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A Hackiliate Review Presenting 05 Facts You Should Know About Hackiliate Before Signing up




?‍♀️Welcome to my Hackiliate Review.?

I decided to check out this new affiliate marketing solution by Farhad Hossain and Rohan Pinto, because I was very curious about the many hypes that were used on their sales page:100% passive income in under 30 minutes of work, see results within 24 to 48 hours, continuous commissions day in day out, etc. These are all statements many people like to read, especially the newbies looking for ways to start making money online like yesterday. Will Hackiliate really help you to start generating income within 24 hours? To answer this question, I thought it appropriate to write A Hackiliate Review Presenting 05 Facts You Should Know About Hackiliate Before Signing up.



Name Description
Product Name: HACKILIATE
Product Price $11.95 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Farhad Hossain and Rohan Pinto
Launch Date April 29th 2019
Category Affiliate Marketing With Click Funnels
Overall Score






This is what I found out.

Clickfunnels can absolutely help you to create awesome landing pages for your promotional offers. And it is also very true that the creation of a website here will not be a necessity. This should really be good news for those looking to start making money without the hassle of creating a website.

But this flexibility has its shortcomings, with one of them being the heavy investments needed upfront to get the entire system up and running. That’s not all. You have to deal with the extra costs imposed by the creators of this product in the form of upsells. I’ve detailed the cost calculations further down to give you greater insights with regards to how much need to set aside on a yearly basis when using Hackiliate.

That said:





Read on to learn more about what Hackiliate really is.






You can actually make a lot of money with affiliate marketing using Click Funnels, but the thing is there are some downside you should be aware of, which are usually not higlighted by the marketers promoting this Hackiliate.

The advantages are many, but are there disadvantages as well? Yes, many of them which are also important for decision-making purposes. This is the main reason why I’ve put together A Hackiliate Review Presenting 05 Facts You Need To Know About Hackiliate Before Signing Up and engaging your resources.

With the PROs and CONS you will soon discover about Hackiliate, you should be able to decide what you want.






1.0What Hackiliate Is And How It Works✌

Hackiliate is a video training course that reveals how to promote Software As A Service (SAAS) with Click Funnels landing pages. This is still affiliate marketing in action, as you will see further down, you will aslo be taught how to select the offers..

Well, you can use any other landing page builder, but it would be preferable to use ClickFunnels in order to be able to copy and use available DFY pages since they were all created using ClickFunnels.

While the sales page mentions that your landing pages will be done for you, you should keep in mind that the DFY landing pages referred to are only available as an upsell. Let’s take a look at how you can actually get started with Hackiliate.






a. Getting Started With Hackiliate

The membership area comprises only video tutorials about how the entire system works.

It’s very easy to navigate and once you find yourself inside, you will know exactly what to do. With regards to the training resources, go to the next section now.







b. Prices And Components Of Hackiliate Front End Package!

The price of the FE currently stands at $11.95. This is very cheap.

When I started reviewing internet marketing products online, I used to be very excited about the idea of cheap front end packages. But later on, I understood that most products that offered their front end at give away prices used this tactic as bait to practice upsells.

In addition, there’s equally a high probability that most of what is offered at the front end, can be found free online with the right keyword research. Well, is it the case with Hackiliate?

You are about to find out.


Components Of Front End Package:

  • Introduction. In this video, you will be introduced to software Hossain is using, which include ClickFunnels, and Qliker. With regards to ClickFunnels, you can use a different landing page builder, but as I mentioned earlier, it will be much easier to use their DFY landing pages if you are using ClickFunnels as well.
  • How To Pick The Right Offer. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to platforms such as Warrior Plus and JVZoo, and be taught how to find good offers that convert.
  • How To Set Up Autoresponder. The Geresponse autoresponder is actually recommended here.
  • How To Track Everything. You will be introduced to Qliker and taught how to set it up to be able to track your clicks throughout your funnel.
  • Paid Traffic Generation Methods. Basically, you will learn how to create video and Solo Ads here.
  • Free Traffic. You will discover how to use Facebook to generate free traffic.






c. Prices Of Hackiliate Upsells Packages!

