How Wealthy Affiliate Members Travel To Las Vegas Every Year

How Wealthy Affiliate Members Travel To Las Vegas Every Year


You are currently reading this article because you are very interested in finding out How Wealthy Affiliate members travel To Las Vegas Every Year FREE OF CHARGE, right?

The title of this post was carefully chosen. This is not some sales pitch, trying to get as many readers as possible. Some Wealthy Affiliate members do get the privilege of traveling every year to Las Vegas FREE OF CHARGE, and we will reveal to you exactly what they do to get qualified.




Name Description
Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive
Feature #1: ''First Class'' WA Super Affiliates
Feature #2: ''Second Class'' WA Super Affiliates
Feature #3: Start earning a minimum of $7K+ per month after your first trip!
Feature #4: Be the first to own WA First-Time Release Gadgets
Price #1: $19 First Month, $49 Second Month+
Price #2: $359 /Yearly Discount
Price #3: $299 /Black Friday Yearly Discount
Renewal Renew at Yearly & Black Friday Discounts Every Year.
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Best For: Beginners & Experts digital entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, college students, university students, unemployed, retired individuals, disabled individuals, new career seekers, laid off employees, low salary employees, high salary employees, high school graduates who don't want to go to the university, people looking for a marketing education, etc.
Rating 10/10:


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Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.         ——–>Wayne Huizenga


Make Las Vegas happen for you:




Continue reading to learn more about the Las Vegas incentive.













This approximately 5 minutes long video has featured some of the most successful 2017 Wealthy Affiliates. Well, only some because other qualified members had urgent matters to attend to, and could not make it to Vegas.

The conference always takes place at the beginning of the following year, to bring together successful affiliates who were able to meet certain conditions during the prior year. The Rendez-Vous point for this meeting is in Las Vegas, USA.

What’s this conference all about?





Kyle & Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, have successfully designed and implemented a compensation scheme, a gratitude scheme, call it whichever name that fits well, to enable members of this community to earn full time online.


They have set up the BEST | TOP | #1 GRATITUDE SCHEME | FREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM ONLINE, making it possible to accumulate massive wealthy from just a few referrals, within a couple of years.


The system makes it even more exciting for premium members, providing them with at least 10 DIFFERENT INCOME STREAMS to take advantage of and boost their income online at Wealthy Affiliate.




The secret behind the success of their affiliate program must be the recurring nature of the affiliate commissions you receive, as well as the high value of such commissions, compared to the other affiliate programs.


Could that be the only secret why they are considered to be one of the best? I believe it goes far beyond just recurring high commissions. THE DESIRE TO MAKE AND SEE OTHERS HAPPY MUST BE THEIR DRIVING FORCE. Why do I say so??


This should be the main reason why they decided to go an EXTRA MILE, further than any other affiliate program could go, to create the  LAS VEGAS SUPER AFFILIATE CONFERENCE


For a very long time, members who met certain conditions were considered simply as Super Affiliates, until recently when the second category of Super Affiliates was introduced. Let’s take a look at the different categories of Super Affiliates below, and what it takes to be qualified as such.





It has been a tradition at Wealthy Affiliate for so many years that, if you are able to signup 300 premium referrals in one calendar year, you will be invited to attend the LAS VEGAS SUPER AFFILIATE CONFERENCE the following year.

That’s all it takes to be qualified for a free invitation to Las Vegas. If you make 300 referrals, then prepare to travel to the United States.

This opportunity is available only to PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY. Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership provides other ways of making money at Wealthy Affiliate but the LAS VEGAS SUPER AFFILIATE CONFERENCE is reserved for premium members only.







As a premium member, you will not be left on your own to achieve those results. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has provided the tools you will need to be able to make those 300 premium referrals happen. The Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp contains advanced training on affiliate marketing, and the community is also available to answer any questions related to your online experiences.

Remember though; learn and practice and fail and rise up again and change tactics… until you get things going. This advice is applicable to all works of life. You must be willing to persist until you start seeing results. There are really no shortcuts to achieving big success. Your desire must be burning every morning.





Until recently, a new type of challenge was created.

It consists of making as many as 3000 premium referrals per the calendar year. Wow. I’m looking forward to this, but if this challenge was instituted, it definitely means there are members who are currently making way more than 300 premium referrals on a yearly basis.

Both first class and second class Super Affiliates do get invited to the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. So what’s the difference between these two categories of Super Affiliates?



The main difference arises from treatment each class of affiliates receives when they arrive. This is what happens if you are a First Class Super Affiliate:

==> You are going to get the Royal Vegas Treatment. It starts with a Bentley picking you upon arrival, one of only a few Bentley Mulsanne. There are actually only 10 of these in the world and the MGM has ordered 5 of them.

==> You will be getting your very own Skyloft and you will be transported to and from the hotel through your own Bentley. The Skyloft includes full butler service, and you can sit in the comfort of a 3,000 square foot room! Hmmmmmm. Isn’t this something to look forward to?



