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?‍♀️You are welcome to explore the reasons why you should Buy Expired Domains With Freshdrop.?

You are here because you are looking for expired domains most probably to resell them and earn some extra income. Don’t worry if know nothing about flipping domains even though you desperately want to get into the flipping business. There is good news. This article got you covered as well with resources that will help you get started while setting the right expectations. Whatever reason that has led you to check out expired domains, you will discover 07 reasons you should Buy Expired Domains With Freshdrop among other things.

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Product Name: FRESHDROP
Product Price $19/Month
Product Owner Tan Tran
Launch Date 2007
Category Expired Domains Search Engine
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Just in case you wish to diversify your sources of income, by integrating more robust money making opportunities online, then I strongly suggest that you:


Read on to learn more about what Freshdrop really is.







Buy Exired Domains With Freshdrop For 7 Reasons
Freshdrop Homepage

If you have been checking out Expired Domains lately, here are 07 reasons why you should buy your Expired Domains With FRESHDROP. When you continue to read you will discover facts obtained from thorough research online about this platform.

If you check the image above, you will discover that it already gives you a hint of some of the advantages of using this platform to buy expired domains i.e. the advanced filters that make your search for domains as refined as possible.

In fact, let’s get to the meat of our article already.





Freshdrop is software that allows you to search and find expired domains with specific search filters. It has made an enormous effort to bring together are a good number of domain auction sites in one place, thereby increasing your chances of finding so many domains without having to move from one auction site to another.

More on this later.

That said, if you are checking out Freshdrop because you want to buy expired domains, chances are that you already have a clear plan of action with regards to what you want to do with these expired domains after purchasing them.

But if you just heard about purchasing domain names, and the idea really got you excited, without you having any idea about what you would do with them afterward, then read on because you will equally find resources further down this review,  that will teach you how to use these domains for your own gains.

So how does Freshdrop work?

Freshdrop Brings Several Categories Of Domains Together

For various different reasons, registered domain names get expired, deleted or set up for resale again. But the public is not usually aware of this unless they are using a tool like Freshdrop.

Freshdrop claims that they will bring together all the categories of domains mentioned above in one search database.

Freshdrop Scans Domains For Certain Value Traits

Once assembled, Freshdrop also claims that they will use a series of analytical tools from Google, Yahoo, Alexa, and many others to thoroughly analyze each and every domain to find hidden valuable traits.

Members Find Valuable Domains

Any member who acquires Freshdrop will have the possibility to access these valuable domains using the Freshdrop search platform. Once they find domains matching their search criteria, they can proceed to purchase them and use various types of monetization models to make some profits.





Let the image below speak for itself. Check it out:


Buy Exired Domains With Freshdrop For 7 Reasons
Freshdrop Cost

Lifetime access to Freshdrop will cost you $19 every single month starting from the first month. No other forms of upsells are available.





To be honest, very little information was found on official review sites. Sure I got something from a related post which was not necessarily a review site, but which contained some comments and opinions left by some real users sharing their experiences with this tool.

I have no competence to determine whether they are authentic or not, but from my judgment, they are real. Check them out below:


Buy Exired Domains With Freshdrop For 7 Reasons
Freshdrop Reviews Online




Nothing but positive comments. But please make sure to read right to the end of this article to acquaint yourself with the cons of Freshdrop before you ever decide to purchase expired domains with this solution.

Let’s proceed to first check out the PROS.




1. Domain Flipping Still Remains A Very Lucrative Business Today

I would even say that the domain flipping sector shall remain evergreen for many more years to come. Why?

Thousands of websites are being created on a daily basis, and if you are wondering how many websites are currently available online today, you are right to guess that the number is huge. It’s over 2Billion, but guess what, only less than 400 million of them are active.

So what happens to the domains linked to the other websites which have become inactive? Yes, that’s how huge the potential of this market is.

2. Freshdrop Has Been Around For Long

Freshdrop was created since 2007 meaning they have acquired and maintained a solid reputation for themselves.

3. Over A Billion Transactions Made Per Day

Freshdrop claims to analyze millions of domains and perform over 1 billion transactions per day. That’s is quite a number. Well considering the fact that they have been around since 2007, this is possible.

In addition, they are working with top domain auction houses such as GoDaddy, Snapnames, Namejet, Fabulous, Buy Domains, Afternic, Dynadot, Pool, and Sedo. So there are increased chances that you get to access so many domains when searching Freshdrop. The auctions sites linked to this platform are many. A screenshot of what I’m talking about has been included further down.

4. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Is Available

I love the fact that this is a risk-free 100% guarantee software. Get all your money refunded within 60 days if you are not satisfied.

