The Traffic Robot Review?Explaining 07 Disappointing Facts?To Consider Before Signing Up

The Traffic Robot Review Explaining 07 Disappointing Facts To Consider Before Signing Up


Welcome to my Traffic Robot Review which has been written specifically to provide details on the updated version of this product, Traffic Robot 2.0, and to provide facts to help you determine whether it is a scam. If you are reading my review, it’s because you want an honest an independent take from a non-affiliate. Chances are that you have already come across the Traffic Robot 2.0 sales page, and I can only guess that you found it difficult to digest or hard to believe. Rest assured that your instincts were right and don’t worry, because you are not alone. Can you really drive free buyer traffic in less than 46 seconds? You will find accurate answers here. Continue reading The Traffic Robot Review Explaining 07 Disappointing Facts To Consider Before Signing Up.




Traffic Robot will not deliver their promise of helping you generate tons of free buyer traffic in less than 46 seconds. For this reason:





Read on to learn more about what Traffic Robot really is.









Traffic Traffic Traffic…

Yes, we all want that magical solution to tons of free ready to buy traffic within seconds only. It sucks to follow the right path because that’s what it is. It’s no easy solution.

So it’s no surprise to me that tons of products are popping up today, promising fast results when it comes to accessing lots of free buyer traffic, but do they deliver? When you see digital marketers promising results in less than 46 seconds, these declarations should automatically trigger your scam detector sensors.

The Traffic Robot Review you are about to explore below will discuss 07 disappointing facts you need to consider before signing up to this potential scam.

But first, let’s take a look at what Traffic Robot is and how it works.






1.0What The Traffic Robot Is And How It Works✌

Traffic Robot is a software created by Justin Opay and his colleagues, that provides a means of quickly sharing your content across social media platforms at the same time, thereby saving lots of time and effort.

I highlighted the sentence above for a reason, as this is where the marketers behind Traffic Robot are trying to ??LITERALLY AND UNCONSCIOUSLY FORCE you to believe that ?sharing your content on social media ?EQUALS? instant traffic in less than 46 seconds??.

Stick right to the end of this review, as this statement has been proven to be faulty further down.

There are a couple of campaigns you can set up with Traffic Robot including image campaigns, video campaigns, and text campaigns.

More on this in the following section.







a. Getting Started With Traffic Robot

Here is a brief demo below for your attention:



Soon you will discover disappointing facts about Traffic Robot that are not revealed in the video above, detaily explained in my indepth review below, when you get into the heart of our subject area.

Let’s now proceed to check out the prices of the Front End and upsells packages.








b. Prices Of The Traffic Robot Packages

Check out the image below for Front End prices and Upsells:



As at now, the front end package stands at $22.95 and will be increasing steadily. But once the launch is over, it would appear the charges will become monthly. You need to check this information before engaging if you are interested.

It’s time to get into the heart of my Traffic Robot Review. Go to the next section now.






1.1PROS Of Traffic Robot


1✌ You Can Run Video, Image And Text Campaigns✌

With Traffic Robot, you have many options when it comes to posting on social media.

If it’s only an image you want to share with your links, you have the option to do that here. We both know that a great image is worth more than a thousand words, and images are increasingly becoming very popular as they have the capability of driving tons of traffic to any link you are using the image for. This is a real plus.

Likewise with video marketing. Traffic Robot even went further by giving you the option to post your videos to two different video platforms at the same time: YouTube and Daily Motions. Impressive.

If you have the skill of writing powerful and high converting swipes, then go in for the text campaign option.

Use all three campaigns if you want to. It’s totally up to you.




2✌ Post To Multiple Social Media Accounts At The Same Time✌

This is one of the best PROS I could find with Traffic Robot because it makes the management of your social media accounts incredibly easy.

With this software, you can post to all your social media accounts at the same time, and from the same platform. You see what I mean.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve endeavored to add social media marketing to my SEO strategies as well since it helps a lot with indexing and rankings. That said, I’ve created over 10 business accounts across at least 10 social media platforms, where I post my articles every time they have been published here on my website.

I would manually have to log in to each of those platforms and post. You know that feeling of completing an article you have been working on for hours and hitting the publish button. It’s one of relief.

Then it hits you that it’s time to start updating your social media accounts (10 of them). It is an overwhelming task indeed.

However, with Traffic Robot, you would have to publish only once, and all your accounts would be automatically updated without you having to visit each of those platforms individually.




3✌ JV Zoo And Warrior Plus Top Selling Products Are Equally Included For Your Convenience✌

While checking out the members’ area, I was impressed to notice that the top-selling products of JVZoo and Warrior PLUS  are included, along with their affiliate links, so that you can just grab and start creating campaigns of your choice.

