Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? ?13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!?

Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!


It remains a mystery that so many people still believe they can just accomplish a simple task online and start making millions of dollars. The new hype nowadays is this

”there is a lot of work involved in making money, but I will do the work for you. All you have to do is drive traffic to …”

Chances are that you have already come across this phrase, and if you have, know you are dealing with a potential scam. So Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? I’ve identified 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!


Name Description
Product Name: CB Passive Income Version 5.0
Product Price $47/mo or discounted $497/yr + 3 Upsells!
Product Owner Patric Chan
Official Site

This site is insecure. Information with respect to official site address has been included on the screenshot provided just below this table.

Training Getting Traffic
Best For Patric Chan Alone
Overall Score 1.5/10

    Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!


  Having thoroughly gone through this product, I was able to figure out this product is only serving Patric Chan’s interest of getting his website known out there. You actually pay to advertise his website and courses, yet he tries to convince you that the business is yours, when you practically cannot have access to the list of subscribers you brought in, unless you pay for an additional upsell. How can you ever believe that you own the business, when he pays for the hosting, domain name, creates content, and has total control over every aspect of the business, even the webpage you would be promoting? If you think it’s yours, please tell me which part of this business you can actually resell in the long run.

Because of these reasons, alongside other hype claims Patric has been making, as well as these 13 red flags I was able to uncover, the program is not something I would like to recommend to anyone, not while I’m still under the influence of my reliable reasoning faculties.

    Talking about building a business online, Patric says it’s insanely expensive and worth about $25 000, which he’s giving away for only $47/mo. Did you know that you can actually build that type of $25 000 worth business, for less than $30/mo with the right resources??? I’m talking about having access to your own websites, landing pages, hosting, unlimited step by step training resources, community. 1-on-1 coaching, keyword tool, and so much more, and YES!! FOR LESS THAN $30/MONTH!!!  



Patric claims that you can make money online, by simply cloning his exact web page, product promotion, email marketing, and everything else he has created. This is how he goes about it:  


1.1CB Passive Income Business Model

He claims to have developed software to make money online over the years and created many training courses as well. But instead of selling these resources, the software and training are given away for free via a secret webpage which he has created, and which is not available from any of his official websites   Interested parties would have to subscribe to receive the products, and by doing so, they become part of a mailing list. Patric will then continue to send them valuable training and updates.   But while sending these resources, Patric will also take advantage to promote affiliate programs, which can generate affiliate commissions. Other product recommendations will be sent through emails as well. And all these products will be coming from   He claims that Clickbank only approves legitimate products into their affiliate program marketplace, assuming to mean that all products on Clickbank are legitimate, and thus worth promoting to the valued subscribers, thereby adding value to subscribers.   BACK TO TOP


1.2Business Model In Action

If you want to make money with CB Passive income successfully, you would have to duplicate his system in exactly 3 steps:     Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!

      Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!   The software generates a unique link which is only available for you to use, that will send subscribes to the chosen ”secret web page” to get Patric’s software or course for free. Your main responsibility would be to promote this link.   Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? 13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!   Basically, the training teaches you how to get traffic from all kinds of methods including social media and paid Ads. You will be promoting on the internet, not emailing your friends. Your main task will be promoting your unique link, to drive traffic to your ”secret web page”. Once they subscribe, the system automatically takes over.   After they’ve subscribed, each time an email is sent to them from the CB Passive income system, it will have your affiliate link to the product that’s being promoted, so that you will be the one to earn the income related to commissions completely. PATRIC CLAIMS THAT HE WILL BE WORKING FOR YOU FOR FREE, i.e. create content for you, do all the marketing for you, and continue to think of ways on how you can make more money. He will continue to monetize your subscribers for you. He also claims that you will earn 100% of the commissions resulting from his promotion efforts.   BACK TO TOP

1.3Components of the CB Passive Income when You Purchase:

a. ✔Your own clone ”secret web page”.✔

A unique link will be created for you whereby your main task will be to promoting that link which will drive traffic to your ”secret web page”. All technicalities of the webpage including the hosting fee will be handled by the system, not you. They will equally continue to update your website on your behalf for optimized performance. Their backend system will track your commissions and leads generated. So that at any point in time, you can check the number of visitors to your website and how many subscribers you have in the system.