Read more about Las Vegas 2017 directly from the Wealthy Affiliate Community, and from Kyle himself (one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate)? CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW



How Wealthy Affiliate Members Travel To Las Vegas






Qualifying for Las Vegas doesn’t mean that your commissions will be forfeited.

Going to Las Vegas IS COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF THE COMMISSIONS YOU WILL RECEIVE related to the 300 premium referrals you just made. Getting involved in the challenge increases your potentials of generating huge passive income in the long run. This fact will be demonstrated with an example below.

This is the main reason why I mentioned earlier that the owners of this platform just want to make this world a better place in their own way.



All the expenditures related to traveling are born by them. Flying a couple of members, out of their respective countries to Las Vegas, Lodging them in luxury hotels for 4 days, paying their meals, … you name the rest, could be insanely expensive, yet they care more about the people side than saving their profits.

Oh yes, how many companies have you worked for that offer that opportunity? Even if they do, it would only be for the top hierarchy members. There is usually no room for an equal competition. Consider your bonuses at the end of the year offered by your company, and compare that figure to the total cost spent on each head by these owners.

Do you get the picture now? Talking of flight tickets to and fro could be worth at least $2 000, depending on your country of origin, and WA members belong to over 190 countries.

This is truly one Multinational Company.



Let’s do some simple Math with regards to the commissions you will be making with your 300 premium referrals every year. We will make some assumptions to simplify our case study:

==> You have been going to Las Vegas for the past 5 years;

==> Every year you made 300 referrals;

==> All your referrals signed up for the monthly plan.


Check out the table below:


Years Effective Number Of Signups Cumulative Number Of Signups Affiliate Commissions Per Signup Commissions Made /mo
1st Year 300 300 $23.5 $7 050
2nd Year 300 600 $23.5 $14 100
3rd Year 300 900 $23.5 $21 150
4th Year 300 1200 $23.5 $28 200
5th Year 300 1500 $23.5 $35 250
Total 1500 $23.5 $35 250




Say KUDOS to the Income Generating potentials at Wealthy.


Please take note of something. The first year you made 300 monthly referrals. By the end of that year, it means your monthly income as from the second year onwards would by $7 050. What’s even more amazing, you pack your bags at the beginning of the second year, and off you go to Vegas.

By the time you get to the end of the second year, you realize that you have made an additional 300 monthly referrals. This implies you now have 600 referrals in your portfolio, and your monthly income now doubles to $14 100 as from the 3rd year. Off you go to Vegas again. And so on and so forth.

Finally comes the fifth year, another excellent year for you, and you have succeeded to make another 300 monthly referrals. By this time, the total number of your referrals stand at 1500.


So this implies that your MONTHLY PAYCHECK, as from the end of January of the 6th year, would be at least $35 250!!!!!! (since you have accumulated the art of making those people signup, your referrals will only continue to increase)


There are many members who have crossed this mark years ago, and making much more than demonstrated above. This is actually the main benefit of this Las Vegas challenge. Even if you don’t qualify, your efforts would have led to some signups, that would enable you to live comfortably.







Please, don’t venture on this, if you are not serious about making money online. Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

They have a proven method to make millions of dollars with Affiliate marketing, that WILL GUARANTEE SUCCESS ONLY IN THE LONG RUN. You must be PSYCHOLOGICALLY READY FOR THIS.

Your success is guaranteed in the long run,  does not also mean that you sit, fold your arms and wait for the long run to come. You would be given a guide to be implemented on a daily basis. These guides and methods focus on capitalizing on the free traffic offered by Google, by teaching you to understand the psychology behind Google, and how you can create your SEO friendly affiliate marketing website to gain Google’s trust.

It’s ONLY WHEN YOU MUST HAVE GAINED GOOGLE’S TRUST, that the later will send you free traffic, and let me tell you right away, IT TAKES MONTHS TO WIN GOOGLE’S HEART.


The good news, however, is that their step by step proven guide is excellent for all levels of online entrepreneurs, beginners as well as experts. The only determining factor to success will be the individual’s drive and motivations.






The good thing about this platform is that everyone first starts with a free membership, without your credit card information needed. All you need to do is PROVIDE ONLY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

If you think this is where you belong, you can, later on, purchase a premium plan, and if on the contrary, you discover that this community is not meant for you, you can move on immediately with no hard feelings. This is the main reason behind their free membership.


For those of you already confident about this challenge, start your free membership right away, by clicking the image below:




There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. ======> Colin Powell









''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive




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  • Free Trip To Las Vegas For 4 Days
  • Incentive Is Available Every Year
  • High Recurring Commissions
  • Build Wealth As Much As $226K+
  • Live In Luxury Villas & Mingle With Kyle + Carson + Super Affiliates


  • Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • Persistence Is Key

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