An Ecompare Review✌Presenting A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously✌

An Ecompare Review Presenting A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously


Here is An Ecompare 2.0 Review Presenting A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously and effortlessly. Yes, I know that any product that claims to have found an easy path when it comes to making money online is most probably out to trick you. If you are a fervent reader of my reviews, or you are coming across this site for the first time, then you will obviously realize that not many of my product reviews don’t get a favorable rating, especially those who claim to have found that one-click solution.

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So in what context am I using the word ”effortlessly”? Continue reading to find out.



Name Description
Product Name: ECOMPARE 2.0
Product Owner Mark Bishop
Launch Date March 4th 2019
Category Affiliate Marketing With eCommerce
Overall Score 8/10



What’s my opinion about Ecompare 2.0?



Among the things to consider before purchasing the Ecompare 2.0 plugin, is the fact that you need to learn how to generate traffic to your online stores. This is the most important part of every online business, and when it comes to it, there is no shortcut unless you pay for ads, but for how long? Learning how to generate a consistent flow of free organic traffic is the best way to go online today.



I just realized that the link to Ecompare’s homepage is not secure. I’m sorry to say that I will not be linking directly to that sales page. If you want the plugin, you can just search online.

You will soon understand why the training I recommend above is an excellent companion for Ecompare 2.0.








Here an Ecompare Review, written from a very objective and critical point of view to make you understand all the ins and out of Ecompare before you ever decide to engage with this plugin.

You might still be wondering if it’s worth it to give Ecompare a try, but by the time you get to the end of this Ecompare review, I’m almost certain that you would know exactly what you have to do.

Let’s get started, shall we?


1.1What Is Ecompare & How Does It Work?✌

Ecompare is a plugin that will help you to make money from several online stores simultaneously, by helping you to create an online store, that will enable users to compare prices of each item across seven of the top online stores today.

So how will you actually make money from all these retail platforms? This plugin will give you the possibility of inserting your affiliate links with each of the stores concerned, so that when the customer is done with the selection process and buys an item, you get a commission from the sale, irrespective of the store from which the item was purchased from.

I must admit that Ecompare makes use of the very first revolutionary technology of its kind today, that will make the life of both the affiliate marketer and customer, not only easy but also very satisfactory.

The customers get the possibility of comparing prices of the same good across many platforms all in one place, without having to click away from your store. They have access to the best deal (the cheapest actually), without having any frustrations related to the possibility that there could be cheaper items elsewhere they are missing out on.

With regards to the affiliate marketer, not only are they able to make affiliate commissions from any of the stores that the customer decides to take advantage of (since the marketer is affiliated with all those stores), but they will also win customer trust, and their business can flourish just by word of mouth.

Remember when I used the word ”effortlessly” at the beginning of this Ecompare review? The affiliate marketer, just by setting up this plugin, will be able to make commissions from several different stores, all at once, without having to set up an individual store to represent each of the online stores they are affiliating with.

The price comparison technology used by this plugin, is one that is trending online today in many sectors, and which is unquestionably very effective and efficient. Let me give an example because I’ve actually had to use this technology without knowing it. It’s all coming to mind now because I’m writing this review.

I was preparing to travel to South Africa, and I was actively looking for the cheapest air flight tickets ever. Then I came across a website that displayed over 200 airlines and their respective prices on a table. Well arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive, and every other condition related to the tickets involved such as take off hours, round trip or not, economy or not, stops or not, etc etc etc…

Getting an air flight ticket online has never been this easy before, and within minutes, the problem was solved. I happily bookmarked the page, and of course, the marketer from whose link I bought the ticket must have earned a commission as well.

The satisfaction was 50-50. Really amazing. Now imagine what this technology could mean for you, the owner of an online store?







a. Getting Started With The Ecompare Plugin

Here is an excellent demo telling you everything you need to know about getting started with Ecompare:









b. Prices Of The Ecompare Plugin


Prices are very flexible during launch so expect to find significant differences if you come across this article weeks after its launch.







1.1PROS Of The Ecompare Plugin ✌


1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

The majority of products online offer this guarantee period which is a good thing. Take advantage of this time period and check out the Ecompare plugin.



2✌ Legitimate Business Model✌

Who doesn’t know about Affiliate Marketing today? This business model is one of the most celebrated today for its increasing popularity. Affiliate marketing has so many advantages over many other models that make it a favorable choice for all occasions.

Check out 15 reasons why you should start an affiliate marketing business today HERE.

What does this entail for you?

You wouldn’t have to buy any product to sell as with the case with the other E-commerce models. In addition, no need to worry about stock running out or price changes, as this is the sole responsibility of the vendor. More on this further down.

Making money through affiliate marketing is really the best way to make money online.





3✌ A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously To Increase Your Affiliate Income Streams Without Any Extra Effort✌

The Ecompare plugin really offers a super easy way to make money from several online stores simultaneously. Let me explain.

With the Ecompare solution, you are capable of increasing your income streams without any additional effort on your part. How does this work?