b. ✔Valuable products to give away.✔

They will periodically update and change the free gift as and when needed.

c. ✔An Income Stream From The System.✔

Patric will produce the content, research the good products, craft the marketing campaigns, promote the offers for you through the system. Your affiliate links will be automatically inserted inside the products recommended in the funnel dashboard, thus allowing you to create more passive income.

d. ✔A LIfe Time Commission.✔

When you drive traffic and bring in subscriptions, you will get a lifetime commission, on each product that is promoted to them, which they buy.     e. ✔A Solid Internet Business,✔ without the development cost of running a website.

f. ✔Access To Promotion Training Courses.✔

Since your main job would be to drive traffic, Patric provides step by step training on the inside to help you get paid and free traffic.   BACK TO TOP


1.4Some Popular Claims Made By Patric

  • This system is not MLM at all
  • This is not an internet marketing magic button
  • This is not affiliate marketing in action.
  • There are no other fees involved. You won’t be needing an autoresponder, hosting, etc, although those are optional add-ons.
  • You can also collect the subscribers’ email, because whenever you get a subscriber,  their emails will be recorded inside your back-end system, from where you can be able to retrieve all of the emails there. You can do anything you like with your own database. In other words, the subscribers belong to you.
  • They offer ongoing support
  • This system fits you well if you are a newbie looking to make some part-time income with affiliate marketing.




a. Inbox Pro Version

This feature gives you access to your list of subscribers, as your CB Passive Income account would be connected to your autoresponder. You are actually paying for the autoresponder. I don’t know if he will help you transfer your list of subscribers.

b. Mass Bot Profits:

An automated chatbox to promote digital products on Facebook Messenger. Provides an automated messenger/chatbot to be able to promote digital products on Facebook messenger.

c. Internet To Income Insider:

With this upsell, you can receive emails from Patric Chan about opportunities in the internet marketing world. If you have purchased the 5.0 version of the program, you can get this upsell for free. For the users who have bought a previous version, there is an extra cost.     BACK TO TOP



A great way to successfully present the CB Passive income review would be to analyze the PROS and the CONS of the CB Passive Income system:    


2.1PROS Of The CB Passive Income

a. ?Great Strategies For Creating An Email List?

He reveals excellent strategies for creating an email list and seriously, it’s only when I started reviewing this product that I truly understood the purpose of building an email list. Every blogger should have one, as you would be able to advertise digital products that can add value to the lives of your subscribers. And most digital products have awesome commissions rate such as 50%. Thanks, Patric Chan.

b. ?He’s Very Popular On Clickbank?

He was highly recommended by the Ex VP of Marketing at Clickbank, in the person of Corey Davis in his video:  

  Very impressive recommendation. He must have used the word ”awesome” at least 5 times! And since his program appears on Clickbank, it means it’s 100% legitimate.
c. ?60-Day Money Back Guarantee of 30 Days??

CB Passive income has a 60-day money back guarantee, but I need you to realize that once you purchase the product, your training will only start after 30 days, meaning you have only 30 days to check things out. This is the first time I come across such a condition online, where ?you would have to wait for 1 MONTH!!!? before having access to what you purchased!     BACK TO TOP


2.2??13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before Engaging!??

1. ?You Don’t Know How He Will Handle Your List Of Subscribers?

You have no idea how many times this guy will be sending emails to subscribers, or whether he sends them at all. And if he is aggressively sending them nonstop, not only will his web page be blacklisted, but your reputation online would go down the drain.

2. ?Clickbank Has A Lot Of Low-Quality Products?

He claims that only legitimate products are approved by Clickbank, I totally agree. But it’s no news today that the majority of products on Clickbank are just of mediocre and low quality. How would you know if he is promoting only the good ones? Just imagine if one of those products he’s promoting to your cherished subscribers has been identified online as a scam, this represents another opportunity for your reputation online to be questioned even further online.

3. ?How Long Did Corey Actually Know Patric Before Appearing In That Video??

