MYTRAFFICJACKER Review?Revealing 05+ Facts?Not Being Disclosed Upfront To Newbies.

MYTRAFFICJACKER Review Revealing 05+ Facts Not Being Disclosed Upfront To Newbies.


?‍♀️Hi. Welcome to MyTrafficJacker Review.

Here we are talking about another new hack to access free and laser targeted traffic, which you can redirect to just anywhere and anything online to make money. Well, the good news this time around, is that the use of the word ”hack” here is in the positive sense, and hence, the business model surrounding MyTrafficJacker is 100% legal. So what’s the big deal? You know, I love to research new opportunities to take advantage of them myself. I totally get it. Not everyone likes to get into the knitty gritty because it’s time-consuming and sometimes difficult. But I love every bit of this process, simply because I get to discover facts which allow me to objectively review a product, without ever having to waste my money to purchase it. So if you are here because you wish to find out if using MyTrafficJacker is safe, profitable, worth it, etc… or not, then you have come to the right place. Get right into things now and check out MYTRAFFICJACKER Review Revealing 05+ Facts Not Being Disclosed Upfront To Newbies!



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Product Price $27-$67
Product Owner Joshua Zamora
Launch Date April 18th 2019
Category Traffic App
Overall Score






This MyTrafficJacker review was written specifically with the interest of the newbie in mind. And having analyzed and disclosed relevant facts uncovered following my detailed research online about purchasing expired domains, I can confidently conclude that:




Read on to learn more about what MYTRAFFICJACKER really is.






Yes, it is absolutely possible to make some money online with the solution MyTrafficJacker is offering, but the main problem here is that: ‘

Will it be friendly for newbies?

You can clearly see a list of the different possible ways on the sales page, with which you can benefit from MyTrafficJacker, but make no mistake, that when it comes down to practically implementing these solutions, most of them are not as easy as they appear.

That’s not all. Quite a lot has been omitted when it comes to actually using this solution for optimum performance and safety. And as a complete newbie, you will land into serious troubles if you don’t take appropriate security measures yourself, which, unfortunately, have not been disclosed by MyTrafficJacker upfront!

This solution appears to be one for experienced marketers to diversify their sources of income, but the thing is most of them will equally face some challenges that I will be disclosing further down.

Let’s start by taking a look at what MyTrafficJacker is and how it works.





1.0What MyTrafficJacker Is And How It Works✌

MyTrafficJacker is a web App, that will help you search, identify and buy expired domains on both YouTube and Wikipedia which are still receiving traffic from those respective platforms.

Here is what happens. Once a domain expires, that domain is listed up for sale but even when that happens, visitors still continue to visit it, even though they will be welcomed by an empty page. That traffic literally hits a dead end and wastes away.

Well, don’t go looking for those expired domains manually because you could lose your mind in the process.? This is where MyTrafficJacker actually comes in. It helps you identify those expired domains automatically and even goes further to give you the possibility to buy these domains right from inside the members’ area with GoDaddy.

Here are some products I recently reviewed related to acquiring free traffic rather ”quickly”:

Pretty cool business model. Where then did everything go wrong? More on this in just in second. Let’s, first of all, have a look at inside the members’ area of MyTrafficJacker to understand how to get started with it.






a. Getting Started With MyTrafficJacker

Check out the MyTrafficJacker demo video below:



Such a great and extensive review of how the member’s area looks like and how it works. It’s time to check out the respective prices of MyTrafficJacker.







b. Prices And Components Of MyTrafficJacker Front End Package And OTOs!

Check out the image below to see how the prices have been distributed across the various front end and upsell packages:


Components Of Front End Package:

  • Access to MTJ platform to find expired domains on YouTube and Wikipedia
  • Buy these domains from either Godaddy or from Namecheap


OTO 1: MTJ Case Studies:

  • You get to access case studies on how to find and monetize expired domains;


OTO 2: MTJ Elite:

  • You get to access the Ocean Search Feature, which will help you to find videos having a particular domain you are interested in;
  • You also get to access a domain reminder feature that will inform you of the availability of newly expired domains


OTO 3: MTJ + Syndlab + Syndbuddy:

  • This upsell will help you boost your newly acquired domain through social media sharing.


OTO 4: MTJ Sub Jackers:

  • Here you get VA/Subacess so that you can delegate the hijacking of domains to your assistants.





1.1?PROS Of MyTrafficJacker?


The advantages are many, and they have even been highlighted on the main sales page. You can literally transform that wasted traffic into some lucrative source of income. Some of the strategies include the following:

  • Direct Link affiliate marketing;
  • Direct product marketing
  • List building…

Yes, and if you check out the sales page, you will find more relevant information on this. You should also understand that the strategies already presented are not exhaustive, meaning if you go online to search for additional ways to monetize traffic from expired domains, you will find a ton of resources.

