The Reputation Takeover Review✍Explaining Facts About Making??Money With Reputation Takeover

The Reputation Takeover Review Explaining Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover


?‍♀️Hello and welcome to my Reputation Takeover Review. I feel honored to have your eyeballs rolling on my article right now?. Do you know something? I’ve fallen so much in love with writing quality and informative reviews like this one because my search for facts exposes me to tons of new information and opportunities out there. Little did I know that just by helping local businesses manage their reviews, I could also earn a lot in the process of doing so. This is what Reputation Takeover is all about. You are here now because you have a feeling that there is still a lot not being revealed about this new method of making money online on the Reputation Takeover sales page. Your intuitions are correct. Continue reading to find answers to your questions below, in The Reputation Takeover Review Explaining Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover.



Name Description
Product Name: Reputation Takeover
Product Owner Neil Macpherson et al
Launch Date March 18th 2019
Category Online Reputation Management
Overall Score





Reputation Takeover is a genuine product to help you make money online by helping local brands to manage their reputation online. For this reason:




Yes, if you are not ready for the work that is waiting for you with this solution, you might not find any significant success with it. More on this in my complete review below.


Read on to learn more about what Reputation Takeover really is.









The Reputation Takeover Review you are about to explore, will give you details on how you can actually make money by helping local businesses to manage their reputation online.

Yes, I know don’t worry. I don’t expect this to make any sense to you right now, because it didn’t make sense to me either when I first came across this product. But sooner you will understand exactly how it works.

Further down you will also get more insights into what you should expect if you decide to make money using this method. There are always two sides to a coin, so I will reveal the PROS and CONS of Reputation Takeover.

It’s time to get started and delve deep.






1.0What Reputation Takeover Is And How It Works✌

Reputation Takeover is a new product by Neil and his team, that includes training and software, which will enable you to do the following on behalf of local businesses:

  • Find businesses who need help with their reputation;
  • Engage with their clients to leave positive reviews for the business;
  • Manage both positive and negative reviews about the business. More on this later.
  • Track review statistics and inform the businesses about progress;
  • Ensure that happy customers leave positive reviews about the business

This is fundamentally what Reputation Takeover is all about, and more details will be disclosed later. Let’s now take a look at how to get started with this system.







a. Getting Started With Traffic Robot

Check out the demo below which walks you through the entire platform.

You need to go specifically to the time stamp: 6:54/11:12 to be taken directly to the demo of the members’ area. The first 6 minutes were just bluff talk from the creator.

You can still listen to him if you want to, but for those of you wanting to go straight to the Reputation Takeover dashboard, click on time stamp: 6:54/11:12



I’m very impressed with the presentation above.

Whether or not this is the next best gold mine, you will find relevant answers in the heart of this Reputation Takeover Review below, with explanations included for every point I make.

It’s time to check out the various prices and upsells!






Check out the image below for prices of both Front End and Upsells:


The Reputation Takeover Review Explaining Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover


And now to the details of what you should expect as components with each of them.


b. Prices And Components Of The Reputation Takeover Front End Package


The Reputation Takeover Review Explaining Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover


I know there’s a lot of text on the image above. I will break it down for you. All that information you see above simply means that with the Front End package, you will learn the following 3 things:

  • Firstly: You will be taught how to find clients;
  • Secondly, you will be taught how to reach out to them, present the problems they have, and your solution to their problem;
  • Thirdly, you will be taught how to close a deal with them;

If you have not watched the demo above, let me give a brief reminder here.

Your clients would be local businesses that have overall review ratings which happen to be very poor, usually less than 3. The Reputation Takeover enables you to identify those clients needing your help.

These are the people you will be reaching out to, and proposing a solution to their negative reviews, which can only be found in the upgrade packages. I don’t know if you have started having an idea of how much you would need to spend with this program to make it work.

If not, you will understand better when you start reading the appropriate section not long for now.





c. Prices And Components Of The Reputation Takeover Upsell Package

UPSELL #1: RepLeads Software



This is the first solution that will help you to solve your clients’ problems related to negative reviews. It provides mailing resources which you can offer to your clients, to use to drive positive reviews on their businesses.


Upsell #2: Review Management Software



The image above is self-explanatory.

The main purpose of this upgrade is to enable you to help your clients create as many positive reviews as possible to overshadow the negative ones. The double action of helping your clients manage negative reviews, and publishing more positive reviews at the same time will sooner or later boost your client’s reputation, as there would be more positive reviews than the negative ones.


Upgrade #3: RepText Software:



This software will enable your clients to follow up with their happy customers, to ensure that they leave a positive review.


Upgrade #4: Masterclass



You need to take this class. I’ve explained the reasons in the next section that follows.








1.1Positive Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover


1✌ Reputation Takeover Comes To Solve A Pertinent Problem✌

Having negative reviews published about your local business is very bad business indeed for your online reputation.

In fact, here are some amazing facts about the reputation of online business you should know.

Check out the image below:



The power of online reviews truly cannot be underestimated and if your business has had some pretty bad reviews lately, then chances are that you have started making huge financial losses that will be felt later if not sooner.

Can you imagine that 90% of people read reviews before visiting a business? That’s right. I do that myself. Not only a business. I do this with every little thing I search online. Be it a plugin, or training, or anything.

I browse through the first 3 pages taking note of the number of stars. They must all be 4 and above. Where I find a lot of negative reviews on the first page alone, I start looking for competing products immediately.

