The Lipsense Distributor Might Not Be Making Money After All CHECK OUT 09 REASONS WHY

The Lipsense Distributor Might Not Be Making Money After All CHECK OUT 05 REASONS WHY




Welcome to my article about the Lipsense Distributor. Before we get into more important issues, I need you to understand that I love everything to do with makeup, and that’s what Senegence offers. Besides cosmetics, they are also into skincare, hair, perfumes, etc. Senegence is definitely a one bus-stop for us ladies, especially when we are ready to do some extravagant shopping to take care of us. By the way, gentlemen, am I exaggerating? Absolutely, that’s what I thought. So as a consumer of Senegence products, you would definitely feel like a queen or feel proud to have made your wife/partner feel like one. Well, it’s not all merry when you are at the supplier end, and trying to build a home-based business you can rely on, or your family can rely on. I’m particularly interested in the business opportunity offered to the Lipsense Distributor, and after doing some research online, I realized that The Lipsense Distributor Might Not Be Making Money After all. I invite you to continue reading to check out 09 reasons why.



Name Description
Product Name: LIPSENSE
Product Price At least $140
Product Owner Joni Rogers-Kante
Launch Date 1999
Overall Score





What’s my take? Should you become a Lipsense distributor? That will totally depend on you, but to be on a safe side, you shouldn’t for the reasons you are about to discover later on in this review. I know that you have come across only good things about Senegence and being a Lipsense distributor. This is the main reason why my article will be much different from the others because it’s going to disclose both the good and the bad. And it’s based on the importance of the bad, that I will not recommend that you start a long term business as a Lipsense distributor.

I’d rather recommend another business opportunity that has been experiencing nothing but exponential growth over the last decade, and it’s not stopping anytime soon:


Read on to learn more about the Lipsense Distributor







The Lipsense Distributor Might Not Be Making Money After All CHECK OUT 05 REASONS WHY


You need to get your facts straight before getting started as a Lipsense Distributor because The Lipsense Distributor Might Not Be Making Money After All. Check out 09 reasons why in this comprehensive article about the Lipsense distributor.

If you are here checking out my article about becoming a distributor of this company, it’s most certainly because you are very passionate about starting a profitable home-based business, that will eventually guarantee your financial freedom in the long run.

Be very careful with the type of business you should start in the first place, because irrespective of the one you choose, it will require an enormous amount of time and effort on your part. You don’t want to spend years and resources and come out with almost nothing.

That is what would most probably happen if you go down this road of becoming a Lipsense Distributor. More on this later but first, let’s check out some details about Senegence, the company which offers you a home-based business opportunity as a Lipsense Distributor.





Senegence is an MLM company that offers a huge variety of products when it comes to beauty.

More specifically, skincare,… in fact, check out the various categories of products included in their portfolio below:


Skin Care




SeneDerm Solutions


The Famous Lips Products


Seriously, I couldn’t name them all. The list is very extensive, and this is one of the main advantages of starting a business as a Lipsense Distributor with Senegence. Very impressive.

If you find a product you resonate with and learn the appropriate skills, you could make this work.

Here are some facts about the prices of the products above:

  • The skin care products prices range from $30 to $60;
  • Anti-Aging prices range from $40 to $90;
  • The prices of SeneDerm Solutions range from $45 to $75;
  • Lips products prices range from $20 to $50;

If you want to learn more about Senegence Products, follow this link.





To sign up to become a Lipsense Distributor, you would have to visit the Senegence official website and click on ”SIGN UP” and then follow the rest of the steps as shown below.


It is recommended that you first identify who would be your sponsor, grab his/her ID before starting the signup process. This information would be requested there.

Otherwise, follow through with the steps and select the other alternative not requiring a particular sponsor as shown below:


Only that this time, you are going to select ”No, I want a different one, and continue with the signup process.

Here are some additional facts you need to take into account when signing up:

  • You have to pay a signup fee of $55. Supposedly, you have to pay this amount every year to renew your membership, which is completely different from the Starter kits you will be introduced to;
  • Speaking of starter kits, very generic information is available online, with different estimations of how much you need to get started. However, I will stick with the information that was displayed right at the end of the signup process. Check out the image below:

  • Some of the resources online identify 3 different Lipsense distributor kits to get started with:
    • Qualified Distributor Kit at $347;
    • Significant SeneSeller Kit at $797;
    • Fast Start Kit at $1,195
  • As a Lipsense Distributor, you also get to benefit from a 20% to 50% discount off all the orders you place. The bottom line is that the higher the quantity you order, the higher the percentage of discount you would receive. If for instance, you are able to place an order of $600 within the first 30 days, you get to benefit from a 50% discount.
  • There are additional incentives including free products, vacations and the possibility to finance your new car





Follow this link for more details of the compensation plan. But if you don’t feel inclined to read, then you can just watch the video below:


I apologize if I’ve provided very little information about this plan.  I simply didn’t understand anything explained there. All I know is that you can earn sales income and commissions income.

