Is K Money Mastery A Scam? [2.0 Review]?Here Are 14 Guidelines To Help You Decide?

Is K Money Mastery A Scam? [2.0 Review]


Is K Money Mastery A Scam? Here Are 14 Guidelines To Help You Decide. Continue Reading This Complete K Money Mastery Review To Learn More.


Name Description
Product Price $97 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Stefan Pylarinos
Site Address


Best For Ebook Publishers
Overall Score 6.5/10





Making money online through publishing eBooks on Amazon is really an awesome way to build an online business. Stefan Pylarinos has created a course to help you get started with that line of online business, and from my objective and independent point of view, K Money Mastery is worth your hard-earned resources, provided that you take the time to go through the 14 guidelines I’ve discussed in my complete review, to bring to light all the factors that must be taken into account if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.






The K Money Mastery basically provides resources to help you generate passive income through Kindle Publishing. More on this shortly or you can just CLICK HERE to go straight to the relevant section where details have been discussed.



1.1Initial Prices


The initial price is $97, as shown on the image below:



An attempt to quit the sales page without signing up will trigger a downsell as shown on the image below:



It would appear you can actually access this $97 package for only $7. I cannot tell for how long you are going to continue to have access to the entire system for only $7 since I’ve not purchased and used this product myself.







There would be up to 3 upsells

==> First Upsell: Full Disclosure Membership $47/Month
==> Second Upsell: How To Write A Kindle Book In Less Than 24 Hours $47
==> Third Upsells: K Optimizer And Virtual Assistant Training 

The availability of Upsells offered by the K Money Mastery system simply means that you would not be getting the most interesting part of the training in your basic package. The full disclosure, in particular, is most likely the one you would be encouraged to signup for.

If you are not a fan of upsells like myself, then prepare to get a bit disappointed.




1.3Components Of Your $97 Package


The content of your $97 package is really generous comprising the following:

a. 21 Lessons As Shown On The Image Below:



b. 30+ Video Step By Step Lessons
c. Downloadable Lesson Worksheets
d. A Tool Box Listing All The Tools And Resources Stefan Uses Himself
e. 7 Bonus Lessons As Shown On The Image Below:



For a Clickbank product, and taking into consideration the hundreds of low-quality products sold on that platform, K Money Mastery has managed to stand out for all the resources they have included in their basic package. I must give credit where it’s due.






In this K Money Mastery Review, we will take a closer look at its PROS and CONS.

2.1?PROS Of K Money Mastery?


1. ?The Business Model Is Legitimate And The Owner Is Real?

Unlike tons of Clickbank products promoted by fake owners and testimonials, Stefan, the owner of Kindle Money Mastery is a well-known entrepreneur online, and his resources will help you tap into an excellent and famous method of making money online on Amazon, the number one book retailer in the world.

The potentials of you generating some genuine income online are enormous.



2.  ?It’s A Relatively Easy Path To Start An Online Business And Make Money Online?

There are millions of people who are really interested in the thought of making money online, but the time it takes to gain traction online simply discourages a lot of people from ever starting.

This is particularly true for those who depend entirely on their 9-5 jobs to take care of family and other important aspects.

A more preponderant limiting factor is the lack of text skills. Many people can’t get around the thought of learning how to create content for their online businesses (even though it’s ironically very simple if you are willing to learn), and would rather prefer to eliminate the possibility of ever going online.

The fear of starting out online is totally justified and real, and if anyone were to tell you that getting started with online marketing and actually succeeding with it takes minimum effort, then that person is misleading you.

But with Kindle Publishing, the process becomes relatively easy as you can outsource most of the work.



3.  ?Traffic Is Already Available?

The greatest challenge that every online business faces is reaching out to those hungry and targeted buyers online. While others will start off by buying traffic or paying heavily for online campaigns, they sooner or later regret it, because continuing to pay for traffic becomes insanely expensive!

The most reliable source of traffic is the organic one, but which takes much time and relentless efforts to tap into.

But when you embark on Kindle Publishing, you can leverage on the millions of people already visiting the platform if you do it correctly.



4. ?You Can Outsource A Significant Portion Of Your Business?

If you are that type of person who wishes to completely rule out the possibility of creating content yourself, you have the possibility of hiring a writer to write your eBooks. You don’t necessarily need to do it yourself.

Same thing with your book cover. Literally, every task can be outsourced online today so that all you have to do is focus only on the publishing and marketing side of for your publishing business.

If you are not able to find the right resources, outsourcing could be insanely expensive. Check out the image below for prices of outsourcing various aspects of your publishing business:

a. Hiring A Writer

If you want to outsource this part of your business and hire a ghostwriter for your eBooks, I did some research online to have an idea of how much it could cost you, and this is what I found:



It’s unfortunate that the website from which this information was obtained is not secure, so I couldn’t link directly to it. But check out the image below for its address:




Stefan seems to have found great writers from the Philippines that can charge as low as $2-5/hour. I had some doubts with regards to his declarations and went online to make more inquiries.