Talking about the recommendation video above, just how long did Corey Davis know Patrick before deciding to feature in a YouTube video calling him ”awesome” several times? In his video, he mentioned that he had met Patric during the weekend. This implies that video was recorded less than a week after their first encounter. I wonder how much Corey knows about Patric’s internet marketing ethics before appearing in this video.

4. ?The Only Training You Get Is Learning How To Get Traffic?

CB Passive income is centered only around building email lists as the main internet marketing model. All he wants you to get, are the subscribers, with some training on getting traffic to his business. This training would be pretty basic.    

5. ?Patric Is Not Doing The Work For You Free As He Repeatedly Spelled It Out!?

I cannot count the number of times Patric mentioned that he’s working for you FOR FREE. Seriously? Let’s brainstorm about this for a second. He said he would create your content, monetize your links and all that stuff for free! Would you not be paying $47/month for your package? How can you be paying $47/month and he’s still claiming it’s free? $47/month is a lot of money promoting only a single web page.

6.? Is It Really 100% Commissions Of All Earnings??

Another hype was the 100% commissions he claimed you would earn for all his marketing efforts. I mean, how can this be possible? If he says you would make that much, then what does he get in return for all the marketing efforts he would be putting in if you get to receive all the income? Either this is too good to be true, or Patric is being totally dishonest here. Because I don’t see this happening at all. You cannot set up an online business and work for others. Your scam sensors should start being activated with this huge claims.

7. ?You Are Actually Paying To Promote’s Patric’s Website!?

Patric is really smart, and I will tell you why. He has used big words to justify the cost of your membership fees. He said he has taken care of the hosting, created highly converting ready to use web pages, you wouldn’t bother about creating content or courses because that has already been taken care of, no need to pay for domain names, or no need to get autoresponders. But guess what, you don’t need all those details because this business is actually his website.


Please reason with me here. When you create a website, you can build posts and pages especially if you are using WordPress. What Patric has done here is that he has created landing pages, and you are now paying $47/month to have access to only one of those pages within his website. And for less than that amount, it can cover an All Inclusive premium WordPress hosting with 25 premium websites, and so much more. Is this how you want to create your own business online? By promoting another person’s business?  

8. ?You Can Only Promote His Website And Nothing Else With His Program?

You cannot promote any other system with the package you get from here. You will be spending money and driving traffic only to promote a single web page.

9. ?30-Day Delay Before Training Starts?

Your training starts 30 days after joining? What for? He never explained why. With a money back guarantee period of 60 days, you literally have only 30 days to check things out.

10. ?The Business Is Not Yours.?

How can Patric claim that the business is yours when you have access only to a single webpage? He pays for the hosting, the domain name, autoresponders, etc, he practically takes care of everything. If you say you own this business, what part of it actually? It is not your website, and neither is it your system, and I even wonder if the subscribers you drive to these pages are yours, because you have to pay extra to claim your hard-earned subscribers. Another proof that this business is not yours is that you cannot sell it to anyone, nor do you have any control over it, not even control of the web page you are promoting. So which part of the business really belongs to you?  

11. ?No Community?

There is no forum or community here because you don’t need one. A platform that offers quality Affiliate Marketing training will always find a way of creating a highly interactive community.

12. ?Did Patric Say You Have Access To Your List Of Subscribers??

?He actually lied.? What he meant was that, if you want to access your list of subscribers, you would have to upgrade to Inbox Pro Version. So if you are an experienced marketer, having an independent list of subscribers that you already manage with your own autoresponder, this upgrade could be very annoying. Newbies would not understand what this means, and so they wouldn’t bother one bit.

13. ?What Is The Use Of The ”Internet To Income Insider” Upsell??

