Is Postal.Cash A Scam? [REVIEW]?Can You Still Make Money Online Stuffing Envelopes??

Is Postal.Cash A Scam? [REVIEW]



Have you ever considered the possibility of making money much money online through stuffing envelopes? Where can you get help to make this happen? Postal.Cash happens to offer this opportunity to get you started in this sector but Is Postal.Cash A Scam?

Continue reading this Complete Postal.Cash review to discover all relevant answers with regards to working from home through Stuffing Envelopes, and whether Postal.Cash is a worthy companion.




Name Description
Product Name: POSTAL.CASH
Product Price $67
Product Owner ?????
Best For No One
Overall Score 0/10







Before we even get into the details of determining whether Postal.Cash can actually help you to make money online stuffing envelopes working from home, I need to draw your attention to the fact that the whole Stuffing Envelope business model has been qualified by the FTC as a scam scheme, and definitely not worth investing any time and resources into.



While you are hoping that you can make fast and easy cash stuffing envelopes, it’s my responsibility to inform you that stuffing envelopes is one of the oldest scam schemes that has stood the test of time, and up to today, there are still people that hope that someday it will become legitimate. That will never be the case, and many more people still continue to fall prey over again.














This model has many facets, but it’s fundamentally one and the same thing. Here are some the facets discussed below:

a. First Facet

  • You come across an advert promising you a lot of money just by stuffing envelopes;
  • You get interested and send the required fee to the company in question;
  • If you are lucky enough, you receive a message a few weeks later, instructing you to place more ads in magazines, public places, what have you, to start making money. And how do you actually make money? Once others see your ads and contact the company, just as you did, you get paid.


b. Second Facet

  • It always starts by seeing an advert somewhere that draws your attention;
  • Once again interested party gets very excited and forwards the required start-up fees;
  • But only that this time around, the starter receives a list of addresses to whom they are going to send the stuffed envelops;
  • Once the receivers receive the envelops and respond, that’s when the starter becomes eligible for payment. The newly recruited will be sent a list of addresses as well to continue the cycle.


There are hundreds of facets of this business, but only one fundamental truth is attached to it:



So irrespective of the path followed to sign up, this whole business of stuffing envelops is centered around recruiting others to promote the same crab. You get absolutely nothing in return for the fee to pay, but a ”LEGAL PERMIT TO PROMOTE THE BUSINESS




c. Disadvantages Of This Business Model

I’ve gone straight away to the disadvantages because there are not advantages:

  • You don’t get anything in return for the fee you pay to sign up, safe instructions on how to start recruiting others;
  • You are required to make additional expenditures to promote and recruit more ”envelop fillers”. I’m referring to printing addresses on the envelops, affixing postal stamps where necessary, and any promotional services required to get your announcements out there;
  • This business has got absolutely nothing to do with stuffing envelops at the postal service. If you think you will suddenly become an employee of the postal service of your country, you are being deceived.


Check out the image below to see the description of the work you are supposed to do:


  • You don’t actually get to strictly work from home while stuffing envelopes. This is a complete illusion. Working from home means living the laptop lifestyle without having to leave your home for any reason whatsoever. But with stuffing envelopes and posting them to potential recruits, you would be compelled to leave home, pay transport to reach the postal service, where you would have to buy stamps and proceed to post them. This does not qualify as a work home opportunity to the best of my knowledge.
  • To crown it all, this business model has been officially recognized as a scam, as the FTC Went An Extra Mile To Warn  Against Envelope Stuffing Schemes, in their new consumer alert named “Take This Scheme and Stuff It: Avoiding Envelope-Stuffing Rip-Offs.” 


If we already know, and can reasonably prove that Stuffing Envelopes is a scam, it goes without saying that those still promoting these schemes, are without any doubt, scam artists.











2.1Initial Prices

You wouldn’t believe it that this scam product is worth $67! This is quite much for a service that literally offers nothing in return, but instructions on how to start your promotional campaigns to continue to promote this illegal scheme.

Take a look at the image below:










I’ve not purchased and used this package to know what’s inside, and especially to determine whether there are upsells or not, but why should I when I know for a fact that it’s a scam?

You should also learn to develop skills that will help you prioritize your options online, by quickly elimination work from opportunities that have been exposed as scams, especially by legal authorities such as the FTC.

That said, I encourage you to access a lifetime opportunity to build an online empire of passive recurring income, whereby you start from something small, and slowly but steadily observer how your online empire gains traction, and take shape to a business which could most likely become a family legacy and inheritance in the long run.






2.3Components Of Your $67 Package


This has been mentioned earlier, but like all other stuffing envelope schemes, Postal.Cash would most likely offer you information on how to recruit and continue the business.

There is no other secret formula that you would discover inside. It’s all one and the same thing but taking different shapes.







Let’s take a detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of Postal.Cash.


3.1PROS Of Postal.Cash



?60-Day Money Back Guarantee?

This period is a condition offered by Clickbank if you must sell on their platform. Risk takers could benefit from this advantage. A risk taker is one who knows a product is not worth it, or an outright scam, but goes ahead to buy anyway.

If you are that type of person, you are covered. I only hope they will be willing to make refunds when the time comes.




3.2??CONS Of Postal.Cash??




1 ?Owner Promotes Information Which Could Be Obtained Free Online?


You can see from the image below that the product owner takes advantage to promote other product which could easily be obtained online free of charge. Check out the image below to see what I’m trying to explain:


If you type ”Easy Ways To Earn Online Today”, you get millions of results to choose from.



All you need to do is type your keyword in the search engines, and millions of answers will be displayed free of charge, instead of paying $9 to have access only to 10 of them.


I know it’s a struggle to make money online today, but the sooner everyone gets to realize that the only way to make money online, is to get to work and build something long-term, then the better. Get rich quick schemes are always scams.

