The Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser Should Understand These 08 Responsibilities Before Getting Started

The Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser Should Understand These 05 Responsibilities Before Getting Started




?‍♀️Welcome to my article about the responsibilities of the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser.?

Being a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser is one of the newest opportunities to build a home-based business in the MLM industry (call it Direct Sales if you prefer). Dot Dot Smile was conceived in 2013 and officially launched only in 2017 (two years back). When checking out the opportunities that come with partnering with this company, they were relatively amazing, but there is a ”but”. I couldn’t help but notice that there are responsibilities you would have to assume if you are seeking to increase or diversify your income sources. So as the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser, You Should Understand These 08 Responsibilities Before Getting Started with this business opportunity. What responsibilities are we talking about? Continue reading for more.


Name Description
Product Name: DOT DOT SMILE
Product Price At Least $475
Product Owner Nicole Thompson.
Launch Date 2017
Overall Score





Considering the fact that Dot Dot Smile is fairly new, I think it’s a little too early to take a stand and provide yes or no answers with regards to this opportunity. But one thing is clear: if you enjoy making kids happy, then you can try out the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser business opportunity and see how it works for you. That’s why it is recommended with ”reserves” (but make sure to familiarize yourself with the facts disclosed further down before you get started)

I’d rather recommend another business opportunity that has been experiencing nothing but exponential growth over the last decade, and it’s not stopping anytime soon:


Read on to learn more about the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser business opportunity.








In your capacity as The Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser, you Should Understand These 08 Responsibilities Before Getting Started in order to adopt the most appropriate mindset upfront.

If not, you might just get disappointed shortly after starting, because it’s going to take you more than just purchasing a kit, or making direct sales (even though the latter is also very challenging relatively).

So read on to discover what you should understand first before getting started as a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser. But first, let’s discuss a little bit about what Dot Dot Smile is.





Dot Dot Smile is a new company (well, only officially 2 years old) created to put smiles on children’s faces, by providing them with beautiful dresses, thereby making them more confident and happy.

You can call it a shopping portal for children clothing.

I really love everything that has to do with kids: clothing, feeding, shopping, right down to toys. Everything that has to do with them is full of positive energy and fun. Not to worry. I will try to be as objective as possible with my evaluation of the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser opportunity.

I get an influx of energy every time I visit the products that Dot Dot Smile offers. They are simply lovely and beautiful. Anyone who is passionate about children will not have a hard time getting into this business.

Back to our main topic. The main categories of products offered by this company are listed below:





Talking about the prices, here are some facts you need to know:

  • All the swimsuits are valued at $21.6 upwards;
  • With regards to the accessories, the backpacks currently sell at $23.99, and the pack of pens is worth only $5.99;
  • All the dresses cost $20.4 and it appears to be the starting price, even though when attempting to buy, the check out prices for the majority still stand at $20.4;
  • T-shirt prices range between $7.2 to$10.2, with the majority of them priced at $10.2.

Well, the variety of items is not bad for a start, but to be honest, a lot of work still needs to be done. More on this later.

It is important to note that free shipping is offered for any orders greater than or equal to $75.





Becoming A Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser

Every company has the right to choose what they will call their partners. Some companies would use the term consultants, while others will use distributors. In fact the majority use ”distributors”.

Dot Dot Smile has decided to come up with something really new and unique: their partners are hereby referred to as ”merchandisers”. Pretty cool.

So how do you become a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser? It is quick and simple. This is what happens:

  • Your initial order will consist of a minimum PV of 25 which is equivalent to about $425. It could be slightly above. You would have the right to choose from the variety of products (dresses, t-shirts, backpacks, etc…) that Dot Dot Smile offers in order to make your own customized start-up kit. Whatever happens, the minimum you select should be at least 25PV;
  • In addition to the $425, you would also have to pay $50 for your annual membership, making it a total of $475. No taxes are involved plus shipping is free via UPS;
  • With your $50 annual membership, you will have access to the following provided by Dot Dot Smile:
    • Shipping will be free for all the orders you place for the entire year covered by your membership;
    • You will equally have a personally replicated website. You would be able to take direct orders on this website. But make sure to verify if you would need to pay extra for this service. Other MLMs that make this feature available always request some minimum monthly amount for hosting charges;
    • Another awesome feature. You get access to your backend office to place your own orders, manage your commissions and team, etc…
    • You can place wholesale orders for 1 year;
    • No minimum PVs required to remain active. All you have to do is renew your annual membership when it expires. Anyway, do not confuse this with bonuses, as there are minimum PVs that must be met before you continue to qualify for certain bonuses. We will elaborate on this later;
  •  Every time you want to place an order, it must be a minimum of 25PV, nothing less. For the record, every item is attributed to a certain number of PVs. A dress, for instance, has a value of 1PV, while leggings are worth 0.5PV each;

How Many Entry Levels Are Available To Become A Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser? 

