Is AZ Sniper A Scam? ??Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily? Let’s Find Out In This AZ Sniper Review!??

Is AZ Sniper A Scam? Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily? Let's Find Out In This AZ Sniper Review!



This is another program that promises financial freedom, but this time around, through the use of Amazon. The latter is the world’s biggest online shopping portal which millions of people around the world are already taking advantage of to make themselves some extra income. The owner of AZ Sniper, ”Stephen Ford”, claims, however, that he has created a system that can literally automate the profit-making process with Amazon, and help you generate $1 000s on a daily basis. This claim got me very curious and most probably got you dumbfounded as well. That’s why you want to make sure this guy is not selling smoke, by coming to read my honest review. Since you are like me, I know you are seeking answers to the question: ”Is AZ Sniper A Scam? Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily? Let’s Find Out In This AZ Sniper Review.




Name Description
Product Name: AZ Sniper
Product Price $37 + Upsells
Product Owner Stephen Ford
Official Site Website address has been provided on the screenshot just below this table. It is insecure, so I will not be linking directly to my content.
Best For People Who Wish To Make Money On Amazon
Overall Score 1/10











Before we delve into the details of the subject matter, these are some facts you need to know about AZ Sniper. They provide some training to sell Amazon products on YouTube, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee to request your money back. Not bad, I must admit. The business they are promoting is 100% legitimate and popular, but how do they go about it?

They raise false expectations with their audience, lie about their success stories by using fake testimonies of the training program, they tell you how their automatic system will help you generate $1000s from Amazon on a daily basis, and they don’t tell you upfront that there are hidden costs behind the $37.

Even though they offer a very long period of money back guarantee, why lie in sales videos? Why use fake testimonies? Only thieves lie and for this reason, I label them as POTENTIAL SCAMMERS. ”Potential” in the sense that you can request your money and get paid. The fact that they are using a legitimate business model doesn’t mean that they have the right to tell lies.














AZ Sniper is actually the short form for Amazon Snipper. Stephen Ford’s platform includes some basic training on the following topics:


  • niche selection with Amazon,
  • competitor analysis and keyword research,
  • setting up a website,
  • content creation, and formatting,
  • how to use YouTube as the main traffic source,
  • how to set up your WordPress website,
  • adding pages to your site,
  • adding product reviews to your site.


That’s what their package is made of.








In this section, we will carry out a detailed AZ Sniper Review, by evaluating the PROS and the CONS of AZ Sniper.





2.1?PROS Of AZ Sniper?


a ?60-days money back guarantee?

You can request for a refund if you are not satisfied with what they deliver, within an acceptable period of 30 days.


b. ?Legitimate Business Model?

The business model they practice is not illegal at all. It’s using affiliate marketing to promote Amazon products, especially through the use of YouTube videos.


c? Available Training?

Some Pdf training has been included, which, unfortunately, places more emphasis only YouTube as the main traffic source. And the training appears to be very basic.




2.2?CONS Of AZ Sniper – Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily??



You will find in this section, the facts the owner did not reveal in his sale videos:




a ?Nothing Mentioned About The Websites You Need?

You will be needing a website to promote any products on Amazon, however, Stephen Ford didn’t mention that you had to budget extra for that. The only way you were going to find out was after paying the initial $37.

When you log in, that’s the only time you will be asked to pay separately for the domain name, hosting and your website. Don’t know how much this would cost with them, but make sure to set aside a hosting budget, besides the $37 you pay upfront.








b ?Fake testimonials?


If you are genuinely sincere about the success of your products, why use professional actors instead? It could only mean one thing: that everything about your product is fake! Take a look at the image below:


”Kate’s” Fake Testimonial!




That lady above introduces herself on Fiverr as ”Kate”, so that’s how I will call her here.

Kate didn’t believe that a system like this actually existed. She further claims that she has been using AZ Sniper for 6 weeks, and during that period of time, ?she’s made $64 890!!! In six weeks!!!!!?

Only from just a few clicks from her laptop each morning. She never would have believed that in less than 2 months, she would be making 10s $1000s, and now she’s laughing all the way to her bank.

How people sell themselves cheap for just a couple of $$$. What a disgrace to tell all these lies in front of the entire internet.



”Rob’s” Fake Testimonial!



According to his testimony, he was desperate for more than 8 months and had absolutely no idea on how to solve his problems. Then he discovered AZ Sniper that changed his life for good.

And now, he’s making more than ?$1 500 every single day online!!!? He’s really happy now that he’s making a lot of money as a work home dad.

If you listen to the video on his Gig, he’s willing to change clothes, background, settings, read a script written out for him, if you are willing to pay extra for the preferences. So he’s actually making some dollars appearing on this video and reading the lies that have been written down for him.