It has been observed that before buyers actually make a purchase, they carry out a lot of research online, even if they end up buying from a brick and mortar store instead. When this happens, both the marketer running the store and the buyers lose big time. In what way actually?

The marketer loses commissions for not offering competitive prices, resulting in the purchaser buying elsewhere or deciding not to buy online at all.

The purchaser on the other hand, spends endless hours searching around the internet just to get the best deals ever i.e the cheapest prices.

And this is where the Ecompare solution comes in to make both parties win 50-50, with its price comparison engine that enables buyers to compare the prices of a single item across the top 7 different online stores, on the same website, without having to click away.

The online stores where items are extracted for comparison are as follows:

They will all be extracted and presented for the buyer to choose the most convenient deal. This is cool. So how does the marketer benefit?

The Ecompare gives marketers the possibility to insert their affiliate links of the respective stores used for comparison so that irrespective of the store the buyer ends up using, the marketer still earns commissions.

Check out the image below:


An Ecompare Review Presenting A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously


Once you get it all set up, then you are ready to start earning affiliate commissions effortlessly from 7 different online stores simultaneously.





4✌ Your Store Listing Is Automatically Updated With Any Changes Made By The Vendor At Their End✌

Remember when I said I was going to talk more about the inventory part later?

Here is another great feature that the Ecompare provides, as this Ecompare review is clearly drawing this to your attention. To make the process of ensuring that your store listing is always up to date, this plugin takes care of the updating process for you automatically, without you having to intervene in any way.

In fact, when the vendor is busy updating prices and replacing his inventory, any changes made at his end will be automatically reflected on your store listing on your website. If prices go up, they will also go up in your store. Likewise, if any item runs out of stock, it will be automatically removed from your store.

What do you think? Pretty cool right?




5✌ No Website Or Hosting Knowledge Needed✌

You don’t also need any website or hosting experience to create a store with the Ecompare plugin, as it comes with some e-commerce themes that you can customize to your own taste.

All you have to do is follow the steps laid out in the video above, and your store will be up and running within minutes. Your blog posts containing your selected products will be automatically created for you.





6✌ Your Cookie Period Can Be Extended To 90 Days!! Just As If You Are Shopping On Amazon✌

The Ecompare plugin makes your store to actually function like that of Amazon.

What You Should Know About Amazon’s 24 Hour Cookie Period

What’s the big deal about the cookie period?

When a customer clicks on your standard Amazon affiliate link, you are given 24 hours for your customer to make a purchase, in order for you to earn that commission.

This implies that once the customer clicks on your affiliate link, and goes ahead to buy something else, not related to the affiliate link he/she initially clicked, you the affiliate marketer will also make commissions on that item bought.

But once that order is placed, your 24 hours are completely wiped off.


What You Should Know About Amazon’s 90 Day Cookie Period

Here is the thing.

If the customer proceeds to add that product to a cart and leaves Amazon’s site, then the cookie period will be extended to 90 days, as Amazon will grant an additional 89 days.


You can clearly see that it’s of critical interest to the Affiliate Marketer, that their customers add items to their carts in order to benefit from a whopping 3 months of cookie period, during which the affiliate can make commissions on additional purchases made by the customer.

That’s the reason why the Ecompare plugin has included a cart feature which can prompt the customer to add items to their carts, thereby making it possible for the affiliate to increase their chances of making even more commissions.

Many store builders do not have this feature today, and this is one of the main reasons why the Ecompare plugin is truly an amazing solution among its peers online.





7✌ You Can Increase Exposure Of Your Store By Sharing On Social Media✌

The Ecompare plugin integrates the possibility to share the goods in your store on social media, one of the main sources of acquiring free traffic.

Once you have selected the interesting items and added them to your store list, each of them is offered the option to share either on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All you have to do is click the respective buttons and share.

Check out the image below to better understand what I’m talking about:


An Ecompare Review Presenting A Super Easy Way To Make Money From Several Online Stores Simultaneously


I need you to understand that if you are a newbie, you don’t need a significant following to succeed with this solution. Start building your following gradually, and how do you go about this?

Create your business accounts on the platforms concerned (never use your personal accounts for business purposes), and then start following THE FOLLOWERS OF YOUR COMPETITORS IN THE NICHE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.

If you want to sell mobile phones, for instance, look for mobile phone pages, and send invitations to those following those pages, and before long, you would have built up a decent following.

There are many other free traffic methods as well, which will be disclosed further down this review.




8✌ The Search Bar On Your Product Pages Opens More Rooms To Earn Even Bigger Commissions✌

This is another feature about the Ecompare plugin which I found really fascinating.

It is highly recommended that you target a specific niche and build your store around it. But that does not prevent some customers to come to your baby store for instance, and start searching for cat foods instead.

Don’t freak out, because the Ecompare got you covered at this level as well.

Once they use the search bar on you baby store to look for cat food, results will be displayed from the 7 online stores currently having that item in the store, as well as their respective prices.

If they proceed to buy any of them, you make commissions as well.

This Ecommerce affiliate marketing solution is one you shouldn’t miss.





