Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]?? Can You Make Over $3,500/Month Taking Paid Surveys Online???

Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]



Take Surveys For Cash has stood the test of time, and ranked as one of the top selling Clickbank products for years. Why? Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? Can You Make Over $3,500/Month Taking Paid Surveys Online?





Name Description
Product Name: Take Surveys For Cash
Product Price $39 + UPSELLS
Product Owner ''Jason White''
Best For Jason White
Overall Score 0/10







Let’s get this sorted out once and for all. Take Surveys For Cash Is Not Legit  for a couple of reasons:

  • it makes no specific and clear declarations with respect to money back guarantee,
  • it offers information that could be obtained free of charge elsewhere online,
  • it misleads you by making you believe that you can make $3,500/month just by taking surveys,
  • it creates a fake sense of scarcity thereby preying on the weak minded to purchase immediately,
  • it makes false declarations about the bonuses you would receive after taking your first paid survey, as well as tons of other hilarious hypes.


Spare your money and do something more worthwhile with it.

To be honest, I would prefer that you get yourself a new pair of shoes or give yourself a special treat for once if you must spend than to pay $39 for this scam. And if you really want to invest in an opportunity with the hopes of getting a substantial ROI in the nearest future, then













You do not make that much money when taking surveys

When you signup with a survey site, most often you start with a presurvey, to determine if you are qualified for all the surveys that will soon to follow. Once you get qualified, then you can start taking surveys and start making money. But what happens?

Any survey you carry out will earn you some credits, which you could, later on, redeem for prizes, such as gift cards to Amazon, and sometimes some cash to your PayPal account. Whichever method is applicable, there are many steps that come between taking surveys and getting paid, which is a long and painful process, that cannot make you so much money to enable you to quit your job. Impossible.


Not only is it insanely time-consuming, since you need to:

  • carry out a couple of pre-surveys before you get qualified,
  • carry out many more to earn credits,
  • start redeeming the credits, etc,


the payouts are not as enticing as they should be, following the ton of work and time that is required to take the surveys. If you are looking to make a substantial amount of money online, then paid surveys should not be a targeted source. Your time is worth more than a few dollars a week! Seriously they are supposed to pay more than what they do, but they don’t, and are you sure you are willing to put up with that?

You certainly have better options of using your valuable time and converting it into real cash in the long run.










2.1Initial Prices


The initial price is $39, as shown on the image below:


Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]



But if you are reluctant to engage and stay a little bit longer on that sales page, or maybe trying to click away, then the price is dropped down to $27 as you can see on the image below:


Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]



And if you continue to stay a little bit longer, the price will be dropped to $12 as shown in the image below:














There would be up to 3 upsells!


==> First Upsell $37
==> Second Upsell $24
==> Third Upsells $24


Summing up to give over a $100 to access his full package.

And to be more specific, if you were really so excited about this opportunity when you first found it and went through with the initial prices and all the upsells, you would have spent exactly $124! 

This amount could grant you full access for 5 months, to a lifetime opportunity to build an online empire of passive recurring income, if you take advantage of their Black Friday deals, or for 4 months if you take advantage of their yearly normal discounts, or to make things even simpler for you, access for 3 months, if you decide to purchase their monthly plans.

And what do you really unlock after spending $124? to purchase Take Surveys For Cash? Check it out the following section.






2.3Components Of Your $39 Package


What you get, is a list of free survey sites you can signup with and start taking surveys and some principles of taking surveys. Period. I’m sorry to disappoint you.









Let’s take a closer review of Take Survey For Cash through the examination of its PROS and CONS.

3.1PROS Of Take Survey For Cash









3.2??CONS Of Take Survey For Cash??




1 ?Nothing Mentioned About Money Back Guarantee????


No information was mentioned about their money back guarantee policy on their sales page. Absolutely nothing!! How could this be? I had to dig further and even found their privacy. Do you want to know about what it said about refunds?

Please check out the image below:


Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]



see how vague their cancellation policies are. Nothing mentioned about money refunded whatsoever. This statement will not protect you if you ever decide to quit this scam product and guess what, they are protected as well, because they never declared they were going to give your money back, not on their sales pages, or in their privacy policy.

So buy this scam at your own risk. Take Surveys For Cash is 0% legit!!! 


You might want to avoid the following programs as well at all cost:

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid







2 ?Fake Sense Of Scarcity Created!!!?


When you initially land on their sales page and you are about to click away, this is the message that pops up:




I cannot count the number of times I have returned to this page, and each time, it displays the same message over a hundred times!!!! If you are a weak minded person, this tactic will most certainly force you into taken action on impulse. It tricks you into believing that you just found a treasure online, which you will miss if you don’t take action.