5. A Huge Number Of Filters Is Available For More Refined Results

The availability of a wide variety of filters makes it possible to find a specific domain meeting your particular criteria. I’m referring to filters such as

Domain pattern:

Domain language:

Domain category: a wide range of domain categories including real state, religion, gamble, finance, legal, among many others.

Geo: the domain’s geographical location.

Keys, IDN, Deleted, Retail. Names, Combo, Expired, Bargains.

6. Some Positive Reviews Are Available Online

This point has been raised above with some screenshots attached. It’s always a relief when you see real-time users leaving only positive comments with regards to the functioning of a particular product, Freshdrop in this case.

7. Freshdrop Is Linked To A Wide Range Of Expired Domain Auction Sites

The best for you is to be able to locate a ton of valuable domains in one platform without having to hop around the internet.

With Freshdrop, this is possible, as there are many expired domain auction sites that are attached to Freshdrop such as GoDaddy, namecom, poolcom etc. Check out the image below for more:

Buy Exired Domains With Freshdrop For 7 Reasons
Expired Domains Auctions Platform Linked To Freshdrop



It’s time to check out the cons of Freshdrop.  Make sure to take them seriously, because even though I recommend this product, I need you to understand that if you are not comfortable with the cons you are about to discover below, please don’t use Freshdrop to buy expired domains.

Luckily, I will be including some alternatives further down to check out and choose the best that will suit your needs.





1. You Can Only Find And Buy Domains Here. Let Me Explain 

From the main sales page of Freshdrop, you can be misled to think that you will have resources to help you find domain names, and to help you monetize them as well. But unfortunately, that will not be the case.

If you are getting into the flipping domain business for the very first time, then you would have to check on additional resources to help you monetize the domains you are about to procure.

Resources like the following can help you out:

  • The highly recommended and universally accepted Sean Stafford’s Domain Graduate Ebook. This is only an eBook, meaning it’s very affordable to get started with. It cost only $19;
  • Another recommended resource is the Domain Flipping By The Millionaire Society. This one is a bit more pricey at $97 because several video tutorials have been included, and more details have been provided with regards to flipping domains for profits. You should use this one if you have chosen flipping domains as your main strategy for making money online.

I did my research before recommending the resources above to be sure that they are not scams.

Let’s take Sean Stafford’s Domain Graduate, for instance, some research proved that Sean is a real person, and going deeper, I discovered so many positive reviews about his eBook. In fact, Sean Stafford is recognized online as a Domaining Expert and many people are recommending his course.

Mack Michaels is the founder of Domain Flipping By The Millionaire Society and he has a track record online as a successful internet marketer following a series of successful launches of several Make Money online products (which are not scams of course).

I found another, How I Sell My Domain Name. This one is a complete scam priced at $37, and you should avoid it as much as possible. Nothing about the owner of the product found online, fake testimonials, and the image used to represent the author, has been used by hundreds of different other sites.

So even if you find it anywhere else online, make sure to avoid it. It’s a total scam.



2. Additional Budget Required 

This is another con you might want to consider.

To have continuous access to a platform that assembles these domains in one place once they are available is a budget on its own. This article recommends Freshdrop which happens to be less expensive contrary to its counterparts.

However, these are not the only expenses you will incur when you decide to go down this domain flipping journey. If you are a complete newbie to this, be prepared to set aside an additional budget to get the following additional resources:

  • Learn the art of flipping domains with professionals. With the resources, I recommend above, set aside an additional $100;
  • Your business will be all about identifying and buying potential high-quality domains. This requires another budget which will be difficult to determine. Some domains could be as low as $10, while others could cost a fortune right from the very word go, like $10, 000 for instance;

So if I have to fix a minimum amount you need to start this business with, nothing less than $600-$1,000.

Experts in this domain will have no problem relating with that amount, but if you are a complete newbie, and above all, you don’t have up to that $600 for a starting capital, you can check out another business model HERE which is highly recommended for starting entrepreneurs online.



3. You Need To Have The Appropriate Mindset 

There is a ton of potentials in flipping and selling domains, but that does not mean that you will buy and resell your first domain at $1,000.

You need to understand that there is a steep learning curve involved especially if you are a complete newbie and be warned that you will first of all need to learn all the techie stuffs involved in domain flipping. You would equally have to get comfortable spotting those domains and selling them at affordable prices. This would take a considerable amount of effort learning and accumulating the relevant experiences. Try to set the pace and accumulate as much experience as possible in order to be able to start selling at higher amounts.

So yes, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It will definitely take time for you to make it work,, just like any other sustainable business model online today. It would be wiser to take this into account before getting started with domain flipping because you are likely going to be in this sector for long before amassing any reasonable amount of money.

So when deciding to buy your expired domains with Freshdrop, be aware of what you are about to get into and prepare accordingly.





There are both free and paid sites.

