Is The AZ Formula Scam??Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY? Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You Upfront In This AZ Formula Review?

Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?


AZ Formula is a Clickbank product that claims to have a secret and autopilot system that can make you earn as much as $2,000/day. If you are reading this post, then congratulations for taking moves to verify whether their claims are accurate or misleading. Since these claims are often made by programs which simply don’t deliver, we are now compelled to ask the following questions about AZ Formula: Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?

Continue reading to discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You Upfront In This AZ Formula Review.




Name Description
Product Name: AZ Formula
Product Price $37 + UPSELLS
Product Owner An Imaginary Figure, Steven Cook. The Real Owner Is Not Known
Best For Only The Owner!
Overall Score 2.5/10







Here is the thing about AZ Formula: You get some eBooks on how to partner with Amazon and grab your affiliate links. eBooks also teach you how to identify hot niches with Amazon, and also recommend the best hosting and keyword tools.

But you need to understand that if you purchase this program, you would have to pay extra for hosting, keyword tools, additional themes if the available one does not suit your taste, etc.

I also realized that the training resources provided here can be obtained free online. This is for real. The relevant links have been included in my review. To make it even worse, ”Steven Cook” used fake testimonials to prove that his system works. I could go further. He said his system is autopilot and automatic, but assimilating information from 2 40-pages long eBooks is not anywhere near being an automatic system. With AZ Formula, you would need to work 10x harder MANUALLY, than you would with any other training platform.

Too many hypes and misleading statements. I will not recommend AZ Formula for these 7 reasons which have been explained in details further down this article. AZ Formula is trying to mislead you to understand that making money online is easy and automatic but included no software to automate the process.


If you wish to make money online, you need comprehensive and updated training, websites to get you started while you learn, hosting and technical support to help with any technical issues, community to lean on, keyword tools to help with your posts, and so much more. Only one recommendation fits this description and much more:
















AZ Formula is a Clickbank product, and if you decide to purchase it with the hopes of making money online, then this is what you get with your $37 package:


⏩Support through email;

The AZ Formula Affiliate Theme plus some tutorials to set it up, about 7 of them;

The AZ Formula Main Guide, an eBook, where you learn how to identify hot selling niche sites on Amazon which you can take advantage of, how to do keyword research, and they went further to recommend keywords tools such as SEMRush, LongTailPro, Ahrefs,  etc, most probably affiliate links. Information on how to choose a domain name, how to choose a good web host, and they recommended InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, MDDHosting as the best hosts (most probably affiliate links as well), optimizing your WordPress websites, basic plugins you should install, content strategies

⏩A 48-page long ebook, The Amazon Affiliate Blueprint,  on how to set up your account and promote products on Amazon.



Those are the components of your one time $37 payment.






Now we proceed to carryout a comprehensive AZ Formula Review by taking a look at their PROS and CONS.



1.1PROS Of AZ Formula



A handful is available:


?60-day money back guarantee;

?Support is available. You can contact them and get feedback;

?You are given a free theme for your website, the AZ Formula Affiliate Theme. Tutorials videos on how to set it up have also been provided to help you get started with the Theme;

?Excellent information is included in the AZ Formula Main Guide, ranging from finding keywords for your websites to selling your websites if you feel you are done with them. Very extensive, comprehensive and explicit. A lot has been covered here, which would be very useful for anyone starting affiliate marketing for the very first time.





1.2CONS Of AZ Formula – Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You Upfront In This AZ Formula Review




1 ?Fake Testimony From ”James”?

”James” is a very popular actor that has featured in many product testimonials. The first time I came across ”James”’ was when I reviewed AZ Sniper, where he posed as one of the successful users of AZ Sniper.

Now he’s featuring here as a ”James”. Check out the image below:



Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?


James has supposedly made thousands of dollars with this program, just as he did with AZ Sniper, where he testified and lied about making at least $1,500 on a daily basis.

Why would you want to trust a platform that uses fake testimonials?

Here are other similar programs you cannot trust at all:

==>  Viral Cash App

==> Daily Cash Siphon

==> Appcoiner

==> Here Is A List Of All Work Home Scams To Avoid








2.  ?Fake Sense Of Scarcity Created Throughout The video?


Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?


Don’t be frightened by all these statements the owner is making, because ”Steven Cook’s” main objective here is to create a false sense of scarcity. This program has been up and running for a reasonable period of time now. So it will not suddenly disappear because of you, and if it does, then know that they have just done you a great pleasure. The internet would be free of one mediocre training platform.