With this package, you get to receive news from Patric about internet marketing opportunities. Seriously, with all the information available on Search engines such Google, Bing, Yahoo, Clickbank, and other platforms out there, why on earth would I need to pay someone to send emails to my inbox? So you actually pay him so that he can collect your email for updates! This is one of the most ridiculous upsells I’ve come across online.   BACK TO TOP






The CB Passive Income is 100% legitimate, but the business model surrounding the entire system is very sneaky. The risk of this product of being a scam is extraordinarily high, and for this reason, I will not recommend it to anyone, be it a newbie or an experienced marketer. Total waste of resources on something you will never ever possess, and the most annoying part of it all, is that he’s trying to convince you that the business is yours. Wait until you have a legal dispute, and see whether his claims about the business belonging to you will help.

What proof will you offer to show that the business is yours? The domain name is under him, as well as hosting and everything else. Be wise.   If you want to build a sustainable business online, one that you call your own, and legitimately own for legal purposes, for far less than $47/mo, which will grant you access to free websites, free hosting, free training to build, free online business tools such keyword research, updated live classes every week, free trial without credit card, free account for life, and so much that I cannot list them all here,




I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my CB Passive Income Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



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12 thoughts on “Is The CB Passive Income A Scam? ?13 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Engage!?”

  1. I absolutely agree with this article! Why would you help someone else make money through ClickBank when you can simply do it on your own? Sure, it will take some more time and effort, but in the end, the rewards are going to be 100 fold. The fact that you have to pay extra for him to give you the subscribers YOU worked for it also ridiculous. It would be much smarter to build your own website and go from there. 

    1. Hey Ashley,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I found that aspect very ridiculous as well, upgrading with an upsell to retrieve my hard earned subscribers. Why not just build your own website as you rightly put it?

      Great question which answers all the puzzles. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  2. Wow!!  This CB Passive Income sounds like a Ponzi scheme!  Thank you for posting all of this information.  You’ve clearly done a bit of research on this site.  I don’t have much experience with this, but I am more skeptical than most.

    You state several times that this is barely legitimate, but point out several inconsistencies with the product.  I am really astounded at Click Bank.

    1. I know right?

      One really needs to be careful online. I’m glad you found this review useful. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Awesome review!

    First of all thank you for putting in a lot of work into this. It is really valuable and ANYONE even considering CB Passive income MUST read this first. It is also a good read for anyone else looking to get into internet marketing as it really shows you that not everyone out there saying they are trying to help you, are actually helping you.

    In this case it really seems like CB Passive income is not exactly out there to help others. It is unfortunate that sites like this exist and even worse that they hook people in with false promises.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hello Tim,

      Thanks a lot for your positive comment.

      In fact the number of scams out there far outnumbers legitimate programs that exist online. You turn around every corner, you stumble upon only the same lies, which inexperienced marketers will take it as the truth.

      Their business model is will not help anyone that much. Thanks for the time taken to comment on this. I appreciate it.

  4. I know nothing, or so little, about how these guys run their business. If what you’re saying here is true, then they must be very smart to make that much of money and, much importantly, reputable website. I, myself, was considering joining them, and read and browsed a lot about them, but it was a bit expensive at the time to join them. Thank god I didn’t. 

    Thanks for sharing your red flags !

  5. The clone website sounds like it has duplicate content with other websites, so it wouldn’t do very well in the search engines. And $500 per year is a lot to spend on what looks like a shady money making opportunity. They’re not very clear on exactly what Clickbank products they’d be promoting by email. Although I bought some good cookbooks on Clickbank, there are a lot of get rich quick offers on there.  

    1. Hello Pascal,

      Thanks for your comment. You were lucky about the cookbooks, that’s why it’s always recommended to buy from the people you trust.

      These copy and paste websites will definitely not do well with search engines, because the same information will be given to many others. That’s why the owners of this platform will focus only on paid ads to drive traffic.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Barakat Olatunji

    The CB passive income is not a scam,because its has been stated several times that it is a barely legitimate affiliate marketing .But am confuse with this question that, how could you help someone else make money through Click Bank?

    Also,someone has to be careful online because there are many scam business online.  

    1. Hello Barakat,

      This program is close to a scam, make no mistake. Any program that tells lies upfront is hiding something, and don’t use your feelings and emotions and try to play soft.

      You rightly said that one has to be careful, and being careful means being very objective and quick to detect programs that will not be able to deliver their promises.

      Be safe online and thanks for your comment.

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