There is only one entry point, available, which involves purchasing a minimum of 25PV for your initial order. Don’t also forget the fact that you have to pay your annual membership dues.

How To Reach Your Potential Customer As A Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser

Besides reaching your customers on a direct 1-on-1 sales basis, your annual membership also includes a replicated website where you can equally make sales online and receive relevant commissions depending on the levels you have achieved.





The Dot Dot Smile Compensation Plan outlines and explains 6 different ways you can make money as a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser. Let’s check them out below:

1 Direct Sales

This one is obvious. You would be able to purchase Dot Dot Smile merchandise at the whole sales price and sell at retail prices. The difference will generate some income for you as a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser. It is about 40%

2 First Order Bonus (F.O.B)

This bonus is active at two levels:

  • The first time you receive a FOB will be when your personally sponsored merchandisers place their orders for the very first time. You get to receive 10% of all the orders they place;
  • At the second level, when the sponsored merchandisers of the merchandisers you directly sponsored, place their first order, you will receive 5% of every order they place.

3 Achiever Maker Bonus

When you help your personally sponsored merchandisers to reach the rank of Achiever, you earn an additional $50.

4 Team Bonuses

When you use your leadership skills to make your team of personally sponsored merchandisers grow, you will be able to earn team bonuses, based on the volume of PV generated by your team every single month.

This is applied to an infinite number of your team width and up to 5 levels down as shown as follow:

5 Replicated Website

Having access to a replicated website is one of the benefits of your annual membership.

If you learn how to drive traffic to your website and make sales online, you make commissions based on your qualifications. Check out the image below for the respective commission rates:

6. Leadership Check Bonuses

This bonus is used to reward leaders further, for their sales, personal volume and team volume. These 3 indicators are calculated using the following indicators:

  • The number of independent merchandisers you personally sponsored;
  • The teams they have sponsored in your own organization;
  • Plus your own sales volumes;

Yet again, it’s calculated up to 5 levels of depth with unlimited width as shown on the image of levels above.

Follow this link for more details of the compensation plan.



1. Relatively Simple Structure As Compared To Other MLMs

This is a good thing.

Take, for instance, the entry levels: only 1 is required here. Other companies would include right up to 4 different entry points. While this could be advantageous, making things relatively simple is always preferable. I can see that Dot Dot Smile is trying to do just that.

Again, I found their compensation plan relatively easy to understand.

2. No Minimum PVs Required To Remain An Active Member

The only requirement is to renew your annual membership of $50, and access all the tools this platform has to offer.

3. With Dot Dot Smile, You Have The Possibility To Sell Online

I also love the fact that you can reach your customers online with your own replicated website included with your annual membership. Very few other MLMs provide this additional resource.

However, be prepared to inquire whether you would need to pay extra for the services of that website.

4. Dot Dot Smile Is  A Legit Company

The owners are open about their identity, their history, plus you can even contact them using the contact information on their official websites.





1. It Is Your Responsibility To Verifiy The Availability Of Sufficient Stock Before Getting Started 

This is one of your main responsibilities as the future Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser. If you want to get started, you need to first understand whether you would be in business for long.

I was checking out the official site and I noticed that it was not that revamped as the others I’ve had the privilege to visit. The Accessories categories, for instance, had only about 4 items. I don’t know if the Dot Dot Smile website is currently undergoing updates, but if it continues at this pace, you might face huge problems when it comes to satisfying your customers.

To make it even worse, the affiliate agreement clearly stated that certain types of stock is not guaranteed to be available for long. Well, not a good sign. This takes us to the next point.



2. Dot Dot Smile Is Getting Involved In A Sector That Has Already Been Conquered By Bigger Giants Such As Amazon

Not only does Dot Dot Smile lack sufficient variety and inventory, but they would be competing with giant online stores such as Amazon and the others that have literally everything with just the click of a button. Most people are going online today to shop.

Yes, you can make money selling children’s clothing, but if you want to do so by becoming a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser, it might take a significant while to see some results, because the majority of people are going online to search, not looking for party houses.

You can build a very lucrative business online using this business model instead to sell children’s clothing, and reach out to billions of people, instead of organizing parties, thereby building a business that is capable of generating over $15,000/mo after a reasonable period of time.

You will achieve far greater results, with the business model I recommend in the previous paragraph, with exactly the same amount of time you would spend building a home-based business as a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser.

This company does not stand a chance when it comes to pricing, availability, variety, and so much more. To make it even worse, the comparable items offered by Amazon are far cheaper than what Dot Dot Smile offers.

For example.