And if you have not yet requested to obtain affiliate links, you will be redirected to do so.

Well, I think this will only apply to those who are members of these platforms.




4✌ Training Available✌

There is appropriate training to walk you through the entire Traffic Robot platform. Here are the 4 video tutorials you get to access at the Front End:

  • Video1: Overview
  • Video 2: Setting Up Your Social Sites:
  • Video 3: The Campaign Builder:
  • Video 4: Finding Offers And Getting Traffic:






1.2?07 Disappointing Facts To Consider Before Signing Up.?

1?You Will Never Ever Get Free Buyer Traffic In Less Than 46 Seconds Just By Using Traffic Robot To Post On Social Media?

This is the first disappointing fact I wish to draw your attention to.

Check out the misleading statement below used on Traffic Robot sales page:



If you have never promoted your offers on social media before, and you are hoping that with the help of Traffic Robot, you can get direct access to that free traffic that lingers there, then you are grossly mistaken.

Marketers can only benefit from that free traffic being referred to here, if and only if they have been active long enough on those platforms to build a juicy following. And this process is not that easy if you follow the ethical method.

It would require that you regularly post content, engage with others, like posts, comment. etc etc etc… to slowly but progressively build a following that trusts you enough to start considering the offers you would be promoting.

This will not happen with Traffic Robot, please be mindful of this fact.




2?Repetition Across Several Social Media Platforms Can Lead To Low Click Through Rate?

I also found this to be slightly diasappointing. Let me explain.

This is a general problem I find across several automation tools.

You can program a message, and the same message will be posted all over. Even though it becomes very easy to manage all your accounts, it doesn’t come without a price.

Here are some disadvantages of publishing the same message across several social media accounts:

  • You might have the same followers across several networks. When they see the same messages repeating across these networks, your CTR might fall:
  • Your exposure is limited with search engines, as they would be inclined to select only one of your posts, from one social media account and index. What do I mean? Search engines do not like duplicate content and in such a situation, they will choose to index the very first one. But if you had to do the campaigns manually, you would have the opportunity to slightly modify your content, thereby increasing the possibility for search engines to rank all your posts on the respective social media accounts. Do you see what I mean?

Yes doing it manually always presents its challenges, but it’s really the best way to go.

However, that should not stop you from using other automation tools, if they really work well for you.

Whatever tool you use, don’t settle for Traffic Robot, because I don’t recommend it.




3?The Name Traffic Robot Is Misleading And I Will Tell You Why?

When I first came across this software, I was expecting to see a list of the various methods you can use to drive traffic to any offer. That was not the case as this product targets only traffic from social media.

Just imagine how disappointed I was.

A more appropriate name would have been ”Social Traffic Robot” since it’s more representative of what the product offers. That said, go to the next point to see the disadvantage of targeting only social media traffic.





4?Social Media Traffic Is Not The Most Significant Traffic Source Today?

I was searching the internet trying to identify the most significant traffic sources today, and I came across some very interesting facts by Neil Patel to this regards: The Future Of Content Marketing.


Check out the image below to see traffic from content compared to other sources side by side:


The Traffic Robot Review Explaining 07 Disappointing Facts To Consider Before Signing Up



The Traffic Robot Review Explaining 07 Disappointing Facts To Consider Before Signing Up


There are tons of other interesting facts with regards to content marketing that have been discussed HERE. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

So when Traffic Robot is targeting only social media, it only means the creators of this product do not take long term goals very seriously.




5?No Mention Of Email Marketing Here As Well Which Is Also Very Important Today?

Be prepared to pay extra for these services.




6?You Need To Upgrade To Post To Facebook!?

This one for sure is the most disappointing fact of all.

I realized that the Front End package does not include some key platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. I can only guess that one of the upgrades will include the missing platforms. Why would I have to pay extra to post to Facebook?





7?It’s Expensive!!!!?

Paying extra to post to Facebook isn’t the only problem here.

You would equally need to start paying monthly after some time, which I cannot tell you with certainty because no exact information is available on this. A lot of marketers promoting this product say there will be no recurring fees, while others are just not sure.

Imagine for a second that you get this product today, and before you know it, your access is restricted simply because you need to start paying monthly.

Either way round, be absolutely certain about what to expect before you go in for Traffic Robot.








I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, but:




Not only do they make misleading statements about how you can start accessing traffic only within seconds, but the solution they offer is wanting in many areas which makes it very disappointing.

Can you imagine that you have to upgrade just to be able to post on very popular platforms such as Facebook or even Pinterest? I cannot tell for sure, but these platforms are not found in the Front End package.

I agree that you can get some juicy traffic from social media, but this solution will not help you access it.  That notwithstanding, the final decision is yours to make. Choose wisely.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Traffic Robot Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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