Contenu Review Highlights?07 REASONS WHY CONTENU IS A DISAPPOINTMENT To Most Of Its Users?

Contenu Review [Scam] For Creating Pay Posts



Contenu Review Highlights 07 REASONS WHY CONTENU IS A DISAPPOINTMENT To Most Of Its Users. I know this is outright harsh, but at least someone should stand up to the truth if others are too afraid to dare.

So what’s disappointing about Contenu? More details waiting for you further down.





AFFILIATE Description
Product Name: Contenu
Product Price $27 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Bish
Category Affiliate Marketing With Content Reviews
Overall Score 3/10




















It’s now official that great and unique content is still king today in any affiliate marketing niche online. Check out the snippet below to see how this particular aspect was listed as the very first point on the list of intriguing 2019 affiliate marketing trends:


Contenu Review [Scam] For Creating Pay Posts


So what is the greatest benefit of writing content on a regular basis?




We all know how the cost of paying for traffic could quickly add up to become insanely expensive especially for the newbie, and that’s why the ultimate solution is to learn how to regularly create content on your website.


This awesome solution is not without disadvantages, some of them including the following:

  • ⏩it takes time and effort to learn how to create SEO friendly content;
  • ⏩It could be insanely expensive too if you are not lucky enough to come across the right resources;
  • ⏩you must create content on a regular basis for your website to acquire authority online with search engines;
  • ⏩and the most difficult part, YOU MUST REMAIN CONSISTENT. This is the part where your virtue of patience will be tested over and over again.


You are not going to start publishing content as from the very first day and start getting ranked on top of search engines. You would have to regularly pour out tons of content, especially on a daily basis to send a signal to search engines that you mean business.

If you cannot publish on a daily basis, you must be consistent with whatever rhythm you adopt, even though publishing daily is the sure best way to get rapid attention from search engines.

And when this routine PERSISTS CONSISTENTLY FOR A PERIOD OF TIME, then eventually you start seeing your articles appear on the first pages, and that’s how you start getting traffic.

To be honest with you, it really sucks in the beginning, but once you get it all sorted out, this art will make you stand out from the others in terms of how successful your online business will become, financially.

Several solutions have come and gone in the past, offering a shorter way of publishing loads of content every single day with minimal effort. None of them lasted, and here comes Contenu Pay Posts,  that offers the same promises.

How is CONTENU different from the others? Will CONTENU deliver? Will Contenu Pay Posts turn out to be like a scam like the others? READ ON TO FIND OUT HOW CONTENU PAY POSTS ACTUALLY WORKS.









2.0What Is Contenu Pay Posts?



As you can see from the image above, Contenu is a plugin that will help you to extract spoken words from any YouTube video and convert into text that you can publish on any blogs in a minute.




Like I said earlier Contenu helps you to generate content from YouTube Videos. How? By the way, once you have the Contenu all set up in your WordPress site, this is how it appears:



Here is how you can generate content from YouTube videos

  • You can either insert a particular keyword into contenu and submit, which will then pull up a certain number of YouTube videos from which to choose and create a post;
  • Or you can just insert the full URL of the YouTube video in question in Contenu and submit, in which case a draft post is created directly;


Once your draft is ready in both cases above, it appears as follows:


Contenu Review [Scam] For Creating Pay Posts



  • You can edit the draft (position ”B”) as much as you like, with the possibility to change the thumbnail located in position ”A’‘ as shown on the image above. The thumbnail of the YouTube video is automatically imported as well so it’s always wise to change it.
  • Tags are automatically added from the YouTube videos which you can also edit. You can see them on position ”D” on the image above.
  • An option referred to ”Spin Content” (position ”C”) allows you to mix up the content a little bit to maintain it’s uniqueness. It would appear you are hardly going to use this feature since the script from the YouTube videos will be 100 unique.
  • Your posts can also be shared on platforms where you are paid to post such as PayPost platform


I must admit that Contenu appears to be an interesting solution to eliminate the work required to learn how to create content on a regular basis, or is it? This Contenu Review will provide all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision.








2.1Initial Prices


Check out the image below for the initial price:



Really affordable. Very cool. This price was only $17 when it was first launched. It’s still affordable if it is just a one-time payment.










You will see in the next section below, 2.3, that the front end Contenu package grants you access to only 10 posts per month. Meaning with the first upsell above, you have access to unlimited use of the plugin.









2.3Components Of Your $27 Package. 


Contenu Review [Scam] For Creating Pay Posts


Point 5 on the image above indicates that you can only create 10 posts per month with the front end package.

You should already be familiar with most of the points above, so I will be drawing your attention only to points 3, 4 and 6 on the image above: the monetization methods.

