A StoryReel Review Discussing❤07 WOW StoryReel Video Features❤ To Check Out!

A StoryReel Review Discussing 07 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!


I’m a big fan of video marketing, that’s why I’m excited to present this StoryReel Review. If you are into video marketing like me, then you will find this review insanely helpful. OK WAIT…There’s even more exciting news for those who have not yet tried video marketing before. Yes, I’m referring to experienced marketers who have been shying away from this marketing strategy because of the work needed upfront to create highly engaging videos. So if you are thinking that this review is only for video experts, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, you will find greater value because this solution doesn’t require any technical skills to get started with the hundreds of templates available. But why am I even wasting your time? To cut the long story short, here is A StoryReel Review Discussing 07 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!



Name Description
Product Name: StoryReel
Product Owner Abhi Dwivedi
Launch Date March 18th 2019
Category Stories Video Marketing
Overall Score





StoryReel has provided enormous value in its front end package, which happens to be a one-time payment only.? It is for this reason that:




The use of the word ”experienced marketers” was no mistake. You cannot just buy StoryReel because my review said it’s insanely easy to use. For experienced marketers, it would be a piece of cake, but for you, the newbie, there is still so much you have to learn as a marketer before you even consider video marketing. If you don’t have any marketing business running for you already, then this solution will not take you any further. You can CLICK HERE to read the reasons why this solution will not help you.


Read on to learn more about what StoryReel really is.








Here is A StoryReel Review that will provide details with regards to how you can benefit from this new tool to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

You will also get to discover some really amazing features that StoryReel has included in the FE package alone. The disadvantages of this product will not be left out as well, as it’s all about presenting facts to help you decide.

Let’s now jump to the next section to understand what StoryReel is and how it works.






1.0What StoryReel Is And How It Works✌

StoryReel is a powerful stories video creation app, which you can use to create result driven vertical videos, just by picking and customizing ready made templates from its dasboard.

Since the StoryReel app is cloud-based, no installation is needed and it works on all devices.

Having used another solution to create my own short review videos for my affiliate marketing campaigns, I’m really excited to write about this new video solution because I’m well placed to bring to your attention some facts you need to know.

I’m right in my comfort zone here, so rest assured that you will get genuine information.

Go to the next section to see how you can get started with storyReel.







a. Getting Started With StoryReel

Here is a great demo video by the creator himself. Check it out below:



It’s ok if you are not yet moved after watching the video above.

The information you are about to discover in the StoryReel Review below will throw more light. At least that’s my fervent wish but something tells me that you will know exactly what to do by the time you get to the end of this comprehensive review.

Let’s check out some prices, shall we?








This StoryReel review will focus only on the Front End packages alone. There is so much included that I actually have to select only key information to discuss here. That said, everything you find below is related to StoryReel FE.

However, I will give you just some shots of what you should expect as upsells. But their components will not be discussed.


b. Prices Of The StoryReel Front End Package And Upsells!

Refer to the image below:



More on Front End features further down, as this will represent the heart of the StoryReel Review.

In the meantime, go to the next section to have an idea of the components of Upsells.





c. Prices And Components Of The StoryReel Upsell Package

UPSELL #1: Templates Club Upgrade



With this upsell, in addition to the 100 templates your receive at the Front End, you get an extra 100 as shown on the image above. And as if that’s not enough, your base of templates would be updated every month by 10.

I’m impressed.


Upsell #2: StoryReel PRO



Upgrade #3: StoryReel Money sites DFY Pack:


A StoryReel Review Discussing 07 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!


OK, what now?

I promised I was only going to show images of upsells, but after reading the text above, I’m sorry to say that I cannot keep my mouth shut here.??

If you don’t have any experience with marketing online, this is definitely not a package you want to grab for the following reasons:

  • This DFY upsell gives you ready made websites with affiliate offers that you are going to start promoting using their video tools. So what’s the big deal? Is it not good to have everything done for you?? I know that question because I used to ask myself. But here is the thing: there are tons of products out there to promote, BUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE SCAMS!!!!! You need to have the experience to be able to tell the difference, if not, you will start your online journey promoting well known scams and tarnishing your reputation, very innocently. You should always be wary of DFY systems;
  • Next, be always sure to verify that those affiliate links included in your DFY websites belong to you. How can you start promoting a website with affiliate links already embedded? Just saying… Do your due diligence rightly.

