The EZ Bay Payday Review ?10 Red Flags To Watch Out For?

The EZ Bay Payday Review



The EZ Bay Payday Review was performed with extreme attention paid to details, and as a result, it was able to uncover 10 Red Flags To Watch Out For if you wish to consider paying for this program.






Name Description
Product Name: EZ BAY PAYDAY
Product Price $37 + UPSELLS
Product Owner ''Steve Richards''
Best For ''Steve Richards''
Overall Score 1.5/10





There are some good things about EZ Bay Payday. They offer some training resources on how you can sell a product on eBay through drop shipping, as well a 60-day money back guarantee.

However, how would they want me to rate them when I discovered that

  • all their testimonials were fake (proof is available)
  • the real owner of the platform is not identified
  • they promote other products in their training platform which have been rated as scams
  • they themselves declared their testimonies are not real, as if that’s not enough,
  • their disclaimer is the most confusing one I’ve ever read in my entire life, comprising the names of 3 different companies


And at least 5 other red flags to worry about. No one in their right mind would give this platform a second thought after they take a look at all the inconsistencies I’ve been able to uncover with regards to EZ Bay Payday. You can as well proceed to engage, but please do so at your own risk, because I will not recommend EZ Bay Payday, not to you, not to anyone.


I’d rather encourage you to take the courage and build an online business that will appreciate over time, and which you can be able to resell in the nearest future, only if you want to, for a very handsome amount.








steve Richards






eBay is used to sell something you want to dispose of. Either that thing is found at your house or at a warehouse. You can use 2 methods to sell it: either you ship it to the customer, or you drop ship it.

.EZ BAY PAYDAY is about drop shipping.









2.1Initial Prices


The initial price is $37, but when you try to click away from the sales video, a huge discount is offered, which drops down the price to $17 as shown on the image below:













There would be up to 3 upsells!


==> First Upsell: Gold Upgrade
==> Second Upsell: Platinum Upgrade
==> Third Upsells: Titanium Upgrade







2.3Components Of Your $37 Package


You get some video resources on the following:

  • How to drop ship on eBay,
  • Why you should sell on eBay
  • How to find sellers and look at the products that they have sold,
  • How to set up your store
  • How to optimize your store
  • How to use software to upload to your store
  • After you make a sale, how you fulfill that order, how to add the tracking.


That’s basically the information related to eBay that you can find included with your package.







The EZ BAY PAYDAY REVIEW can be effectively carried out through the examination of its PROS and CONS




1 ✔60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This is always a good thing. Enough time for you to exploit the course and ask for a refund if necessary.






3.2??CONS Of EZ Bay Payday – 10 Red Flags To Watch Out For??




1 ?The Sales Video Always Appear To Be Streaming?


When you land on their sales page, their sales video always appear to be streaming, giving you the impression that you just caught a live class in progress. It actually shows you a counter of the ”participating members” at any point in time. And there are thousands of them, that seem to fluctuate like it’s the real deal

Don’t be deceived by this tactic. That’s just a simple sales video. There’s nothing more to it

Please check out the image below to see what I’m talking about:




These are other programs with sneaky tactics that you should equally avoid:

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid







2 ?Fake Sense Of Scarcity Created!!!?


Please check out the image below:




Every time you visit this page, you are reminded that only 2 spots are remaining. Is it really going to take forever to get to 2 spots filled? Still another trickery method to force the weak minded to hurry up and secure their ”limited spots”.

If you still can’t figure out if this is real or not, then take my advice: ?THIS IS DOWNRIGHT FAKE!!!? You can test for yourself. Come back to that page every day for the next one week, the number of spots will still remain at 2!







3 ?Fake Daily Testimonials!!?




Every single day, one and the same people are making the same amounts of money. How can this be possible? You can see from the image above that Christopher just made $441, as well as Jessika who also just made $994.

If you come back the following day, you will see Christopher and Jessika still making the same amounts of money. These are all ?FAKE DAILY TESTIMONIALS!!!?