The main monetization method included in this package involves posting your newly created posts to platforms that pay you to post. The one used by Contenu is known as steemit, This is actually what you should expect with Contenu’s monetization methods.

However, there is a second monetization method that would involve the use of affiliate links obtained from affiliate platforms such as Clickbank, JVZoo or even Warrior Forum PLUS.

Please note that you can only choose one monetization method at a time because posting to steemit does not require that you insert affiliate links. When you insert affiliate links to your article, you can post it on your blog.


Alright. I’ve included pertinent information about Contenu in this complete Contenu Review, but if you feel you still need some additional information, please don’t hesitate to visit their sales page.

It’s time to carry out a comprehensive review of Contenu to determine whether this product is worth your attention or not.









3.1PROS Of Contenu



1 ?Front End Package Is Very Affordable?

When the product was launched it was only $17. The early birds must have been lucky because the front end package is now worth $27. That notwithstanding, I still think that it’s not bad a price.

Anyone can afford it, but is it even worth the sacrifice? We’ll soon find out.


2 ?30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

You have up to 30 days to test this product and determine for yourself whether it can help you meet your financial needs online. I believe that the grace period is sufficient enough to make an informed decision.

Make good use of it.


3 ?Contenu Is An Excellent Tool For Vloggers Without Blogs?

I know of many marketers who have chosen YouTube as their main channel for marketing their products. They prefer to make tons of YouTube review videos for all the product they are promoting online.

Not everyone is a fan of creating content reviews like this one, so many internet marketers would rather spend all the time they have creating YouTube video reviews instead. A tool like Contenu will increase their exposure online for the following reasons:

  • Contenu can help them quickly transform all their YouTube videos into an authoritative niche website within a very short space of time. And for each of the articles created, they would have to insert the corresponding videos, to help the posts rank even faster and better;
  • They will leverage more traffic from search engines, as well as from YouTube. Their sales can literally double very quickly too;


If you are a Vlogger who has never had the courage to start a blog because of the writing, Contenu offers an amazing opportunity for you to create a website using your very own videos, very quickly too. And I strongly recommend that you start transforming your YouTube content into videos before others get ahead of you, and make your very own content become a duplicate in the eyes of search engines.

This is just amazing.


4 ?Multiple Monetization Methods?

I consider it as a plus that Contenu offers the option to either sell your newly created articles on Seemit or use it to publish on your blogs. You have the discretion to select what methods work for you to meet your online needs financially.







3.2??Contenu Review Highlights 07 REASONS WHY CONTENU IS A DISAPPOINTMENT To Most Of Its Users??




1 ?You Cannot Really Make Huge Earnings With Articles Posted On Seemit And Other Pay To Post Platforms?

I was really disppinted to learn that Pay To Post platforms do not pay that much.

Unfortunately, platforms that pay you to post don’t really pay that much. You cannot build a business around this model if you really wish to generate a substantial amount of revenue that will last for a long time and help you retire in the nearest future.

So if you are thinking that this is easy money, yes it absolutely is. Only established online entrepreneurs can take advantage of this monetization method Contenu is offering since they will not be relying on it that much.

So if you are reading this article and you are a newbie, don’t count on selling posts to grant you financial freedom online.







2 ?Your Content Will Not Rank Well With Search Engines If You Don’t Optimize It?

What’s even more disappointing to you as a newbie, you don’t get to escape that dirty SEO work.

If you wish to take advantage of the second monetization method offered by Contenu, it means you are interested in creating a blog and publishing your content there regularly. The idea of having unique content with only a few clicks is very attractive.

However, having unique content is not enough to make it rank with search engines. You need to be able to learn how to translate it into a language search engines understand better.

Here are additional optimization measures you need to learn and implement:

  • Make your content readable that is capable of converting. Being unique is not enough, make it enjoyable to read. If it’s not enjoyable, your readers will be clicking away very quickly, and before long, search engines will understand that your content is not worth it, and will not rank your website;
  • understand the use of keywords;
  • learning how to use targeted keywords
  • Properly using affiliate links;
  • Properly using Meta Titles
  • Proper use of Meta Description
  • Hooking your blogs to webmaster tools such as Bing and Yahoo;
  • Etc…


And that’s just a few of the things you need to consider. There are appropriate step-by-step resources to help you rank any unique article on search engines that Contenu does not offer.

So be prepared to pay extra if you want to use blogging to monetize your affiliate links with Contenu.








3 ?The Front End Package Gives You Access Only To 10 Posts Per Month?

With $27 you can only create 10 posts every month. You need more than this quota to be able to establish an online authority.

The only option would be to signup for one of the upsells to give you unlimited access to the use of the plugin.








4 ?Business Model Is Highly Unethical: Possible Abuse Through The Use Of Content Which Does Not Belong To You?