To always be on a safe side, avoid DFY systems altogether, because they don’t teach you how to stand on your two feet. I’m done here.?


Upgrade #4: InstaPubliser – Commercial License


A StoryReel Review Discussing 07 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!


No more distractions from our main focus. But what you should understand here is that automated solutions to manage your Instagram accounts have insane risks of getting your account shadowbanned.

Move to the next upsell.


Upgrade #5: VidOptimizeNeos – Agency License


A StoryReel Review Discussing 07 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!


Seriously??? An automatic video SEO solution for ranking purposes????

No comments on this! Quite a joke that upsell would be.

Please, peeps, let’s get to more serious issues. Now it’s time to dissect the StoryReel Front End package.








1.107 WOW StoryReel Video Features To Check Out!



The StoryReel front end package offered many great features, but these are the ones I found really fascinating:


1 ✌ 1st WOW Feature: 100 Templates Included✌

This is a huge plus.

I know this because I’ve come across many other video maker platforms that don’t offer so many templates upfront. So to be able to offer up to 100 for a start can be used for a very long time.

And the most interesting part? You can customize each of those templates to choose your favorite background music o video clips. You can change images as well. Get crazy with your creativity and see what comes out of it.

Speaking of images and video clips, move to the next section.





2. ✌ 2nd WOW Features: Sufficient Images And Video Clips✌

What’s at stake here?

We are talking about 50 000 free copyright images that you can use at will. Even if you use up to 10 different images per video, that makes it 5000 different videos with unique images.

I don’t know if you get the picture.

Same thing with the video clips. The StoryReel front end package offers 10 000 clips for all sorts of occasions. You get to use them as moving background animations if you want to. If you want to go easy on your video, just opt to use only images, and your video will still come out looking so professional.

The options here are bountiful, there is no doubt about that.




3✌ 3rd WOW Feature:  Sufficient Background Music Options For Your Videos✌

Over 650 background music is included to help make your viewers remain glued right to the end of your videos.

Anyway, stories videos are always meant to be short, and with the variety of background music available to spice them up, there is no doubt that all your views will always stick to the end of every video.

All my own review videos have background music, and they work like magic, so this is an indispensable feature.




4✌ 4th WOW Feature:  Yaaaay!!! Text To Speech Is Also Available✌

My current video creation platform lacks this particular feature?, and the good news is that it’s available here.

And they don’t get stingy with the options available.? What do I mean?

The StoryReel front end package includes 24 different voice over languages and multiple male and female accents, using a text to speech technology that is equally used by Google and AmazoAlexaxa.

This particular text to speech feature is always limited in the video creation platforms I’ve come by, and any extras would be insanely expensive. So having 24 different languages included is a great plus because you can make a video using your first language, and then translate it to other languages for greater exposure of the products you are trying to sell out there.

I’m truly impressed.




5✌ 5th WOW Feature:  You Can Add A Call To Action Directly On Your Videos✌

The importance of a call to action buttons cannot be overemphasized, especially if they are found directly on the video. The viewer would have the option to swipe the button and be led directly to the offer you are trying to promote.

Really cool.




6✌ 6th WOW Feature:  Create Up To 500 Videos Every Single Day PLUS 500 Social Accounts!!?✌

Let’s get serious here. Between you and I, would you be capable of making even up to 10 videos every single day?? I bet you do. Even if you have 20 clients, 25 is still a lot of videos to be posted on a daily basis for each of those clients.

But if you are creating videos for 500 different accounts, then be my guest and go wild because you totally deserve it.

Talking of clients, check out the next awesome feature.




7✌ 7th WOW Feature: Commercial License Included In The Front End Package✌

This is one of the very few products that offer a commercial license without actually charging extra.

Most digital products offer this as an upsell, and usually one of the most expensive ones. But here, it’s literally given away for free.

Talking about creating 500 videos on a daily basis, you can have as many clients as you want, and create as many videos too. This is actually where you take advantage of the number of videos you can create on a daily basis.

If this is not awesome, then I have no idea what this is. Check out the image below to see for yourself:








1.2?PROS Of StoryReel?

1?Stories Videos Are Trending Today?

Stories was a feature first conceived by Snapchat which performed exceedingly well. When Instagram cloned the feature, its performance even doubled that of Snapchat.

It’s getting obvious that the Stories are performing better than the long traditional videos. Why? Simply because the average human attention span is getting shorter as social media dominates the world with visual experiences.

