here are your bonuses

Congratulations once again for going premium. It took me weeks to get these resources ready just for you.  I’m really proud to make them available to you now. ENJOY.

Free Backlinks

Generate free organic backlinks naturally and effortlessly.

content design

Design content to your taste without paying extra. It's super easy now.


Manage all media files in one place . A truly dynamic interface.

more details and complete list

The 7 Factor Secret Sauce By Kyle

This bonus is over 1.5 hours of training based on experiences of Kyle, a 17-year affiliate marketing “veteran”, that is literally going to break down WHY people succeed online, WHY people are failing, and what YOU can be doing to ensure your success online.

content design 4 starters

I faced incredibly challenges when I first started out, to make my content look really neat and professional. Then I discovered a little known secret about 1 year later, that solved all my design problems. This bonus will reveal what my secret is. 100% newbie friendly. I know you will like it.

high-quality backlinks

This tip was accidentally discovered when I was auditing my backlinks myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I had never imagined that by doing this particular thing to my posts, I could get free high quality backlinks effortlessly.

media tool kit

This is yet another treasure I accidentally stumbled upon. If you are a fan of using media on your sites, then this tool is a must have, because not only does it help you to optimize all media types in one place, you get 40+ other media functions such as converting media from one type to another. You truly deserve this secret.

free 3d book covers

I used this exact same resource to create the book covers for all these bonus feature images you see. There are about 40+ different other templates, but I’ve been using only one style since. If you come to a stage where you need 3D book covers for any project, use these free reources. 

backlinks audit tool

This tool is for when you are already comfortable with running your own website. That said, it is definitely not recommended if you are still new to the online world. But keep it handy and read it for information purposes only. Even some experts don’t go this far yet but if you are the curious type, just check it out and leave it at the back of your mind, then return to it when you are ready.

how to sell high ticket affiliate products

In this training resouce, one of Wealthy Affiliate’s rising success story shares her experiences with selling high tickets affiliate offers, and how you can do same. Wealthy Affiliate offers world class training on content and SEO. It would be more strategic and profitable applying this knowledge to promoting valuable high ticket offers. 


Jerry's Personal Mindset To Success Training

In this bonus, Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate, Jerry Huang, one of the youngest entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate, explains how he was able to become a Super Affiliate at the age of 21, and the the mindset you should adopt if you want to do same. 


Check out this page regularly for more recently discovered tools and tactics that I come accross online, which I will be more than willing to share with my team members.

Above all, do not hesitate to reach out to me, either through my profile or private messaging, for any clarifications you might need. It is absolutely your right.


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