This is the part where?? I got to score Contenu a 3/10.?? Seriously, if this fact is not disappointing for you, then I don’t know. Let me explain.

While Contenu is an incredible solution to quickly come up with unique content only within seconds, I”m one of those who do not believe in using other people’s sweat to progress.

I strongly believe this is highly unethical, and making money online should not bring us down to that level where we literally have to steal from others to fill our pockets.

I agree that the words spoken in the videos have not yet been scripted, but don’t forget the fact that the knowledge being transferred from those videos is an intellectual property that must be respected. It took hours to do that research and what you are getting is the finished results.

This is quite attractive especially for newbies, who don’t know yet how to write content or make YouTube videos, and it’s really not your fault. The mind will play tricks on you to believe that everything is ok even if you are stealing.

I remember when I was in the learning process of creating unique content for my blog posts. I came across an article online and quickly copied almost all of it.

And months later, when I knew better, no one asked me to take down that post, I took it down myself. It felt so humiliating to have copied material on my website, and I wasn’t going to live with my conscience knowing that I did nothing to produce that content.







5 ?Why Is Helen The Only One Testifying??

Ok, here is another thing. Did you realize that only Helen seems to be making money with the system? Why?

More testimonials should be provided, and they should be real for that matter. If Contenu has undergone a beta testing phase before its launch, like many other products online, then several users would have been able to see results, and hence testify.

No information whatsoever. A real digital product to help you make money online should provide real testimonials and go as far as providing a channel through which these persons can be contacted.



What are your thoughts about providing several testimonials to convince clients about the effectiveness of a product? Please leave your thoughts in the COMMENTS SECTION HERE,

Since you will be making the final decision, I strongly recommend that you ponder over this food for thought before making a move about Contenu.








6 ?You Need A Website + Domain For Contenu Plugin To Work ==> Budget Extra?

As if budgeting to learn SEO is not enough, you equally need to budget even more for a website and hosting services. How disappointing can Contenu get?

And please don’t just fall for any cheap services because you are trying to minimize cost, even though there are hosting platforms that over deliver than the price they charge. I’ve included the link in the next paragraph.

You should always treat an online business as a professional business or an online asset, else you would never be willing to make serious decisions to make it advance. Here are the characteristics you should look for in a WordPress website hosting platform that is suitable for your online businesses and projects:

I’ve identified 10 of them:

  • The website hosting platform must have a forum to enable the members to interact among themselves in-house without any need to search online. This has proven to be a very effective feature which very few hosting platforms have online today;
  • Be sure to verify that their support team is impeccable and responsive at all times for all technical issues;
  • Also ensure a WordPress Compatible Site Builder is available that will give you thousands of professional templates free of charge, while you still continue to benefit the WordPress hosting environment;
  • You should also be able to access the hosting platform for free;
  • All websites provided should offer free SSL Certificates for all of your websites;
  • Comprehensive training should be available to help you set up your website and monetize it.
  • Be expecting to find a domain registry in-house as well;
  • Access unlimited professional email accounts at no extra cost;
  • Maximum security should be implemented at both the website and account level at no extra fee;
  • An In-house Speed Booster to ensure that your website can load very fast at any corner of the globe


And that is what you should expect from a GREAT WORDPRESS WEBSITE HOSTING PLATFORM FOR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESSES AND PROJECTS. Anything less than the features above, especially the absence of excellent security (or it’s available at an extra fee), is not worth it.







7 ?The Few Testimonials Used In The Sales Pages Are Not Advertising Any Earnings Made Thanks To The System?


The best evidence is to show the money and link it to the source. Please check out the image below:


Contenu Review [Scam] For Creating Pay Posts


All of them say it’s easy. That’s what we already know. Who is making real money with this platform???? Is it only Helen? Have you made any money with Contenu? Don’t be shy. Please share the proof in the COMMENTS SECTION HERE,















Contenu is not a scam, but:




Yes, Vloggers can take advantage and create content for their YouTube videos, but any other person who does not own any of the YouTube videos he’s extracting content from is ??stealing??.

Charity begins at home. If you don’t start teaching people at a fundamental level how to respect each other, then why would you complain when political leaders misappropriate State resources?

When we go extra miles to create plugins that will ??help anyone steal from others??, then where are we all heading online? You can learn how to make money online with integrity and ethics. That’s all it takes for everyone to respect you.

If you are scared of the learning process, it’s probably because you have come across only solutions that didn’t work, and which didn’t provide access to immediate help when needed. You cannot succeed online alone.


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Contenu Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



Overall Performance



  • Great tool for Vloggers
  • Multiple Monetization Methods


  • Budget Extra To Optimize Your Content For SEO
  • Budget Extra For Hosting
  • Unethical Business Model
  • Only 1 Testimonial Available
  • You Cannot Make Much Money With Monetization Methods

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