This is what I found:




OMG. I couldn’t believe it was possible to find a writer online for only $4/hour. Well, make sure to do your due diligence on the writer to be absolutely certain that they can deliver quality because a cheap service always comes with undesired consequences.


b. Hiring A Graphic Designer

With little or no experience online, you are most like going to need a Graphic Designer.

Check out the image below for a general idea of what you should budget:



However, you can find much better deals on Fiverr, but be willing to test many Gigs in order to have the most appropriate designs, so the budget would still be pretty much the same, within a range of $65 to $150 per book.

That would strictly depend on you, your budget and your needs because there are some Gigs on Fiverr that would charge only $5.



5. ?You Are Given The Proper Mindset Upfront?

I was equally impressed when Stefan made it absolutely clear that you would need to put in a consistent effort in anything for it to work, and that his training was not being marketed as a get rich quick scheme.

That said, rest assured that learning with an individual with integrity, is worth it if you must succeed online the right way.



6. ?Once Your Book Is Published, It Goes Live And Available For Sales?

As soon as your book is published on Amazon, it becomes visible to anyone visiting the platform and available for sales, provided that you have correctly chosen your niche, keywords, and beautiful book covers to help your own product stand out from others (i.e properly implement what you are taught by Stefan).

All you need is a bit of creativity to distinguish yourself and draw attention to your ebooks.



7. ?30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

You have 30 days to try this platform and make a refund request if necessary. Check out the image below:



Clickbank products usually offer 60 days in general and I don’t understand why this one is only  30, but at least a trial period is available should the training fall short of your expectations.



8 ?Do The Work Once?

Once your eBook has been published, you can get repeat purchase and start making hundreds of dollars from only 1 eBook.

This method of making money online is truly an asset that will prove to be very beneficial in the long run, especially as you will continue to earn recurring royalties from a single book over and over again.

It goes without saying, that the more quality content you publish out there on Kindle, the greater the potential of earning passive income in the long run repeatedly.



9 ?Some Positive Trends In The Publishing Industry Have Been Noted?

It has been forecasted that more Indie authors will achieve success in the coming years and that readers will continue to read and buy eBooks. Check out the image below for more details:






2.2??Is K Money Mastery A Scam???

Let’s evaluate some shortcomings of this system and determine whether it’s a scam or not.



10 ?Less Complex To Learn? I Don’t Think So?

Learning how to make money by publishing books on Amazon, is not as simple as the sales video might make you believe.

Ok. It’s true I mentioned above that you can leverage the traffic offered by Amazon, but this does not completely eliminate the work you need to put in up front in order to market your book on Amazon.

And for the record, your product rankings on Amazon will highly depend on your promotional methods outside of Amazon.

Publishing your book is one thing, and getting others to buy is another thing. You have to heavily market, just as with any other online business. Marketing is not something you can completely avoid if you want to make money online.

So if you were thinking that you finally found a shortcut to making money online without having to do with social media or other means of advertisement, then you are completely wrong.

Acquiring online marketing skills is compulsory if you plan on making any sales with any product you are promoting online, and this process is not less complex.

It would require great commitment, the desire to make it work and heavy investments on PPC to drive targeted traffic to your books on Amazon.

So is K Money Mastery A Scam? I don’t think this point is sufficient to qualify K Money Mastery as a scam.



11 ?”Be Prepared To Invest Heavily With K Money Mastery”?

Stefan claims that you wouldn’t need to invest that much if you wish to make money online through publishing eBooks on Amazon with the help of his system.

Well, I think this is a relative concept because what he considers as cheap could actually represent a fortune to someone else.

Let me draw your attention to some investments that will most likely explode your budget if you want to consider making money while publishing eBooks on Amazon:


a. Marketing Campaigns

I mentioned earlier that you cannot rely on the Amazon traffic alone in order to make sales. In fact, your rankings on Amazon search will strictly depend on your promotional methods outside of Amazon.

While there are many methods available online when it comes to marketing, the most popular method used by almost everyone is the PPC, and Stefan equally recommends this method.

No doubt it’s the most effective because it brings the right traffic, but there is one major disadvantage: it’s insanely expensive!!!! You cannot solely rely on PPC especially in the long run.

That said, as for the beginner with limited resources, starting online by publishing books on Amazon might not be cost-friendly for you. You would need to invest heavily to make your eBook known


b. Upsells Related To The Main Training

If you go with all the upsells that was mentioned earlier in this article, you would be spending at least $47 every month. By the time you integrate your marketing campaigns, hiring Ghostwriters, paying for graphic designers, etc, the cost can quickly add up faster than you think.

You can clearly see that K Money Masters is not one you can classify as less expensive as compared to the others.

However, since all online business ventures would need some sort of investments to make it work, it would be unfair for me to declare K Money Masters as a scam. This point is just to draw your attention to the fact that you would have to be ready to spend more than what you pay for your training resources.



12 ?”Cheap Ghostwriters” Come At A Great Cost?

I found another writer charging approximately $1.8/hour but guess what? Check out the image below:



This is one of the cheapest Philippines writers, but you can see some critical grammatical errors even on her main profile. These are some of the red flags you need to watch out for.

