Six Figure Success Academy Review?

The Six Figure Success Academy Review From 3 Different Dimensions - Can You Make Multiple $250 - $500+ Payments On Demand?




Before writing this article, I went online looking for relevant reviews of this program. Unfortunately, all I came across, were articles and videos published by students who obviously wish to take advantage of the business model to make themselves a fortune online. But here is the truth: this program does not involve only those who wish to make money online. It equally involves influencers as well as course owners. The interest of these last two stakeholders has been neglected and overshadowed to a significant extent, by the interests of those promoting this program. This review will place equal importance on everyone concerned, and determine whether all interests were equitably distributed.  I invite you to check out The Six Figure Success Academy Review from 3 different dimensions. Can You Make Multiple $250 – $500+ Payments On Demand?


Name Description
Product Name: Six Figure Success Academy
Product Price $997
Product Owners Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda
Best For The Owners And Their Affiliates
Overall Score 4/10




The Six Figure Success Academy has the most interesting money back guarantee condition I’ve ever encountered online so far: they pay you back twice within 30 days??  Another interesting fact, they include a Webinar Creator in their package.

However, the business model implemented by Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda is one that involves many parties but serves only the interest of their affiliate marketers. Their model renders courses to be insanely expensive, a 10 000% increase to be more specific,  thereby making it possible for the affiliates to earn big time. But there are long-term consequences which have not been taken into account, such as the possibility that these courses could, later on, be rated as scams, simply because their equivalents exist at give away prices.

The owners equally make the process of getting traffic sound very easy, ignoring the time it takes to convince stakeholders such as influences to deliver a product to their audience. This business model is definitely not one I would recommend to anyone who wishes to make money online because quite much is at stake here.

Take the time to build a business and a following. Build a business that will stand the test of time, and that will never run the risk of being qualified as a scam in the nearest future. Instead of devising techniques of convincing course owners to sell their courses, and influencers to reach their audience, take that same period of time to establish authority online, which will not only serve your interests when it comes to making money but will also help millions of people out there seeking the solutions you offer. Build a great asset that will last forever, that you will transfer from one generation to the next, not one that has an extremely high likelihood of disappearing overnight.





In order to better understand what the Six Figure Success Academy Is About, we will proceed to take a look at the business model which forms the very foundation upon which this program has been created, the respective prices, as well as the components of the package you would receive when you sign up.

Let’s get started.



1.1The Six Figure Success Academy Business Model


a The Whole Model Is Built Around 3 Simple steps:

The geniuses behind this program, Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda, have identified a relevant need in vendors, who don’t seem to find the appropriate solution to satisfy that need, and thus created and recommended an offer to help vendors, called the Six Figure Success Academy.

What is the need we are talking about? The need for vendors’ online courses to reach the targeted audience.

The owners of Six Figure Success Academy have realized that there are many vendors out there, who have a quality online course, but who do not know how to sell them. That’s where this program comes in. They will help vendors to sell their courses online using three simple, but well thought out steps:



How The 3 Steps Work:


⏩ First Step: Finding Someone Who Has An Online Course

This is done by targeting courses that are already popular online (courses from Udemy for instance), contacting the owner of those courses and asking them whether they want to make more sales.

However, the owners claim to have a 2 sentence script that they use to get a course owner to accept every single time it is used to reach out to them.


⏩ Step Two: Help Vendors To Sell Their Online Courses

This is through the use of their unique web generating template, to help the course owner sell more of their online courses. The template is automatic, and the course owner would be required to provide specific information about his course, which will be used to populate the required sections of the template.

Once all the required fields have been filled, a webinar, otherwise known as a virtual presentation, would be created.

It’s important to note here there only key information about the course would be included here. More details further down to explain why.


 ⏩Step Three: Find An Influencer With A Large Ready To Buy Audience

Consists of putting the online course in front of people who already want it

When attendees of the webinar buy the course, you make money, the course owner makes money, and the influencer makes money as well. How? Specific information was not provided, just estimates.

