Is 30 Day Success Club Scam??5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]?

Is 30 Day Success Club Scam? 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]


Welcome. If you are reading this review, it’s because you are meticulous enough to carryout out your due diligence on 30 Day Success Club before engaging. Congratulations, because a good majority of people do not have that reflex. I know you want answers to the question, ”Is 30 Day Success Club Scam?” Well, read on to discover 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club.



Name Description
Product Name: 30 DAY SUCCESS CLUB
Product Price $37
Product Owner ''Debbie Joven''
Best For Those Who Wish To Make Money Online Offering Freebies
Overall Score 3/10







Before we dive deep, let me give you just the tip of the iceberg about 30 Day Success Club:

  • They recognize and encourage the use of a website to build your business online
  • They target a highly relevant niche
  • And of course, a 60-day money back guarantee because they are operating on Clickbank


This is one of few products on Clickbank that impressed me right from start because from my objective point of view, they have very good intentions. But here are some of the facts I unveiled that made me start raising my eyebrows one more time:

  • The testimonials they have provided are all fake. OMG. Why?
  • Hidden Costs involved
  • A Done For You Website has its limitations, and not always recommended as the best way to start a business online;
  • You cannot reach 40 000 visitors in 3 months with Done For You Website. I will explain why further down
  • A fake sense of scarcity. Seriously, Debbie needs to update her sales video

Well, is 30 Day Success Club Scam? I seriously don’t understand why they use fake actors. It could only be for one reason, that no real success stories exist yet with her program. I often hit hard as soon as I’m able to prove a fake testimony. Only scam artists would do that.

However, the method she’s trying to promote is in high demand today, even though her solution to help you take advantage of that hot niche is wanting in many areas. For this reason, I will not recommend her training platform. There are more advanced platforms online today, that will help you effectively implement the ideas she’s trying to sell, and provide all the resources you would need to start making money in the niche sector she’s recommending.








This Review Of 30 Day Success Club will be carried out by making an evaluation of its PROS and CONS. Check out the following sections for more details:



1.1PROS Of 30 Day Success Club✌


1✌ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee✌

This is the major advantage of the products listed on Clickbank because they all must offer a 60-day guarantee period to protect customers.


2✌ Targets A Highly Relevant Niche

Debbie Joven has identified a trending niche out there which is very much needed by literally millions of people searching the internet every day, and the 30 Day Success Club is her attempt to help anyone who is interested, to make money out that niche.  There is a hungry market for her discovery, and you can really make a living only trying to target these hungry consumers online. But how robust is her product to prepare you for that market?

You will discover shortly.


3✌ Encourages The Use Of A Website To Build A Business Online

I love the fact that Debbie Joven highlights the importance of building your own website in order to make money online. This is a positive sign. I only hope that she’s going to show you the right way of going about this.






1.2??CONS – 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club??


1 ?Fake Testimonials?

This particular problem is never ever wanting with scam Clickbank products. They always manage to get some Fiverr actors to perform for them, and 30 Day Success Club was no different. Check out the fake testimonials below:



Is 30 Day Success Club Scam? 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]


The guy on the second image is really notorious. He appears in almost all my reviews. His name on his Fiverr profile is Rob.

All the guys seen on the images above are Fiverr Actors being paid to perform on screen. They are not real users of the 30 Day Success Club. I’ve actually started raising my eyebrows with regards to the quality of what they have to offer. Why hire people to lie about the success of your program if you are absolutely sure it’s of high quality? Why not use people who have made money with the system. Maybe they don’t just exist.

Here are other programs that employ the same strategies of using Fiverr actors:

Voice Cash Pro

Million Dollar Replicator

Explode My Payday

Take Surveys For Cash

List Of All Scams To Avoid





2 ?Fake Sense Of Scarcity: What Was It About October 27th Again??

