A TVBoss Fire Review?Revealing 03 Red Flags?To Consider Before Purchasing?

A TVBoss Fire Review Revealing 03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing


?‍♀️Hi. Welcome to my TVBoss Fire Review.

This is yet another new solution promising greater exposures of your marketing efforts to new traffic sources which are still untapped by many. What new traffic source could this be? I will tell you ==> ✌THE CREATION OF TV CHANNELS ON ROKU AND AMAZON FIRE✌. I must admit that this is the first time I heard about this opportunity, i.e using TV channels for more traffic. And I was very fascinated by the idea of running my own TV Channel for my online business. Let’s face it, the majority of people today, especially Americans, are streaming live channels instead, so would this not be awesome to target those viewers? And TVBoss Fire, would they be of help? Then I made some basic inquiries and my findings were very disturbing. Here you are, reading A TVBoss Fire Review Revealing 03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing.



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Your business can certainly gain some views through the creation of a TV Channel. I don’t know about alternative solutions out there to get you started on Roku and Amazon Fire, but when it comes to TVBoss Fire, there are some red flags you seriously need to consider before you ever engage.

That said:


I always make sure to insist on the fact that you cannot start a successful online business by signing up for traffic solutions. It wouldn’t be of any use to you. It’s like trying to build a house and starting with the roof!! You first of all need to build a solid foundation on Affiliate Marketing, and understand better what traffic sources are available to you, and which one would be appropriate. In this light,


Read on to learn more about what TVBoss Fire really is.








It’s really exciting and fun to know that you can actually create your own TV Channel. I know you might have heard about this possibility, but I’m usually not as informed as every other person around me.??

So you can imagine how I felt when I thought of the possibility that others could be searching for TV Channels and eventually come across mine. It’s pretty cool.

However, when it comes to the effectiveness of this method to monetize your businesses, especially through the help of TVBoss Fire, the performance of your business would not be improved.

That’s why I’ve decided to write up A TVBoss Fire Review to explain to you exactly why.

Let’s get started with understanding what TVBoss Fire actually is.






1.0What TVBoss Fire Is And How It Works✌

TVBoss Fire is a cloud-based application that will help you to create channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

These are both on-demand TV platforms watched by so many people around the world, with one of the highest consumption coming from the US. So you see by getting your content on these 2 media, you can significantly increase your potential reach for the products you are promoting.

The process could be very techie if you decide to do it on your own. This is where TVBoss Fire comes in. Their software will significantly facilitate the process so that you could be up and running with your new TV Channels within a shorter period of time, if not instantly.

Go to the next section to see how it works!






a. Getting Started With TVBoss Fire

Here is a great TVBoss Fire demo below:








b. Prices And Components Of The TVBoss Fire Front End And Upsell Packages!

Check out the image below:


A TVBoss Fire Review Revealing 03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing


Looking at the image above, we can clearly see that the FE package gives you access to only the possibility to create channels and upload your content. How you go about making this content to reach viewers or monetizing it, will require you to upgrade to the first upsell.

Again, depending on the number of channels you want to create, be prepared to pay more as shown above. Creating multiple channels is usually free if you want to do it on your own. I guess it’s an open window here for Craig to make money.

If ever you decide to go in for TVBoss Fire, getting one channel would be fine.


Take a look at the next image for the rest of the upsells:



Upsell #3 will offer a closer collaboration to help you further. You would have to be able to host your videos somewhere before uploading to your channel. This upsell takes care of that.

Upsell #4 takes care of the SEO of your channel. Soon you will understand why this particular upgrade is indispensable if you must succeed with TV Channel marketing.

Now its time for business guys.

Go to the next section to check out deeper insights about TVBoss Fire, the facts only experience could fish out.






1.1?PROS Of TVBoss Fire?

1?Awesome Solution For Video Marketers?

This solution is most appropriate for vloggers who already have a ton of videos published. This is an amazing opportunity to upload these videos into all their channels and start benefiting from some fresh leads.

OK content marketers, don’t get jealous here ?? because you seriously don’t need to be. I will explain better in the section where I discussed my 3 red flags. Continue to do the thing which you know best, which is producing awesome unique content.

No other strategy is yet to beat this one.




2?Serious Growth Potential Observed With Channel Views?

Check out the extracts from the TVBoss Fire sales page:


A TVBoss Fire Review Revealing 03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing


There is no doubt that there is some serious growth being experienced on these channels meaning taking advantage right now would be a huge plus.