They have implemented a process known as Max Out Your Webinar Process that will ensure that the webinars reach the targeted ready to buy interested audiences.






1.2How Do You Make Money With This Model


If you want to make money with The Six Figure Success Academy, here is how it works! It’s also a very simple technique.


 The influencer is targeted and convinced to show the webinar created to his followers. Remember when I said early that only key information about the course is presented in the virtual presentations? Let me tell you the reason now.

⏩ Once the audience goes through the webinar (which would most probably be just of a summary of the entire course) and is willing to learn more about the course, they will be offered an opportunity to learn more, by joining the course.

⏩ And this is when you are supposed to start making money ($250 – $500) because the audience would have to pay before accessing the complete content of the course.


How are these earnings determined? Check out the image below:


BOB on the image above is the owner of the course.





1.3Components Of Your Package



What you see on the image above is the list of features you will unlock with your package. I’ve not used this training before, so I cannot really tell you what to expect as upsells once on the inside.




1.4Price Of Your Package



The image above is self-explanatory





This section will tackle The Six Figure Sucess Academy Review From 3 Dimensions. How beneficial is this program to:

⏩You, who are interested in making money online;

⏩The owner of the course;

⏩The Influencer.



2.1PROS Of The Six Figure Success Academy


No Need To Have A Massive Following

You don’t need to have massive traffic in order to be able to make money, because you would instead need to partner with others that already have a large following to take advantage of their traffic.


Awesome Money Back Guarantee

Six Figure Success Academy has the most incredible money back guarantee I’ve ever encountered online. They pay you back twice?????? I don’t know if this is true, but this is pretty awesome!!! Check out the image below:



Please make sure to confirm these conditions. I’ve never ever seen one like this before online.


Facebook Community Is Available

They have a private facebook group where you can interact, ask questions, get updates, share ideas, brainstorm and get help



2.2CONS Of The Six Figure Success Academy


This is where you will clearly understand the 3 dimensions of the Six Figure Success Academy.

The owners of this program want you to make money online the fastest way possible, multiple times per day without a ton of work needed. And that is exactly what their system delivers, an opportunity to make thousands of dollars every day, but here is the thing: while you will be making money, other stakeholders, which form part of the 3 dimensions we will be examining here, could be at a loss, and eventually force you out of business. Why? Because all the stakeholders are intimately linked in one way or the other.

Let me explain with the following shortcomings that this system has:




?1 The Price Of The Final Course Is Exaggeratedly Inflated!!!!!?

The final course sold to the audience is way too expensive, that’s a whopping? 10 000%!!!!!? ??? Check out the image below:



?A $10 course selling at over $1,000?????? Make the calculations and see for yourself! So which stakeholder is at a loss here? The final consumer. Make no mistake. You as the affiliate marketer will make a lot of money selling these courses at their inflated prices, as well as the influencer and the course owner, but here is what happens in the long run.

Go to the next point.

If we want to take a closer look at that price, the final consumer is actually paying for the services of the Easy Webinar Creator, and that of their trusted influencer, because the content of the course has not changed, just the services used to make the content to reach the final consumer.





 ?2 Your Online Reputation Could Disappear Overnight?


If you use this system to make money online, sooner or later, the following could happen:

  • the final consumers of the course could carry out research online and realize that an equivalent of the course is worth less than $50!!! And if they get to know that you were the main guy behind the scenes, I don’t know how they will react to this;




?3 The Reputation Of The Course Owner Could Also Disappear Overnight?

Let’s get some facts straight here.

Before the owner of the course initially fixed the price at $10, I’m pretty sure he must have carried out some research on competing courses. This price would have been well thought out, perfectly reflect the content of the course, and definitely worth $10 as well.

To take it even further, all the courses would bear the names of the owner for obvious reasons: they would love to have repeat purchase from their consumers. So they would sprinkle their contact information throughout the course content, with the hopes of many people getting back to them.

Imagine for a second, that all the feedback they get from the users is insults and complaints. How disappointing can this be?? I’m sure you are asking yourself,


What makes you so sure there would be complaints?