?Why would a legitimate product provide fake testimonies??


Here are some other similar products you should equally avoid:

==> The CB Passive Income System

==> Appoiner

==> Five Minute Profit Sites

==> List Of Work Home Scams









c Ordinary people Using the system to make up to $1 500 / day? Where are the proofs?

The lies continued.

Not only did fake users provide fake testimonies, now the owner is claiming many ordinary people are making a lot of money every day with the system. The problem here is that no proofs are provided, no paychecks nor PayPal accounts presented.

The only proof available is the sliding banner just below the sales video, that never changes, which lists some names and how much they have just made as profits. Not only do these same names appear every time you land on their sales page, but there is also just no proof that they actually made those earnings.

Check out the screenshots below to understand better:





These shots were taken on November 6th, 2018. Let’s check out the screenshot below on the following day, November 7th, 2018. Have the winners changed??? I can’t wait to find out.




Is AZ Sniper A Scam? Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily? Let's Find Out In This AZ Sniper Review!



Let me draw your attention to something very important.

Recent reviews revealed the possibility that AZ Sniper was actually resurrected, as the disclaimer was erroneously copied and pasted on the new product without any modifications. The owners completely updated the disclaimer for it to contain only the name of the new product, AZ Sniper.

Check out the images below to understand better what I’m trying to explain:





Those mistakes were quickly corrected, and now the new disclaimer is very up to date as shown on the pictures below:




So why am I bringing this up?

So that you should not be surprised if the information in this review forces them to update their sliding banners to change the names of the new profit earners on a daily basis as well.








d He says it’s easy to make money with the powerful system

This is a false expectation that is created in the minds of newbies, that making money is easy with their power system. He actually says


…the system takes care of everything for you…


So newbies would be expecting to just sign up with the system, make a few clicks to configure it, and then sit back and just start making money. This is the type of lifestyle they would be expecting, which actually does not exist when it comes to making money online.

Here are some of his misleading claims:


  • He calls the system ?”…powerful one-click system…”’? which is quite misleading.
  • He said he found a couple of ?”secret websites”? that made things to become more interesting. And guess what websites he was referring to? Amazon. These are just sales pitches and hypes to get inexperienced entrepreneurs hooked. Who doesn’t know about Amazon these days?
  • He also claims that you would be working for? ”less than 10 minutes per day!!!”?,
  • And that you can start making money as from ?”…day 1?…”?
  • AZ Sniper is an ?”…automatic profit system…”?
  • AZ Sniper is the ?”’…verified system…”?. He didn’t mention the authority that verified the system.


Stephen Ford made it sound like you will be using a ”software” which will do all the technical work for you. All False.

The automatic system he’s talking about is the basic training he has included in his program, without even telling you that you would have to spend more for hosting, websites, as well as the security for your websites. And did you also know that his training did not include videos in this 21st century?

Not only would you learn how to select a niche, build a website, learn how to create youtube videos, learn about SEO, etc, but you would equally learn how to drive traffic to your YouTube videos. That’s it. There nothing like a secret here.

Take a look at the training resources they provide one more time, have you seen any resource there that can help generate automate profit making with Amazon? Let me warn you upfront. These are not easy things to learn with just a few clicks.











e Only Pdf In The Form Of Training?

If you are that type of person that cannot read texts for long, then get acquainted with their way of doing things, because you will not be learning through videos, even though they will be teaching you about YouTube videos.

What an irony.

The training has many more shortcomings:

  • No community to contact anyone for help;
  • No possibility to contact the owner directly. You don’t even know what he looks like. He’s nowhere to be found.
  • No free websites to create your Amazon business websites
  • No free tools such as keyword tools to help you identify great keywords for the Amazon products you want to promote


Quite a lot of missing stuff, especially to help the newbie get started hassle free. This platform is not equipped to help you make the amount of money that they claim, even in the long run.










The business model is legal, BUT THE PRODUCT TO HELP YOU LEARN THE MODEL IS A SCAM. They provide fake testimonies, simply because there are no real success stories.

I don’t recommend this product to anyone.

So far I have only one recommendation for you, where you can learn how to sell products on Amazon successfully, as well as any other products you want to sell online.





I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my AZ Sniper Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$37 + UPSELLS!

Overall Performance


14 thoughts on “Is AZ Sniper A Scam? ??Can You Cash In $1 500 Daily? Let’s Find Out In This AZ Sniper Review!??”

