An ArbiMate Review?Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is?

An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is


Here is An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is, how it works, how you can make the best use of this plugin, and of course, things to consider before purchasing.

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Name Description
Product Name: ARBIMATE
Product Owner Cyril 'Jeet' Gupta
Category eCommerce
Overall Score 5/10



Here is my personal take about the ArbiMate plugin:



Among the things to consider before purchasing the ArbiMate plugin, is the fact that you cannot generate passive income with the business model that this plugin proposes. So if you are in pursuit of passive income, then this plugin might not be the best for you.









In this comprehensive and honest ArbiMate Review, you will get to learn more about what Arbimate really is, and how this new plugin can actually faciliate the process of making money with eCommerce through retail arbitrage, one of the several eCommerce business models applicable today.

If you are wondering what retail arbitrage actually means, it’s simply the buying of goods at lower or liquidation prices from other stores, and selling the same items on Amazon FBA at far higher prices.

In the context of the ArbiMate plugin, the main store targeted where you can buy items at relatively low prices is Walmart.


1.1What Is Arbimate & How Does It Work?✌

This question was partially answered in the previous section but this is what ArbiMate really is: Arbimate is a plugin that will help you to effectively implement the retail arbitrage eCommerce business model, by facilitating the task of locating cheaper offers on Walmart, which you can take advantage of and sell on Amazon and make some profits.

While this business model is no new concept today, and many people are already making money doing retail arbitrage, the most part of it is manual. This means the entire process of searching for goods on other platforms, and comparing them to those sold on Amazon was insanely demanding and would definitely require some skills and experience on the part of the marketer.

The ArbiMate plugin automates the entire process of searching and comparing products on both Walmart and Amazon. It even takes it a step further by displaying the profits/losses for every product under comparison, so that all you have to do is start selling once you’ve found the perfect match.

To start your search, simply insert the product URL, or use relevant keywords or categories, depending on which search option you choose. The ArbiMate plugin will go to work and find the exact matches, and then display all relevant information required for decision-making purposes such as shipping costs, taxes, profits or losses related to every good under comparison, etc.

Pretty impressive.






a. Getting Started With The ArbiMate Plugin

Once you have this plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website, it shows up the following options in your WordPress Dashboard:


Check Arbitrage FE/Elite

This feature allows you to insert any URL related to any product on Walmart, and check whether a corresponding product exists on Amazon, which has a profitable arbitrage.

Check Multiple FE/Elite

Same as the above, just that here you have the possibility of inserting multiple URLs at a time, to display multiple results.

Search Category-FE/Elite

Allows you to search by category instead from any categories on Walmart. Considering the fact that thousands of products could be found under a certain category, you can just launch this feature and move on to other things, while the plugin searches and carries out the comparisons. It will definitely take some time.

Find Keywords-PRO

You can find profitable arbitrages through the use of keywords instead. Just key in the term you are searching for, and relevant results will be displayed.

Monitor Products-PRO

Here you put in the URLs of the products whose price changes you want to monitor.

Shortlisted Products-PRO

This is where you save some product items for which you wish to carry out further research or revisit later.


With this feature, you can get notifications about changes in arbitrager prices, through email. It’s important to always keep track of prices if you want to operate from a profitable angle.


Configure how you want your search results displayed.


If you would be performing a lot of searches, then this feature will help you to set up a proxy so that your VPS, server and related services will be protected against bans.


This is where you will find all the resources related to making money with arbitrage using ArbiMate.







b. Prices Of The ArbiMate Plugin


Don’t be surprised if the price you see above has increased by the time you stumble across this article. These prices are at their lowest when the product is launched, but subsequently, increase as time goes by.








1.1PROS Of The Arbimate Plugin ✌


1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

The majority of products online offer this guarantee period which is a good thing. Make good use of this period if you are willing to give Arbimate a try.


2✌ Legitimate Business Model✌

The ArbiMate plugin was designed to make retail arbitrage, an eCommerce business model, very easy to implement. Taking a look at an overview of this plugin, my first impressions are very positive. This appears to be one of the first attempts to automate retail arbitrage, and Cyril ”Jeet” Gupta, I must admit, has done some really impressive work.


3✌ No Website And Hosting Knowledge Needed✌

Some people don’t just get around learning how to create a website and develop it to one which appealing to visitors. If you are one of such people, then getting into eCommerce through retail arbitrage would be a great option for you (some disadvantages of this model have been included further down).

The only reason why you need a website and hosting when thinking of purchasing the ArbiMate plugin is for security purposes. You just want a safe place to activate and use the plugin. Your website will only be used for analysis purposes to determine the best arbitrages because once you find them, you would rather be spending more time on Amazon, and not on your website.

So no need for website development skills, or SEO optimization to make it rank, or even bother about creating content. You don’t need all of that when dealing with retail arbitrage.


4✌ The UPC Functionality Is Available With The FE Package✌

UPC or the Universal Product Code is the best way ever to carry out your product comparisons because it provides the most accurate match ever. I love the fact that you get this feature activated with the FE package. You can make some decent searches and get some decent results which you can take advantage of, just with your FE package without having to pay extra.






