A DesignBundle Review?Presenting 12 Honest Facts?Both Newbies [1] And Experts [11] Need To Know

A DesignBundle Review Presenting 12 Honest Facts Both Newbies [1] And Experts [11] Need To Know


I love the fact that the name of this product, DesignBundle, perfectly reflects its contents. Every marketer, at some point in their online business, will have to consider taking the design of their website seriously, whether they like it or not. It’s no news today that in order to increase the session duration ( i.e. the length of time a reader spends going through any of your offers), or your website as a whole, you need to meet their visual needs. Making a reader stay longer on your website means a high probability that he will convert. That’s not all. Search Engines algorithms will understand that your content is useful, which is excellent for SEO purposes (better rankings). So how do you catch the attention of your readers and keep them glued to the end? Studies have shown that a reader is likely to spend more time on a website that is uniquely designed as compared to others which are made up of text alone. Will the DesignBundle help you out when it comes to the design of your website? By the way, what money-making opportunities does this product offer? Do you only need it when it comes to making your website more presentable? Here is A Design Bundle Review Presenting Honest Facts Both Newbies And Experts Need To Know.



Name Description
Product Name: DesignBundle
Product Price $48.5
Product Owner Ifiok Nkem et al.
Launch Date March 14th 2019
Category Website Design
Overall Score







The DesignBundle has some great advantages which have been highlighted in my complete review further down. For this reason:



If you are a newbie, you don’t need DesignBundle today or maybe even tomorrow, especially if you are looking for the most appropriate way to make money online.  FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SEE THE REASONS WHY.

That said:


Read on to learn more about what DesignBundle really is.









I will be honest with you. When I first came across this product, it was love at first sight! That’s right. I’m that type of person who likes design by nature, and I always go an extra mile to do things differently and uniquely.

If you take a look around my website, you will understand better what I’m trying to say. The platform which has helped me to create this website, WITH HOME JOBS, has provided many free resources to help you design your very own website without any prior skills needed. So luckily enough for me, I didn’t have to pay extra to learn how to design my very own website. Now I understand how useful those training resources are because had it not been for them, I would have spent much more on design alone.

However, DesignBundle has one or two extra features that can really take the uniqueness of your website to the next level, and that’s why I decided to writeup A DesignBundle review to draw your attention to some resources which this product has to offer, that can really enhance your marketing experience online.

You will also get to understand better, what DesignBundle is, how it works, as well as the resources available to you to make your offers more beautiful and insanely interactive.

By the way, are you also wondering wether it’s possible to make money off DesignBundle? This will be discussed as well.

Let’s get started.






1.0What DesignBundle Is And How It Works✌

DesignBundle is new software that has brought together 10 superior design tools to help you produce superior quality designs without any need for technical skills. If you’ve been afraid to learn a bit of designing because of the technicalities involved, then you don’t need to be any longer.

Most of the features offered by DesignBundle are drag and drop, so that all you would have to focus on, is actually learning how to bring relevant designs together to create something unique that you want.

Check out the list of tools offered by this product below for your design needs:

  • Landing Page Builder;
  • Graphics Designer;
  • Logo Creator;
  • Ecover Creator;
  • Mockup Creator;
  • Scene Creator;
  • Stock Explore;
  • Flexible Images;
  • eBook Creator;
  • Video To GIF Creator.

This is an impressive collection of design tools that will get anyone who has the slightest interest in website design very motivated to start right away. Go to the next section to learn more about the features above.







a. Getting Started With DesignBundle

Check out the video below of what you should expect with DesignBundle:



Further down this DesignBundle Review, I will present honest facts both experts and newbies need to know about DesignBundle, which have not been mentioned in the video above.

It’s time to take a look at the Front End prices and upsells. Go to the next section.








b. Prices Of The DesignBundle Packages

Check out the image below for Front End prices:


Please take note of the highlighted portions of the image above.

With this Front End Package (because there are 2 of them), you get access to both private use and a commercial license, contrary to the other package where only private use is allowed.

Besides, it’s only $1.5 more expensive than its counterpart, meaning access to a commercial license costs only this price difference.

So this particular Front End is what you should go in for, especially if you wish to consider using DesignBundle to start a little freelancer job for yourself. More on this later.


With regards to upsells, refer to the next image below:



You can see from the image above that there is still some work in progress. No information available on their official websites for now. But I wonder what would be included as upsells when the FE has all the tools.

Well, this section will be updated accordingly when the DesignBundle sales page gets updated as well.






1.111 Honest Facts Experts Need To Know About DesignBundle





1✌ This Is The Reason Why I Believe DesignBundle Has Over Delivered✌

Here is a fact you are already familiar with: there 10 different tools included for the price of 1 only.

I went online looking for reasons to ground DesignBundle, but I could hardly come across an alternative solution that offered what DesignBundle offered, and in a better way.

Either I found an endless list of tools or just general information about the website design tools you would be needing. Another thing: it seems only developers, i.e. those with technical knowledge, would be able to use them.

But I couldn’t find a much better alternative that had the following characteristics:

  • that actually pinpointed the tools you would be using often and even immediately,
  • that is newbie friendly for expert marketers who have not yet had the opportunity to design their websites themselves.

If you take a closer look at all the tools inside of DesignBundle, they are resources you would start implementing right away as an expert in online marketing without having to search any further. I’m talking about the landing pages, free stock images, etc More on this on the next sections where their importance was discussed.

So it appears DesignBundle is one of its kind for now.