Well, the problem now lies in determining whether TVBoss Fire can help you do that. Let’s find out in the next section.




1.2?03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing TVBoss Fire?

1?The FE Package Appears To Offer Very Little Value?

This is the very first red flag you should watch out for.

From the information extracted from their own sales page, as shown on the images in prices section located at the beginning of this article, it would appear the FE will only help you to upload videos to your channels. When it comes to training resources to help you optimize them, and increase views of your channels, you would have to upgrade, thereby making all the upsells insanely indispensable.

I mentioned this point earlier. Depending on the number of channels you want as well, you would to pay extra, whereas this is not often the case when you decide to create your channels yourself.




2????Upsells Are Insanely Expensive!!!!????

This is another huge red flag. Let me explain.

I know you might be thinking that this is a new product and that the prices are totally justifiable. I will explain to you in just a second how to make the link between quality and price.

I’ve already mentioned above that all the upsells here indispensable, including the very last one: the SEO package. More on this later also. So let’s do a simple math here to have a clearer picture of what your budget would look like if you choose to buy TVBoss Fire:

We assume that you are starting with only 1 channel, which is what I recommend by the way.

  • FE With only 1 Channel: $17
  • Upsell #1: $47
  • Upsell #2: $67
  • Upsells #3: $17/month ($240 for the whole year)
  • Upsells #4: $9.95/month ($119.4 for the whole year)


All those upsells are important, and I’m having a hard time just selecting only one for you. Check out the prices section above to see what each of them can do.

Your first year budget for TVBoss Fire would be the sum of all the figures above, which is $490.4!!!

That’s not all. Second year going forward you need to have $359.4 every single year to make sure your videos remain permanently optimized and well managed by the team behind TVBoss Fire.

Talking about quality-price, as well as SEO, check out the next point.



3?Here Is The Link Between Quality And Price – How Much Potential Traffic Will You Get For The Price You Pay??

I know I mentioned earlier that these platforms are currently experiencing growth. But what growth are we talking about?

Refer to the image below, still an excerpt from the TVBoss sales page:


A TVBoss Fire Review Revealing 03 Red Flags To Consider Before Purchasing


Let me explain if you don’t understand the image above.

The stats above states that there were 22 million ACTIVE accounts in 2018. I will not over labor this point. My main issue here is the ??number of viewers??, which stood at only 44.6 million in 2018.


Just in case you still don’t get it.

Let’s break it down further. 44. 6 million yearly viewers is equivalent to ??3.7 MONTHLY VIEWERS!!!??


And if you still don’t get it, perhaps a comparative analysis will shed more light.

Talking about YouTube, this platform gets over 30 million visitors per day, as compared to the meager 123 000 daily viewers on TV, and using YouTube is 100% free.


Question: Is it cost effective to spend $359.4 every single year to target only 123 000 daily viewers?????


And with the 22 million active accounts, you would certainly need resources to compete with them, and that’s why the TVBoss Fire fourth upsell is very important if you must manage to reach some viewers.

You know what Vloggers? Just leave your videos on YouTube for now. I think they are much safer there, or what do you think? Let me know in the COMMENTS SECTION HERE










Here is my take on TVBoss Fire:



How can you set aside $359 every year only to try to reach 123 000 daily viewers? One thing you should also remember is that you need a TV account, so budget extra for this additional expenditure.

With less than that amount, in fact, at $299 every year, I’ve been able to do the following:

  • Create this affiliate marketing website
  • Unlock free hosting services
  • Unlock free keyword tool
  • Unlock complete training to help me set up my YouTube channel and try my hands at Video marketing. My channel is picking up. I paid nothing to make this happen;
  • Create over 10 landing pages for this website FREE
  • Create subscription forms FREE
  • Create and manage my social media accounts FREE
  • Access thousands of hours of video tutorials FREE
  • Access FREE PARTICIPATION every week in Affiliate Marketing live classes; FREE
  • Discover all the free traffic sources, and selected the best which are appropriate for my affiliate marketing business FREE

And soooooo much more!!!!!!!! at only $24.9 every single month!!!!!!! And yet the owners of TVBoss Fire are expecting you to pay more than what my entire business is worth, just to target daily traffic of 123000????

Well, the call is yours to make.


That said:


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my TVBoss Fire Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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