4 ?Inconsistent Disclaimer?


This is where things started to escalate to a whole new dimension, and now I’m getting more convinced that we are dealing with a potential scam here. Please check out the image below:



That disclaimer appears to be a very short one, but guess what, ?it featured the names of 3 different companies.?

First of all, the title of the disclaimer reads: ?

Then, at the beginning of the disclaimer, ?EASYINSTAPROFITS.COM? was used,

And finally, by the time the disclaimer was rounded off, the name of a completely new company appeared from nowhere, that of ?TUBEPROFITSNIPER.COM.?









5 ?Testimonials Provided Are Not Relevant?

I didn’t make that statement myself, that information was taken from their sales page. Check out the image below:



As you can read from the image above, the testimonials used by EZ BAY PAYDAY were obtained from Easy Insta Profits products and other related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience.

This implies these testimonials were borrowed from other product experiences and have got absolutely nothing to do with EZ BAY PAYDAY. Meaning the testimonials used here are completely irrelevant and should not be trusted! These are all declarations made on the official sales page. Nothing was implied here.

I can’t believe that these scams are becoming more overt with their method of functioning.









6 ?The Real Owner Is Not Known?

One more time, this information comes from their sales page. Check out the image below:



You can clearly understand from the image above that the name used in the sales video is a pen name. So who is the real owner of EZ BAY PAYDAY? When the owner starts hiding behind a pen name, this calls for great concern, and should definitely ring a loud bell.







7 ?All The Video Testimonials Are Fake!!?

All the people who testified about making money ”yesterday” with EZ BAY PAYDAY are all Fiver actors. Let’s start exposing them one by one.


a Lynn Andrews From England

She happily shared her success story by saying that ”yesterday”, she made $589,31. An excellent actor I must admit. Check out her Fiverr profile on the image below:




b Tony Willis From Canada

Tony claims to have made $565,47, still ”yesterday”, but when I did some digging, I realized that he was just playing his professional role as a professional actor for businesses. Check out his business profile below:




c Mike Long From England


He claimed to have made $511,62, still the very same ”yesterday. Check out his business profile below, where he sells his services as an actor for any business presentation.




d Treyvon Lewis From USA


He also made $536,79, the very same ”yesterday”. But why is nobody making above $500? LOL. These guys are real jokes. Check out Treyvon’s profile below:



Just in case you don’t understand what fake testimonials represent, they simply mean




If you want to be the first success story, please, go ahead and be my guest. But let me tell you up front, you will regret joining this system. At least I did my job to warn you. It’s no picnic searching for all those false testimonials online and to present them the way they appear here. It takes hours to search and find hard evidence that a system doesn’t work, but if you still use your personal initiative to go ahead and try things out, then the consequences will be on you alone.








8 ?Irrelevant Information Found Inside The Platform?


Once you sign up for this product, the owner immediately starts promoting some of the Clickbank products he’s affiliating with, which has got absolutely nothing to do with selling on eBay.

You are asked to register for a VIP members’ workshop, which takes you directly to John Crestani’s sales funnel for his supper affiliate system, which costs $997! Seriously, this isn’t cool at all.

Imagine that you had taken advantage of the 30% sales discount and paid $17, now the platform is sneakily pushing you to signup for a course that costs $997 which does not relate to selling on eBay. Of course, he will be making affiliate commissions if you end up buying the course in question. And for the record, my review of the course he’s promoting was negative because it lacked basic tools and insanely expensive.









9?Their Free Website Is Really Not That Free?


Inside their platform, they give you an option to claim a free website. But guess what happens when you follow the link. They ask you to pay for the following charges related to your website:

  • hosting
  • domain privacy
  • daily backup
  • website security


?Which amount to a total of $143,04. Are you seeing how the prices are quickly adding up? We are now looking at a total of $182.04 that you need to budget for with this program.?








10. ?More Irrelevant Affiliate Links Included To Promote Other Products?


