Explode My Payday Scam?Discover 10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review?

Explode My Payday Scam ==> Discover 10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review


Having researched and revealed 10 Red Flags with regards to a Clickbank product named Explode My Payday, I can conveniently state that Explode My Payday Scam is no longer a theory, but a fact. READ ON to Discover 10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review.



Name Description
Product Price $47+ 2 DOWNSELLS + 2 UPSELLS
Product Owner ''Meaghan Harper''
Best For ''Meaghan Harper''
Overall Score 0/10








Yes, as with the rest of all Clickbank products, Explode My Payday has a 60-day money back guarantee. But does not mean that this product is not a scam? Definitely not. Even Clickbank confirms that it’s not their duty to approve or review any products that are sold on their platform. I guess that’s where I come in then.


Having carried out a due diligence on Explode My Payday on your behalf, here are the facts to corroborate my Explode My Payday Scam Theory:

  • Fake testimonials with proof
  • A sneaky clause to rent and sell your personal data to third parties has been included
  • Disclaimer inconsistencies
  • A fake sense of scarcity that really works
  • Hidden costs


And 5 other unpleasant facts uncovered during the course of my review.


You will not believe it. Meaghan Harper literally tells you that you would start receiving money in your account as soon as the following day after signing up for your package, but what is inside the package that will magically help you to start making money in less than 24 hours?

When you find out, you will hate yourself forever believing any of her lies. There is no magic when it comes to taking advantage of the internet to make money, and to be on a safe side, build your own business with the help of experts and tons of available free resources in one place to take you to the next level.











1.1PROS Of Explode My Payday✌


1✌ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee✌

This is the major advantage of the products listed on Clickbank because they all must offer a 60-day guarantee period to protect customers.




1.2??10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review??


1 ?Fake Testimonials?

As it turns out, Leanne Bakker Tustin, CA, is a professional actor on Fiverr. How did I know? Check out the image below:



She claims she’s now making over $4,000 per week, thanks to the system. The same old songs all sung by all the Fiverr actors who have testified on several different products, using different names each time, and making huge sums with all the programs they are testifying for.



Not only did she lie that she had never recorded herself on video before (LOL), but she also claims to be making over $1,000 thanks to the system. Same old lies.

This is really sad. No real testimonies exist, that’s why Fiverr Actors are highly solicited.


Here are similar misleading schemes you should avoid at all cost:

Voice Cash Pro

Million Dollar Replicator

EZ Bay Payday

List Of All Scams To Avoid





2 ?Fake Sense Of Scarcity Created And Taken To The Next Level?

Throughout the entire video, they use tactics to unconsciously instill some scarcity anxiety in your brains. I’m writing this because it actually worked on me, I can only imagine how newbies could take this. It compels you to act right away and I must compliment their efforts because had it not been that I’m familiar with their ways of doing things, I would have most probably fallen for this tactic.


I’m talking about statements like what you see on the image below:



Seriously, if you come across Explode My Payday when the site has already been taken down, then you should really be thankful that you didn’t have to go through the anxiety process. I mean, what could you possibly get from a $17 course? Yes, they can discount from $47 to $17!! The process has been explained in details further down. That’s actually how sneaky these guys have become.

Are you curious to know what I found the following day? Check it out below:


Explode My Payday Scam ==> Discover 10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review





They have implemented one of the most effective anxiety strategies ever. Don’t need to be. These are all tactics implemented by scam artists, and a good product will stand the test of time, not one that comes and goes within days. Do you know why these guys soon disappear? They don’t stick around long enough so that you don’t get the chance to make full use of your 60-day money back guarantee.


Se let them rush off to the sunset and leave space for legitimate programs.






3 ?How Can You Make Thousands Of Dollars Just By Working 15-20 minutes/day??

You are given the wrong mindset about making money online right from start. Do you honestly believe that you can start receiving thousands of dollars from the owner of this program, just by putting in only about 15 to 20minutes every day?


These guys keep making one and the same claims. This is definitely a Get Rich Quick Scheme, and there’s no such thing like earning so much money online overnight. No one will ever send you that much in less than 24 hours. Besides, I’ve already proven to you above that all those testimonials are fake, and cannot possibly believe all those lies!!!


These guys are misleading you and I want you to realize that.





4 ?There Are Hidden Costs Involved?

The initial price of this product is discounted right down to only $17. And for these smart people (not everyone can be able to bring down the price, especially the newbies online), they could probably be thinking that they have outsmarted the system. They are completely wrong because upsells are waiting for them on the inside.


Check out the image below for the 2 upsells you would most probably be compelled to purchase once you signup for this product:




You can see from the image above that there are 2 Upsells

  • Big Bundle
  • Campaigns


Their affiliates will be making as much as $237 per sign up, meaning instead of spending only $17 at signup, be prepared to spend an additional $200, for a product whose content you know absolutely nothing about.

Read on to discover some shocking things I discovered about the content.







5 ?Inconsistencies Noted With Disclaimer Statement?

