Is Data Entry Direct A Scam?Or #1 Solution To Do Data Entry Work Online? Complete REVIEW?

Is Data Entry Direct A Scam? [REVIEW]



Being a Data Entry Clerk is a great way to make some extra income online today, but some digital products have appeared claiming to provide help with this sector. Is Data Entry Direct A Scam Or #1 Solution To Do Data Entry Work Online?

You are about to discover accurate answers obtained from thorough research online.





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Product Price $27
Product Owner ?????
Best For No One
Overall Score 0/10







First of all, while Data Entry if a very popular and legitimate way to make money online today, I do not recommend this method for one simple reason: home-based data entry does not pay well. This advice is particularly targeting those who are mostly interested in the home-based data entry offers.

Secondly, others have observed the potentials in the Data Entry sector, and wish to take advantage of it, by claiming to provide the help required to get started with your Data Entry Career.

Data Entry Direct is one of such attempts, and to go straight to the point, Data Entry Direct has exhibited irrefutable characteristics of a scam product, and I will therefore not recommend it to anyone.
















a. Definition Of Data Entry

Even though its very unlikely that this could be your first time hearing about Data Entry, I believe giving a brief definition of this service would benefit those who are actually coming across this term for the first time.

Data Entry is comprised mainly of updating data into the computer system. That’s basically the main task involved and the person who is responsible is referred to as a Data Entry Clerk.

The sector in which the data entry job is exercised could differ greatly, resulting in a multitude of tasks which Data Entry Clerks can perform. It goes without saying that respective tasks will strictly depend on the sector, ranging from inputting data into the computer system, to analyzing data and reporting trends.







b. Data Entry As An Opportunity To Work Online

One of the most popular work from home opportunities that you can find on the internet today is Data Entry. While this method is a legitimate way to make money online, the later has been flooded by scams making it increasingly hard to identify the real opportunities from the fraudsters.

However many legitimate websites exist today where you can find legitimate Data Entry Jobs. Some of them include:


Make sure to visit the above-mentioned websites to find opportunities which are not scams. There are many more legitimate sites but be sure to avoid programs online that offer software or kits, as they would most likely be scams.







c. Data Entry Working Options

With Data Entry, you have the option to either work as a freelancer, just to supplement your income, or work full time and earn even more.


==> Advantages Of Home Based Data Entry Jobs (Freelancers)
  • Flexibility;
  • Only minimum and less technical skills are needed;
  • Industry trends are indicating that this sector will be robust and spread across many sectors in the nearest future, implying that work would always be available.


==> Disadvantages Of Home Based Data Entry Jobs (Freelancers)
  • The pay is usually lower than if you were working full time. Take a look at some of the freelancer home based data entry jobs and their remunerations below:



Making huge revenue with data entry would mean doing hundreds of projects. These are extracts from Upwork and there are many other examples of various offers with very low rates.

I’m not quite impressed by these figures.


  • You also get to forfeit additional benefits such are increases, bonuses, or other perks or benefits granted to those working in an office setting
  • Most of the opportunities available are office-based



==> Advantages Of Office Based Data Entry Jobs – Working Full Time In An Office Setting
  • They pay is much higher
  • Your pay can be increased by other applicable benefits and bonuses, thereby making it even juicier.



==> Disadvantages Of Office Based Data Entry Jobs – Working Full Time In An Office Setting
  • A certain level of technical knowledge is required
  • Less flexibility


While the opportunities to work from home as a data entry clerk are unlimited, It’s really obvious that you cannot make significant online income using this path. There are other opportunities online that can make you earn big time and actually help you to build a substantial amount of passive income in the long run.

And one of those models which I would like you to consider is affiliate marketing, as it has enormous potentials of generating huge earnings online.










2.1Initial Prices


The is a one time fee of $27 to gain access to Data Entry Direct as you can see on the image below:












If at all there’s one, you shouldn’t go for it. More on reasons later. While I’ve not bought and used this product, I don’t need to, not when I’m able to identify upfront that the product is not worth it.

Instead of wasting your money on Data Entry Direct, I’d rather suggest that you access this free guide to discover a lifetime opportunity to build an online empire of passive recurring income.






2.3Components Of Your $27 Package


The only thing you would have access to are a list of data entry jobs and perhaps instructions on how to get started.








A better way to effectively carry out a comprehensive Data Entry Direct Review would be to take a closer look at its Pros and Cons

3.1PROS Of Data Entry Direct


60-day money back is available just in case you get disappointed. That’s the advantage of buying your products on Clickbank



3.2??CONS Of Data Entry Direct – Is Data Entry Direct A Scam Or #1 Solution To Do Data Entry Work Online???




1 ?The New Members Notifications Popups Are Not Real?


While visiting the home page of Data Direct Entry, you are constantly notified about new members signing up. Take a look at the image below:




This is not real at all. Do not be deceived by this lame attempt to subtly put pressure on you to signup. If you wait a little much longer, you would notice that one and the same names keep coming up.

And their sales page is capable of detecting the country from which you are connected, thereby showing fake signups from the same country as well. Like I said, don’t be carried away by this tactic because it is not real.

You should avoid similar products at all cost which equally exhibit characteristics of a scam product. Some of them are:

Club 365

Postal Cash

AZ Code

Profit Genesis

AZ Formula

Smart Cash App

Viral Cash App

List Of All Scams To Avoid


So Is Data Entry Direct A Scam? Let’s continue digging to be absolutely certain about our verdict.








