Smart Cash App Review?⏩- Can You Make Up To $1,595/DAY? – What $177 Billion Company?⏪?

Smart Cash App Review - Can You Make Up To $1,595/DAY? - What $177 Billion Company?



Robert Fisher made tons of hype claims in his sales video, so much so that by the time I got to the end, I knew I was dealing with an obvious scam. But when I checked out the training materials that were available on the inside, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Let’s go ahead to find out in this Smart Cash App Review, whether You Can Make Up To $1,595/DAY, as well as identifying What the $177 Billion Company actually is.



Name Description
Product Name: Smart Cash App
Product Price $37 + UPSELLS
Product Owner ''Robert Fisher
Official Site

Check out the image just below this table

Best For Newbies And Experienced Entrepreneurs
Overall Score 3/10







Irrespective of the hype claims, Robert Fisher still managed to include some training resources to help you get started with the $177 Billion Dollar Company he kept referring to throughout his video. That’s not all. You have a 60-day money back guarantee as well.

However, the training was lacking in many areas. For instance, only eBooks are included in the initial package, and if you would like training with videos, then be prepared to pay for an upsell.

I was also disappointed to realize that no free tools were provided, such as hosting and websites to get you started with your affiliate marketing venture. Taking this course would mean paying extra for additional resources and these charges could quickly add up to become insanely expensive.

For this reason, I will not recommend Smart Cash App for starting affiliate marketing.



You need an All Inclusive affiliate marketing training platform, where you can learn how to partner with affiliate marketing networks such as Amazon, Clickbank, etc











1.1What $177 Billion Dolar Company?


Robert Fisher made his sales video sound so vague with regards to the content of his offer, perhaps that’s his own way of gaining your attention. He actually mentioned something about a $177 Billion Dollar Company, as you can see in the image below:




Perhaps you had already guessed right. The $177 Billion Company he’s referring to above is Amazon. That’s it, nothing you’ve never heard of before. So basically, Fisher will be teaching you how to partner with Amazon and sell products there.









The initial price of the product is $37 with three different upsells:

  • Upsell No 1: Smart Cash App 2.0 ($197) ==> Turbocharged earnings, boost income, cut learning curve;
  • UPsell No 2: Smart Cash Pro ($177). ==> Earn up to ?$10,000/day;?
  • UPsell No 3: Smart Cash Social ($97). ==> Earn up to ?$100,000/day.?







1.3Training Resources Offered By Smart Cash App


This is what you get for your $37:




As you can see from the image above, there are 2 sections with the initial package, each of them covering several various topics as presented as follows:


Smart Cash App1.0:
  • Lesson 1: Smart Cash App Method;
  • Lesson 2: Smart Cash App Cheat Sheet;
  • Lesson 3: Smart Cash App Mind Map;
  • Lesson 4: Smart Cash App Resource Report
  • Lesson 5: Sales Pages And Thank You Page
  • Lesson 6: Smart Cash App Sales Video
  • Lesson 7: Smart Cash App Legal Pages
  • Lesson 8: Smart Cash App Graphics
  • Lesson 9: Smart Cash App Banners
  • Lesson 10: Smart Cash App Email Templates
  • Lesson 11: Smart Cash App eCovers
  • Lesson 12: Smart Cash App Social Media Pack


Overall, here you will learn about being an Amazon affiliate, and how to find products with Amazon, how to get your Amazon links, etc.


Smart Cash App CPA:
  • Lesson 1: Smart Cash CPA
  • Lesson 2: Smart Cash CPA Advanced


Will not go into the details of what the upsells have to offer. But one thing you should retain is that all their upsells courses have videos included.







It’s time to carry out a comprehensive smart Cash App Review, through evaluating the PROS and the CONS of the Smart Cash App.




2.1?PROS Of Smart Cash App?


1 ?Available Training Resources?

Quite much has been covered on the sales of Amazon products, with respect to the other Clickbank products I’ve had to review. This is a big plus


2 ?Support Is Available?

He provides a contact email address to reach him if you have any difficulties. I have no idea how long it will take for him to respond. But making a contact address available is a good gesture. And be sure to try contacting him during your money back guarantee period to test his responsiveness.


3 ?60 Day Money Back Guarantee?

This is a great asset for you, as it gives you the opportunity to test drive before you make any long-term commitment.






2.2?CONS Of Smart Cash App?



1 ?Very Vague Sales Video?

The content was so vague that in order to have an idea about what he’s up to, you have to sign up. This approach is very lame as the experienced marketers who are already family with hype claims would just click away.





2 ?Unanswered questions with respect to some of his sales pitches?



I’ve still not been able to figure out what errors Amazon has committed that Fisher would be taking advantage of. He has actually not made any clarifications on the errors made by Amazon that he is currently exploiting.

A very misleading sales pitch.





3 ?No Videos Included In The Initial Package?

Fisher has made the initial package very limited in key training resources such as videos. Only eBooks are available here and if you want to enjoy the luxury of using videos in the learning process, then you would be compelled to upgrade since a lot of videos have been included in the upsells courses.





4 ?Too Many Upsells?

The initial offer appears to be very cheap but once you are in, you tend to realize that the most interesting stuff has been treated as upsell, thereby compelling you to upgrade up to 3 times if you want to benefit from the full potential that this Smart Cash App offers.

This could quickly add up and become very costly, as you would need to budget for about $508!





5. ?No community?

This feature that allows members to interact with each other is completely absent. I wonder how many members are even taking this course that would require a community. Anyway, he provided his email address, but that would not be enough since he would not be available all round the clock.