3.  ?Done For You System? Where Is The Automated System??


Steven Cook made a ton of statements about how ?Done For You and automated? his package would be, making it easy for you to start earning up to $2.000/DAY with just about 15 minutes of work every day?

Take a look at some of the statements he made in his sales video:


Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?


The components of this package were listed at the beginning of this blog, and we are talking about 2 long eBooks of at least 45 pages long that you would have to read. Now let me ask you a question:













4.  ?Did he say You Only Get To Pay Once? He Lied!!!?


There are upsells waiting for you on the inside immediately you sign up after making the first installment. In fact, by the time you make the initial payment of $37, you are immediately welcomed by the first upsell. Check out the image below:



Actually, you don’t get anything for making the $37 payment, but a request to pay an additional $197 to upgrade. And if you decide not to make the payment, then another window pops up offering you a $100 discount off the $197! Meaning you have the opportunity to pay only $97! Imagine if you were successfully manipulated to pay $197 upfront?

This is not a cool strategy.







5.  ?Steven Cook Does Not Exist?


AZ Formula disclaimer clearly indicates that the name ”Steven Cook” is not real. Take a look:


Is The AZ Formula Scam? Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY?


Why hide your real identity if you know your program is great??? Hmmmm









6.  ?You Need To Budget Extra?


Steven Cook did not tell you in his video that you would need to budget extra for additional services such as web hosting, keyword research tools, etc. You cannot promote products on Amazon without a website and the ability to find niche related highly relevant keywords.

However, he included some recommended services that could help you, but be prepared to pay extra for these services. But what you should be expecting to spend on a yearly basis for this additional services should be at least $500/Year.

Do you now see how ?$37 has suddenly escalated to $500?? There’s is just no way you can start making money online with only $37. My best suggestion for you would be to choose a platform that teaches you how to sell products on Amazon, and any other products online you wish to affiliate with and promote. An all in one inclusive platform where everything has been taken care of such as websites, hosting, keyword tools, community and everything you need to start and grow without having to look anywhere else for extra services.

And the good thing is you don’t provide your credit card details to visit the training platform, unlike 99% of the programs out there.











7.  ?No Training Videos Available?


No videos available to accompany the eBooks, no in-house community, only 1 free theme is available for everyone, and to make it worse, the eBook AZ Formula Main Guide can actually be found online for free at THIS LINK. So why pay $37 for resources you can actually find online for free?

It turns out that AZ Formula will not be adding much value to your online efforts to build a sustainable business online.










Let us recall some facts:

  • AZ Formula offer resources that could be found online for free;
  • Fake testimonials are used in the sales videos, and proof has been included in the content of this article;
  • Steven Cook as a person does not exist.
  • Their system is not autopilot as claimed in their sales video. You must even work 10x harder to see any results with their Formula. No such thing as one click here, nothing is automated. The training is even so primitive that no videos have been included to accompany the available eBooks.


AZ Formula is very close to a scam. That’s not all. The training environment will not help you to earn up to $2,000/day.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my AZ Formula Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$37 + UPSELLS!

Overall Performance


18 thoughts on “Is The AZ Formula Scam??Could You Earn Up To $2,000/DAY? Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You Upfront In This AZ Formula Review?”

  1. You are doing a good job bringing to light the activities of these people trying to take people’s hard earned money. It’s really sad that people like this actually exist. They are so much out there that you have to wonder where on earth are they coming from and having these sought of ideas to rid people of their money.

    The funny thing is that a lot of people fall for these scams because they probably did not do enough research on the product before purchasing it.

    Thank you for exposing this and bringing to light their wrong deeds.

    1. I agree with you Jay.

      Many people buy on impulse. They don’t take the time to do their research and the consequences are obvious indeed.

      Thank you very much for taking the time and commenting. It’s my intention to expose as many of them as possible. Thank you too for your kind words.

  2. The only people who hide things are people that have things to hide.

    A worthwhile program does not have to depend on fancy marketing ploys, and empty promises, and exaggerated claims. If someone is promising automation, passive income, lots of up sells, buyer beware.

    What program would you recommend for someone who wants to get into the online business?

    1. Absolutely Mitchguy,

      The only people who hide things are really people that have something to hide.

