The Profit365 Review ?Explains 05 REASONS Why Profit365 By Jamie Lewis, President Of The USA, Is A Scam!!?

The Profit365 Review Scam


The Profit365 Review that you are about to explore below explains 05 Reasons Why Profit365 By Jamie Lewis, President Of The USA, Is A Scam you should avoid at all cost. Profit365 is supposed to provide a shortcut to Affiliate Marketing, but what you about to discover about this system will shock you and leave you grossly disappointed.

Read on to find out.



Name Description
Product Name: PROFIT365
Product Price $34
Product Owner Jamie Lewis
Best For Jamie Lewis
Overall Score 0/10






I know that the decision to determine whether or not the Profit365 system is a scam solely depends on you, but here is my own opinion about this system, which I so dearly wish that you take very seriously:




If you want to know why then dive into my complete review below now.















1.0What Is Profit365?✌




Profit365 is a digital product created by Jamie Lewis, that will supposedly offer a better and easier alternative to making money with Affiliate Marketing. That’s basically all. It is a Done For You Affiliate Marketing business model, and before we get into the details of the Profit365 product further down in this review, I would like to discuss some key reminders about creating a successful and authoritative affiliate marketing business online.



How Affiliate Marketing Works

A perfect illustration using a diagram would be the most appropriate way to make you understand how the Affiliate Marketing cycle really works. Check out the image below:


The Profit365 Review Scam


The diagram above is self-explanatory.

  • Ready to buy customer…
  • visits your site…
  • makes a purchase…
  • And you make money.


Your main role in Affiliate Marketing is centered on your website. In 2018 there were over 3.75 billion users looking for things, online. Information and solutions to their problems. Your website should be created to solve those problems, and in the process, you make money.

Is there any other better alternative to make money online today working from home where everyone gets to benefit 50-50? Your customers are grateful that they finally found that one solution to satisfy their needs, and you are happy to be making money in the process.

This business model is just the best.







Important Affiliate Marketing Trends Worth Mentioning

Here are the preponderant 2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends:


?Strong reviews and review sites are still kings;

Searchers still continue to search for that magic word ”Review” attached to any product they are interested in. This is a targeted audience that is just seconds away from buying.

?E-commerce retailers are getting into the game;

Many E-commerce retailers are now launching their own affiliate marketing programs to increase leads and sales. This means more opportunities for affiliate marketers.


?High demand for qualified Affiliate Marketers

It takes a reasonable amount of time to build the affiliate marketing skills that experienced affiliate marketers have accumulated for years. So companies would prefer recruiting one than training them in-house to save time and resources.

This implies after acquiring the appropriate training in affiliate marketing developing the relevant skills over time, you have three options opened up to you:

  • Start your own affiliate marketing business through a website
  • Work as an employee within an Affiliate Marketing Agency;
  • Or do both if you can manage it, It all depends on you.


?The use of ads especially that of Facebook will still continue


?The use of Images and Video Content is on the rise


?The use of Voice Search is on the rise as well


?Affiliate Marketers Are Gradually diversifying their portfolio and moving away from Amazon


Based on the facts presented above, I believe we are now in a better position to evaluate the pros and cons of the Profit365 system.







1.1PROS Of The Profit365 System✌



1✌ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee✌

60 days is a reasonable amount of time to try and revendicate a refund if necessary.


2✌ Jamie Lewis Is A Successful Online Marketer✌

Jamie Lewis, creator of the Profit365 system is well known online and on Clickbank as a successful marketer. He equally appears in all his sales videos, leaving no room for any ambiguity. This is quite reassuring as the majority of products that use mainly voice-overs and spokespersons are all fake.

I love the fact that Jamie Lewis shows off himself. This is actually what he does with all his digital products, at least the ones I’ve had the privilege to review, such as Profit Injector,


I hope the quality of the Profit365 system follows Jamie’s reputation too. You are soon to find out.


3✌ Jamie Lewis Is Recommending A Legitimate Business Model✌

Several models have come and gone, bringing with them the hopes of making tons of money online. The one business model that has stood the test of time, and it’s turning out to be the best today is Affiliate Marketing. Your potentials of making money with Affiliate Marketing is indeed unlimited if only you put in the required effort because this particular business model is not a one-click button. Some perseverance, consistency, and endurance would be required on your part.

The Profit365 System is supposed to help you get quick results with Affiliate Marketing. Well, you are about to find out the truth.


4✌ ???Did You Know that Jamie Lewis Is Running For President of the USA???????✌

Seriously, this dude has a great sense of humor. Not only that. He’s insanely creative. His sales videos are really entertaining to watch. Check out the image below:


The Profit365 Review Scam


Seriously? The President Of The USA???