Unfortunately, when you settle down for cheap services, that’s the price you have to pay. Opting for these cheap writers would mean that you would be compelled to do some serious proofreading before publishing.

It’s really up to you to make a decision since you are now familiar with the pros and cons of using cheap services.

Stefan has good intentions by proposing these cheap writers to reduce your overall cost. So I wouldn’t say he wants to use his system, K Money Mastery to scam you. You have to take things into your own hands and make the best selection if you must settle for a cheap writer.

The images presented above have given you a great idea with regards to how much you would need to budget for more professional writers. So do your due diligence and decide for yourself.



13 ?Training Resources Are Not Updated?

From what I’ve gathered by reading other reviews, there are many resources and videos in the K Money Mastery system that have not been updated by Stefan. This doesn’t look good at all with the rapid changes taking place every minute online.

You need to take this into account when going through the training. It’s unfortunate that you have to start with a mindset that some training material could not be updated. A psychological barrier would most likely be created, which would prevent you from having complete confidence in what you just purchased.

It’s my responsibility to bring this up in this honest K Money Mastery Review, and also to let you know that it;s not a scam. They just need to keep up with the changing environment.



14 ?Here Are Some Frightening Trends With Regards To Making Money Through Publishing Ebooks!?



What I’m really concerned about with regards to the image above is that the K Money Mastery did not include any training resources related to audio ebooks. I might be wrong, but nowhere was it mentioned on the sales page that audio ebooks will be taught.

Considering the fact that consumers are getting more interested in audios and eBooks, Stefan should consider updating his platform.



The trend above corroborates my point about the heavy investments that are required to succeed with publishing eBooks, especially on Amazon.






One can see from all the images above that Amazon is currently dealing with a lot of issues that are having negative impacts on authors. Would you still like to consider making money publishing?

I strongly believe that you have all the information needed to decide.








Absolutely not – K Money Mastery Is Not A Scam.

In fact, Stefan’s K Money Mastery has outperformed the multitudes of fake products on Clickbank that offer nothing but a single eBook in their respective packages. Stefan has good intentions to help you build a business and make money online.

However, the business model proposed happens to be currently facing a lot of challenges, and seems to be influenced significantly by the slightest problems that Amazon encounters as a whole.




They have their shortcomings, but their package contains some honest resources to help you get started with your publishing journey.



How about another business model that has been growing very steadily over the past 10 years, and whose future trends are only getting better exponentially? If you want to learn more about this stable sector that can help you generate passive income online without any fear of going out of business overnight,

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my K Money Mastery Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



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8 thoughts on “Is K Money Mastery A Scam? [2.0 Review]?Here Are 14 Guidelines To Help You Decide?”

  1. Thank you for this great review. Writing an ebook is something I hope to do in the future, and I’m been wondering where to go for resources. I’m glad to have learned about K Money Mastery through your review. It seems like an honest program, which is great. I appreciate you being honest about the negatives, that’s good to know going in.

    1. Thanks a lot, Holly,

      I’m glad you found my review useful. It’s indeed an honest program as compared to the others so I feel confident recommending it.

      You should, however, consider the pros and cons I’ve revealed in my complete review to make sure you get off on the right foot.

  2. Hello, very good and informative article about K Money Mastery platform. I never heard for this website before, but it seems interesting. It has many lessons to learn but I don`t prefer upsells and the marketing campaigns are really expensive. The K Money Master didn`t excited me so much to join there but I need to admit that your review was really helpful, thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks a lot, Luke.

      That’s the point of my review, to help you decide. I’m glad it provided all the information needed to make your own decision.

      I’m really honored.

      Thank you once again for your comment, Luke. Much appreciated.

  3. I must say that I am very glad that I stumbled upon this article as I have a friend who want to earn money with Kindle but he could not find a legit and trusted training. I will definitely share this with him but I have a question regarding Amazon. Do you think that with time they will quit their associates?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I also appreciate the fact that you found this article useful, and would be sharing it with your friend.

      You asked a really great question about Amazon quitting their affiliates. There are speculations currently going on concerning Amazon returning to their Brick And Mortar way of business, I cannot locate the site from which I got this information, but this comment will be updated as soon as I lay hands on that information.

      Thank you once again for your comment, much appreciated.

  4. In my humble opinion the most of those things k money is teaching are being tought hear in wealthy affiliate so it might take time before you get all those things k money is providing once but eventually you will get  I would recommend wealthy affiliate more than k money. The issues of upsell always come  with hidden suprises so to me wealthy affiliate any time.

    1. Hello Charles,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Well you see, Wealthy Affiliate is specialized in Affiliate Marketing, meaning their training platform would not be suitable for anyone who wishes to specialize on publishing eBooks alone.

      However, the most important aspect of the eBook business is marketing, and that is where Wealthy Affiliate has unbeatable training when it comes to establishing an online presence.

      So if you are referring to the marketing side of the eBooks being published on Amazo, Charles,WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS THE BEST PLACE TO LEARN HOW TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, ON YOUR BLOG, ON YOUTUBE, EVEN USING PPC, etc

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly one of it’s kind.

      Thank you very much Charles for your comment, much appreciated.

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