Is Appcoiner A Scam Or Legit? ??Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps? Discover ⚡⚡7 Things They Will Not Tell You In This Appcoiner Review⚡⚡

Is Appcoiner A Scam Or Legit? Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps? Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You In This Appcoiner Review




This is yet another program that claims you can make money, simply by testing and reviewing Apps. The concept of writing reviews is undoubtedly the best way to attract organic traffic to just any product you review online, but the difference here is that Appcoiner claims they will pay you for every review that you write. What is the veracity of their claim? Is Appcoiner A Scam Or Legit? Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps? Read on to Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You In This Appcoiner Review.




Name Description
Product Name: Appcoiner
Product Price

$47 $27

Commissions ???
Product Owner ???
Official Site


Best For Experienced Entrepreneurs
Overall Score 1/10








AppCoiner’s system is very simple to understand, easy to use, and above all, there is a 60-day money back guarantee which is excellent for trying things out, 100% risk-free. But I’ve identified some major flaws with this program, that could be used to qualify this program as a potential scam:

  • You pay a fee for signup but you cannot easily identify what you get in return for this fee;
  • Little or no information with regards to how you make money. It’s not sufficient to say you write reviews and get paid. Quite a lot comes between the act of writing reviews and getting paid, which the owners have either deliberately left out, or completely ”forgotten”.
  • No information provided to help newbies write their reviews, etc

I could go on to list all of the shortcomings, but what you should retain about Appcoin, is that the chances of making money online with this program, are either very slim or reduced to none.

Definitely not recommended for my readers, especially the less experienced ones.
















1.1Appcoiner Definition


Basically, Appcoiner is a platform where you can get paid to test and review the hottest new Apps. Seriously, that’s all there is to Appcoiner. Check out the short video below for a brief summary as well:





1.2How To Make Money With Appcoiner


They claim that you can make money with Appcoiner by following 3 simple steps:


a. Choose An App To Test

Use the Appcoiner review database to select an app that you would like to test. Go ahead and use it to see what to make of it. You would need a smartphone or a tablet to be able to test the app.

That’s it for the first step.


b. Write A Review Of The App

Now that you’ve used the app with the appropriate devices, it means you are in a better position to talk about what you liked and disliked about the app. You do so by writing a review of the app you just used.

You would have to log in to your Appcoiner members’ account and write your honest review about the app.

End of the second step.


c. Get Paid And Start Making Money

The Appcoiner program will monetize all of your app reviews for you automatically. Just keep testing and writing more reviews. The more reviews you write, the more money you will make.

There are various forms of payments acceptable here:

  • Check;
  • Direct Deposit;
  • Payoneer

Select whichever method is best for you, and payments are sent out on a weekly basis.

End of the third step.






Let’s now proceed to carry out a detailed Appcoiner review, by evaluating the pros and the cons of this system.



2.1?PROS Of Appcoiner?


2.1.1. ✌Easy To Use System✌

Appcoiner is very simple to understand as well as to implement. If you have access to either a smartphone or a tablet, just select apps from the Appcoiner Review database, test by using it, and then log in to your members’ area and write a review.



2.1.2. ✌One Time Fee For A Life Membership✌

You get to pay only once for your life membership. No recurring payments are needed.


2.1.3. ✌Money Back Guarantee Of 60 Days!✌

They offer a 100% risk-free 60-day money back guarantee that gives you ample time to scout the program and make a request for a refund if it happens that they under deliver.







2.2?CONS Of Appcoiner – Discover 7 Things They Will Not Tell You In This Appcoiner Review?


The owners of Appcoiner have made it sound so simple and smooth. Just write reviews and get paid but guess what, there’s a lot more to this than previously anticipated. In this Appcoiner Review, you will discover these 7 things they will not tell you upfront, especially when trying to lure you into their program.

Check them out below:


2.2.1. ?Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps??


Appcoiner didn’t actually tell you exactly how the money making process with their system works. This is disappointing, and just this reason alone could be sufficient to question the legitimacy of their program and classify it as a potential scam.

A complete misrepresentation of what actually happens. They claim that you write reviews and get paid as if by the time you are done writing your review, your payments automatically become due. Which is not the case.