1.2?The Cons Of The ArbiMate Plugin?




1 ?The Hassle Of Continuously Monitoring Your Inventory And Respecting Relevant Policies?


An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is


Just in case you are not aware of what retail arbitrage means with Amazon, you would have to diligently do the following:

The most difficult part is ensuring that you never run out of stock and that your listings are still profitable. By the way, I don’t understand what Cyril meant when he said you would have no need for inventory. This is quite misleading.

Making huge earnings with eCommerce would entail that you sell as many items as possible (this is one limitation discussed further down).

If you have over 500 items listed on your inventory, for instance, imagine the stress that could arise ensuring that none of them is running out, or even making sure that you keep up with the price changes for each of those products (this is where one of their upsells, ARBIMATE PRO, comes in very handy).

Cyril thought of this problem and included a Monitoring feature which unfortunately can only help you to monitor price changes. However once the item no longer exists on Walmart, the abbreviation N/A will be displayed, which will enable you to take down your offer on Amazon immediately.

If you don’t continuously monitor the evolution of each of your inventory, you might acquire a negative reputation on the Amazon market place, as the marketer who sells products that don’t exist.

With retail arbitrage, you have to constantly be on your feet and check for updates.







2 ?You Need Secure Hosting And Website To Securely Activate And Use The ArbiMate Plugin==> Prepare An Extra Budget!?

It seems this plugin can be activated independently, not so sure about this. But if you want to safely run your retail arbitrage business with Amazon, make sure to use services that cannot be accessed by hackers and malicious malware.

You especially need to house this plugin in a website so that you can get the privilege of receiving constant updates if at all Cyril makes them available.

Having an online business in any form requires that you use secure services if you want to enjoy your ventures for long without any headaches. If you want to give this plugin a try, I strongly recommend that you look for an affordable and secure WordPress hosting service, where the security of your website is taken to the next level without any additional charges.

And yes, that would require an extra budget. Security should be one of your top priorities when it comes to starting a business online.





3?Did You Know That Selling On Amazon Is Not Free??

This is a fact you must consider if you wish to make money through retail arbitrage.

In order to register as a seller on Amazon, depending on the number of items you are prepared to list there, then be prepared to pay monthly installments of at least $39.99 to Amazon, excluding other selling fees. Make sure to check this information out before you buy the ArbiMate plugin and budget accordingly.

Deciding to sell on Amazon means you must make it work at all cost, in order to cover all the expenditures involved.

This takes us to the next point.









4 ?You Need To Learn How To Rank Your Products On Amazon?

You might be guessing by now, that all you have to do is get your products listed out there on Amazon, and then the sales would start flowing in. Well, you are completely wrong.

You have to understand that even though there are millions of buyers flooding that platform every single day, if you don’t learn how to rank your products on Amazon, and make them stand out, then you might not be able to make those sales that will help you cover your startup costs.

Cyril reveals one of the tactics of getting your products on top of the list, which is by reducing your prices by 1 cent, but you need to make sure all your bases are covered when it comes to exposure on Amazon.

That’s why you absolutely need to learn how to rank your products on the Amazon market place. It’s a good thing you can find many free resources online to help you with the ranking process.






5 ?Only The Walmart Store Is Targeted For Arbitrage Purposes?

There are many online stores available, where you can equally find relatively cheap goods that you can arbitrage on Amazon. I cannot tell you with precision which ones actually exactly exist, but for all I know, out of the over 3000 online stores, there must be others who sell items far cheaper than Amazon and maybe Walmart, but the only one targeted here is Walmart.

A perfect example here is Ebates. These are both American online stores, but in many instances, Ebates prices are far less than those of Amazon. The possibility to compare only Walmart and Amazon limits the number of results being displayed, and thus limits the possbility of earning even more.

It’s also unfortunate that non of the upsells includes this unique possibility of comparing across several online stores. I hope that a future release will take this into account.






6 ?Most Of The Interesting Features Are Available As An Upsell?

Check out the upsells below:



With the Arbimate FE package, you can check for arbitrage using single URLs, multiple URLs and categories.

But the FE option does not allow you to monitor changes in prices of the goods you wish to monitor. That’s not all. You cannot also carry out an unlimited number of searches, meaning that the options available for your $37 are very limited.

That said, in order to make the best use of this plugin, and be sure you are not missing out on anything important, you would have to buy some of their upsells which are capable of making your experience with the Arbimate plugin more dynamic.

I’m referring more specifically to Arbimate PRO and Daily Arbitrages, the upsells I recommend. Check out the image below for the features unlocked by these upsells:


An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is


The two upgrades I recommended above, make it a total of $164 including the price of the FE package which currently stands at $37, and then monthly installments of $30, starting the following month moving forward.

Are you willing to make that investment? It’s totally up to you to make that decision.