Debbie Joven mentioned it several times in her sale video that this opportunity would not be around for long, creating a certain false sense of scarcity. Check out the following statements to understand what I’m trying to say::

  • this video may not be online for long;
  • deadline to get this opportunity free is the 27th of October. Of which year actually? Difficult to tell. Look at the image below:



Don’t fall for this hype. Any time you stumble across this video, the date will never change, so rest assured that it’s not something scarce and do further research before you get involved with this program. And did she say that a National Television Network approached her to produce a reality TV show? Why was she scared to reveal the name of the TV network if it were true?


OK, and considering the possibility that they actually did approach her to negotiate contractual details of acquiring her program, why is it still available online? Could it be that the deal was put off? Why?

I was very happy that I’d finally come across one single Clickbank product that appeared to be promising, but have my hopes been dashed to the wall already? Well, I’ll just continue checking.






3 ?Can You Reach A 40 000 Visitors/Month In 3 Months??

Ok. Now I’m getting really curious. Debbie Joven is claiming that she was able to attain a record high organic traffic at 40 000 visitors in 3 months!!!!!! While this claim is outrageous, let’s give it a benefit of doubt and assume that it is true. Check out the image below for the words she used:


Is 30 Day Success Club Scam? 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]



But do you know what? You will not be getting those exact same results as she. Why? Because the system you be purchasing is a Done For You System which, which are usually not SEO friendly, and will certainly not rank well with search engines. DISADVANTAGES OF A ”DONE FOR YOU” SYSTEM WERE DISCUSSED HERE.


I’m actually assuming here that she put in the relevant work in her website to start getting that amount of traffic in less than 3 months, but my assumptions are most probably faulty because getting to that amount of traffic within 3 months is close to impossible, except you pay for it.


One of the most successful names on the internet today, Neil Patel, wrote an article on how to drive 20 000 visitors to your website in 90 days, not double the number. I encourage you to check it out to see what it entails and actually decide for yourself whether Debbie Joven could help you reach that miles stone.





4 ?There Are Hidden Costs Involved?

Debbie mentioned that the amount you are paying is for a one-time hosting fee of $37, which will give you access to free technical support. I have a business online, and I know exactly what it takes to run a business website. Hosting alone is only one of the things you should worry about. There are many others she has not mentioned in her sales video, which you must budget for. This is the main reason why I call them ”hidden costs” because they don’t appear to be obvious now, but which you will endure sooner or later.

They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Domain privacy cost
  • Website Security cost
  • SSL Certificate cost
  • Website Speed

And many important web hosting features that come as add-ons requiring you to pay monthly. These could quickly add up and transform a $37 venture to a more costly one, perhaps thousands of dollars.






5 ?Done For You Is Never The Best Way To Build A Presence Online?

According to Debbie Joven, there is a whole system already waiting for you on the inside, where all you would have to do is select your domain and website names, and your website would be automatically populated with the list of freebies that internet users are currently searching. When users come to your website and claim them, you make money.

Here is the thing about Done For You websites:

  • They are not SEO friendly;
  • The list of freebies populated on your website would probably be the same list that would be populated on another client’s websites, thereby resulting in duplicate content which is not very appreciated by search engines
  • It is mentioned in the sales video that your website would be optimized by including a description. Check out the image below:


Is 30 Day Success Club Scam? 5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]


Unfortunately, Debbie gives the impression that once you insert your site keyword and description, the SEO task is done. This is quite misleading for the newbie since there is way much that has not been covered with regards to SEO here.

When you start a business online with a Done For You system like this one, you are missing out big time when it comes to acquiring the necessary skills to succeed in any niche online.










Let me be honest with you, the business model that 30 Day Success Club is trying to promote is an amazing one, full of great opportunities. I had to carry out more research to have an idea of the potentials this niche had to offer, and I was blown away by the opportunities.