But how will this benefit you the newbie? If you are coming online for the first time, will MyTrafficJacker be convenient enough for you as someone with very little knowledge about how to make money online?

Go to the next section to check out some 05+ Facts Not Being Disclosed Upfront To You As A Newbie.







1.2?MYTRAFFICJACKER Review Revealing 05+ Facts Not Being Disclosed Upfront To Newbies.?


Since there are more than 10 ways to make use of expired domains, this MyTrafficJacker review will focus only on the 10 strategies highlighted, and how desperate your attempts could be when trying to implement the various strategies in question, in the capacity of a novice online.

Read on.



1?Direct-Link Affiliate Marketing?

Here are the challenges you will face with the implementation of this strategy as a complete newbie online:

  • Chances are that it’s the first time you are hearing about Affiliate Marketing, meaning you would need to invest in separate resources to understand better what this is all about before even embarking on it;
  • Even if you have an idea about Affiliate Marketing, how will you proceed to direct-link affiliate marketing without no knowledge of how to select the products you want to promote, as well as where to find them? Well, unless you want to practice what I personally refer to as ”blind affiliate marketing”, whereby you pay very little attention to the products you want to associate with, there is actually no help here to guide through selecting the most appropriate products to affiliate with and make commissions. This takes us to the next point.
  • There are more scams out there than there are genuine offers. Without sufficient knowledge on how to make the difference, you can start off promoting offers which are definitely not worth it. The end result is no value added for both you and the customers.

So as a complete newbie without any knowledge in affiliate marketing, I wonder how MyTrafficJacker will help you if you don’t invest further to learn all there is to know about this strategy.



2?Direct-Link Product Marketing ?

This is yet another strategy whose implementation is nothing short of a mystery for a complete newbie.

First of all, I cannot recommend that you start an online business by creating your own product unless you are a programmer by profession and that you have the relevant technology and tools to make this happen.

If you know nothing about designing and building a new product from scratch, then stop wasting time reading this point and move to the next already.

This Direct-Link Product Marketing is meant for those who already have a product up and available to the entire internet for sales. The traffic derived from the expired domains they purchase can be redirected to their offers, and sales can be made possible, provided the domain purchased is intricately related to the product offer.




3?Massive List Building Profits ?

This strategy is all about building email lists and monetizing it afterward whenever wanted.

Building an email list should normally respect the following procedure:

  • You identify a particular niche you want to take advantage of and make money;
  • You build a website about that niche and provide solutions related to that niche. When you continue to provide solutions, you start building your authority online, and above all, you attract the right audience who learn to trust you.
  • This laser targetted traffic will start flowing consistently to your website once they discover that you always have relevant content. It’s at this stage that you start thinking of creating an email list.

That process takes a reasonable amount of time, from creating your niche website to acquiring that authority which results in traffic. During that period of time, your traffic consistently increases because you start to receive repeat visitors, who return to your website mainly because of the trust they have gradually built in you.

So when you set up an email list, they will happily join and eagerly look forward to more content and offers from you. And having taken time to build that traffic, you will certainly have a personal relationship with them, and be able to convert them without so much effort.

It’s very obvious you can quickly build an email list with the traffic flowing from expired domains, but here are the challenges you will face as a newbie:

  • No relation exists with your new subscribers, meaning your conversion rates will be much lower;
  • Since you haven’t put in any efforts to build that list, chances are that you might abuse its use, and end up having all your emails being sent to spam;
  • Be prepared to budget extra to learn how to manage your lists;
  • Prepare another extra budget for relevant list building tools;

None of this extra help will be offered by MyTrafficJacker, so get ready to do some extra digging if you ever decide to make money online for the first time with this solution




4?Passive Adsense Profits ?

This strategy requires that you have a site all set up. But here are some more challenges you need to consider:

  • What the heck do you know about creating a website as a newbie? What will it be about? What type of content will you create to drive that traffic from an expired domain to start making some Adsense revenue?
  • Do you even know that not all websites are approved for Adsense? Of course, you don’t, because I just told you. So you need to understand how AdSense works before you even go hunting for expired domains.
  • Here is another reason why you need to know what you are about to create your site for. If you create a site on dogs for instance and start sending traffic to it from a traveling expired domain, then don’t expect to get any results in terms of making that money!
  • Prepare an extra budget for hosting services, besides the one you pay for MyTrafficJacker if you have to create a new site.

MyTrafficJacker encourages you to go after the traffic, before even understanding the fundamentals of the money-making process, which unfortunately has traffic dealt with only at the end of the chain.

So if this is your first time trying to make money online, you will learn absolutely nothing here about building a sustainable business online, to generate that sustainable and passive income that we all long for online.