Take a look at the affiliate disclaimer below and see if you observer some anomalies:



First of all, why is the word? ”freedom” ?attached to the name of the disclaimer? Well, no big deal.


Here is the real problem, why does the disclaimer above indicate that ?their strategy is not a ”GET RICH” strategy?? Am I missing something here? These guys literally tell you themselves that you would have to signup for your account and start receiving money the very next day, and then go behind and say? it’s not a ”GET RICH” strategy? THEN WHAT SORT OF STRATEGY IS THIS?? My head is spinning? Do you understand what the statement above implies? Please, I would love to hear your thoughts IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.


To make it even worse, they said,? ”ZERO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU’LL ATTAIN ANY RESULTS”. Unbelievable!!!!! AFTER ALL THE TONS OF HYPES!!!!!!!!!! ?This is really an insult to us the internet users.




6 ?Price Tricks?

The owner of this platform plays with the initial price of the package and reduces it up to 2 times if they discover that you are about to click away from the sales page without any interest of buying.


This is what actually happens. Check the image below for the game exposed:



You can see from the screen above that the price is progressively reduced from $47, through $37 to finally $17!!! I guess that’s the true worth of this platform, $17! What would you expect to learn from a $17 training platform?


Just expect to get a lot of free internet resources bundled in one place and charged at $17. Wherever you come across a product online playing tricks on their initial prices, know that you are more likely dealing with a potential scam.




7 ?Explode My Payday Will Rent Your Email Addresses!!!!?

A sneaky phrase has been included on Explode My Payday’s sales page, which simply informs you of the fact that if you decide to signup for this product, your email addresses would either be sold or rented out. Seriously, is this legal?


Take a look at the image below:



This is what actually happens:

==> Their very first sales page is designed only to collect those email addresses. They give you the impression that it’s a prerequisite to accessing more important details of the program, but guess what, when you try to click away, you are immediately given access to next phase, without any need for your email address. LOL. Sneaky little scam artists!!

==> If by any means, or because you were not aware of their strategy, you proceeded to signup, by signing up, you are giving them the authority to do their dirty business over your personal data, either by renting or selling them to third parties. This act is not recommended by businesses that follow the Whitehat method of establishing an authority online.


A great article about buying email lists was written by Aweber, highlighting the ugly truths you need to know about buying email lists. I strongly recommend that you check it out. You don’t want to do business with people who outrightly declare that they are the pirates of the Carribean.


Go to the next point to see what’s even more messy with this program.






8 ?Fake Account Set Up For Anyone Who Watches The Video?

I managed to gain access to the next phase without even providing my email address. But what happened when I was taken to the next phase? I was given the impression my personal account had been created.

Check out the image below:






Because I cannot count the number of time I proceeded to phase 2, and still watched the same video replayed several times, talking about that same account, with the same figures in it all the time. And that’s the exact same video that will be played to any other person who watches, giving them the impression that the account is theirs.


And for the unlucky ones who fall into that trap and provide their credit card details to claim the amounts that are inside? What a disappointment that would be, because there would be nothing for you.





9 ?The Business Is Not Yours?

Any program that tells you that you will own the business once you sign up, but yet you are neither paying for the domain name nor paying for the hosting, especially the domain name, is actually misleading you.


How can you own a business over which you have no legal right? Here is another red flag. You cannot spend only 15 mins to 20 mins every day to run a successful online business. Absolutely impossible.


Perhaps the idea of having a business online is one that you have cherished for such a long time, and probably one you have been longing to start. But for one reason or the other, maybe because of lack of courage, or you have not been fortunate enough to come across the right resources to set you on the right path, you have decided to either rule out this possibility of starting your business, or you have postponed it to a later date.


These scam artists sell you the illusion of having a business online with zero effort, and almost 100% of the time, they succeed to deceive people, and because you are reading this post now, you will not be one of the deceived.


I know of a  SECRET ULTIMATE PLATFORM that is specialized in helping ambitious individuals like yourself start and run a successful online business with zero experience. They make the task enjoyable by providing all the tools needed in one place, and you don’t even need to know what business you wish to start because they will guide you on the path of what you love doing the most ==> your passions.


Explode My Payday is a definite waste of time. I’ve reviewed many programs like this before, and you don’t want to get caught up in schemes that will lead you down the path of obvious disappointment.






10 ?And What Would You Find Inside This Product??

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you myself. Take a look at the image below:




All the tons of hypes, redirecting visitors from one sale funnel to another, collecting their email addresses, and discounting the price up to 2 times, only to get inside the platform to discover that you will be learning affiliate marketing?

At what stage of the learning process do you actually start receiving payments from this program? Now I’m confused. For what I know, Affiliate marketing is a business model that would require more than 15 minutes of your time every single day if you want to succeed at it. And what specifically would they be teaching you about affiliate marketing?

  • affiliate marketing in general
  • benefits of starting an online business.


Now you see what I’ve been trying to tell you upfront. There is no such thing as easy money. Look. These guys are luring you to pay money, just so you would be bombarded with the unpleasant surprise of actually having to build your own business from scratch?