Let me throw more light on the situation. This is what they claim below:


…The AppCoiner program monetizes all of your app reviews for you automatically…


Just in case you missed that part in the sections above, this actually means that they will be inserting affiliate links into all the reviews you write, so that if anyone CLICKS AND BUYS, you get to receive commissions.

So unlike the false claims they make, giving you the false impression that you will start making money as soon as you write a review, here are the steps that come between writing a review and making money, which Appcoiner owners have not yet brought to your attention:



==> Write a review and publish

==> Get Traffic To Visit Your Review

==> Traffic Visits Your Review

==> Traffic Is Interested In What They Read

==> Traffic Clicks On The Affiliate Links Automatically Inserted Into Your Reviews By Appcoiner

==> Traffic Pushes Through To Buy App

==> Affiliate Commissions Are Made

==> Affiliate Commissions Are Paid



There are at least 6 different phases in between, and trust me when I tell you, each of these phases have different procedures altogether for it to get to a successful completion, and it takes enormous time, efforts, and sometimes huge sums of money if you want to get things done fast.

This is particularly true with getting traffic.

Don’t be surprised if I told you that you need at least 1 year to build a reasonable audience, that trusts you, and is willing to purchase through the links you recommend to them. So making money using this method is going to take you much more time.

And if you don’t want to exercise patience to build your following, then the only option would have to be paying for Ads.







2.2.2. ?They Will Monetise Your Blogs?


The brains behind Appcoiner did not mention details about how the monetization of your reviews will take place.


The fact that they have total control  over the links they will be inserting into your reviews make me raise questions about certain things:

  • Will their tracking system be efficient enough to track all visits coming from your own reviews?
  • How would you be able to verify if the links are working or not?
  • How would you verify to know if the links inserted in your reviews are tracked to your commissions’ account, and not to the owners’ accounts?


Nothing was really mentioned about how this is done. You are only required to write more and more reviews, and the program will monetize your reviews automatically.





2.2.3. ?You Need A Website To Write Reviews?


Appcoiner did not also highlight the important fact that you would need to pay for hosting in order to be able to effectively and efficiently promote this program.


This is one of the main reasons why newbies cannot try this program because it is reserved for only those who already have their own websites and blogs set up and live. If you are a newbie online, and you really want to join Appcoiner, then prepare the following budget:

  • An all-inclusive WordPress hosting package, where necessary measures have been included such as website security, SSL Certificates, the possibility to get your domain name, free domain privacy included, a speed booster to increase the speed of your website, and so much more. It will normally cost thousands of $1000s/Year to have all these features included, but this platform offers premium WordPress hosting for just $359/Yr
  • Your one-time payment of $27


You should estimate to spend around $386/Yr if you want to embark on promoting Appcoiner.






2.2.4. ?You Need Specific Training To Learn How To Rank Your Reviews?


Did you also know that you cannot just wake up and start writing reviews? It’s a systematic and methodological process, requiring the efficient use of keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, how to write the introductory paragraphs, how to structure your content and make it SEO friendly, and so much to learn about.

Appcoiner didn’t draw your attention to the fact that learning how to write an SEO friendly review which can be easily indexed and ranked by search engines, is an art that requires specific training and tools, as well as consistent efforts.

This would be another hectic challenge for the beginner online, and one which is sufficient to make you not to consider using this program to make money online. If you have never ever written a review before, then don’t waste your $27 here.

And the worse part about this is that you will not be provided with any training materials to help you write reviews. This opportunity is meant for the PROS and experienced marketers alone.







2.2.5. ?What Percentage Of Commissions/How Much Commission Will You Receive??


The only information available here is a simulation table. How convenient. Take a look at the screenshot below:



Nowhere is it mentioned how the commissions are distributed, or what type of apps will attract the greatest commissions. All you see is the simulation table above that makes you dream big as if you actually get to choose the commission you wish to receive for each app you wish to review.

The table above, for instance, indicates that if you review 3 apps every day, worth $15/app review, for 7 days, then you will earn a weekly, monthly and yearly incomes as presented on the table above.

You can play with that table above and see how incomes will vary.

Pay close attention however to the disclaimer:


…results from this calculator are NOT TYPICAL or guaranteed…


A word to a wise is sufficient.


