How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret



?‍♀️Hello there and welcome. This ?BONUS? will reveal some free backlinking tips that will blow you away, which actually work. The proof is included below.

It wasn’t my intention to prepare this BONUS, but following the recent discovery I made just a few days ago, with regards to an accidentally discovered excellent source of high-quality free backlinks, I decided it was important to get the news out there, especially to you, my cherished Wealthy Affiliate Referal. We all know the importance of having high-quality backlinks pointing back to our websites, and getting them organically is hard work. Unfortunately, it so happens to be the most reliable method to acquire backlinks, because automatic solutions always land us in trouble. So what’s this new found knowledge about? Continue reading to discover How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret.








a. How I Came About My Discovery

I was doing some house cleaning on my website’s backlinks, which resulted in many excellent and pleasant discoveries. I was actually desperately looking for new ways to get free backlinks for my website which could boost my domain authority when I stumbled on something that blew me away. At first, I didn’t quite understand, so I shoved it aside.

Then a few days later, it hit me.

What first started off as a disappointment (I will explain this in just a second) rapidly turned out to be a blessing in so many ways. Let me explain what I’m trying to say.

So what was I disappointed about? I recently reviewed a product by name, WP Backlinks Machine V2, which left me desperate for countermeasures against the harm this plugin could cause on my website.

This tool is designed to help its users spam other websites for backlinking purposes. While the spamming websites could be hit by PENGUIN updates, the linking sites will not be spared as well, even though there are high chances that their owners wouldn’t even be aware of the spamming activities taking place behind the scenes.

Thanks to my review on WP Backlinks Machine V2, I was able to accomplish 2 great missions:

Go to the next section to check out my discovery now.





b. How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website

This is actually what blew me away…




Little did I know that including images on my posts could do me this good. Wow, I was super excited to discover this. I love creating my own images to make the message I’m trying to send across, easy to understand.

Now I will switch to images to draw your attention to those that are generating these backlinks, and what sites are linking to them

But how did I even discover this? By using the free backlinks checker tool. This tool revealed the following backlinks, and the images they were linking to.

Check out the first one below:


How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret


You can clearly see from the image above, that pinsdaddy.com has linked to one of my images. Now here is the interesting part about this linking domain. It’s domain authority is a whopping 57!!!!! 

And to make it even fantastic, the link is a Do Follow marked by the letter F. That simply means that my website will benefit from that domain authority, and will help to boost mine as well. This is a juicy and excellent backlink in action.

Same explanation goes for piknu.com and keywordbasket.com


Let’s go a little deeper with picstopin.com, the one in the red box. If we visit the site, this is what you will find:



It would appear this website has some sort of a tool that searches the internet for relevant Amazon images, and automatically downloads and displays them on their own website while maintaining the image source URL from where it was acquired.

There are many different images as you can see above, and mine happens to be one of them. Lucky me.

So where does that image appear on my own website?

Check it out below:


How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret


This is just amazing.

You definitely want to include images in your post for you never know which websites will be linking back to them. Besides, your articles become more interactive and more appealing to readers, thereby encouraging them to hang around a little bit longer. The results is increased session duration, and increased rankings in Google.

Not only do I get to benefit from Google rankings, but I also get free backlinks for my website with little or no extra efforts.  That is increased domain authority and a further boost in ranking with search engines as a whole.

There are some image tools which I personally use for my image tasks, and which I recommend that you start using them as we. The good news is that all of them are free of charge.

Let’s check them out in the next section.





#2.Wealthy Affiliate Provides Excellent Free Resources And Tutorials For Your Image Tasks✌



There are actually a couple of them, and just by being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get to learn how to use these platforms for your images, as well as how to optimize them for search engines.

There are up to 5 different training resources covering media alone. And with regards to images, you will find everything discussed in mostly 1, 2 and 4, as indicated by the numbers above.

Don’t worry, the recommended solutions are all free. Wealthy Affiliate practices zero upsells and will recommend only free quality resources related to building your business online.

When it comes to using images, you don’t just create or copy and insert them into your blog posts. In order to increase your chances of Google and other search engines indexing them, there are specific procedures to be followed.

These procedures will not be discussed here as they have been completely covered by the Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Go to the next section to see other free resources I found online, which I’ve been using consistently, and not covered by the training platform.







#3.?First Additional Free Tool Not Covered By The Wealthy Affiliate Core Training?


How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret


Whereas this tool was not mentioned in the Wealthy Affiliate core training itself, some members have endeavored to create tutorials around this subject. They are not many though.

But the thing is, if you are completely new, you would have absolutely no idea about the use of this tool. Meaning you wouldn’t even be searching for it in the first place.