6. ?No Additional Tools?

It’s a good thing that training is available, but the tools to help you sell on Amazon are not included, even with the upsells. For the newbies, in order to sell products on Amazon, you would need websites, hosting and a domain name. You cannot do without them and you would have to budget extra for those.

That’s not all. You equally need a keyword tool to be able to identify the right audience that will surely buy the products you want to promote. Smart Cash App does not offer them meaning you would have to be prepared to pay extra. And how much would that be?

For a reliable WordPress hosting package, which includes security, SSL Certificates, domain registry, domain privacy, etc, your yearly budget should be around $359 per year. A keyword tool would cost about that same amount per year as well.


So if you must use Fisher’s training, your expenditures would look like this:

==> Complete Training Package $508

==> Reliable WordPress Hosting $359

==> Reliable Keyword Tool $359


Total Estimated Budget If You Use Fisher’s Training: $1,226



Why not use an all-inclusive training platform that offers all the resources: websites, hosting, keyword tool, training to help you sell products on Amazon, WooCommerce training, community, 1-on-1 mentoring on a daily basis, the possibility to contact the owners, your private blogging space, and so much more for just $29.9/month? And the good news is that you don’t even need to pay before you check it out. It’s absolutely free to join:







7? No live classes.?

There is no guarantee that you will always have updated courses as this platform does not offer live classes. So there is a high probability that the videos included in the upsells packages are already outdated!





8 ?Too Many Hypes!!!!?



All these statements you see above were captured from Fisher’s sales video, and are excellent examples of what scammers make when they are trying to sell a low-quality product.

The hypes were just so many and these were obtained just from the introductory section of his sales video.





9 ?No Success Stories With This Training Program?

Guess what, Fisher didn’t include any success stories with this program, not even his. So what does he expect prospects to make from his program? The only conclusion would be that it’s not effective.

I mean, before you want to launch a product on Clickbank, is there not always a testing phase to ensure that the product will be successful? Well, I seriously doubt if this particular course can deliver.


Here are similar programs to avoid, which happen to be far worse than the Smart Cash App:

==> AZ Sniper

==> Five Minutes Profit Sites

==> CB Passive Income System

==> Here Is Your List Of Work Home Scams To Avoid At All Cost





10 ?Who Is The Real Owner??

The very fact that Fisher does not show himself in this video only raises more doubts. Is his real name ”Fisher”? Why is he hiding behind the video? Why should I pay money to someone I don’t know? What is he hiding?

This is not being professional at all. The real people show themselves, like John Crestani, and you have the possibility of reaching them out one on one. They don’t have anything to hide.










Making up to $1,595 per day with Smart Cash App? This hype was just too much.

This program lacks a lot of resources to get you to that level. And they make it sound so easy. If ever you can make that much per day, it most probably will not happen within your first year online, or even the second or third.

Do I recommend Smart cash App? Absolutely not. They provide relatively more training resources compared to other Clickbank products, but they still have so much work to upgrade their training platform, to one which is capable of making their students earn the amount which they claim.


If you want to take your affiliate marketing skills to the next level, not only with Amazon but with Clickbank and all other affiliate marketing networks, then I have only one recommendation for you.





I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Smart Cash App Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

Smart Cash App

$37 + UPSELLS!

Overall Performance


8 thoughts on “Smart Cash App Review?⏩- Can You Make Up To $1,595/DAY? – What $177 Billion Company?⏪?”

  1. Hi and thanks for the review of yet another over hyped marketing platform. I know that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. You are very fair in your analysis and I agree that the Wealthy Affiliate platform just cannot be beaten on value for what the offer you. Thanks 

  2. Smart cash app looks like another scam miles away.All I see here are dollars numbers and they’re not for the folks who join!

    If these programs were for real, they would talk about what you woud get for almost no money upfront.I’ve been through scams like Smart Cash app and these scammers are the only ones making money from the suckers who take the bait.

    I don’t know how people can live with themselves trying to pull off these scams.This is just another bait and hook scam.Nothing stated here is realistic except for the fact that it’s trash!

    1. That’s the point Rob. All they sell are promises, and absolutely nothing about the program itself. You would have to pay before you discover what they meant.

      They will also make it sound like they have discovered something that no one else, only to sign up and realize that they are talking about Amazon! LOL. How embarrassing can this be?

      Anyway, thanks to the 60 day money back guarantee, you are sure to have your money back. Well they provided some training resources on the inside. I will give them some credit for that, which is a rating of 30%

  3. Hey Stunning Bell. Thank you for exposing another big scam. I keep wondering how these scammers feel when they rip people off of their money. We all know that it is not easy to make ₦1,595 per day as a beginner (even Experts do not make money that way). I keep and will continue to say, “Making money online takes time and a lot of hard work”. Moreover one would spend so much on this course and get very low quality training.

    1. The main issue here is the extremely low quality of the course. Everyone is looking for shortcuts to make money online.

      It’s really sad. Thank you very much for you comment

  4. There are just so much of these online it’s really hard to keep up. It’s a miracle that I was able to find the right platform to involve myself in. One has to be really careful on how to operate online because a lot of people are looking for quick money these days which is why you see so many scams online.

    Why are people so afraid to put in the work and time to create an online business or asset. Why the rush. I advice everyone reading this that before you join any program please try and make sure you do a proper research so you will not be deceived and lose your hard earned money.

    1. Hello Jay,

      You really got lucky to have found the right platform to get started, so was I.

      You are absolutely correct. People want quick money, and the industry for getting rich quick is spreading like wild fire.

      Thanks for your comment

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