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?โ€โ™€๏ธWelcome to my Project Profit Academy Review?

What could this training platform contain as resources that merit a price tag of over $2,000??? That’s right. When you can’t pay the full price at once, which is $1,997, you have the possibility of paying in two installments, resulting in an overall cost of $2,200 ($1, 100 for each installment). When I found out what’s inside this training platform, I knew it was time to write A Project Profit Academy Review Presenting 05 Reasons Why Starters Should Run Away From This $2,000 Course.





If you are fairly new online and want to get started with making money online, Project Profit Academy is not a training platform you should consider because of the reasons you are about to discover further down, with the main one being the fact that it’s way too expensive.

That said:




I’m familiar with the challenges newbies face when starting out online, because I was once there about 2 years ago. But because of a world class training platform I came across, everthing changed and I couldn’t be happier, safer and more wealthy online.


Read on to learn more about what Project Profit Academy really is.








I felt compelled to publish A Project Profit Academy Review Presenting 05 Reasons Why Starters Should Run Away From This $2,000 Course today and never look back.

Successful marketers can take advantage of this course, but I would have really loved to read from those who actually purchased and used Project Profit Academy to find out if they are reaching their financial objectives online. Please use the comments section HERE to share your success stories.

If you are a newbie, I need you to understand that you are much better off with other training resources that work, that will make you become a super affiliate if you are determined to achieve this status. Later you will discover more reasons why you don’t belong to Project Profit Academy, but first, let’s understand what this product really is.





1.1โœŒWhat The Project Profit Academy IsโœŒ

Project Profit Academy is a training platform created by Brendan Mace, to teach you about affiliate marketing, with a focus on landing pages and list building.ย  There are some resources related to launching your own products as well.

Go to the next section for more details of the components of this platform.





1.2โœŒHow Project Profit Academy WorksโœŒ


a.ย Getting Started With The Project Profit Academy

Once you get this product, you will be given access to the members’ area, where you will find training resources organized in the following categories:

  • Affiliate Academy;
  • Launch Academy;
  • Experts Academy;

There’s quite a lot going on in the members’ areas which is not limited to the three categories listed above

Go to the next section to check out details of the most relevant resources you need to know about this course.







b. Prices And Components Of The Project Profit Academy Training Package –> AFFILIATE ACADEMY!

I mentioned earlier that the price of this platform stands at $1,997!

If you cannot afford to pay all of this at once, you have the possibility to pay on two different installments of $1,100 each, making it a total of $2, 200. The first installment has to be done on the very first day you sign up, and the second installment comes 30 days later.

Components Of Your Training Package (Affiliate Academy)!

==> Coaching Overview

  • A Welcome message from Brendan;
  • Brendan’s entire follow-up email series you can literally copy and paste in your own autoresponders. All you would have to do is replace his own affiliate links with yours. This is quite a package as it comprises over 250 emails swipes you can take advantage of;

==> Initial Set Up

A reminder of the tools you are required to have in the beginning, such as domain name, hosting, etc…

==> Lead Capture Page

This is a DFY landing page. In order to access this feature, you would have to click on the call to action button which says: Get Your Landing Page Made, a Profit Builder is going to be installed on your website, which you can send traffic to. You edit to contain your personal credentials such as your image, etc. You can then use it to capture leads and monetize the leads afterward.

==> Affiliate Marketing Basics

==> The Instant Offer

==> Synching Aweber

==> Welcome Message

==> Trading Traffic Explanation

==> Clickbanking emails;

==> Affiliate Promotions;

==> Promoting Affiliate Lanches

==> Promoting Affiliate Launches #2

==> Bonuses Strategy (Double Your Earnings)

==> Advanced selling

==> Advanced Selling #2

==> Traffic With Igor

==> Buying Traffic

==> Link Tracking With Click Magic


Will not get into the details of both Launching and Expert Academies, as these are methods only implemented by marketers with a reasonable amount of experience online.








2.1?PROS Of The Project Profit Academy?


1 Business Model Is Ethical

Project Profit Academy is all about Affiliate Marketing with landing pages.

Landing pages convert extremely well, but will it be suitable for beginners? We will find out below.





2 A Facebook Community Exists

It’s always important for members of any giving training platform, to be provided a forum where they can interact with each other. This is important as it avoids the creation of any roadblocks, and also enables members to encourage each other.

A community has a ton of advantages which cannot be ignored. The Project Profit Academy currently has about 300 members as I write this article. Check out the image below to see for yourself:


The Project Profit Academy Review


The numbers are not bad for now.





3 A Ton Of Free Email Series Is Included With Your Package

Being able to create emails that can lead to conversion is not something you can take for granted. As easy as it may sound, it’s not obvious at all. So having to use the ones experts in the domains have been using to make sales continuously, is really a bonus that must be applauded.

And to make it even more interesting, you get an email series for close to a year. Awesome indeed.





2.2?A Project Profit Academy Review Presenting 05 Reasons Why STARTERS SHOULD RUN AWAY FROM THIS $2,000 COURSE!!?


1.?No Step By Step Guide?

As you can see from the list of Affiliate Academy courses above, it’s just a list, and as someone who has never done affiliate marketing before, you wouldn’t know which training to start first, because there is no specific roadmap to follow.

That’s why Project Profit Academy is best for those who have already started out and looking for ways to perfect certain skills. As a newbie, using this training resources without following any chronological order can lead to frustrations further down the road.






2?The Facebook Community Is Not That Active?

It’s a good thing that a Facebook community exists, but I was disappointed to discover that it’s not that active. Refer to the image below to understand what I’m trying to say:


What Project Profit Academy Is


Doesn’t really sound like a lively community with only about 10 posts per month! Well, half a loaf of bread is better than none.






3?No Money Back Guarantee ?