I did a search on Amazon for Swimsuits for children and found similar items for much less. Check out the image below:


I cannot attest to the exactitude of the various qualities, but with Amazon, there is way more variety to choose from, and at cheaper prices. And the probability of people buying from Amazon is higher compared to buying these items from an individual on a direct sales basis.



3. Like Other MLMs, You Have To Attain Certain Quotas In Order To Continue Being Eligible For Bonuses

First of all, take a look at the image below:


You can clearly see the minimum amounts of PVs you need to attain every single month to continue to enjoy the privileges of that level. This could be very strenuous. It rather seems comfortable to remain in the rank of an achiever, and be sure that you will continue to make your 50PVs every single month. Even so, it might not be easy after all. Will you be able to consistently generate sales of $850 on a monthly basis?

What if you attain the diamond level and sales drop for one reason or the other?

This particular reason is one which always makes MLM appear very unappealing. No quotas are required with this particular business model. Click here to check it out. 


4. Every Time You Place An Order With Dot Dot Smile, It Must Be At Least 25PV 

Just to remind you that 25PV is equivalent to $425. Please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section below.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that this amount is very high. So it’s your responsibility to determine whether you would be able to meet these standards, while taking into account the other factors I’ve included above and below, such as available competition, etc.



5. Start Up Cost Appears To Be A Little High 

I mentioned earlier that there is only one entry point, which is good because of its simplicity. But this simplicity comes with a disadvantage: the entry cost is very high.

Not everyone would be able to raise $475 (including $50 for the annual membership) at a go, even if they are willing. And that’s the main reason why many MLMs offer different price entry points, with some of them as low as $30.

Would you be responsible enough to handle these cost requirements? It gets even worse when it comes to cost. Go to the next point.



6. Start Up Cost Is Not The Only Expenditure You Should Worry About 

You are about to start a direct sales business, remember?

It would be your responsibility to cater to other additional costs related to displaying and storing your inventory. Items worth $425 is a reasonable amount of stock that needs special storage to preserve them properly for sales. I’m talking about:

  • Clothing racks
  • Hangers
  • Crates
  • Shelves
  • Indoor Photography lighting
  • Vinyl Backdrops
  • Beadboard
  • Poly mailers
  • Peel and stick

You see, the additional expenses will solely depend on how you want to undertake your marketing strategy. So that is solely your responsibility to determine how much you would need to set up your Dot Dot Smile merchandiser business.



7. Insanely Low Success Rates In The MLM Sector In General 

The loss rates for companies in the MLM industries, ranges from 99.05% to 99.99%, with an average of 99.71% of participants losing money in an MLM. These stats were gathered by the end of 2018, and it’s definitely information you want to take seriously if you are looking forward to joining the MLM industry.

The success rate is insanely low in the MLM Industry. I hope you make responsible decisions with regards to the type of business you are willing to start. Every type of business takes time to build, but not every business you start will sustain you financially in the long run.

Industry statistics are consistently proving that taking the MLM journey will lead to failure in the long run. If you want to avoid this, then I recommend that you check out this business instead.



8. Only Available In The USA 

This opportunity only seems to be available only in the USA.







Just in case you wish to find out if other MLMs will increase your chances of building a successful business in this industry, you might also want to check out the others I’ve reviewed so far below.

The companies listed below are the ones you should avoid as much as possible when it comes to the business opportunity they offer.

I recommend the next set with a lot of reserves.

Generally, I do not recommend MLMs, but the decision is always yours to make.





There is no better deal online today than affiliate marketing in all it’s facets. Why is it an excellent alternative to MLM?

  • No need to manage inventory;
  • The business is 100% yours including all the websites you create;
  • You can even resell your websites if you don’t want them any longer for close to $50,000;
  • It’s available to everyone world worldwide. If you don’t reside in the USA, you cannot be part of Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser business opportunity;
  • Relatively low startup costs;
  • No monthly quotas required to advance.
  • Your success depends on how much effort you put in, not how much work your team puts in. So lazy members will not impact your success, expecially if you are the very ambitious type;

And so much more.

Follow this link to learn more about affiliate marketing, and a complete solution for newbies in affiliate marketing.





Here is my take:


Dot Dot Smile was established in 2017, meaning it’s fairly new. That not withstanding, they offer awesome products for children. But when it comes to the business opportunity as a whole, you would have to deal with the challenges that most MLM distributers, consultants or merchandisers face. Some of them have been highlighted in the review above.

If you want to build a real home-based business, one that would require only fast internet and a laptop, no recruiting whatsoever, no quotas to meet, and a solution that will increase your chances at succeeding with Affiliate Marketing, then:

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to my article related to the Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser Business Opportunity.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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At Least $400 (25PV)

Overall Performance


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