MyTrafficJacker is not a business in a box, but a solution that has an appearance of the ”long-awaited shortcut” to online profits. Experience marketer could try it out and if it doesn’t work, they have nothing to lose because they have their main business on the side to fall back on.

And you, what will you do when MyTrafficJacker turns out to be a total disaster?







5?Simple Domain Flipping And Building A Powerhouse Private Blog Network ?

I will discuss these two as one because they both have similar challenges to deal with.

Flipping Domains

Flipping domains simply means buying expired domains and listing them up for sale again. Here are some specific challenges which are specific to domain flipping:

  • Before MyTrafficJacker was even created, I need you to understand that there have already been insanely advanced and efficient systems out there, set up and monitored closely on a continuous basis, by advanced programmers in this domain. These advanced systems immediately grab those high-quality expired domains as soon as they become available, from thousands of sources online, not only from YouTube and Wikipedia. Besides, irrespective of the source, all expired domains get listed on one and the same platforms. So these advanced systems target the entire internet as a whole, and get their hands on great high authority domains, before anybody else. How do I know this? You can check out this case study about the use of expired domains HERE:

So there is an insanely high probability that MyTrafficJacker has only scraps for you to scramble for. While it might not be the case, you should seriously consider this fact


Private Blog Network

This strategy also assumes that you already have a niche website running and waiting to rank, which as a newbie, you certainly do not have.


General Points To Consider With Flipping Domains And Private Blog Network

These two strategies can only work, if the domains you find have some characteristics, which, unfortunately, MyTrafficJacker didn’t draw your attention to.

Here are some things you need to first control before you purchase an expired domain name:

  • Domain Authority/Page Authority;
  • Google ban with Google Ban Checker;
  • Google AdSense ban;
  • Website archive;
  • Chinese backlinks;
  • Spam and spam links;
  • Manual penalty;
  • Facebook ban;
  • Backlinks data


Etc, etc, etc…

So before you even start thinking of flipping domains or building a private blog network (pbn), there is a ton of work up front to make sure you will not get into trouble with these expired domains.

It’s only normal that MyTrafficJacker will keep these facts undisclosed to anyone unless you carry out due diligence to find out for yourself.






Out of the 10 strategies disclosed on the MyTrafficJacker sales page, I took a closer look at the first six, and realized that the only one which the newbie could even try to implement is the list building, provided that he/she is willing to learn more about building and managing lists.

The rest are time bombs just waiting to explode to release more frustration on the starter.

I didn’t even mention in my review above that ??some of the methods recommended are close to blackhat SEO technics and should be implemented with extreme care.??

I’m referring to the use of Private Blog Network and Your Authority Redirect Rankings. Not only should these methods be avoided completely altogether, but they will be insanely complex for the new online entrepreneur to even grasp.

Seriously, I’ve been online for about 2 years now, but I had a hard time trying to understand how I could safely implement authority redirects, while I was researching to write this article. This case study on the use of expired domains and SEO really opened my eyes to what it entails when you want to go down the road of buying expired domains and monetizing them. I will encourage you to read it in your free time, or when you are done with this article, and benefit from greater insights in this subject matter.

Take, for instance, ??redirecting expired domains is not as simple and straight forward as it appears to be??. Check out the image below on what an expert in this field had to say:


MYTRAFFICJACKER Review Revealing 05+ Facts Not Being Disclosed Upfront To Newbies.


I don’t know about you, but I love to keep things relatively simple when it comes to making money online. Why does it seem to me that only experts can make money with expired domains? Hmmm…

Perhaps you are an expert, but I’m not, as well as many others. Buying expired domain names, will never ever appear on my agenda.







Here is my take:




Here is a brief recap of why if you are a newbie, you will not succeed to make enough money buying expired domain names:

  • you have very little knowledge about affiliate marketing;
  • quite a lot of information relevant to purchasing expired domains has not been revealed upfront by MyTrafficJacker, such as checking the domain authority, page authority, manual penalties, Google Adsense bans, etc, etc…
  • To crown it all, it’s incredibly complicated to implement some of the strategies safely, such as the authority redirect. There are measures you need to take before you safely redirect any of the newly purchased domain names. If you are not willing to get into some technical details, then stay away from MyTrafficJacker at all cost.


It’s a noble move and quite courageous to decide to come online to search for opportunities that could make your life better financially, but if you make bad decisions, especially for the first time, then you would need strong will power and undeterred determination to rise up after falling.

⭐But there is really good news.⭐

You don’t have to fall at all if you get it right the very first time, and only 1 solution I’ve come across so far online, can give you the break you have been looking for when it comes to making money online USING ONLY WHITEHAT TECHNICS.

That said;

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of MyTrafficJacker Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


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