7 ?The Startup Cost With This Business Model Could Be Insanely Expensive Unlike The Declarations Made By Cyril Gupta?

Check out the image below:


An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is


If you want to start a retail arbitrage business, with the help of Arbimate, then here are the additional services you should budget to make the best use of the Arbimate plugin:

  • Website plus Hosting with security. Set aside a yearly fee of about $100
  • Amazon selling fees: $39.99/month for more than 40 items listed, or $0.99 per item, for any number less than 40. If you wish to list many features, then prepare a yearly Amazon budget of $479.88
  • Arbimate Upsells to unlock important features including the initial price: $164, and $30/month moving forward, making it an annual budget of $360/year.


If we add all the annual figures together, your yearly expenditures when using the Arbimate plugin plus other related services would be $939.88 every single year.

I do believe that this figure is very high for someone who is starting out for the first time. Again, this could be relative as there are others who would consider this amount to be non-significant.

Either way round, I had to bring this information to your attention.








8 ?The Retail Arbitrage Business Model Cannot Generate Passive Income For You In The Long Run. Cyrill Is One More Time Wrong!!!!?

Refer to the image below to see the wrong declarations made by Cyril on his sales page:


An ArbiMate Review Explaining Exactly What ArbiMate Is


According to the definition of Passive Income by Wikipedia, and I quote:


Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.


Please pay attention to the very last part of that sentence above:…REQUIRING MINIMAL TO NO EFFORT BY THE RECIPIENT TO MAINTAIN IT.

After reading the points above, do you think your effort with this business model is minimal? Certainly not, I tell you.

This is the only reason that would have made me give up on this business model if I was the one actually reading this Arbimate review.

You see, making substantial and consistent amounts of income online requires perseverance, hard work, and commitment. Retail Arbitral is a great business model for seasonal goods. If you know how to rank your listing on Amazon and take advantage of various products that sell well in various seasons, you will surely make a lot of money with eCommerce.

But here is the thing. This business model requires that you are constantly alert and monitoring indicators here and there, and once the season is over, the money stops flowing, and you would immediately need to switch to the new trending products.

So when you retire from that line of business, what happens to your source of income? It definitely stops flowing as well. If you want to embark on this journey, you should be fully aware of what is waiting for you down the road.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly wish to take a break from this online venture someday, without my income streams taking a break from me.  That’s that power of passive income. You stop working but your income still continues to flow, thanks to your website.

You cannot achieve this objective with Retail Arbitrage unless you can set up a second business that is targeting only passive income sources, but would you have the time to manage the two, when arbitrage takes every second of your active life?

Food for though for you.





1.3A Better Alternative To Make Money Online Today If You Are Not Fan Of eCommerce: Passive Income Opportunities⭐



Generating passive income online today is the way to go today because it guarantees a sustainable and consistent flow of revenue even during your retirement. The business model that helps you attain that passive income goal is Affiliate Marketing.

The affiliate marketing business model has a ton of advantages over Retail Arbitrage which cannot be ignored.

The main advantage is that this method is forever green (reports from current trends) and forecasted to get even better in future years. It also works in all seasons, and above all, you have the choice of affiliating and promoting products which can continue to generate passive income for you for decades to come.

The thing is there are many resources out there that offer affiliate marketing training. They are all good, but identifying the best of the best would be a real challenge for you.

A more appropriate affiliate marketing training should have the following characteristics:

  • Should have a chronological and step by step training;
  • Easy to follow up;
  • Provide instant help to members;
  • Updated regularly and consistently;
  • Offer all the resources to help you start your affiliate marketing business in any niche in one place;
  • Offer 1-on-1 mentoring free of charge;
  • Provide a forum or community where you can ask for help from others at any time of the day;

And so much more that is required to get your feet wet in Affiliate Marketing with a lot of professionalism and tactic. You should be able to compete with the big boys once you start running your own affiliate marketing business.









The answer is an absolute YES.




I almost scored this product negatively after revealing all the inconsistencies in Cyril’s sales page. However, the substance of his product remains the same despite all the misleading statements. He’s probably doing everything to overate his own creation.

I’ve come across a lot of people online who do exceedingly well in eCommerce, than in other business models. They know the risks, but they do it anyway and succeed. I’m not a fan of eCommerce because I’m scared of the monitoring process. I always like to get things done, then forget about them and move on to the next item on the agenda.

The solution offered by Arbimate is amazing, but I need you to take a closer look at the cons of this plugin before you engage, especially if this is your first time coming online. Experienced marketers will know how to bypass these loopholes, but you might want to think twice if this is your first time getting into eCommerce.

One of the main issues I have with the retail arbitrage business model is that it’s not geared towards generating passive income. If you are looking towards retiring from your business in the nearest future, then doing retail arbitrage will not help, unless you are capable of making a huge amount of money and saving much of it for the rainy days.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether you want this plugin or not, but I do recommend it if you like eCommerce. You will find it very useful. YOU CAN GET THE ARBIMATE PLUGIN HERE.

How about starting a passive income journey?

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Arbimate Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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