      As concerns the program to recommend, there are no two choices: Wealthy Affiliate is the one bus stop that will get you there. All you would have to do is take advantage of the resources: topnotch comprehensive and updated training, websites, community, keyword tool, with at least 15+ other benefits that I cannot list them all here.

      When you work the tools they have to offer, then the tools will work for you. 

      Thank you very much for your comment Mitchguy.

  3. What a great in depth review of a system that obviously does not live up to the hype! I hate anything that has upsells to them,at one point I used to fall for that myself and wasted hundreds of dollars for nothing. I am glad to see you are warning people. You did mention that the original ebooks that you get for $37 does have some good information in them . Would I be able to pay the $37 read the ebook and then get a refund perhaps? 

    1. Hello Cathy,

      That totally depends on you. If you are a fast reader, I’m sure you can. I don’t know if you can download them, but for any newbie online, it’s going to take many months for them to grasp the concepts inside.

      I guess you must advance valid reasons for wanting to request a refund, so getting inside to grasp the information on the eBooks, and then request a refund, is not really a smart move, according to me. I usually don’t encourage any act related to playing any particular system. Doesn’t really sound ethical to me.

      Well that’s my point of view. Thanks for your comment

  4. Hey there,

    I think we are lucky enough that we got WA platform which teaches us how to build our online business in a legit and honest way.  It never claims like this programe which claims to earn $2000 per day, by completing this progame.

    AZ formula is available for $37 + up sells, without any proper training on affiliate marketing.  Without proper training it is impossible to earn above mentioned money.

    thanks for providing an honest review.

    1. Hi,

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the one bus stop with the training and tools needed  to learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing, and start making money in the process. And with everything they offer their members, they still don’t make such blatant claims of making thousands of dollars per day. I really love the ethics the owners of this platform have created and upheld up to this present day.

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Very much appreciated.

  5. Oh my goodness this platform is a worry, thank you for alerting people to its authenticity. The more people that read your blog the better. There are so many scammers out there, it can make it really hard trying to find the right affiliate marketing platform!

    We need sites like this to steer us clear of the dodgy ones, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much Terri for you kind words. If I can help only a few people, then all my reviews would have been worth it.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  6. We need more reviews like this one because when people start searching online.  wanting make money  online.It is easy to get caught  up in the hype that promises that you  will make unheard of fortunes by purchasing the AZ Formua.

    Thanks for this review very helpful on what not to do

  7. Thanks very much for this warning. AZ Formula most certainly does sound like a scam and for the owner to have to lie about his name is not a good sign. 

    I will most certainly make sure that I give them a wide berth and warn anyone else to stay away if I hear them speaking about AZ Formula. 

    1. Thank you very much Cheryl,

      If we could warn as many people, then the better for everyone concerned.

      I really appreciate your comment. Thanks a lot

  8. Hello there. Thank you for sharing your review the AZ Formula. Sincerely speaking, it’s not very easy (I mean it’s not child’s play) to earn such huge amount of money ($2,000) per day especially as a beginner. It is even rare for most experts to make such amount of money daily. Therefore, AZ Formula is misleading. I wonder why they keep using fake actors and lying about shutting down the video or Website or even the offer. Finally, I think this product will not offer quality content. Finally, I totally hate upsells.

    1. There’s no way you could make that much. The supper affiliates that I know, took at least 2 years to reach an all time high record breaking monthly income of $5000, not $2000/day. So those who wish to make $2000 in the beginning, well, I wish them luck.

      They lie because it works all the time. I don’t know if there will come a time when people will get familiar with the tactics that mediocre products owners use such as the owner of AZ Formula.

      Thank you very much for you comment Barry.

  9. Everytime I see such big numbers, I’m getting sceptical because earning $2000/day sounds too good to be true. So good that there just has to be a catch. As you said, you would need to work 10x harder manually with AZ Formula than with any other training platform although, according to Steven Cook, the system would be autopilot and automatic. Making money online may sound like an easy task at first, but everyone who is familiar with working from home knows that the opposite is rather the case. Thanks for for shedding some light on this topic!

    1. Hello Ruya,

      There is no such thing as autopilot when you want to make money online. What’s worse with AZ Formula, they use the word ”autopilot” and then provide eBooks. LOL.

      Learning how to work from home will never be easy, unfortunately, so those looking for easy solutions should be ready to lose a lot of money to hungry scamers.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Much appreciated. 

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