is completely erased. So I have absolutely no idea what this complainer is talking about.


Pyramid Scheme

I’m not so sure whether when she mentioned the Pyramid Scheme, she was referring to Wealthy Affiliate. But I’ve discussed this point in the previous sections.





  • You want to make money online like yesterday. This training platform is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • You want to rely solely on free membership. Free memberships don’t offer any long term help, not only here at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is even very generous to make the free membership available free for life at their own expense. And their free package contains way more information compared to others, with 2 additional free websites you can use to launch a business. But once you upgrade, there’s no way to downgrade. It’s only fair, don’t you think?
  • You are lazy and not willing to put in the efforts. The community is there to provide moral support, but it all boils down to you. No one will take your hand and help you work on your business. If you don’t have the will power, and the desire to become financially independent in the long run, please, don’t waste your resources here at Wealthy Affiliate. Things will certainly get rocky, and if you cannot motivate yourself when that time comes, don’t blame it on Wealthy Affiliate.






You know yourself better than anyone else.

If you are willing to build your own business online and watch it grow to become that six-figure yearly income asset, then Wealthy Affiliate is a rare pearl you should start taking advantage of straight away.

Here is a tip. Once you hit the six-figure, aim for 7, and continue to scale it. Don’t let your ambitions define any limits, because, within the online space, there are no limits. If any, it exists only in your consciousness.

But if you are looking to make some quick cash online, then Wealthy Affiliate is a curse for your finances. LEAVE THIS ARTICLE NOW AND LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE.

I really don’t mean to be rude, I’m sorry if I turn out to be. But I’m only telling you the truth to avoid any embarrassment and the time it will take you dropping another negative review on Trustpilot and the others. Wealthy Affiliate is not Get Rich Quick.

That said:


I hope you found my article informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints explanations.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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