With Project Profit Academy, it’s either ”do or die” as there’s no possibility to get your money refunded.

As a newbie, know that once you invest your money into this program, you will have to stick with it and try to make it work. What if at a certain point in time you feel that the training is not meant for you?

Just abandon your $2,000 and leave. You don’t have to make this mistake after reading all the shortcomings presented in this review.






4???Prepare An Extra Budget For Relevant Tools???

As if $2, 000 is not enough, there are additional tools you need a budget for:

  • Website and hosting services. They will normally recommend cheap hosting services to make the figures not to appear too high, i.e. $5/mo. But you should understand that these cheap services do not offer the most needed add-ons to keep your website safe, such as website security, SiteLock, SSL Certificates, etc. These costs will vary per hosting provider, and you should definitely take them into account as well. So you will definitely be spending more than $5/month on hosting services. In fact here are the 10 factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider;
  • Domain name services: $14/Year;
  • Autoresponder: About $50/month. Some will charge more;
  • Paying for traffic.

Talking about paying for traffic, go to the next point to learn more.





5???Starting Affiliate Marketing With Landing Pages Has Its Fair Share Of Problems For Theย  Beginner???

Here are some of them:

It Is Not SEO Friendly

Your landing pages will not drive traffic from search engines to it. This is a major disadvantage of starting affiliate marketing with landing pages. So don’t expect any free traffic from search giants such as Google, Yahoo, or even Bing.

The only way you can take advantage of free traffic is to consistently create and publish content about the products you are promoting.

If you don’t like creating unique content (many people don’t), then an alternative is creating YouTube videos. And what if you don’t want to create videos as well? Look for additional cash and start buying traffic. That’s the only way out, but for how long?

The outcome of buying traffic is always uncertain. It’s purely gambling, and unless you have sufficient resources, when the traffic you purchase does not convert, it will hurt deeply. Already established successful marketers do not have anything to worry about, because they have the money. But as a starter, that’s a completely different story.

The best affiliate marketing business model, which this training platform teaches, happens to be the one every successful marketers online target before they start paying extra for landing pages.

It’s simply the best way hands down to start affiliate marketing because the model is cheap, easy to get started, and ironically provides a steady flow of unlimited traffic to any offers, once you implement the methods the right way.


You Have To Continuously Pay For Traffic

I’ve already mentioned this in the previous point but I will briefly mention it here again.

The use of landing pages for affiliate marketing will require that you continually drive paid traffic to it, and trust me when I tell you this. When starting, the progressively accumulated costs can drive you nuts!

Now you know what it takes to start an affiliate marketing business with landing pages.





2.3Other Products Created By Brenda Mace You Can Check Out



The name, Brendan Mace is one which is easily recognized by marketers out there, espeically those who frequently visit affiliate marketing platforms such as Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

He has successfully co-created and launched a countless number of products, including the following:

It is important to note that Brendan has a very impressive profile, but it doesn’t mean that every product he creates is suitable for all, especially for the beginners. Don’t be surprised if I told you that the only product recommended by Work With Home Jobs was Profit Maximizers.




2.4An Excellent Alternative To Project Profit Academy Which Is Both Cost And Newbie Friendly



When starting an affiliate marketing business online, targeting free traffic sources is the way to go, and an excellent solution to get you started on this journey is Wealthy Affiliate.


  • The best advantage with this platform is its chronological step by step roadmap. No getting confused here, as every lesson leads you to the next lesson you need to start. All you have to do is follow the training and don’t skip or rush;
  • WA teaches you how to create videos, create video thumbnails, and also optimize them on YouTube;
  • List building is taught here as well;
  • Everything you need to know about free traffic sources, from the creation of content on your website to paying for traffic. No strategies are left out. Is it social media marketing you want to learn? Resources related to at least 8 different platforms are available: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, etc…
  • Don’t panic when I mention the website. No need for any coding skills here because there is a free highly compatible WordPress site builder to help you through the process. With over 3,500 templates available free of charge, everyone gets to find themes they relate with;
  • Not to mention the live chat service that is available all round the clock. You log in at any time of the day, you get to meet members interacting and sharing ideas and success stories;
  • You get free websites and hosting services all taken care of in your membership dues without having to pay extra. I’m talking about $1500/month hosting services with maximum security at zero extra cost so that you can start building your business and making money in the learning process;
  • A super-active community that exchanges hundreds, if not thousands of messages every second. You log in at any time, you find people blogging, (yes premium members are entitled to their private blogging space), answering questions on live chat, and interacting with each other endlessly. This is not the case with the Project Profit Academy where their Facebook community gets only 10 posts for an entire month!
  • Free lifetime 1-on-1 coaching is a reality here at no extra cost. Plus you can request direct 1-on-1 coaching from the founders themselves, who have over 17 years of internet marketing experience;
  • Did I forget the private messaging feature? If you have personal issues with your website, you can contact any member of the platform privately and ask for help!

It’s absolutely impossible to list them all here. Without wasting any more of your time,






  • Read this review;
  • Move to the next;
  • And to the third;
  • You will see different opinions but;
  • Continue the process until your guts tell you what to do;
  • Don’t be scared of scarcity count down timers because they are not real. These are marketing tools that only help to trigger your spending impulses;
  • Keep your spending impulses under control and above all;
  • Stay safe online, because, at the end of the day, you are the one to decide what to spend your money on.





Here is my take:




Here is a recap of the reasons I don’t recommend The Project Profit Academy For Starters in particular:


A Project Profit Academy Review Presenting 05 Reasons Why STARTERS SHOULD RUN AWAY FROM THIS $2,000 COURSE!!


That said:


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Project Profit Academy Review.

โœŒโœŒThanks for reading.โœŒโœŒ



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



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