That’s why I’ve decided to include it here, in order to draw your attention to this indispensable tool when it comes to inserting images to your websites.

This famous tool I’m referring to is known as Tinypng.

What’s the use of this tool?

It helps to reduce the sizes of your infographics, before inserting them into your blog posts. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is upload compress, and download compressed images.

You see, Wealthy Affiliate has taken measures to manage the sizes of all your images when you upload them to your website, by automatically including a very efficient plugin in all WordPress websites created with them. It simplifies the entire process by automating the management of all your image files to reduce them accordingly to sizes that will not affect the speed of your website.

However, you might want to consider simplifying the work of this plugin, by uploading images which have already been optimized using Tinypng.

The decision is yours to make, but if you want my opinion, I strongly recommend that you use Tinypng to reduce all image sizes before uploading to your website so that you are sure you wouldn’t have any speed issues related to your images.

You might call it double control if you will.

This is what I do ALL THE TIME, and my experience with images have been awesome so far. You can now see that some of them have started bringing in backlinks.?


For a more enhanced image optimization experience, then make good use of your BONUS #3, AN ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION TO OPTIMIZE ALL TYPES OF MEDIA FILES, NOT ONLY PNG.





#4.Second Additional Free Tool Not Covered by Wealthy Affiliate To Help You Implement This Little Known Secret

How To Get Free Backlinks For My Website With This Little Known Secret


What I need you to understand is that there are tons of resources included on the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform. If you use only the information provided there, you will see great results.

When it comes to images, there are a plethora of great free resources available as well, and the good news is that the important ones have already been captured by Wealthy Affiliate.

That said, the additional tools I’m sharing here, are the secret tools that I’ve been using which really help a lot. You can try them out and see for yourself and determine whether they are a good fit for your image projects. But I’m convinced you will find them insanely helpful.

I’m just from checking out the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and it appears no tutorials are available on this one yet. So you see, very few people know about it as of today.

So what’s the name of my next secret tool for images? It is Screenpresso.

It has beautiful and dynamic interphase, that allows you to make screenshots, and edit them to your feel by adding features to your new image such as:

  • additional images
  • captions
  • logos

And so much more

All of the infographics on this page were made thanks to Screenpresso. It comes in free and paid versions, but I’ve been very satisfied with the free version so far. You can follow that link for more information and download your free version.






#5.Third Additional Free Tool Not Covered by Wealthy Affiliate



Jing is also one of my favorite tools I use, but not as frequently as I use Screenpresso.

The main advantage of Jing is that it gives you the possibility of sharing your newly created image as a link. I don’t know if Screenpresso can do that, but I don’t think so.

Are you wondering when you might want to share an image as a link? Let me give you an example that will make you better understand why Jing is a real treasure for every online marketer.

A few weeks back, I received a comment on one of my short YouTube video reviews, requesting for more information with regards to how the product functions. I was compelled to go back to the product’s sales page, where I found the information I was looking for.

And Jing did the rest for me. How?

I made a screenshot with Jing, and added relevant details as text on the image using Jing, replying to the question I received. And when I was done, I generated a link, which I shared in the comments section of my YouTube video.

All the viewer had to do, was click on the link, and be taken to my screenshot which provided all relevant details he requested.

There are equally no relevant tutorials with regards to this on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. So you are one of the privileged few to have this first-class information that will make your experience online truly amazing.






#6.An Important Tip


There is a clear difference between .png files and .jpg files, in the sense that the former is always of superior quality.

But that quality comes a great cost: the file becomes insanely heavy.

So here is my tip.

While creating images, and still assembling them together (you can do a lot with Screenpresso such as stitching several images together), you can conveniently work with .png files.

But once you are done with the final copy which has to be uploaded to your website, download it using .jpg because they usually weigh much less when saved in this format.

As soon as you obtain your final .jpg version, then upload it to Tinypng to reduce it even further, before you upload to your website. Your website will be very grateful and perform even faster, despite the several images you have been uploading.

Just so you know. I have over 2000 images uploaded to this website, but because I manually reduce the sizes before uploading them, the image optimization plugin will have less work to do, and perform even better.

My site speed has not been negatively impacted as well.






The importance of using images on your websites cannot be overemphasized enough, and using my website as an example, here is what I have to say.

Not only do they engage my audience and demand their attention, but they are also capable of generating free high-quality backlinks to my website. You have seen the proofs in the article above.

Now that you about to start your own online business, make sure to start incorporating images early enough so that sooner it would become second nature. Don’t forget that starting something new for the first time always presents some challenges, especially when it comes to images. Just continue until you become used to.

That’s exactly what I did, and I’m glad I persisted.


I hope you found value with this little known secret that was shared in this article just for you.



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