2 ?Stacking Similarities Observed With Another Product Qualified As A Scam?


Well, I found something rather surprising and shocking facts.

Data Entry Direct is intricately similar to another product I had initially reviewed and classified as a scam, called Postal Cash.

For the record, and for those who have not yet had the opportunity to read my Postal Cash Review, this product is promoting the stuffing envelopes business as one of the work home opportunities, one which had been officially recognized as a scam scheme by the FTC.

So how are Data Entry Direct and Postal Cash similar? Let’s find out below:


a. The Headers Are The Same.

These two products have the exact same headers on their sales pages. Take a look at the images below to understand better what I’m talking about:


Is Data Entry Direct A Scam? [REVIEW]


This must be one and the same artist behind both Postal Cash and Data Entry Direct. Why else would the headers be so similar? It doesn’t end there. One could easily assume that this was a coincidence, but take a look at the next image:



b. The Structure Of The Landing Pages Is The Same As Well.

It’s getting more obvious, as the styles of both landing pages are equally the same, only that the wording changes to accommodate the different names.

Check out the image below:


Is Data Entry Direct A Scam? [REVIEW]


It is a copy and pastes situation. Positions of the headings, introductory paragraphs and thumbnails do not change, only the content.

We could take it a step further to examine their affiliate landing pages.

Check it out below:



c. Affiliates Landing Pages Are Exactly The Same!


In fact, this one is not similar, but a perfect snapshot, with the only difference being the change of product names. When you look at the shots below you will corroborate my finding:


Is Data Entry Direct A Scam? [REVIEW]


This is one and the same person and I could go on proving it to you.

I guess this is the point where I confidently declare Data Entry Direct as a scam product and should be avoided like a plague!!!

You can try it if you want to. After all, there is a 60-day money back guarantee available, but why try things out when you can reasonably prove beyond doubts that it’s not worth your limited time and resources?

Well, you are the judge of that.








3 ?You Don’t Have To Pay To Find Data Entry Jobs?


Here is another scam indicator of Data Entry Direct. Yes, there are tons of legitimate Data Entry opportunities online today, but you don’t have to pay to access any of them.

In fact, either the prices have been fixed by the person requiring relevant services, or he/she opens the possibilities for different service providers to bid. No one is asking you to pay anything upfront.

This is an example of the first scenario where prices have been fixed:




That is a legitimate offer above that has been posted just 6 hours ago and nowhere is it mentioned that you have a certain fee to access that opportunity.


With regards to the second scenario, you are the one to get to make demands as to how much you would like to get paid, by making a bid.

Let me show you what I’m talking about:



You can see from the product above that the hirer has given the opportunity for potential service providers to propose how much they want to get paid. Did you notice anywhere that the hirer is asking you to pay in order to access this offer?

Why then would you have to pay Data Entry Direct to access the opportunities which you can easily find online free of charge?

This is yet another proof that Data Entry Direct is not out to help you in any way to make money online, but rather to extort your hard earned resources.

Data Entry Direct Is A Scam to be avoided at all cost.










4 ?The Owner Is Not Known?

To make it even worse, there is no information whatsoever about who the real owner of this platform is. Data Entry Direct has no about me page, or contact me page, where you can reach out to inquire more.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the owner remains anonymous as much as possible, and this is another red flag to watch out for. You definitely don’t want to give your credit card to a ghost.

Don’t use the 60-day money back guarantee as an excuse, because once you sense danger exposed by all the flying red flags, the most recommended thing to do is run away. Well, once again, that would be your calling.









5 ?No Information With Regards To How Much Affiliates Can Earn?


Even the affiliates page lack information as to how much they would be making promoting this scam. I guess there is no remuneration at all. It’s not enough to say up to 75%. In fact, this product is wanting in so many important areas.













?My Personal Take On Making Money Online With Data Entry

⏩I’ve listed just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of making money online following this path. While Data Entry Clerks in the office settings are much better off, the home-based Data Entry Clerks should not really hope for anything much.

⏩While this business model is absolutely legitimate, and trends are showing robust growth in the forthcoming years,




⏩Home based data entry jobs do not pay that well, meaning you would have to be willing to work extra hard and put in so many hours in order to make something substantial online with data entry.



?My Personal Take On Data Entry Direct

⏩Here is the thing:

⏩Data Entry Direct does not have to be an intermediary between you and the millions of opportunities out there if you really want to consider this path. All the information is available free online but Data Entry Direct is charging you $27 for it.

⏩Because of the reason, and the others discussed in great details above, I can conveniently conclude that:





?My Top Recommended Method To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is proving to be a business model that is definitely here to stay and would be around for decades more to come. You should consider this option today. And if you don’t know where to start,


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Data Entry Direct.Com Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



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    Woo this is so great. I really was looking for an honest review about this data entry website Direct and I found this website today and I read through it to find out that it is not a good website to earn from data entry. Thank you for the honest review and the heads up.

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for putting together this review about Data Entry! I appreciate the time you have set apart to write this comprehensive post. I’m glad I found it. And I’ll follow your warning. I won’t join this scam.These points you have raised concerning Data Entry, may help us to also identify other scams. After reading your post, each time I’m in doubt if a platform is a scam or not, I’ll always pay close attention to: 1.) Similarity with other products that have been identified as scams. 2.) Unknown owner. 3.) Not enough information about their affiliate program.

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