So as a marketer, you might want to consider integrating stories into your marketing strategies. You don’t need to worry about how to create one because there are ready-made templates available for a variety of occasions. Just pick one and customized.




2. ?It’s Newbie Friendly?

Newbie friendliness here is within the context of experienced marketers who have never tried video marketing before.

So if you are a newbie like it’s your first time being a marketer, and you are still looking for ways to start, then there are some challenges which you will face which I will disclose further down.

So if you are an experienced marketer and you’ve never tried video marketing before, then you are really lucky because you can start now without any need to learn how to create a video from scratch. Besides, traditional videos are starting to lose their popularity.

All you have to do is choose from among the multitude of templates and customize to your taste. It has become that easy.




3?Experienced Marketers Can Instantly Boost Their Sales?

I’m referring to marketers who have already started video marketing in one way or the other. Meaning they already have their accounts set up in video platforms such as YouTube.

StoryReel is an excellent opportunity for them to diversify their video marketing methods, and make even more sales with the following that they have been building for years.

Having a significant following online who trusts you, is the best asset to build. You can use it now to your advantage with StoryReel.






1.3?CONS Of StoryReel?

1?Challenges Faced By Those Having No Experience With Being A Marketer?

If you are coming online for the first time, here are some of the challenges you would encounter which will impact your success with StoryReel:

  • Selection of the products you can sell;
  • Grabbing your affiliate links;
  • Getting a website to sell your products;
  • Driving traffic to your offers;
  • Ranking your videos on video platforms such as YouTube. You don’t get video SEO help here;
  • The building of your lists, your online assets.
  • Etc…

These are skills each and every marketer online should possess which is fundamental to their success online. So if you don’ have any idea with regards to the points listed above, then don’t expect to start making money with this solution. Video marketing is just a tiny piece of the global picture, and starting a business with a video tool should not be your first move online.

A website is always the safest way to get started with your online journey, speaking of which, check out the next point.




2?You Cannot Rely On This To Build A Sustainable Business For Yourself?

If you wanted to buy StoryReel to start promoting your offers, this is one main reason why you should think twice: social media is very unpredictable. Once the platform has any technical issues, your business goes down with it;

Experienced marketers can use it to increase their income streams, but if you have none yet, then getting StoryReel should not be a starting point for you.

A couple of days ago, Both Facebook and Instagram were down for several hours. That’s a lot of time for your business to remain idle.

I was compelled to change the rating of this digital product because of the internet crisis.

Let’s say you want to make use of the commercial license to serve clients instead, you should be prepared to work extra hard because even though the income you generate might be recurring, it will not passive.

You would be required to actively collaborate with all your clients, and the bigger the number, the greater the work needed to make money with your commercial licenses.

By the way, is video marketing even your passion? You need to think about that too. You want to build your business around what you are passionate about. Your actions should not be motivated by the pressure to buy a cheap opportunity, because if you allow yourself to be driven by all the opportunities you see online, then sooner or later, you would have bought all digital products on WarriorPLUS, JVZoo, and the others.

What I need you to understand is that starting a successful online business does not start with video marketing. Don’t be surprised at all if you never get to use it as a strategy throughout your presence online as an online marketer.

You should really evaluate yourself carefully.




3?Almost All The Upsells Are Useless?

While going through the StoryReel upsells, I realized that it would be better to stick to the Front End package alone because the upsells, particularly

#3, #4 and #5.

You can REVISIT THIS SECTION for more details if interested.










Do I recommend StoryReel?



If you have not yet started taking any marketing courses, especially Affiliate Marketing, then I will not recommend that you pick up StoryReel because there is still so much you need to learn upfront before you start reaching out to your audience. You need to first identify the products you would be promoting, identify your target audience, select your offers, and learn the various methods of promoting them, including video marketing. Not everyone likes doing videos, so you need to be exposed to the various marketing options before you even decide on whether video marketing is your thing.


My #1 recommendation above will guide you through the process of promoting any offers online, step-by-step from scratch, by creating your very own business that you can call your own. You will also be exposed to all the marketing strategies online today including video marketing so that you get to choose which one works best for you. As if that’s not enough, you will be provided with resources to help you with all your marketing campaigns, at NO EXTRA COST. NO UPSELLS ARE PRACTISED HERE.

They employ only whitehat techniques, and any business you build on this platform will last for many decades to come.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my StoryReel Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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