Check out the image below to confirm my behavior online. It’s exactly how I search for products today. The stats are 100% correct:



There are many businesses out there that are probably wondering about what they should do with all their negative reviews. Meaning with Reputation Takeover, you can actually make money trying to help these businesses get back on their feet.

There is a huge market out there for this service, and yes, you can start making money with Reputation Takeover.




2✌ It’s Incredibly Easy To Find Leads With Reputation Takeover✌

It’s so enjoyable using this software. If you watch the demo again, you would understand what I mean.

All it takes is creating a campaign, and then heading over to find businesses in the relevant section. The software will display related businesses with overall score ratings, where you can then proceed to select those having very low scores. All depends on you.

Once you select, the software will pull up all the reviews linked to your selection, be it the bad and good ones. You can then select only the bad reviews, and use them to email your clients about the services you can offer to increase their review scores.

Reputation Takeover is a great initiative by Neil and his crew.




3✌ You Have Help With It Comes To Contacting Potential Clients✌

You don’t just make some random emails and send to prospects. There are templates to guide you through the entire process. This is awesome especially for those who are not yet accustomed to sending emails that can lead to sales.

Another thumbs up here.







1.2?Negative Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover.?

1?You Cannot Rely On The Front End Alone?

It should be crystal clear to you by now, that your options are very limited with the Front End package. This package only allows you to:

  • Identify clients;
  • Contact them with a proposal to solve their problem, and
  • Strike a deal with them.

That’s all.

And what if the client is interested in your solution? You wouldn’t be capable of helping further if you don’t upgrade to the other OTOs, which unfortunately are very important if you wish to make your clients happy.

That said, move on to the next negative fact about making money with Reputation Takeover.




2?Reputation Takeover It’s Expensive!!!?

Having mentioned above that you cannot succeed with only the Front End package, let’s now take a look at how much you should budget if you must succeed to make money wit Reputation Takeover.

Here are the expenditures related to the first year:

  • FE Package: $17
  • OTO#1: $27
  • OTO#2: $97/Year or $19.99/mo
  • OTO#3: $37
  • Masterclass $197.

You need ALL THE UPSELLS above to make maximum use of this solution. Why?

  • When the client would have accepted your offer at the FE,
  • OTO#1 will help you offer the first solution to their negative reviews, which is a strategy to boost positive reviews my direct emailing
  • OTO#2 provides an additional strategy, which will drive positive reviews even further through the creation of review pages on clients websites.
  • You need OTO#3 to follow up with happy clients, to encourage them to leave reviews.
  • And the Masterclass? This product was not created by you, so you definitely need assistance in implementing the entire system effectively.

So your first-year budget will amount to $375.

In order to continue to have access to the software that helps to create review pages for your clients, you would have to continue paying $19.99/mo every month. so long as you continue to use Reputation Takeover to make money online.



I don’t have information with regards to how you strike a deal with the client, but whatever happens, you are most likely going to be charging a monthly recurring fee as announced on their sales page.

Take a look at the image below:


The Reputation Takeover Review Explaining Facts About Making Money With Reputation Takeover


So this can really help to cover the cost especially for the first year if you are a good negotiator.




3?Risks Related With Direct Emailing?

One of the strategies implemented here is direct emailing the business clients to encourage them to drop postive reviews.

This sounds like a great solution, but you might want to exercise some caution with this strategy. Sending frequent emails could drive customers away instead. So beware of the risks involved here.



4?Some Clients Don’t Have Contact Information?

This is a trivial point.

But if most the potential clients you wish to contact do not have any means of reaching out to them, your opportunities are reduced. When this happens, just move on to the next.

This is no big deal, just something for you to consider when going through the platform.




5?It Can Be A Huge Challenge Managing Several Clients At The Same Time?

Ok. This is a fact you need to take very seriously.

The only way to raise a substantial amount of passive income with Reputation Takeover is to work with as many clients as possible. This can represent a huge challenge if you don’t have proper time management skills.

Which takes us to the next point.




6?Business Model Is Not Passive Income Oriented?

I know, I know, let me explain.

Yes, you will be able to generate recurring income, but not a passive one. Passive income requires that even in your absence, you will continue to make money. But with all the clients you gain with Reputation Takeover, you have to continually be at their service.

That could be hectic.

The only time you can hope to have a break is when there are no negative reviews to handle. And if for any reason your clients are not satisfied with your services, they can cease payment at any time.

Seriously, there is a lot of work involved here. If you don’t dream of creating a system that will continue to make money for you even when you retire, you will spend your entire life online.

Working at an old age is not cool. Always have a bigger and long term picture in mind when working online.









So what’s my take?




That’s right. You heard me right. Don’t do this if you are not ready to work.

I found nothing shady about this new way to make money online. Many local businesses are having a hard time managing reviews especially the negative ones, and the strategies offered by Reputation Takeover can really help a great deal.

The one which I really loved the most was the use of review pages on clients’ websites. Which is ethical too.

But in order to succeed with this software, you have to be prepared to:

  • Get all the upsells (now depending on your negotiation skills, you can recover what you invested upfront);
  • Put in an insane amount of effort if you have to manage several clients at the same time. It’s the only way to generate a substantial amount of income;
  • Handle direct mailing wisely, else you might end up sending away the clients of your client;

I will be honest with you. I’m no fan of money making opportunities that are not passive income-oriented, meaning that Reputation Takeover is not a digital product I would have considered if I was the one reading this review. But people are different, and I can only speak for myself.

So engage at your own risk.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Reputation Takeover Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌






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