An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT




?‍♀️Welcome to my Automated Traffic Review .?

I’m glad you are here because you will get to discover objective facts about this product before purchasing. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an endless flow of traffic with only a push of the button? These are some of the sales pitches mentioned on the main sales page of Automated Traffic, but whether they are true or not, is what you are about to find out. I carried out research on what these tools could actually help you accomplish and compared my findings to all the declarations made by Jeff Dedrick. Here you go: An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT.



Name Description
Product Price $67 + $37/Month
Product Owner Jeff Dedrick
Launch Date 2010 (I might be wrong)
Category Automated Traffic
Overall Score





To go straight to the point:


In order to be safe online, you should generally avoid products that promise push buttons solutions. It’s almost certain that disappointment would be your portion further down the road. But when you take the time to build a solid online asset, you are definitely going to get tons of free organic traffic on autopilot in the long run. If that sounds like something you are looking foward to,


Read on to learn more about what Automated Traffic really is.







An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Home Page

I checked out Jeff’s Automated Traffic and decided to publish An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 Truths Jeff Wishes You Never Find Out. I do not recommend Automated Traffic for the reasons you are about to discover in the CONS section.

Is Automated Traffic A Scam? Definitely not. Let me explain.

Automated Traffic really offers some great tools that work if you put them to action, but I couldn’t help but notice some inconsistencies with his main sales page as a whose details I would be discussing further down the Automated Traffic Review.

Having had the experience of reviewing a lot of products online, especially on Clickbank (most of them were downright scams!!), I wouldn’t consider Automation Traffic to be completely unworthy pe se, but there are some red flags you need to first verify before you engage your hard earned resources (even though I would strongly recommend that you completely avoid this product altogether).

So if you decide to purchase Automated Traffic, you should be aware of the potential consequences and do so at your own risk.  READ ON FOR MORE.





Automated Traffic is a collection of tools that will supposedly help you to get an influx of traffic to anything on demand, and non stop. What tools are we talking about here?

What you are about to discover below are the tools you will be able to access with your first month’s membership. Let’s check them out below and equally determine how each tool will help you to generate automated traffic:


Keyword Tools

These Keyword Research tools are designed to give more relevant traffic in any niche or market and easily identify better prospects that are more likely to buy.

The Buyer Keyword Dominator: You can type in any keyword you want and this tool will automatically create a list of buyer keywords related to what prospective buyers for that product will be looking for;

The Review Keyword Dominator: When you type in any product name in this tool, it will automatically generate a huge list of keywords which are great for targeting reviews for affiliate marketing.

The Competition Keyword Dominator: It allows you to identify keywords that can easily get ranked for competitive and high-quality keywords.

The Custom Keyword Dominator: It allows you to easily create your own keyword list any way you want.

How Automatic Traffic Is Generated with these keyword tools: Not mentioned. You must have noticed what I mentioned in the introduction: keywords will help you to drive traffic in any niche.

So if you have not yet started one, you would be at a total loss here.


SEO Tool

The main SEO tool discussed here is the Blogging SEO Annihilator. This tool can help you to do the following:

  • It automatically allows you to rank insanely high for several keywords including competitive ones using a particular script that will be provided to you by Jeff and his team.

How Automatic Traffic Is Generated with this SEO tool: Here it is assumed that you already have a blog. This is contrary to sales pitches on their landing page misleading you to believe that you are not going to be needing a website. Call it a blog or website, all of them have one and the same purpose: to continue to provide high-quality content.


Traffic Tools

As the name suggests, these tools are supposed to help you get a ton of traffic to your website on autopilot. Let’s check them out below:

Viral Survey Money And Traffic Generator

It allows you to create surveys that you can link to from your site or mail to your lists. You can also distribute your surveys on your blogs if you’d like to. This tool can generate quality and equally boost your affiliate sales on the internet.

The Secret Classified Traffic Generator

It allows you to set up many robots working for you on autopilot, on classified sites, delivering your sales messages to those sites.

The Yahoo Answers Alert

This tool will search for fresh leads and email them to you daily leads that match your search criteria.


It is also assumed here again that you have a website, else, where would you be directing the traffic to?

That’s not all, it is equally assumed here that you already have a list!! This is the case with the Viral Survey Money and Traffic Generator which allows you to create surveys and send them to your lists. What would you do if you have none?


Sales Tools

These tools will help with your sales, by converting the incoming traffic generated by the other tools such as the Traffic Tools. Let’s check them out below:

Contact Form Creator

Allows you to create a beautiful contact form that you can place on your websites or blogs. This form allows your visitors to contact you, as well as the possibility to monitor and survey your visitors.

It’s important to note here that every time visitors to your website contact you, you will be secretly building your email list. Your contact form can be integrated with Aweber and GetResponse.

Automated Ads Elite

Allows you to place top selling product banners of any category on your blogs or websites. It is supposed to automatically adapt to the content of your site to show the best performing ads. It also updates automatically to show the best sellers that come in in the future. It seems as if you an even add your own banners to the mix to make more sales.