OTO 1 – Done For You Pack + Live campaign ($27-$17)

This upsell comprise a pack of proven DFY campaigns already tested and used. These are most probably landing pages of previously launched products, which these marketers are trying to dispose of. It’s actually a tactic I discovered wtih the last product I reviewed. Marketers will create a new landing page to promote a new offer, and once that offer stops selling, they resell it back to you.

OTO1 also gives you access to a live workshop on how to run a bing ad campaign.

OTO 2 – Unlimited Facebook Traffic (Limited) ($197)

With this upsell, you have the possibility to set your Facebook pixel on their sales page, so that you can use the data for further remarketing projects.

OTO 3 – Super Affiliate Mentorship ($197-$97)

OTO3  is supposed to be a 1-month training to help you earn $500 to $1K per day paydays. Whatever the method that will be disclosed here is, just know that you will never start making those figures when you start.

So better make sure your spending reflexes are properly controlled.

OTO 4- Reseller/License Rights ($97-$47)

Right to resell Hackiliate and keep 100% of the profits.

OTO 5 – Simple Free Buyer Subscriber Method ($7)

How to get free subscribers without any ads within 23 hours!


That’s it for the Hackiliate Front End and OTO packages. Go to the next section to check out deeper insights into this product and determine whether it’s worth the investment.







1.1?PROS Of Hackiliate?


Ethical Business Model.

Hackiliate is all about Affiliate Marketing with the use of landing pages by ClickFunnels. This approach has some advantages which cannot be ignored:

  • No need to buy a domain name;
  • It has been proven that landing pages convert better than ordinary content on websites;
  • It might be difficult to create really dynamic landing pages on a website, as compared to the use of ClickFunnels;

Let’s check out some additional facts you need to consider below.


The Use Of Paid Traffic Can Get Quicker Results

You can get quicker results with the use of paid traffic, provided you know what you are doing.




1.2?A Hackiliate Review Presenting 05 Facts You Should Know About Hackiliate Before Signing up?


1?Insanely Expensive?

This fact is a major setback which you must take very seriously if you have very limited budget.

Starting an affiliate marketing business with Hackiliate’s business model would require that you invest heavily upfront on the necessary tools. I researched the prices of the tools Hossain was recommending and came up with a summary table to make the task easier for you to understand.

Check it out below:


1 GetResponse ($12.3/mo) 147.6
2 ClickFunnels ($97/mo) 1164
3 Qliker ($8/mo) 96
Total Monthly Expenses [1+2+3] 134.07
TOTAL 1,407.6


That’s about how much you should budget only for relevant tools. There is still more you need to consider. Go to the next point to check it out.






2?Be Prepared To Continuously Pay For Traffic ?

Starting an online business using only landing pages, will require that you also budget extra for paid traffic.

Only website owners can really benefit from the luxury of free organic traffic here because your SEO options for your pages will not be sufficient to bring in a consistent inflow of organic traffic. While you might consider paying little amounts to get the traffic, you should equally be aware of the fact that tiny drops of water make an ocean.

The amounts can quickly add up and before you know it, you would have spent thousands of dollars in the process.





3?I Don’t Appreciate The Use Of Hypes ?

It’s certainly not appropriate to raise unreasonable expectations right from the onset, even though they work quite well on newbies. Here are some of the statements made on the Hackiliate sales page that are misleading:

See results within 24 to 48 hours;


30 minutes of work per day


Let’s review the list of tasks that the new subscriber is required to accomplish and determine whether making money within 24 to 48 hours is possible, especially with the Front End Package:

  • Go through all video lessons;
  • Understand how to select offers, and proceed to select a couple of them from Warrior Plus and the others;
  • Buy click funnels;
  • Set up click funnels;
  • Create new landing pages;
  • Buy traffic


Remember that the Front End has no DFY pages. Even if you had to purchase the first upsell for DFY, you would still need time to select your offers, and above all start driving traffic to those offers.