  1. Hello, I’m glad they have a money back guarantee. It’s hard to put all your energy into a company that leads to no results. They might be trying to hide the fact that they are a scam by letting you get your money back. I can see this company leading you on past that point of money back guarantee so that you are stuck in the hole. Thanks for the article! Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I guess that’s the new trick to hide their bad intentions,that of scamming people. Even the worse programs I’ve reviewed online now have money back guarantee, to avoid being called scams. I only hope that the refund conditions are respected.

      Absolutely. They will probably treat you well to make sure that point is indeed exceeded.

      I’m glad you found this post informative,and thanks for your comment.

  2. AZ Sniper is a pretty cool name but based on you rating and the fact that this smells like a scam, I will be steering clear. I am no expert but I do not that it is not good business to lie to your customers! The scams out there usually follow the same formula so a lot of them are easy to spot. Fake testimonials and false promises are a big red flag!

    (PS: I clicked on that cool floating link of yours and from what I can see that business opportunity is much more honest. If you do some quick research,  there are no crazy upsells or unrealistic promises. Definitely worth it for anybody looking for a legit opportunity.)

    1. Absolutely Renton.

      That’s all they have because there aren’t any real success stories. All of them use one and the same fomula as you rightly put it.

      Thanks for corroborating my recommendation. Seriously, the more I carryout reviews, the more I realize how blessed I came across the opportunity I’m recommending

      Thanks a lot Renton, for the time you took to comment on my post. Wishing you all the best.

  3. So you can unlock the quest for wealth for $37 plus upsells to learn to make money on amazon through affiliate marketing this has got to be a scam.

    Any program that has upsells in it,  in my eyes is very suspicious. 

    A good program and honest program would not have upsells in it and have regular training in it. I use an affiliate training program called Wealthy Affiliate which also shows you how to promote through amazon along with full training, wordpress  website and hosting.

    I would not touch AZ sniper now that I’ve found Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Having reviewed the numerous training programs online, there’s absolutely no need to waste your resources elsewhere if you are already part of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Wealthy Affiliate is ALL INCLUSIVE AND EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. That I can guarantee you.

      Thank you very much Darren for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  4. Great info and good post.

    This confirms my thought about AZ Sniper, I was reading about it that it was a scam and fake.

    1500 a day already sounds like amazing bu too good to be true.

    So really, many thanks for sharing it with us and warning other people about these kind of platforms!

  5. This s a complete review of As sniper, you still go to extent you exposed the fake testimonial from fiverr, I must commend you for the great job weldone. I am much more aware that As sniper is a scam read from your post, thank to put this into my notice. One question I want to ask is that , you also recommend CB passive income as a scam as well but am promoting it from clickbank, meaning that I have mislead many people, wow this so alarming . I will stop promote cb passive income henceforth. Thank for this post

    1. Hello Adebayo,

      I really appreciate your comment. Thanks a lot.

      With regards to CB Passive income, I will not recommend anyone to promote that product because of all the flaws I uncovered in my CB PASSIVE INCOME REVIEW. But the decision is yours if you still want to continue promoting it. Just be ready to deal with any consequences if any arise.

      By the way how many people have joined the program through you? You might want to reach out to them to find out if they have some found some value using the system. As for anyone I know, I will never recommend it to them.

      Stay safe online, and thank you once again for your comment.

  6. Hi

    It is so good of you to expose these people with their fake testimonials. They will do anything just to sell their garbage which they call money making opportunities. And then there are the upsells which they are not transparent about. It is such a pity that there are still people out there who believe these scams and then lose their money. (As with MOBE)

    Thank you for exposing them.

    1. I remember very well when some negative reviews popped up about MOBE, and how the members reacted so prematurely,condemning the reviewers and calling them names. And with all their shameful deeds, MOBE went ahead to sue a legal company, and following years of painful proceedings, THEY FINALLY LOST THE CASE TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

      Let people who have ears should listen. When you see a negative review online about a certain product, dig deeper and get your facts straight. Don’t behave like people whose brains have been completely washed out.

      I’m glad you brought this up. Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  7. Hello; Thanks for spending some of your time to prepare this bit of information about AZ Sniper. Because lack of knowledge will cause the people to perish. I consider you doing a great favour to the people who are looking for something to boost their earning and help them out financially. 

    Stephen Ford starts his business on a legal foundation, but build the structure with materials of falsehood and lies. Which is a dangerous practice to be allowedon the Internet. 

    My question is: Why people like Stephen Ford is allowed to continue such presumptious and fake business in Syber space? As also these Fivver Actors. (liers and thieves) Is there no Syber Consumer Protection Laws to save the innocent from these Crooks?


    1. Hi Dorcas,

      Thanks for your comment and I appreciate the kind words.

      Well the internet is a free world but definitely something worth looking into. I will keep you posted if I find anything new. 

      Thanks for stopping by.

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