For the rest, please refer to the link and the video above.



1. Very Little Inventory To Carry Around

This fact makes your business as a Lipsense distributor truly a flexible and dynamic one. No one would even know you are a salesperson. I find this particularly fascinating because you could literally get new prospects wherever you find yourself, and without having any appearance of trying to be a pushy salesperson. Well, that will totally depend on your tactics and skills.

2. Easy To Sell For Ladies

This is one of the biggest advantages if you get into this business as a woman. All you have to do is always

  • look smart with LipSense and MakeSense,
  • smell good with Abundance Perfumes,
  • look fresh and young with Skin Care, Anti-Aging Products, and spa products;

Your appearance will speak for itself ladies. I believe this is the best way you can actually market these products, effortlessly.

3. You Can Easily Build A Lot Of Repeat Customers

The products offered by Senegence are always in high demand. This means that once you are able to build a solid customer base, the probability of having one and the same customers returning and placing orders, i.e. repeat customers, will be high.

Once you achieve this, you would be able to build a solid business as a Lipsense distributor

4. Great Incentives Available

There are some really awesome incentives such as free trips, new car, free products, etc. Visit the official Senegence site for more details if interested.

5. Senegence Has Embraced Online Marketing

This company is one of the few MLMs that has leveraged the internet to drive leads. When you search on Senegence and Lipsense related keywords, you see Lipsense distributor blogs all appearing on the first pages of search engines, especially Google.

And most of them are very interactive. I’m very convinced that these sites are getting a lot of traffic and signup. Great job.

5. Extensive List Of Products

I cannot stress this enough. When you visit their products page, you will understand better.





1. No Income Disclosure Statement Available

This is definitely one of the reasons why you should think twice before considering signing up as a Lipsense Distributor. Seriously, even if they are not required by law to make these statements public (this is by no means any confirmation that they are not supposed to), I bet these results would be made public if the figures were stunning.

Now, don’t be deceived by those Lipsense Distributors who claim that they were able to make $2,000 in their very first month. Don’t fall for these misleading sweet words. If they were actually true, these figures would have been made readily available through Senegence Income Disclosure Statement. In the absence of one, please be wary of anyone claiming of making thousands of $$ within their very first month of starting any business.

These ventures actually take time to see results.

2. Some Discounts Are Difficult To Attain

Lipsense Distributors are also quick to advertise the 20% to 50% discounts, but do you know what it takes to benefit from the 50% discount? You should be able to place an order of at least $600 within your very first 30 days.

I wonder how many Lipsense Distributors have been able to take advantage of this in their very first month.

3. Quotas, Quotas, And Quotas

In order to continue benefiting from the bonuses that arise from your downlines, you have to maintain a minimum amount of monthly purchases as well, otherwise forget about ripping from your hard-earned recruits.

If you want to understand better what I’m saying, return to the video above and watch the compensation plan one more time.

So be prepared to be working all round the clock. There is no question of retiring here.

This particular reason is one which always makes MLM companies appear very unappealing. No quotas are required with this particular business model. Click here to check it out. 

4. Complex Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is complex and difficult to follow. That is a bad sign because even if your commissions are being manipulated at the backend, it would be almost impossible to figure this out.

5. Start-Up Cost Is Relatively High

Other distributors actually say that you can purchase a kit of $95. There appears to be way more. Be prepared to spend somewhere around $345 to get started as a Lipsense Distributor.

Either way round, it’s relatively more expensive getting started as a Lipsense Distributor.

6. Paying Before Signing Up Is Not Alright

Why are most Lipsense Distributors selling you the idea of starting up with only $55? This is very misleading because $55 actually represents your yearly membership.

And the worst part is that you will not be allowed to purchase any kit if you haven’t paid that amount. Speaking of which, the minimum startup kit actually starts a $345.