I’ve realized that free sites come with their own disadvantages, including the fact that most free expired domain sites only have GoDaddy Auctions, and the domains could be very expensive. That’s was the main concern raised by a frustrated user.

Check it out below:

Buy Exired Domains With Freshdrop For 7 Reasons
Free Expired Domains Sites Are Usually Expensive

So if you are opting for free sites, you should be aware of this major shortcoming.

With Freshdrop, you can access several expired domains auction sites such as,, afternic, dynadot, and much more.

Let’s check out some list of free sites below:


Free Sites For Checking Expired Domain Names

If there are some resources that Work With Home Jobs has omitted, please feel free to let me know IN THE COMMENTS SECTION HERE.


Paid Sites For Checking Expired Domain Names

It would be worth mentioning here that each and every paid site for checking expired domains will claim that they have access to all expired and deleted domains. They will equally claim that their database is more complete and all the like.

So long as there are many paid sites out there where you can find and buy expired domains, I can comfortably say that expired domains would be shared among these platforms.

What am I trying to say?

You can use one platform, for instance, to look for a particular category of expired domain names and not find anything significant, but when you try out another, you get everything you are looking for and vice versa.

So all these sites are complementing one and another, and to say that any one of them is totally complete would be very misleading. To be more efficient, you would have to use a couple of these platforms at the same time.

Check out the list of paid sites below:


Having included a variety of sources, both free and paid sites, I believe you have enough information to decide on whether Freshdrop would be your ultimate choice to buy expired domain.




Affiliate Marketing. is an excellent alternative to generate huge amounts of income online today for the following reasons:

  • Very low startup cost. You noted above that in order to get started on a good foot with domain flipping, you need a minimum budget ranging from $600-$1,000. With affiliate marketing, you can get started with a yearly budget that is as low as $359, and if you are lucky to catch black Friday Deals, you might end up spending only $299 on a yearly basis to build a very lucrative affiliate marketing business;
  • Affiliate Marketing does not require that you startup buying a stock of products as with the case with selling domains. That’s why you would need a minimum budget to purchase some domains to start your business with. No such investment is needed when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.
  • Huge earning potentials in the long run;
  • Relatively less technical as compared to flipping expired domains. The only technical aspect when it comes to building your affiliate marketing business would be setting up your website. And there are relevant tools online today that make the task much easier with no coding skills required. After that, all that is required of you is consistency. That is not the case with flipping domains that requires a fundamental understanding of what constitutes a potentially profitable domain to buy. It’s not that obvious for a complete non-techie newbie.
  • The market is huge for affiliate marketing, and it’s only increasing. Billions of people are searching the internet, and a significant portion of this amount is looking for specific things to purchase online. You can target just a tiny portion of this market and make a fortune with affiliate marketing;

Affiliate Marketing is great, and many internet marketers know about this fact. But the majority of them, either provide a course which is not complete or actually provide something awesome and charge you $5,000 for it. Does it mean that affiliate marketing is meant for the rich only? Absolutely not.

I’ve had the privilege to review a couple of these affiliate marketing course. Here are some of them:


Recommended Affiliate Marketing Courses For Newbies

The resources above are awesome but they are not without shortcomings:

  • Starting with Digital Worth Academy, I would have recommended this course for you, had it not been for the price ($2,997). Plus you would have to budget extra for additional resources such as websites, hosting and keyword research tools. That will be getting to approximately $4,000. Absolutely not cost friendly, but teaches sustainable methods of starting an affiliate marketing business today. If you have the budget, I absolutely recommend Digital Worth Academy;
  • Talking about Commission Wave, the only thing you get to learn here is affiliate marketing with Facebook. Even though I recommend this product, understand that you will have a very shallow concept of Affiliate Marketing as a whole. Not quite sustainable;
  • Clickbank University. One of my top recommendations as well, but the only problem I have with them is that they lay more emphasis on paid advertising, and you learn affiliate marketing without a website. All good but paying for traffic from the word go might be costly for many people out there;
  • Wealthy Affiliate, with focus on Content and SEO, PLUS additional resources on YouTube, Email marketing, Social media marketing, updated courses with live classes every week i.e over 500 hours of video replays. This is the only platform among the 4 recommendations being discussed here, that offers all the tools you would need to effectively start a fully operational affiliate marketing business from the very first day, without having to pay extra. What about the price with all these extra resources? Only $359/year.







Here is my take:


This article has included a ton of free and paid resources above, when it comes to buying expired domains. So if you decide to buy expired domains with Freshdrop, I believe that you will find the platform amazing.

As I said, make sure you compare across all the platforms discussed above before you decide to settle for any of them.

That said:

On the other hand, if you are still new to the online world, and looking forward to starting an affiliate marketing business, then this is what I recommend for you instead, where your investment would be worth every single cent:

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the reasons why you should buy expired domains with Freshdrop.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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