It gets even worse. Affiliate links have been included to promote another Clickbank product known as CB CASH CODE, completely unrelated to eBay, and unfortunately, my review of this product had revealed scammy characteristics and my ratings were extremely poor, actually warning anyone to stay away.

Here is it again, being promoted by another scam product. Birds Of The Same Feathers Will Flock Together indeed.









I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my EZ Bay Payday Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$37 + UPSELLS!

Overall Performance


6 thoughts on “The EZ Bay Payday Review ?10 Red Flags To Watch Out For?”

  1. I love how you say this is best for “Steve Richards”! lol. Ain’t that the truth? EZBay Payday is a program I’ve come across along the way and I saw those red flags immediately! 

    Although, what I didn’t see all those inconsistencies in the disclaimer. Interesting. Which program is this really? do you think this is just a rehashed program? Why do you think they do that? 

    Now I’m so used to seeing these crazy videos with the fake testimonials. I even know that “Mike Long” from England’s real name is Rob. Rob and I are on a first-name basis now. Lol He’s in so many different videos that I’ve seen. 

    But I do know that there are others out there who don’t know that Rob and the others are actors and don’t see all these inconsistencies. So, I applaud your efforts to get the word out so that people aren’t giving up their hard-earned money for a product that will lead them straight back to where they started. Except with less money in their pocket.

    1. Hi Christina,

      Yes, the program is meant for ”Steve Richards” Alone, seriously.

      This program is probably re-hatched from all the others mentioned in the disclaimer. What can I say? They owner didn’t even take the time to modify a very short disclaimer? This is really ridiculous! I know right? Rob has appeared in hundreds of testimonials, and with the same blue shirt. LOL.

      Yes we all know Rob and the other actors because we are already experienced entrepreneurs, and because we have been around the web for quite some time now.There are still millions out there who do not know Rob yet. I hope this review opens their eyes.

      Thank you very much for your kind words Christina, and thanks a lot for your comment

  2. Chrissie Spurgeon

    Blatantly obviously yet ANOTHER SCAM!

    You are doing a great job in exposing these scams, and the faces behind the testimonials, but it perpetually amazes me how the people who set up these scams have absolutely no imagination, and they also assume that the reader (or listener) is so naive that they will accept everything at face value !

    Although sadly of course, there are always some people who believe them, possibly because they want to believe that there is an easy way to do things.

    Hopefully this will not be the case with people who read your post.

    But  must admit that I have learnt the hard way that it is absolutely essential to do your “due diligence” and thoroughly check out reviews of anything they are thinking of buying. To actually find something that is NOT a scam is like finding gold!

    But those people who take you up on your Number 1 Recommendation will in fact truly have found gold! I am again speaking from personal experience there. and I am so happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you so much for your timely warning in this post, and I trust that it will be found by anyone who is thinking of purchasing EZ Bay Payday.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Chrissie for your comment.

      You know what the irony is? The inexperienced ones are more likely to fall for such claims, and even ignore reading some of the paper work behind such platforms like disclaimers, which could hide a wealth of information to help you decided. The lies and testimonials really appear convincing, I must admit.

      I hope people get to carryout out their due diligence, and if by luck they stumble on my posts, I make sure I provide enough evidence for them to know what they are about to get into.

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly an online treasure for anyone who wishes to make money online, and they are definitely second to none. The more I carryout out reviews, the more I discover that I’m truly part of a premium online business community.

      Thank you very much for your detailed comment Chrissie, it has added so much value to my post. 

  3. Thanks for this thorough exposure on yet another online scam. The funny thing is that they always appear legit from the outside but when you go inside you would see them for what they really are. 

    These their sales pitch that involves scarcity is always a regular tactic that they use and I would say that I use to be one of those that fall for it but not anymore.

    It is good that the methods these people make use of should always be exposed so people would not keep falling for their dubious acts.

    1. Thank you very much Jay for your comment. Hopefully one day many people would become familiar with the way they work.

      Stay blessed.

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