For one second I thought I could create a second website because I know of people who usually take advantage of freebies. But I need to keep my ”shiny object” syndrome under control and keep on working on my current niche. LOL

But I have one major problem with the way Debbie goes about teaching you how to create your website in this niche. I really appreciate her honesty when she mentioned that you needed a website to succeed in this niche, but what you don’t need is a ”Done For You” website, because it will not do well with search engines. Debbie has a great business model in place, but her solution has the following major weaknesses:

  • You cannot build any other type of business with the solutions she offers
  • Hosting solutions are limited, as you would need to pay extra for additional hosting services such as SSL Certificates and Website Security;
  • She didn’t mention anything about the existence of a community you can contact to obtain help at any time of the day;
  • Nothing mentioned about whether you can receive permanent 1-on-1 mentoring from her directly;
  • You cannot try it for free without providing your credit card details
  • Lack of relevant resources and training to build an SEO friendly website, since you would be dealing with websites that have been prebuilt for you already;

Your options with 30 Day Cash Club to build a sustainable business online, from all indications, are very limited. If you decide to take on their business opportunity, chances are that you would spend more in the nearest future, should you wish to diversify, and most likely start learning all over from square one.

Why not use a training platform, that will teach you how to promote any product online (including the freebies that you are really interested in), as well sustainable SEO technics to help you draw free organic traffic to your website?

That’s not all. The following features are provided free of charge to accompany your training:

  • 50 websites that are fully managed on your behalf by admin experts (25 domain own plus 25 subdomains), to enable you to diversify online anytime you like;
  • All your websites are covered by Website security, SSL Certificates, Speed Boosters, Domain Privacy, Spam Experts, etc at ZERO UPSELLS or NO ADDITIONAL COST;
  • A lively community of over 1.4 million members to interact with at any time of the day
  • 1-on-1 mentoring at no additional cost
  • The possibility to contact the owners privately
  • The most extensive training resources available on how to build a website and monetize it through affiliate marketing, WooCommerce, selling your own products, etc.
  • A website builder to make the task enjoyable, so you don’t have to worry about any techie stuff


And so much more.












While they exhibit some characteristics of a scam product, they are not 100% scam as the majority I’ve had to review online. Debbie Joven is targeting a very profitable niche, but she’s not able to offer you the appropriate training to help you make money out of it.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my 30 Day Success Club Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

30 Day Success Club


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8 thoughts on “Is 30 Day Success Club Scam??5 Things To Consider Before Signing Up For 30 Day Success Club [REVIEW]?”

  1. I appreciate this honest and thorough review about 30 Day success club. Personally, I have come across this program in the past before, however I wasn’t quit sure if it was a scam or not. But reading this review has surely open my eyes to the truth. 

    One thing I like about your post is your number one recommendation. That one I have tried before and I got to say it’s life changing. It helps you to build a solid and steady income online. I will surely recommend people to give it a try. Thanks for the post once again. 

    1. Thanks you very much for your comment Kuu, and I’m glad you found this post useful. As for my recommendation, there is no better choice out there that can compete with this one. The more I review products online, the more it becomes obvious that THEY ARE SECOND TO NONE

  2. Hi there.

    First of all its a good thing I take from this is the 60 day money back guarantee that’s always a good sign, but them, bam! Fake testimonies, why if it legitamely works wouldn’t they use real testimonies?!

    Then there’s hidden costs involved! I love nothing more than no extra hidden costs. Thanks for this great insight into the 30 day success club.

  3. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great review on 30 Day Success Club.These days many people are interested in making money online but they face a big challenge of many online scams.

    All programs pretend to be legit until we find the contrary.30 Day Success Club is not a scam but it is not a good platform to spend $37 because the training provided can be found online for free .Using this platform is a not a good choice when you need to make money online because waiting 60 days to get your money back is a wasting of time.

  4. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there,

    Thanks for being an eye-opener for this “opportunity”. I really hate people promising results they can’t deliver. I also hate the fake deadlines. I’ve said many times, I usually test these deadlines to their limit.

    I’m not against turnkey websites. I believe they save you a lot of time. BUT, you have to know about SEO, in order to be able to optimize it yourself.

    Thanks again,


    1. Absolutely Marios,

      Turnkeys websites will turn out to be more costly in the long run, in terms of knowledge and how much you would spend learning all over.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Much appreciated.

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