The question I will ask you in return is this:


How did you stumble across this article? Were you not looking for honest reviews of The Six Figure Success Academy before actually joining? The users of the courses will be looking for reviews of that course as well, and will definitely stumble across a review of someone who actually purchased, used the course and decided to rate it. There are some bloggers online who make money on writing honest reviews and trust me on this, they will not hesitate to spend $1000 to buy the course just to review it.


These reviewers have come across and compared thousands of courses, and they will know whether a course is worth it or not. And when they declare a course to be useless, who takes the blame here?

The course owner of course.





?4 Reputation Of The Influencers?

Influencers have taken years, if not decades, to build a strong following, and just by promoting the wrong product only once, can get them back to square one. If the audience of an influencer gets to know that they just bought a $10 course for $1,000, they will all lose trust in him/her, trust which had taken long years and hard work to build.

It’s very easy to find out. Like I mentioned earlier, all they would have to do is search online to find related reviews of the product they have just purchased, and if the results turn out to be disappointing, then the influencer might just end up in a very difficult situation.





?5 Nothing Mentioned About Refund Policies For The Courses?

What about those who have already bought such courses? I’ve never come across a product online that hasn’t got any form of refund whatsoever, even the best of the best often get hit by customers who request a refund for one reason or the other.

Why did their sales video mention nothing about any refunds requested so far? And how much refunded? The rate? These are important indicators to tell whether their system works or not.

I’m not talking about refund policies of The Six Figure Success Academy, I’m talking about the refund policies of the courses they sell at $1000. I want to make it crystal clear here. Neither am I talking about the refund policy of the $10 course. I’m talking about that of the $1,000 course. How many people have refunded? And why?? Nothing mentioned.





?6 How Easy Can It Be To Convince An Influencer Or Even The Course Owner?

The owners of this system made it all sound merry, selling the hopes that within your first hours, you can start making money. If influencers have succeeded to gain a very strong following, my bet is that they are smart enough to know what’s right for their audience, and what isn’t.

So I personally don’t think it will take a second to convince these guys. You must be able to prove that your $10 course is really worth $1,000. They know how difficult it has been to create that audience, so they wouldn’t want to mess with their most treasured asset online, their traffic.





?7 What’s Happening To Their Official Website??

Please take a look at the image below:



Is their official website on sale? I’m not really sure what this means, but now I’m getting very uncomfortable with this program.




?8 False Sense Of Scarcity Created Throughout Their Sales Video

When you take the time to watch the Six Figure Success Academy webinar, it’s full of so many hypes and a false sense of scarcity such as the one presented on the image below:



And tons of others, but yet their affiliate program has been active ever since. Why create a platform which can’t support thousands of members? Well if the program is still active, it means they have not yet been able to get as many members as they would have loved.

Just too many hypes make the program appear more suspicious instead.

Here are similar programs you should avoid at all cost:







You must have already noticed my animated links by now, sprinkled all over this review, recommending an excellent alternative to make money online safely.

This method is all about affiliate marketing.

If you’ve never heard about affiliate marketing, here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider this business model that does not involve misleading people just for the sake of making money:

  • There are over 4 billion internet users looking for solutions to problems. That’s how big your market is. If you siphon just a tiny percentage of this figure, your life can literally change forever;
  • You don’t need to run after influencers or course makers to strike a deal. This business model is way too demanding and time-consuming. With affiliate marketing, if you get your business set up the right way, that traffic potential I mentioned above, will be flooding your business and making purchases EFFORTLESSLY, while you focus your attention on other things;
  • You generate passive income with affiliate marketing and still continue to make money even when you decide to stop working online. This is an absolute impossibility with the Six Figure Success Academy, which requires that you constantly contact relevant parties here and there, and only God knows the acceptance rate because this was not revealed upfront. So much lag time with this solution.
  • Any business you create with affiliate marketing is yours that you can sell when you want to switch to something else;
  • No need to create a new product. Life couldn’t be much better with this model;
  • No logistics related to shipping goods and customer service;
  • No prior knowledge, skills or experience needed;
  • Insanely flexible working schedule;
  • You can start making money in the learning process;
  • Very low startup cost unlike with Six Figure Success Academy;
  • Opportunities in this sector only continue to increase


And so many more advantages that cannot be listed all here. The best of all is the possibility to make passive income and finally stop working one day, while your business continues to provide for you.