?ALL LIES!!!!?

Don’t bother about what it says, just click away and come back and see what happens. The same message will appear again.








3 ?He Lied About The $50 Bonus?


There are tons of other lies on his sales page, but this one grabbed my attention. Check out the image below:



I was actually contemplating bringing this up, but it’s not really that obvious for millions of people out there, who fall for such blatant lies online over and over again. Now please tell me.

How likely is it that this guy will give you a $50 bonus after taking your first paid survey when he’s not honest enough to tell you that there is no money back guarantee?? There’s nothing mentioned about money back guarantee on his sales page. This is a huge red flag as there’s nothing compelling him to refund anything to you.?

So a crafty guy like is very unlikely to pay money out his pocket to honor his false declarations!! Please be smart.








4 ?He Lied About The One-Time Payment?


Here is what Jason White declares on his sales page:




He gave you the impression that all you had to do was pay only once, and that’s it. But as soon as you pay, you would be immediately bombarded with one click upsells, up to 3 of them, which are totally not worth your hard earned resources.

So your? one-time payment of $37 suddenly turns into a total cost of $124?? I had outlined the upsells concerned at the beginning of this article. This is a dishonest scheme to squeeze the most out of you at all cost.







5 ?This Site Contains Information Which Can Be Obtained For Free Online?

The component of your $37 package is basically a list of free survey sites. Seriously that’s all. Is it that you don’t know how to search the internet to find legitimate survey sites that you could use? Why do you prefer to pay money to obtain information which could otherwise be obtained online for free?

Of what use would be the principles of taking surveys provided by Jason White, when you would be tested all over by the company that requires your survey services through the use of pre-surveys templates?

If you are looking for legitimate survey sites, find below a list of some of them:


==> List Of Over 20 Legitimate Survey Sites You Could Take Advantage Of

==> Here Is Another List Of Legitimate Survey Sites With Some Tips On How To Avoid Scam Survey Sites Like Take Survey For Cash


I could go on listing them, just be sure to do your due diligence before ever paying for any product online, especially if that product is found on Clickbank.

What Jason White has done, is simply assemble all the free survey sites in one place and charging you to access them, when there are legitimate websites out there, that have already done the work for you FREE.

Don’t be deceived anymore. ?Take Surveys For Cash is not legit, and will definitely not add any value to your efforts to make money online.? They will instead take away the little you have.


I usually don’t recommend taking surveys if you want to make substantial earnings online because of the time and efforts it requires to make just a few dollars.











Take Survey For Cash Is Not Legit, meaning this Clickbank product is a scam that has stood the test of time. You can invest your time in a more reliable venture that will eventually lead you to your financial freedom.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Take Surveys For Cash Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

Take Surveys For Cash

$39 + UPSELLS!

Overall Performance


6 thoughts on “Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit? Scam? [Review]?? Can You Make Over $3,500/Month Taking Paid Surveys Online???”

  1. Thanks for being so straight up and honest here! It only takes one person to rate something 0/10 for me to hear you and steer well clear! I would rather buy myself a pair of new shoes for sure! ha!

    I haven’t ever done surveys for cash but I was quite sure before even reading your blog that it wasn’t a sustainable way to earn an income! 

    1. Hello Dianne,

      I always like to call a spade a spade. Seriously there is no value added offered by Take Surveys For Cash. 

      And to be honest with you, this is the only platform where nothing was mentioned about money back guarantee on their sales page. Perhaps there is one, but this alone is enough to cover them up if they refuse to refund your money.

      Yes, it’s preferable to spend that money on yourself, than give it to Jason White. What has he done to deserve your hard earned money?

      Yes you can make some cash out of surveys, but not as he declares. Quite misleading. And money from survey is very minute following long hours of presurveys, surveys, earning credits, etc. Definitely not a business model that is worth your time.

      Thank you very much for your comment Dianne, much appreciated.

  2. Its bad enough that its tough to make money on surveys let alone introducing a component that turns something hard into a very bad opportunity.

    At the end of the day it is great that you do a great review like this .  People need to know the truth and I am glad you are providing that.

  3. Hello StunningBell. Thank you for sharing this review of Take Surveys for cash. I must confess you are doing a great job exposing these fake products and scam Websites. Take Surveys for cash is scam and one will $3.5K with it, period! Why would they charge a fee in the first place? I hate Products with upsells. Surveys are time consuming. Work on building a real business online.

    1. That’s the point Barry, you don’t get to pay to take surveys, yet someone is busy collecting your money just so you could access survey sites that exist free online?

      This is ridiculous indeed. Take Survey For Cash is a big scam. PERIOD. Anybody who has ”eyes” should ”listen”. LOL.

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