7. The MLM Industry As A Whole Has A Serious Problem 

Only 0.01% of business owners succeed in the MLM Industry.

99.99% FAIL!!!

And if you want to take a closer look, the 0.01% most probably represents the owners, not the distributors.

Hello? Do these figures make any sense to you? It doesn’t matter whether or not the products you are about to sell as a distributor are in high demand. The MLM industry as a whole has a major problem when it comes to helping their partners build a successful business with any MLM.

It’s a general crisis.

The point is this: millions of people get involved every year, but how many continue to the next year? The idea of making $2000 sales during your first month, is a very misleading sales strategy that the Lipsense Distributors use to entice you.

It will not be that easy as you are being misled to believe. Take note that it’s always merry in the beginning, with a lot of false hopes, but the long run more often turns out to be very sour. The failure rate of 99.99% speaks for itself.

If I were you, I would not even venture into an industry which has a reputation of ruining the lives of their distributors in the long run.

This is the business I would rather recommend that you start. It’s a win win solution.


8. Only Available In Select Countries Of 3 Continents 

This is available to only specific countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. For the rest, I think you have to contact them for more details. Check out the countries concerned below:


If you do not reside in any of those 10 countries listed above, you might want to consider finding other home-based opportunities such as this one.

9. Prepare An Extra Budget To Learn Profitable Marketing Skills

Not only do you have to pay your yearly membership dues, your starter kits, etc, but you also have to learn how to blog, write SEO friendly content and other relevant skills that are important to make your presence felt online.

It is the best way to find leads. Direct sales are not sufficient if you are planning on scaling your business in the long run.

So prepare to pay for a website, secure hosting, technical support where necessary, and the most important and probably the most expensive, be prepared to learn SEO. The Lipsense Distributor blogs are ranking on the first pages of Google because the owners have learned SEO.

So be expecting some kind of learning curve if you want to take advantage of the online world.







I know you want to start an MLM business opportunity, and that’s probably why you’ve clicked through my article in the first place. That said, I’ve decided to make this article as comprehensive as possible, providing you with highly relevant information with regards to the choice of MLMs you might want to try, and those you should completely avoid.

The MLMs you find below are the ones you want to avoid as much as possible:

For the record, AdvoCare used to be an MLM, but for some confidential reasons following confidential discussions with the FTC in 2019, they switched compensation plans, completely erasing anything to do with MLM, and adopted a new system, direct sales only.

This affected over 100 000 distributors as all their downlines and benefits were completely squashed. The MLM industry is slowly but steadily and consistently getting into the spotlight of the FTC, and the smarter ones like AdvoCare have already started making moves to avoid any future sanctions from this regulatory body.

You should be making smarter moves as well. But if you still want to give MLMs a shot, check out some of them below which have been recommended with reserves:

Generally, I do not recommend MLMs, but the decision is always yours to make. Be wise.





Affiliate Marketing can take you very far for the following reasons:

  • It is more profitable;
  • No direct sales involved;
  • Great potentials of attaining greater than $10,000/mo in a relatively short period of time;
  • The majority of affiliate programs out there are free to join with no yearly membership required. The only thing you would have to pay for are secure hosting, websites, and appropriate affiliate marketing training resources. I got you covered on this as well;
  • No need to manage any teams whatsoever;
  • No need to attain quotas. You fix your personal objectives and work towards them;
  • You live a truly amazing and flexible laptop lifestyle, with the possibility of working from just anywhere you want. You decide;
  • The business you create is yours, and you can even resell it if you want to. With MLMs, you have no business.
  • No need to run after clients, they come to you instead;
  • No need for inventory;

And so much more.

Follow this link to learn more about affiliate marketing, and a complete solution for newbies to get started.





Here is my take:


Ok. Don’t get me wrong.

In fact, I recommend that you get these products for yourself and use, and if someone gets interested because they have observed that you have suddenly started glowing, shinning, and radiating with brightness, then sign them up as simple consumers like you. Don’t force them to become distributors. At least you get customer benefits, and with a large customer base, it becomes significant.

Don’t get them to start a fully operational business with it. Your mindset would be completely different, and you might earn up making more money than those who are frantically trying to recruit.

That said, if you want to build a real home-based business, one that would require only fast internet and a laptop, no recruiting whatsoever, no quotas to meet, and a solution that will increase your chances at succeeding, then:

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to my article related to the Lipsense Distributor.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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At Least $140

Overall Performance


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