The envelope stuffing scam has been around for long, and it still baffles me today there are still people who believe that they can get something good out of this. So long as this scheme remains a scam, any other digital product that tries to promote this business model, automatically becomes a scam as well, including Postal.Cash.


You might want to avoid the following programs as well at all cost. They have nothing to offer and have been qualified as scams or potential scams:

The AZ Code

Profit Genesis

The Ecom Profit Sniper

The EB Formula

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid






2 ?The Owner Of Postal.Cash Is Not Known?


Postal.Cash has no mention of the real owner, nor even a pen name. Who will you contact if you encounter any difficulties? No email address, no picture, no ”About Me” page, absolutely nothing.

This is an alarming indicator that Postal.Cash is a scam. Real people have nothing to hide, especially if they are proud and confident of the products they have made available to internet.






3 ?Nothing Mentioned About How You Will Make Money?

The majority of Clickbank products I’ve had to review take the pains to explain in great details, how much you will make, the percentage of your commissions if at all this is how your earnings would be calculated, how often you would be paid, the income generating action, etc.

The information about your earnings was really vague. Take a look at the image below to understand better:



That statement above will not back you up when you don’t get to be paid a cent once you get involved. How much will you be paid per envelope stuffed? Nothing mentionned. You don’t want to provide your credit information to Postal.Cash because they are not transparent.






4 ?Postal.Cash Is Not Transparent With Regards To The Total Cost Involved?

Nothing mentioned about the overall cost you should expect with this program. You are rather hooked with the idea of making fast and easy cash. Well here are some facts you need to know about this business when it comes to overall cost.

It’s mentioned on their homepage that you would be responsible for

  • folding letters,
  • placing them in envelopes and
  • writing names and addresses on envelopes


?The first deception here?, which I’ve already mentioned above, is that the letters here would be Postal.Cash ads. Nothing more.

Secondly, nothing was ?mentioned whether those envelopes would be given to you free of charge?, so be prepared to pay for them.

Thirdly, after writing and names and address on the envelops, what next? Of course, you would have to post them, and the owner behind Postal.Cash deliberately left out the fact that ?you would be responsible for the posting as well.?

You see, besides the $67 for participating in this scam, you would have to invest even more to promote Postal.Cash before the owner uses his discretion to give you whatever he wishes to give because these payment conditions were not mentioned as well.


Don’t waste your time with Postal.Cash, because nothing will pan out.












It goes without saying that any other product online promoting this line of business is a scam product and the owners are scam artists. So if the FTC is honest with their judgment about making money online through stuffing envelopes, then by implication, I can equally declare with confidence that:




Yes, you can make money online, definitely not by stuffing envelopes. Several legitimate business models stand out today. Even though all of them are great ways to make money online, some of them simply stand out from the others, because of their increasing popularity, evidenced by a steady and consistent growth that has been documented in the sector over the last decade.

Future trends are indicating an even greater growth rate, meaning this method of making money online is not going away anytime soon and is absolutely here to stay. It’s high time you learn more about this sector, and become an active participant and start benefiting from the millions of advantages that come with it.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Postal Cash Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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8 thoughts on “Is Postal.Cash A Scam? [REVIEW]?Can You Still Make Money Online Stuffing Envelopes??”

  1. I have never heard of this before but after reading your post I will be sure to steer clear of it. I know that there are a lot of scams out there and I personally avoid anything that you have to purchase to promote if that makes any sense. I don´t know if I perhaps missed a part but what is it that one would be posting and to whom?

    1. Thanks, Alex for your comment.

      You would be posting the same offer to stuff envelopes at home and make money. When the postal candidate responds to the address included in the post, he/she receives instructions on how to contact others too, and the cycle continues.

      That’s how it works. There’s absolutely nothing you receive in return for the money you give, only instructions on how to continue promoting.

      I hope this makes sense now.

  2. I agree with you that the only way to make money long term online is to build your own online business that can eventually pay you on autopilot without you having to work like a slave each day to see pennies coming in.

    Most people unfortunately don’t see this and they buy into every make money quick scheme that they see in the hopes that this will be the way to riches.  I have learnt over the years that it doesn’t work this way, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

    The only way is to work hard on your own future and don’t be tempted by these get rich quick promises.

    1. Absolutely Michel.

      It’s taking so much time for people to learn that nothing good comes easy, especially when it comes to making money online.

      I was baffled to realize that such programs still exist, and people are still being convinced to join. Unbelievable!!!!

      Thank you very much, Michel, for your comment.

  3. Do people really still fall for these pyramid schemes? It really amazes me that Clickbank allows them to advertise on their platform.

    Who uses snail mail anyway?  Surely, any business worth their money would be looking to promote their offer through email.

    Thank you for putting together such a wonderful review and offering an alternative.  I hope that your message will reach anyone who sees this product and decides to do a little research. There are so many people who are hoping to earn some money from home, and it saddens me to think that the most vulnerable can still get caught up in scams.

    1. I know Kerry,

      It’s quite disturbing that people still fall this scheme. Thank you very much for your positive remarks about my review. I’m encouraged to make it even better next time.

      I hope the vulnerable ones get to do their due diligence before falling for any of these misleading products that are out there just to get your money.

  4. There are certain red flags that are associated with scam schemes and the two most obvious ones are anonymity and the promise of a lot of cash. For me when there is a promotion like this it’s immediately fake as nothing comes fast in the internet as it doesn’t in real life. And not showing the real owner means that whoever runs this want to stay hidden. It’s good to know all these scams that are in the internet nowadays so thank you for the revealing review.

    1. That’s correct Stratos.

      The very first red flag is the anonymity of the owner. I hope the newbies out there get to pick this one up at least.

      Thank you very much for your value-added comment.

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