If this sounds like a business model you want to try out, then:







Here are the facts you need to retain about Six Figure Succes Academy from 3 dimensions:

  • The owners want to help you (the affiliate) make money online fast. However, it’s very unlikely that you can start making multiple $250-$500+ payments from the start. It takes time to convince people, especially the influencers;
  • The final consumers get to pay the price of the game and end up spending $1,000 for a $10 course simply because it was delivered using a webinar;
  • And when the final consumers get to know the real worth of the course, which is $10;
    • the influencers that contributed to making these courses reach their audience could suffer a great loss in the long term;
    • the owners of the courses would be considered by their unhappy customers as opportunists and untrustworthy, and the term commonly used online is a scam.


The business model implemented by Six Figure Success Academy serves only the intent of the affiliate marketers. The owners of the courses and influencers could temporarily benefit as well, but this business model is one that will definitely land the influencers and the course owners in a bigger trouble further down the road.




And to be honest with you, besides all the disadvantages discussed in this article above, it’s going to take much time and effort finding courses, transforming them and finding influencers. That means a lot of time spent, investing in a business that has a high risk of disappearing overnight, and when this happens, you would be compelled to start all over from scratch.

Why don’t you take that time and learn how to build your own business online, which would stand the test of time no matter what happens. A business which will only accrue in value over time as you consistently work on it and that could be the backbone of the financial freedom you have been searching for online?

Starting a business of your own doesn’t require you to be an expert, nor does it require you to have any experience whatsoever. All you need is the appropriate training and access to permanent 1-on-1 mentoring from the experts in the field, without having to pay an additional dime for their mentorship. And if you are also wondering about what type of business to build, don’t worry, you will be guided through the process, step by step.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Six Figure Success Academy Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

The Six Figure Success Academy


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23 thoughts on “Six Figure Success Academy Review?”

  1. wow the payment is extremely high! I doubt I will pay for that at the first place. But I have to admit the title of six figure success is very attractive, it is great that you reviewed this and we can stay away from these scams! They used the powerful Limited Spot to lure people in, and without explaining how they work, that we should always avoid! Great work for doing this review!

        1. Hello Shruti,
          Thank you very much for your feedback, very much appreciated.
          I’m sorry to hear about that, Shruti. $4000 is a lot of money!! I’m not even surprised. Because I identified too many red flags. There are certainly many others out there that this program has cheated, but they will not be bold enough as you to warn the general public about their mischiefs!

          Other marketers will promote just to make money, and will not tell you some hard facts which can influence your purchase decisions. They will use sweet words in their reviews to convince you that they have ”bought and used” the program, whereas what they actually meant was ”bought and reviewed”. There’s a big difference, you know. That’s all they do.

          They buy and review and move to the next. They never use these products they are promoting, yet they will slander reviews like this one that is not scared of telling the truth. I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate because I bought it way back in 2017, reviewed it, started using it and NEVER LOOKED BACK. So yes, I’m promoting what I’m using, because I know it’s worth.

          What about the others? Are they using the programs they are promoting themselves? NEVER. How do I know? BECAUSE THEY HAVE OVER 1000 OFFERS BEING PROMOTED ON THEIR WEBSITES, and it’s absolutely humanly impossible to be using all of them.

          The Six Figure Success Academy has implemented a double refund policy,?? I don’t know if that’s is what you were requesting, but I really hope that you get your money back.

          I appreciate your courage to stop by and leave feedback as someone the system actually cheated. Thank you very much.

  2. I read your article with great interest.

    I ended up agreeing with you. I think this is a program that I will give a miss.

    For me the 1st warning bell is a double back guarantee. Just doesn’t sound right!