How Automatic Traffic Is Generated with these sales tools:

You definitely need a website or a blog to use these tools. For instance, your contact forms need to be placed somewhere to capture leads: either a blog or a site. same with your Automated Ads Elite.

Several other tools are being added on a monthly basis. No wonder it’s a monthly subscription service as you are soon to discover.





Let the image below speak for itself. Check it out:

An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Prices


You have to pay $67 upfront, then continue to pay $37 on a monthly basis going forward. The pricing structure is very simply to undersstand, but would Automated Traffic be worth the price?

You are about to explore some of the reasons why it is not.





This section is supposed to bring together opinions of real users from review sites. Didn’t find anything much, but the little I found was rather very disappointing. Check it out below:


An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Online Reviews


Most of the comments above, even though they didn’t make any sense at all, rated the Automated Traffic set of tools favorably.

In fact, the comment left by  Clair was rather promoting a product which has got absolutely nothing to do with Automated Traffic, by the name of Anytime Profits. Clair ended up leaving a 5-star rating.

Talking about Maragret, he was rather making inquiries about this product, only to end up leaving a 3-star rating.

Automated Traffic does not really seem to have a solid reputation online.




1. Support Is Available

I found their support platform rather impressive. Check it out below:


An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Support Platform


There are many digital products that offer support links, but when you click on them to contact anyone, you hit a dead end, or the page simply does not exist. So this support interphase for Automated Traffic is a plus.

I’ve not used Automated Traffic before, so I cannot guarantee that they reply to all their support queries. I wouldn’t even dare after revealing some hard truths you will soon see for yourself.



2. Some Traffic Methods Included Actually Work!!!

I’m referring specifically to the Survey method.

This particular method through the use of survey questionnaires has been proven to work every time. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, I would actually recommend that you start integrating this marketing strategy.

The tools included in general within the Automated Traffic package can really help to boost traffic for those who know what they are doing.



3. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Is Available

I love the fact that this is a risk free 100% guarantee, and I only hope that Jeff keeps to his word.





1. Questionable Testimonials On Sales Page 

Yes, this is true.

I tried to visit all the links to the various websites of those providing their testimonials, but none of them went through. I can’t really make of why this is happening, but it’s definitely something to worry about the credibility of this platform.

Had it been only one address was working, one would have had comfortably assumed that perhaps some updates have been missed. But that was not the case. All the links provided were not working at all.

Perhaps I didn’t check it out well. You could verify the information below yourself:

An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Testimonials Are Questionable!

It is the same for the remaining 3 testimonials: you cannot contact any of them so be aware of this red flag and be warned.



2. Bizzare Online Reviews 

Here is another truth you should not underestimate which I already mentioned above.

The only reviews I could find online related to Automated Traffic were not relevant. The remaining positive reviews are affiliates promoting this program themselves to earn some commissions.

For the record, I’m also an affiliate of Automated Traffic, but I have a moral duty to expose the risky factors accurately. If any unintentional misstatement is included in any of my reviews on this site, Work With Home Jobs, I will not hesitate to update relevant sections accordingly to represent only the truth.

That said, I will make some commissions when you purchase this product using any of the links included in this article, but that does not mean I recommend it. So purchase at your own risk.




3. Automated Traffic Is Not Newbie Friendly And I Will Explain Why 

This is a truth you should definitely not ignore.

Automated Traffic assumes that you got an online business already established and looking to drive traffic to it. While this is not expressly mentioned on the Automated Traffic sales page, it is my responsibility to draw your attention to this fact.

Here is what further digging was able to uncover:

  • As a newbie, you would have absolutely no use for keyword research tools if you don’t have a website or blog already operational. I would not be surprised if you are actually scratching your head now and wondering what a keyword research tool is;
  • Same with the SEO tools and even the Traffic tools themselves. All of them require that you have either a website or a blog. Speaking of which, go to the next point now.

By the way, if you want to a platform that will teach you as a newbie, everything you need to know about SEO, keyword research, starting your own website or blog, and even provide all these resources without you having to pay extra, to kickstart your affiliate marketing business like a pro, then CLICK HERE NOW.



4. Misleading Statements On Automated Traffic Sales Page

This is one of the main reasons why Automated Traffic didn’t get a favorable rating from Work With Home Jobs. And I’m pretty sure it’s one of the truths Jeff wishes you never get to figure out on your own.

Please check out the image below:

An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
Automated Traffic Sales Page Contains A Lot Of Misleading Information.


Let’s check out these points one after the other:

Starting with the very first misleading statement about websites. How can Jeff declare that you don’t need a website, but then includes resources that actually require that you have an operational blog or website?

You need a website or blog to use literally ALL THE RESOURCES he has included in the Automated Traffic Package. This is very true and lets me point them out to you for each and every tool he recommends.

Keyword Tool: What would you do with these keywords if you don’t have a website?

SEO Tool: Used to rank your blogs or websites.

Traffic Tools: The Viral Survey Money And Traffic Generator requires that you also have either a blog or a website

Sales Tools: All of them require that you have a website, as you would have to place ads or contact forms on them.