9✌ With The FE Package, You Can Add Unlimited Items To Your Store✌

Most digital products place a lot of restrictions on the Front End package, compelling you to purchase upsells to make it work. This is not the case with the Ecompare plugin.

The upsells are mostly for the ambitious individuals, who wish to use the plugin for an unlimited number of websites, not that there are certain features that are uniqe to upsells which are not currently available to the FE.

With the front end package, you can start with 3 websites and see what happens. Don’t be tempted to launch all the websites at once. It can take a lot of time to manage only a single website, especially if you are a newbie.

My recommendation would be that you start with 1, make it work, and then move to the second progressively. With your mistakes and experiences running the first website, you can then skyrocket to many others.






1.2?The Cons Of The Ecompare Plugin?




1?The Major Problem Here Is Learning How To Drive Traffic To Your Stores?

It’s a good thing that the Ecompare plugin gives you the possibility to share your items on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

However, you are not taught how to go about creating your accounts for business purposes. Make sure to start a new account, as there are many marketers out there that would recommend that you purchase an old account which could probably have bad antecedents.

You don’t want to start your profitable online store with an account that already has a bad reputation. Don’t be afraid to start afresh and do it right, because you will remain in business for long as you consistently build your authority and reputation.

That said, social media is only one of the sources of free traffic today, among several others. If you want maximum exposure for the items you are selling, you are going to do more than just posting to only 3 social media accounts.

Here are other traffic sources you need to seriously consider:

  • Content Marketing which is the king method today;
  • Targeting several other accounts such as Tumblr, Mix, Bloglovin, etc;
  • Video marketing on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine today and you should definitely consider making good use of the free traffic flooding that platform

In fact, you literally need to understand how the affiliate marketing process works, in order to maximize your sales with the Ecompare solution.





2?The Risk Of Duplicate Content Could Affect The SEO Of Your Store?

You see, the Ecompare plugin has made life so easy that once you select products to add to your store, every information related to that product is automatically imported from the platform you selected.

We are talking about mostly product description. This will appear as a duplicate on your website, and the only way to deal with this problem is to learn how to create unique content for that product in particular, in order to bring down the duplicate content ratio to an acceptable level.









3?You Need To Learn How To Select A Niche?

To get maximum results with this plugin, you need to be super laser specific when it comes to the products you wish to sell in your store.

There are several things you need to take into account during the selection process:

  • Is the niche profitable?
  • Are you comfortable with the subject area? You don’t want to be working with a profitable niche that you detest so much. Because when it comes to promoting it online, your audience should be able to read that you master the subject area.


Whatever decision you make, make sure you find a compromise between finding something which is profitable, and which you can gladly promote without any remorse.

There are specific resources which can help you in the niche selection process which you definitely need to check out. I will reveal them further down this article.






4?You Need Website And Hosting Services – Prepare An Extra Budget?

Since this is a WordPress plugin, you need a WordPress website to activate it.

There are many free resources out there, which are not without consequences. Using a secure hosting service will protect your store from anyone who is envious of its success. You don’t want to give them that right.

There are appropriate and affordable resources that you can use to make this plugin work in your favor which I will disclose to you shortly. Check them out in the very next section.





1.3Here Are Appropriate Resources To Make The Ecompare Solution Work In Your Favor, Including Help With Generating Free Organic Traffic The Right Way⭐


With the resources you are about to discover, you will be able to do the following with the Ecompare plugin:

  • You will learn all there is to know about generating free traffic to your online stores without having to pay a dime. Everything about creating unique content. creating professional business social media accounts, and even creating videos for your YouTube channel have been included for you to take advantage of:
  • If you have the money, resources to learn about paid advertising are also available. Choosing between paid and free traffic sources is totally up to you, but the most recommended source of traffic is the free one;
  • You will be able to activate your Ecompare plugin in a secure and fast WordPress hosting environment, where you get to pay only your membership fees, and every other hosting related issues are taken care of such as the availability of technical support at every time of the day, free speed boosters, free security to protect the store you are about to create, free unlimited professional email accounts to keep in touch with your customers if they need to interact with you 1-on-1, etc, etc, etc… Please note that you will not receive support with regards to the functionning of the Ecompare plugin. You would have to contact the creator directly. 
  • You will learn everything you need to know about selecting the most appropriate niche for your online store;
  • You will have access to a community that is available 24/7 to help you with your affiliate marketing journey;
  • You aslo get to access resources that will help you to build an email list and be able to implement email marketing to drive even more sales:


There are tons of resources that this affiliate marketing platform offers, which other marketers are offering as bonuses in a hapharzard manner, to assist you to make your future online store with Ecompare, a true success story.











This is one of the few digital products online that impressed me all the way through and for that reason,




Now it’s your turn to decide whether you want this plugin or not, but I do recommend it. I strongly believe that your affiliate earnings with E-Commerce will be taken to the next level, without necessarily increasing the amount of effort you need to put in.

I need to draw your attention to the fact that Bishop has to keep this plugin constantly updated. I cannot guarantee you that this will be done, but with regards to what the plugin can do, you will surely enjoy your ride.


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Ecompare Review Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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