    I realize they are trying to make it look like the program is so amazingly good they won’t need to pay you back, but it sounds downright strange!

    I wonder if anyone has actually gotten their money back.

    For some reason this reminded me of MOBE. I know they are not similar, but I could not help it springing to mind.

    Thank you for your great and honest review.

    You have done an amazing review and clearly this should be one for my dustbin.

    I had to click on your recommended program and I had to agree, it’s the best choice out there right now.

    I like you r little boxes of information! That’s cool.

    Appreciate it.


    1. Hi Tim,

      I’ve never seen any such thing as a double back guarantee online this was actually my first time. Even though I included it as a pro, I made sure I highlighted the fact that anyone interested must check that out.

      What I wonder the most about, is whether anyone has ever been paid twice before! I’m glad MOBE LOST THE CASE TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE. The truth will always prevail no matter what.

      Tim I really appreciate your kind words about my review. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  3. I have always been a skeptical person as there are so many people out there trying to scam their way through life and while I am not saying this product is a scam, warning sirens start ringing when people make promises of millions with little to no work. It is interesting that from the beginning that you highlight it is best for the owners and their affiliates and not for the guy trying to put together an online portfolio.

    In my opinion, anyone promising 6 figure returns with little to no work is over promising and will disappointing you. Building a successful online business is the same as a brick and mortar business, it takes time, hard work and dedication and anyone promising otherwise is selling a pipe dream.

    Thanks for an honest review of this product.


    1. The red flags were there Richard, and I tried my very best
      to bring them all up, at least most of them. I don’t just agree with the
      fact that you have to inflate a course by 10,000% just to make money out of it.
      We are talking about a course that’s originally worth ONLY $10. This model will
      not last long because many people will get hurt later, and it’s all going to
      start with an angry final consumer, and spiral back up the chain of

      And the most hurt victim here would be the real owner of the
      course. No one will be willing to buy from that author again, as soon as they
      realize that he’s selling information you can get free online for literally

      I agree with you Richard. Building a successful online business
      needs time, but almost everyone is looking for the easy way out. And that’s why
      you see many people quickly signing up for these get rich quick schemes, and
      when it doesn’t work, they are just too scared to admit that someone took
      advantage of their ignorance.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Very much appreciated.

      1. Okay, so why can’t the course creator add more value to the webinar version of the product? Add a facebook group. Add ongoing live trainings, add addition content in the form of affiliate marketing type training? Or in terms of creating other webinars, whatever goes above and beyond the $10 content found in a Udemy course? I think there is merit to the core concepts in SFSA but it needs more meat in the course content.

        1. Thank you very much for your comment, Conway.

          First off, the webinar version of the product is not supposed to contain comprehensive details of the course, if my understanding of how the webinar is created is correct, which I believe it is. SFSA will require some basic information from the author, which would be used to populate their Webinar software. It’s logical. If you provide all the information during the presentation, there would be no need to purchase the course when the presentation is over.

          Secondly, what an excellent proposal you just made. But whose responsibility is it to implement? It is that of the Six Figure Success Academy. This is a control that needs to be performed before it even hits the webinar creation platform.
          But from all indications, and from all the information gathered from the training that was streamed live about the Six Figure Success Academy, only courses that are already on sales are targeted by the system.

          And as you correctly pointed out, it’s now going to be the sole responsibility of the course creator, to protect his reputation in the long run, by returning to the initial courses and revamping them to be worth $1000, but the question is: will they have the resources to do that? They had resources to create $10 courses, and suddenly, they have to make it worth $1000. How obvious can that be? I seriously don’t see a $10 worth guy organizing live training, creating a community, creating more webinars, etc. All these things are a huge investment which they will certainly not be able to afford.

          There are big names out there such as John Crestani, for instance, who can easily revamp an existing course or platform to $1000, but how possible is this for someone who still at the $10 level? It’s going to take him/her years to get to that level, and I’m very convinced that by the time he gets there, review websites would have already caught up with the author. Did you know that in order to access John Crestani during his live sessions, which occurs only 4 times per month, you have to pay $47 every month? Will a $10 guy be able to handle that?