Here are other similar programs to avoid:

The CB Passive Income System by Patric Chan

Five Minute Profit Sites System by people whose names are difficult to identify

List Of All Scams To avoid






2.2.6. ?Reviewing Apps Is Not A Profitable Niche!!?


Don’t expect the owners of Appcoiner to tell you that this niche is not profitable. You will have to figure that out for yourself. Luckily I’ve done the research for you, and it turns out that you don’t have to waste any more time and extra efforts investing in this niche.

When carrying out a research online, I realized that reviewing or selling apps does not usually appear among the top recommended profitable niches to help you make money online.

This niche is not profitable, and considering the time it takes to build SEO friendly content that is capable of drawing traffic, you don’t want to spend your limited resources on a project whose ROI is completely nil!

If making money online is your principal preoccupation right now, then you have to learn how to start your own online business that is capable of generating passive income for ages to come, doing only what you love.









2.2.7. ?Why Would You Need To Pay $27??


The owners of Appcoiner clearly state on their official website that:



…Every day there are thousands of new apps released into the app store and it’s getting harder and harder for developers to get attention and get noticed…



Alright. Now you know that the developers need help in getting their Apps noticed. The question you should ask yourself is this:


”Why do these guys need my help, yet they ask me to pay them $27???”


They desperately need you because you are going to play a vital role in ensuring that their apps become known out there. Yet they brainwash you to believe that you have to pay to have access to these unpopular apps? They literally have to pay you for the service you are about to render to them before you even start testing. I mean, who cares if those apps aren’t getting noticed??

You absolutely get nothing in return, but the hopes that you will make money. You actually saw from the simulations above that those results are not ”typical”. No training on how to drive traffic, or how to write reviews. Absolutely nothing is offered here!!

Seriously, getting those apps known out there, is not really your problem to bother about, and had it been that the apps were among the profitable niches online today, it’s only then that you would have considered concentrating all your efforts on this niche, because it’s of primordial importance of selecting only one niche and focusing on it, if you want to succeed online.

I definitely will not recommend that the one niche you select, should be an app niche. Either it’s unpopular or it’s already too saturated.

As it stands now, it’s definitely not worth it wasting any second around apps. It’s unprofitable when it comes to generating money for anyone who decides to invest in it.

The owner said it himself:


…it’s one thing to create a great app…but quite something else to get millions of people to buy it…


So why are people not buying? I cannot tell.












Appcoiner is close to a scam for the following reasons:

  • I don’t see what you would get in return for the $27. You are about to render them a service, meaning they should pay you instead;
  • There are many details they left out upfront, especially when it comes to making money with their program. To make it worse, they include an income simulator and provide a disclaimer just below the table to draw your attention to the fact that results from the calculator ARE NOT TYPICAL. I wonder what that means.




Take the time to build a business online that will last for generations to come.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Appcoiner Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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12 thoughts on “Is Appcoiner A Scam Or Legit? ??Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps? Discover ⚡⚡7 Things They Will Not Tell You In This Appcoiner Review⚡⚡”

  1. Every appcoiner review I have seen up until now has been saying how great and easy it is to make money with it. It’s about time somebody was genuine about what the app really is all about. You can always tell if something is a scam or not by the fact that you don’t know who the owners are or how much commission you can make, I mean, why would you pay for something if you don’t know the earning potential.

    And the fact that they have control of the links that are put mom your review posts just doesn’t bode well with me so after reading this review of it I can 100% say that I will NOT be paying for appcoiner whatsoever so thanks for shedding some light on it all.

    Do you really have to write reviews for you to get paid?

    1. Great question. Do you have to write reviews to get paid? It sounded like, as soon as you write, you have the right to ask for your money. If it were that easy, everybody would be making money online today! Not only 3%!

      I was almost convinced by the simplicity, but I had to read between the lines to understand better. They say they will pay commissions. How much? No precise answer was provided. They say I would have to write reviews, but nothing mentioned about the fact that I have to pay separately for hosting, etc so many unanswered questions.

      Yes they are responsible for monetizing your website, meaning they have total control of the links they will be putting there. There is just so much going on there which is not obvious.