Concerning 30 minutes of work every day? How obvious would that be for a complete newbie? Hmmm…






4?Upsells Only Make Things Worse?

I don’t recommend most of the Hackiliate upsells and I will tell you why.

The first upsell will resell landing pages of old campaigns. These pages have already been monetized. You get these DFY systems, and you learn absolutely nothing about how to create your own customized pages. How long will you continue to pay for what others have already used?

Most of the times, these landing pages convert because the marketers behind them have built a strong authority and following that will buy anything they offer. So don’t be surprised if you get the same landing pages and you don’t get the same results as them.

The second upsell allows you to place your Facebook pixels to capture data that you will use for subsequent promotions. As a newbie, I can’t help but wonder about what you would use the data for when you have absolutely no idea about building and managing a list. That’s another extra budget you have to take into account before you can even make use of this upsell. No resources are available here to teach you about email marketing.

The third upsell offers a 1-month training program to help you reach $500 %1k/day paydays. What happens when one month is over? You are left on your own to continue to figure things out.

That’s not even the real problem here. It doesn’t take only one month to start earning $5oo per day. It could literally take years. I know of super affiliates who can make that much, but do you know something?? It didn’t take them 1 month to get there.

So whatever magic Hossain wants to show you for $197, with the experience I have online, I will definitely not be part of it and advise you to do the same.





5?Very Limited Free Traffic Sources Discussed Here?

The only targeted free traffic source was Facebook, but there are many others such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

I don’t want to mention Google because only website owners can take advantage of that. So either you prepare a heavy budget to continue to pay for traffic, or you try a completely different affiliate marketing business model.

Check it out below.




1.2?An Alternative And Cost Friendly Way Of Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business?



The use of landing pages requires a very high startup budget.

But there is an alternative to landing page affiliate marketing which is highly recommended today, and it’s one of creating your very own website. This method of starting an affiliate marketing business has the following characteristics:

  • It is very cheap to start;
  • It capitalizes on all free traffic sources;
  • You can use paid traffic if you want to;
  • It allows you the possibility of building unlimited landing pages;
  • Huge free traffic potential;
  • Your website becomes your private property which you can dispose of at any time;

There’s a downside to creating a website and driving free organic traffic to. It takes a lot more time to create content and optimize it for SEO. I guess that’s why many people shy away from this process. So it could get overwhelming and without the appropriate resources and support, you could easily give up.

But once that traffic starts flowing, you quickly forget the pains of the past. So even though this method is difficult, the number of websites being created on the internet increases on a daily basis. This must be for a reason.

And if you are looking for the most appropriate place to build an affiliate marketing website without any coding skills needed, plus the following supporting features:

  • Complete affiliate marketing training;
  • Training on how to set up your website;
  • Free websites and hosting;
  • Free technical support for all your websites;
  • Free website security, SSL Certificates, free domain privacy;
  • Sitebuilder to help you launch your first website in less than 10 minutes;
  • Free affiliate marketing tools;
  • SEO training to drive traffic to your affiliate offers from Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Free 1-on-1 coaching ;
  • An active community to lean on when you encounter roadblocks;

In fact, an all-inclusive solution to start and nail affiliate marketing with search engines once and for all.









Here is my take:





Here is a recap of my reasons:

  1. Very expensive;
  2. You have to continuous pay for traffic with this method of affiliate marketing;
  3. Some hype used on sales. It’s very unlikely for newbies to start seeing results within 24 to 48 hours when they have to get their ClickFunnel accoutns set up, get their Getresponse setup, learn how to buy traffic, etc, etc…
  4. Too many upsells;
  5. Very limited free traffic sources disclosed here.


The training is relatively shallow.


That said;


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Hackiliate Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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$11.95 + UPSELLS!

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