          Had it been that $500 courses were targeted, that would have been a completely different story. You target a course for $500 and sell it for $1000, at least that’s acceptable and fair. Review websites could still figure this one out, but it would not be as alarming as the $10 case.

          But when you target a $10 course and sell it for $1000… Like I said, you will surely make a lot of money, but which will be very short-lived.
          By the way, are you one of the students of the SFSA? If yes, how is it going for you? I really appreciate your comment. Thank you very much.

  4. Hmmm, why do so many of these kinds of marketers only have short term gain in mind? I can see at first how it would look attractive, and as I was reading your review it perked up my interest as I have looked into selling my own courses in the past. So, if there was a short cut to do it, I was nearly sold-until you clearly laid out the cons. You’d think fter many years of looking at dozens of opportunities, I’d know better by now., but the promise of some how finding a short cut is always alluring. But, this idea here is not ethical in the end. There is no way I could feel comfortable knowing people are buying $10 courses with the 10,000% mark up. Yes, I am sure people are making money from this, but they won’t be for long. It is short sighted. Thanks for your excellent clear headed review. 

    1. Hello Liz,

      The offer is quite appealing for people with less experience. I mean, who doesn’t want to make thousands of dollars online from your online courses? You are most likely going to make money in the beginning, but the cost in the long run will certainly force you out of business.

      Yes the business model is not ethical. 

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment. Very much appreciated, and I’m happy that you found this article useful.

  5. OMG, StunningBell (nice pen-name)…I LOVED the way you sliced this cake…amazing. You really got downright ‘personal’ in explaining how you felt about this 6 figure success academy course. Loved it. But you are so on  the money…who on earth is going be ‘duped’ in thinking that a mere $10 course could be ‘worth’ $1,000…even with the ‘backing’ of an Influencer? C’mon people.

    I think your review points out the facts as they are and does indeed leave you ‘think’ about the reality of the ‘effort using this system’.

    Great job and thnx for being so transparent. 


    1. Thanks Michelle for liking my pen-name. Now you made me shy. LOL.

      Trust me on this when I tell you that there are people out there that would be willing to pay more than $5,000 for something online which they believe would add value to their life. That was the case with MOBE, now gone for good. 

      I mean, the course is delivered through a professional webinar creation platform, and recommended by top influencers people trust, so what reason would you have for not trying things out? Especially those who have the money? If they influencers don’t take the time to carry out their due diligence too, they would be landing in trouble sooner or later.

      That’s the objective of my website, giving credit where due. I scored them a 40% which is excellent as compared to the other obvious scams, and if you are used to reading my reviews, you would have discovered by now that I would not hesitate to score you a zero, if you merit it.

      I’m really grateful that you found my review resourceful. Thank you very much. 

  6. I am glad that this type of review exist because there is so many people who will fall in this trap but honestly I don’t know who would pay that big money. It is better to invest that money in some trusted and educational programs and courses and learn how to make money online.

  7. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    This only point out that internet is full of heartless scammers, people who are not concerned of how I have struggled to earn every cent I have in my pocket.

    Surely how can Six Figure  Success Academy pride themselves in making affiliates millionaires if they are selling a $10 course for a staggering $1000? This is is heartless.

    For those affiliates selling the courses it will be good for them but not for long term and thank you so much for such a comprehensive review, it will help people like us when researching for legit online business opportunities.

    Felt great reading your article, thank you so much

    1. Hello Manzwangani,

      That’s why I mentioned at the beginning of my article that this program is meant only for the owners and their affiliates.

      And selling a $10 for $1000… Seriously, I don’t know what’s happening at the back of their minds? Any respect for the final consumers? Or are we just driven by the desire to make money? What about the integrity side of things? Life doesn’t end here, and we will all be held accountable for actions.

      I thank you too for taking the time out to comment. Very much appreciated, and I feel really honored to know that you found this article very useful.

  8. Nice review. But I have a question:

    You seem to neither have purchased nor use the product yourself. So How am I sure you are telling the truth?