From all indications, Explode My Payday is not a fit companion for your affiliate marketing journey because they lack the following features to get you on track:

  • no Community
  • no free websites
  • no free hosting
  • no domain registry where you can buy your own domain
  • no free unlimited email addresses which can help you enhance your brand online
  • no free trial
  • no free account
  • no robust and exhaustive training
  • no affiliate Bootcamp
  • no live classes
  • no private messaging
  • no 1-on01 mentoring
  • no business ethics


And just so much missing here.








To go straight to the point:



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Explode My Payday Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

Explode My Payday


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10 thoughts on “Explode My Payday Scam?Discover 10 Red Flags Uncovered Only In This Review?”

  1. It is so scary when scams find you and I was a dummy for falling for a scam. It sounds so real or especially to people desperate for money. I had to learn the hard way, but had I seen the red flags website before I wouldn’t have fallen so easily

    1. Hi Kira,

      It’s really not your fault, especially when you have very little experience. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve fallen for such fake products before. Just make sure that before you purchase anything online, search for relevant review or scam articles to help you out.

      Thank you very much for your comment, and I’m glad you found my review helpful. Be safe online.

  2. Thank you for this honest and amazing review. I really appreciate it. Avoiding scams like this is really a kind work. There are so many scams these days and Explode my Payday is one of those things. So glad you exposed them and their fake testimonials.

    Also, anyone that claims BIG money can be earned in a matter of a week is really a someone who does not have a clue about how money is made online. People like you are doing a fantastic work with these kind of exposures of these scammers.

    Thank you for that.


  3. wow this product indeed seems like a scam. With all those fake testimonials, hyped up income claims, and inconsistent income disclosure — I don’t see why anyone would spend their money on this.

    My guess is that this product is gointo be discontinued in the next year or maybe even sooner than that.

    I’ll be sure to stay away from this peogram, and choose your other recommendation for building a real business online.

    Thanks again for his great review.

  4. Some people might have gained from the site if even it is a scam, since a book is been sold to people trying to make money, I believe the book might actually work for some people but not as fast as Meaghan harper as describe. There are some legit work online which you can make $1000 per hour, I have friends making from this site only that it takes time to reach there, you will have to put a lot of hard work . Just because it doesn’t work for you does not mean it is a scam. I purchased the book, tried it just that I do not have the capital and time to do what is been asked by Harper.

    1. I’m sorry,

      Did you say you purchased a book? Didn’t she say that you were going to have access to some sort of an account? Where you would start receiving money?

      By the way how much did you purchase the eBook which is supposed to start earning you money the following day? So the entire hype and double sales funnel is just for 1 eBook?

      How interesting. What was the book actually asking you to do? And why did you have to spend more to implement what the book requires of you?

      You see, it’s easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled, by an intellectual author, one I respect so much, MARK TWAIN.

      1. I was not fooled, cause I was willing to take the chance and to me it turns out great. Never criticize what you have not tried. The book is real, I can even send it to you. Only that it is harder to do a lot of things required by the book without capital and time. You cannot expect to buy a book and start making money right away. If that is what you were looking for then you have been scammed.

        1. But that’s exactly what she has been singing before you purchase. She said she will set up your account, and money will start coming in within minutes. Those were her words, not mine. She never said, ”MY EBOOK WILL…” Did you even know you were going to discover an eBook in the program? And I don’t need to buy (because I will not, after unveiling tons of inconsistencies), Those were all the flying red flags, warning you to avoid this program at all cost.

          Everything you are saying has been explained in greater detail inside my review. If you want, I will repeat them to you again.

          First of all, you said the eBook was great. The question I have for you is this: Did she say that the magical system was an eBook? And guess what, I knew the magical system she was talking about was ”affiliate marketing”. If you visit the affiliates page, you will see it there, and with affiliate marketing, I’m sorry to inform you, there is no push button to get things work within minutes as she claimed in her sales videos.

          Secondly, you said I cannot expect to buy the eBook… Look here. Why would I even get the eBook if she wasn’t bold enough to mention it upfront? You think if she tells you that the magic is centered around an eBook, anyone would sign up? Now be honest. Did you know you were signing up for an eBook? And would you have signed up if you knew it was an eBook? Again, what were you expecting when you signed up for the program? Was it not to make money quickly? Only to discover that you have to put in tons of work. How disappointing it must have been for you to come to that reality.

          Thirdly, about the cost of making things work, didn’t I mention about the upsells in my review? Listen I don’t know what is going on through your mind now. And for the record, this program, Explode My Payday is a rehatched SCAM. A program that had come and later vanished into thin air known as Greedy Mentor. Check it out here: https://myimjourney.net/explode-my-payday-is-a-scam/

          You should always take the time to do your research before you ever engage your money online. And the most disappointing part is that you still don’t get it. Perhaps it’s your own way of dealing with the disappointment, well perhaps your point of view too. But My opinion about this program will remain for those who are willing to carry out their due diligence and implement smart decisions that will save their money online.

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