This is hilarious???

Only a successful online marketer can go these extra miles. I must admit that I found all his videos very entertaining and I really had a good laugh about the American Presidency idea. Not the 25-minute long voice over and text videos.

Great job Jamie. Your marketing skills are really fine-tuned. I would certainly vote for you once you start your presidential campaigns.








1.2???The Profit365 Review Explains ?05 REASONS ?Why Profit365 By Jamie Lewis, President Of The USA, Is A Scam!??



Before we delve deep, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I’ve not yet purchased and used the Profit365 system. Knowing exactly how the Affiliate Marketing industry works online gives me an added advantage and an upper hand when it comes to having deep insight. I get to save my hard earned resources as I can quickly sort out scam indicators amidst the sweet hypes.

That said, I was able to identify some inconsistent and red flags pointers with the Profit365 system, which you should definitely check out or think over before you decide to buy Jamie Lewis’ product.

However, information related to what I was able to gather online would be included as well meaning you are about to discover a ton of information about the Profit365 system all in one place.

Check out the 05 reasons below which explain why Profit365 is a scam.








1 ?Jamie’s Presentation Is Hypy And Misleading?

Jamie literally went to the streets to show his Clickbank earnings to anyone he could find.

Yes, those accounts look very real showing January 2019 earnings. But before you completely fall for this sales tactic, I need you to consider the following facts:

  • Jamie has been online for several years, 14 years to be exact. He himself said it in his video. So don’t expect to make such results if you sign to the Profit365 system today because Affiliate Marketing does not work that way;
  • There is no proof that the earnings you see are coming from The Profit365 system alone. Jamie has many other products running on Clickbank such as Profit Injector, and many others that I have not yet come across.

Check out the image below:


The Profit365 Review Scam


There’s no proof that earnings are linked to the Profit365 system alone. So before you get excited, think about these facts.

  • In order to start making such earnings in Affiliate Marketing, you need a huge following that trusts you. Jamie said it himself that he has over 2million followers on his YouTube channel. If you do simple math here, taking into account the fact that he has been online for 14 years, that’s right. It took him 14 long years to get all those followers. Now they know him, and they would be more likely and willing to purchase his product recommendations. If you have never done affiliate marketing before, don’t expect any magic to happen now. Ask Jamie whether he used to make such earnings with Affiliate Marketing back in the days when he started. Why then is he selling you the hopes of making money with the Profit365 system which is supposed to be a shortcut? Jamie should have created this product 14 years ago, not now. From all indications, he made millions of dollars with his first business. Then he waited 14 years to reveal the secret. Well, still food for thought.









2 ?No Chronological Step By Step Training Available?

From what I gathered, Jamie has brought together a bunch of information together to create this product without any systematic approach. In fact, in the Profit365 system, the only training that is available is related to Solo Ads and email marketing.

Seriously, how can affiliate marketing be reduced to only Solo Ads and email marketing? If you are a newbie, Solo Ads is not the way to go when starting off, as it would turn out to be very costly in the long run.

Take a look at the Affiliate Marketing trends that were listed at the beginning of this article. None of the important indicators has been covered by the Profit365 system:

And just so much wanting. This is ridiculous and humiliating. Qualifying the Profit365 system as a scam was actually the last option on my mind, but I’m slowly getting there.







3 ?Available Training Is Outdated?

Some of the videos date as far back as 2009 and 2012!

It’s getting obvious that Profit365 is a remake of a mediocre product from years ago. I’m starting to wonder why someone would risk his identity and sell crab online? This is quite disturbing, I must admit








4 ?It Gets Even Worse – Profit365 Still Promoting MOBE and Empower Network??


Here is another proof that the Profit365 system is rehashed: they are still promoting MOBE and EMPOWER NETWORK that were offically struck by the FTC. Jamie Lewis and his associates didn’t even have the morality to take down the videos mentioning these scams in their members’ area?









5 ?No Details Mentioned About The Content Of Profit365 In The Sales Video?

This is a typical tactic used by scam products. They deliberately omit to mention the components of their products in their sales videos and focus more on brainwashing you to believe that your life is about to change.

While experienced marketers will not fall for this trap, the newbie without any experience whatsoever will fall for this lame tactic.

Once they got all your attention, you would be forced to signup to discover what that magic system, only to be disappointed with outdated information, and other scam products being promoted inside the members’ area.

The Profit365 system is a disappointment to be avoided at all cost.














Learn affiliate marketing with a professional and affordable training platform.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Profit365 Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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Overall Performance



  • Jamie has a good sense of humor

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