    1. Thank you very much for your question.

      But the truth about what exactly? I’ve talked about a lot of things. If you could be more specific, I would be very happy to provide more details.

      Thank you.

    2. Thank you very much for your comment.

      But what truth are you referring to? You know I’ve talked about a lot of things. If you could be more specific, I would be very glad to provide more information.

      You are absolutely correct that I’ve neither purchased nor used the product, but I really don’t think I need to buy a product and use before being able to tell whether the related risks are such that I would be able to bear in the long run without actually going out of business.

      You see those are the benefits of having experience online. This particular review took me days to finish, because I needed to research on course owners, how much they charge and why? Etc

      Thank you once again for your comment, but if you could be more specific, I would be glad to provide more details

  9. So you did a “review” without even t rying the program?

    Let me guess, if I click on your link you’re going to promote Wealthy Affiliate, right?

    Typical Fake Review, but at least tells me not to trust anything you put out – so thanks for making it easy!

    Former WA Member, tired of their B.S. And Lies

    1. ?‍♀️Hello James,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Were you thinking I was going to disapprove it? Na na na naaaaaa…

      In fact, it’s the most important one I’ve received so far, because its the very first of its kind ever since I created this website back in 2017, that was PURELY DESTRUCTIVE WITH NO VALUE ADDED. You might not believe it, but I’ve been longing for such a comment on my website FOR SUCH A LONG TIME that I even started to wonder why it was taking so long.

      I thought I would be ready to deal with negative comments, but I must admit that the first time I read your comment, I felt like stooping too low to your current mindset and providing an answer which would provide no value added to my website as well. But I’m way better than that now because I’ve learned so much since 2017. So I had to watch a movie and chill out before replying to your comment.

      So hear me now because I HAVE 4 THINGS TO TELL YOU:

      1. Your comment DID NOT CHALLENGE THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW. Why?????? Didn’t you find any lies? SO YOUR COMMENT IS RIDICULOUSLY FAKE!!!!!! I have absolutely no reason to slander another business when deep down I know it has value. This is a stance I’ve taken which does not depend on anyone out there. The consequences of lying are far more disastrous than having my entire website shut down. Wherever I make mistakes in my review, I will never hesitate to update it to REFLECT NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I’m fortunate not to have had to make these updates yet.

      2. Yes, my link is PROMOTING WEALTHY AFFILIATE? How did you know?? You are such a genius!! WOW!!! How I wished I was that smart!!

      3. YOU DIDN’T GO THROUGH THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE TRAINING. There is no individual on this planet, with the appropriate IQ, that will go through the entire WEALTHY AFFILIATE TRAINING SERIES, and not be able to identify a course that will not deliver. I’m talking about 50 lessons for MMO and an additional 70 for Bootcamp lessons!!! I’ve gone through all 120 lessons and videos. All of them are relevant for MMO. Not counting the thousands of hours or replays, and their LIVE CLASSES EVERY FRIDAYS!!!!!!! In fact, I don’t take these classes anymore. So you see, I don’t need to spend money and buy just to review. Now I know what it takes to MMO, and I’m proud of my new found skills. I put in the work, and it’s paying off big time!!!!! SO TELL ME WHY I WILL NOT SPREAD THE WORD WHEN THERE’S WAY TOOOO MUCH VALUE FOR MY WA MEMBERSHIP FEES????????


      You see, Wealthy Affiliate is not meant for everyone. While youngsters of 21 are using the same training to make $45 000 within a few hours, others with low self-esteem like yourself, those who are not willing to put in the work, will grind and gnash their teeth. The only thing your mind does is see HELL WHERE THERE IS HEAVEN. Just for your information, he reported his first $100 0000 earnings week just a few days later, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’m glad you left Wealthy Affiliate. That platform needs more positive individuals and people who mean business. You alone (even if there are many more) standing againt a training platform that has existed since 2005!! That’s not all. This platform currently has over 1 million members. What are the chances that you are the only intelligent one??? And that the 1 million others are fools????


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