      I’m glad you were able to make a decision with this review. I appreciate your time spent reading and commenting on my article. 

  2. Excellent review of appcoiner I always have red flags go up in my brain when you have to pay in order to make money, now that doesn’t necessarily signify a scam but it definitely makes me research more as that’s how I found this review.

    I have a problem when a company doesn’t tell you everything upfront, for example where you have to purchase hosting in order to make reviews.

    1. Absolutely Josh.

      It’s true that paying for a program does not necessarily signify a scam, but at least we should always be able to answer the question, ”What’s in there for me?”

      It’s a sure red flag when the company does not reveal everything about what to expect, because disappointment will be waiting for you down the path.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Josh.

  3. Thank you for the deep review, 

    Right at the beginning i see from the chart that the founder is unknown, same as how much they will pay …

    Surely its not the best place to start at, I am glad to read this review as I have found a lot of interesting and useful tips on how to earn money online. 

    Thanks of sharing facts about Appcoiner

    1. Hello Snap,

      Thanks for your comment. There is no clear information on how much you can make, as they themselves include a disclaimer about what they promise.

      I’m glad you found this review helpful, and thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love any page that calls out scam artists on their misdeeds in detail! This has been done beautifully and skillfully here! People attempting to do work at home jobs do need to be separated from their hard won dollars by charlatans and con artists taking advantage of a vulnerable population of individuals. Kudos to you for explaining in detail all of the reasons that this system is a scam as well as calling out those like it to warn other unsuspecting home workers. $27 is a lot to pay for nothing! Thank you for being a part of the scam busting resistance!

    1. Hi Casey,

      I appreciate your positive comments thanks a lot. Every now and then, new programs pop up, and guess what, all of them promising quick money. If it were that easy to make money online, then 97% of those who try would succeed, not only 3%!

      Those who want to genuinely make money online working from home with no experience would easily fall for unreliable promises like this one. That’s why I made an effort to break the components of the system down as much as I could for a better understanding.

      Thank you once again for stopping by Casey Keith.

  5. Waow! This is a great eye opener for me! I can’t believe the lies this people tell just to get the little we have away from us. I would have fallen for this program, thinking it’s as easy as it claimed, but reading your review has just opened my eyes to what truely lies ahead. And I very much agree with you in the paying them aspect, if they needed my help, why ask me to pay such amount. I will definitely heed your advice and stay away from this program. Thanks for the thourough review.

    1. I know right?

      We really have to be observant online. Their system sounds so easy, but having learned the process of writing a review and getting interesting parties to visit it, this is no easy process.

      That’s the point. You want your products to gain popularity, instead of paying me to get them out there, I have to pay you instead. This was smart on their part. Had it been they had clearly outlined what I would get for giving them my hard earned $27, then I would have had a second thought. But unfortunately, the only thing I get to access is their database of apps to select and test. What is really in there for me??? Empty promises from a simulation table, whose results are not typical????? I know better than that after so much experience online.

      Thanks for stopping by Queen, and thanks a lot for your comment.

  6. This reads like a well thought out Review, SB, and based on what you have written I would have to agree with you.  Toooo many steps in the process to get paid and… really… as you say,  Who is providing the service?  I’m also wondering if you came accross any positive reviews from people who have actually been involved with this platform.

    Sound suspicious to me as well. 

    I have to confess though,  I have never has any dealings with other money making programs as I was fortunate to find WA first.  That said I have found programs that have proven to be scams and fortunately, have gone by the way of the DoDo bird.  Perhaps this one will as well before toooo many people get bitten.

    Thanks for putting this warning out there for others to see and hopefully it will help them to make the right decission.

    All the best and Keep Moving Forward,


    1. Thanks Wayne for stopping by. ”These Guys” make it sound like, all you have to do is write a review. Period. And the money starts flowing. Far from the reality. The fact is you don’t get the privilege to read from those who have actually made money with the system, most probably because there is none.

      So when putting all the facts together, nothing is adding up really.

      I was also blessed to find Wealthy Affiliate, after having tried a lot of MLMs and other schemes online. When I logged into their platform, I knew it was time for me to settle and focus.

      Thank you very much for your comment Wayne, I really appreciate it.

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