The most controversial of them is the traffic tools, as literally all the tools recommended require that you have a website and running.



You Also Need A List!!

The Viral Survey Money And Traffic Generator need you to have an email list contrary to what is mentioned above. The surveys you create with these tools can either be linked directly to your website or emailed to your lists. And what if you don’t have any of the two?

Talking about the sales tools, if you don’t really need a list as Jeff is claiming above, why then does he include resources to help you build one? The Contact Form, in particular, helps you to build a list at the same time that your audience visiting your site is filling the form to make an inquiry.

With No Grueling Hours At The Computer?

This is another hype to mislead you to believing that no effort would be required on your part to generate a consistent amount of traffic and keep it. He couldn’t be more wrong.

We have all seen above that most of the resources he recommends requires you to have a website, and maintaining a website and keeping it SEO friendly guys, is not as simple as Jeff is trying to make you believe.

You would definitely have to consistently publish unique content if you want your website to pass all the algorithm tests that Google launches every now and then. Building an online business will take time, not as ”grueling” as Jeff wants to have you believe, but I can definitely guarantee you that you need to be prepared to work hard.

Your Traffic Will Definitely Go Away If You Don’t Remain Consistent

Unless you want to consider paying for traffic continuously, rest assured that if you don’t consistently continue to work on your online business, your hard earned traffic will eventually drop.



5. Automated Traffic Is Simply A Bunch Of Tools 

If you are absolutely new to making money online especially through Affiliate Marketing, then automated traffic will not be of any help to you. They offer solutions to a phase of your online business, which actually occurs only towards the end of the cycle.

Let me explain. If you want to build an affiliate marketing business online especially through the use of a website as Jeff indirectly implies, there are four simple phases that need to be followed chronologically:

  • First, you have to choose an interest related to your passions
  • Build a website;
  • Attract visitors;
  • Make money.

Automated traffic comes in at the level of attracting visitors. If you have not yet commenced the first two phases, you will be more confused than ever after purchasing Automated Traffic.

This is where you need to go to learn everything from start to finish about making money with affiliate marketing: full package without having to pay for any extra resources.



6. The Automated Traffic Name Itself Is Misleading!!

This is another pretty obvious truth.

I had serious traffic expectations when I decided to take a closer look at Jeff’s product. But when I started watching his video, he quickly mentioned that it was not only about the traffic. Check it out below:

An Automated Traffic Review bringing out 06 TRUTHS Jeff Dedrick Wishes YOU NEVER FIND OUT
The Name ”AUTOMATED TRAFFIC” Is Misleading With Regards To The Contents Of The Package

I started guessing it might not really be a traffic resource afterall. His Automatic Traffic package became something like this:

  • Keyword tools
  • SEO Tool
  • Sales Tools
  • Traffic Tools.

And I was very disappointed to discover that the traffic tools were not as extensive as anticipated, especially for those who do not wish to use a website.






There are many more hypey products out there about acquiring traffic with the push of buttons, and you should be able to identify them. How? They all promise you that life will be easier and faster.

Check out some of them below:

There are many other resources that Work With Home Jobs has had the opportunity to review which are not even worth a cent.  Be on your guard when searching the net.





Wealthy Affiliate. is an excellent alternative to learn how to generate traffic to your websites for the following reasons:

  • It focuses on SEO and content, meaning your affiliate marketing promotional site would be very unlikely to be affected by algorithm changes. As time passes, content only continues to gain importance as a marketing strategy;
  • Resources are updated on a regular basis i.e every single week live classes are organized. The risk of outdated information is limited here to a strict minimum;
  • You also learn about starting your affiliate marketing business. You will be taken by the hand through all the four phases I mentioned above;
  • Everything needed to start your online business is included in your membership fees.
    • You will be given 50 websites (25 for premium domains which you can purchase in-house or simply transfer from an existing site if you want to; 25 for any subdomains of your choice which are available for free);
    • Free Keyword Tool
    • Free premium hosting for your websites
    • Free technical support for your websites,
    • And so much more with the possibility of paying far less than what you pay monthly for Automated Traffic;
  • You also have additional resources such as YouTube and Email list building for when you are ready to diversify your marketing strategies, all included for free:
  • Hundreds of hours of live classes replays. Meaning if you join today, you can access videos that were streamed last year. You don’t miss out on anything. How cools can this be?






Here is my take:


Automated Traffic declares one thing on their sales page, and delivers another. Too many inconsistencies are some red flags indicating potential problems down the road.

Absolutely not recommended for newbies.

But if you are experienced entrepreneur with a fully operational business, you can find some of their resources useful such as the survey resources. Most of the tools included in the Automated Traffic package actually do require that you have been around the internet for some time.

That said:

On the other hand, if you are still new to the online world, and looking forward to starting an affiliate marketing business, then this is what I recommend for you instead, where your investment would be worth every single cent:

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to my article related to Automated Traffic.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??


$67 + $37/Month!

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