I applaud this great initiative. Great job.




2✌ A Reminder About What You Can Do With Landing Pages✌

As an expert marketer, if you have not started implementing landing pages, let me use this opportunity to remind you about what you are missing out on big time when it comes to using landing pages.

Here some reasons why landing pages are very important:

  • It is a great way to drive traffic;
  • It improves your SEO;
  • A perfect way to build your brand;
  • Use it to generate leads for future follow up, because almost 70% of businesses are already doing so;
  • A customer that comes to your landing page is already one step away from converting because landing pages take them to your respective offers;

I could go on because there are several other reasons.

I love the fact that a Landing Page Builder has been included, and if you’ve not yet built a landing page yourself, then its time to start practicing with Design Bundle drag and drop landing page builders.





3✌ A Reminder About The Importance Of Using Graphics Designs On Your Websites✌

Here are some of the reasons why graphic designing is ideal for digital marketing today:

  • It’s the most effective way to engage with customers visiting your website;
  • It helps to build brand awareness;
  • It also significantly influences the customer’s decision-making process


Using graphics is yet another opportunity to engage customers even further, as well as your brand awareness. Very few people invest very little time into these additional tips to make their businesses stand out.

If you already haven’t started using graphics, then I strongly believe that you should start today with the DesignBundle because they make the process very easy.




4✌ A Reminder About The Importance Of Having A Good Logo For Your Online Business✌

Having a logo for your online business is good, but having a good logo is what you should aim for when starting off online. Here are the reasons why:

  • A great logo makes your business professional;
  • Makes your business trustworthy;
  • Makes your clients understand that your business provides quality goods and services.

You can always outsource the creation of your logos to freelancers on Fiverr, but if you are that type of marketer who always wishes to take things into your own hands, then this additional tool included inside of DesignBundle will surely satisfy your needs.




5✌ Reasons Why Ecovers Should Not Be Ignored As Well✌

DesingBundle really hit the bull’s eyes with regards to the tools that every online business should have, and the creation of Ecovers is definitely something you will need later if you don’t see its use now.

I just realized that I’ve already used all the tools discussed above, even the use of Ecovers. I had to take down my Ecover because it was too heavy on my website, and also because I found a better image.

This particular feature will help those who wish to get into ebook publishing or those who wish to create a lead magnet on their websites by offering free valuable information.




6✌ The Uses Of Images Created Using Mock Up Creator/Scene Creator/Stock Explorer/Flexible Images✌

Images do more than appearing very pretty to look at.

Here are some of the reasons why using images on your website is important:

  • You get more website views;
  • Images help your posts to show up in search results;
  • When this happens, you are likely to get more clicks;
  • Images are the #1 method to boost social media engagement today;


You know what? I just love DesignBundle.

I only hope that your experience with this product is not affected by technical issues behind the scenes which unfortunately this DesignBundle Review is incapable of revealing.

But I know what all the tools presented in this product can do to your online business because I’m currently using them myself free of charge thanks to this all-inclusive digital marketing business platform.

I’m seeing awesome results with my website. Shocking as it may sound, but my Google bounce rate currently stands at 0%.

Website design is truly something you need to take very seriously.




7✌ The Ebook Creator✌

Experts in digital marketing could use this tool offered by DesignBundle to convert some of their content into eBooks and sell them.

I actually considered this option once and had a plugin installed on my WordPress dashboard. Then I realized I wasn’t going to have time managing the logistics of publishing eBooks and publishing content regularly on my main website.

So I was faced with a choice to make, and of course, I chose my main website, this one you are currently reading.

Now, if you think you can manage both income streams, then I’m happy to say that DesignBundle can actually help you make more money if you are experienced enough to manage your time properly.




8✌ Video To GIF✌

I’ve not used this feature before, but I see them used most especially on social media and they work pretty well.

This tool will be awesome for those who are already involved with video marketing.







1 ?You Should Exercise A Reasonable Amount Of Skepticism When Using New Tools For Landing Pages?

Many products are coming up today offering solutions to create landing pages. I’ve had the privilege to review some of them, and the last one I reviewed was Funnel Freakz.

While these are all great solutions, I have two major problems with all of them:

  • They are fairly new and created by marketers mostly for the money.
  • In addition, I’m not sure they will keep up with relevant updates as Elementor and other giants whose specialize only on offering landing pages services do.

So I’m not quite sure they would be around long enough, like other excellent alternatives for creating landing pages such as Elementor. I’m not wishing for them to disappear anytime soon, but that you exercise reasonable skepticism at this level.

I’ve been using Elementor for my landing pages, and it does a really great job. I love Elementor for the following reasons:

  • The plugin is installed on my WordPress dashboard meaning I have total control over all my pages;
  • Elementor is very popular online;
  • Elementor is free;
  • Elementor has been in business for long, so there’s a very limited risk of them running out of business anytime soon;
  • Ementor has several free templates and incredibly easy to use.

In fact, here are some of the landing pages I created with Elementor:


I have over 7 more and they were all created free of charge.




2 ?Very Little Information On How To Desing Content. Let Me Explain?

Most of the design resources offered here are focussing only on the image side of things.

This is no big deal, but it would have been a big plus if DesignBundle included resources to help structure the way the content of your articles is structured.




3 ?Most Of The Tools Offered Here Happen To Be Available Free Online?

This is where DesignBundle lost a considerable number of points. Check out the list below to see the corresponding free alternatives for the resources offered here at $48:

Alright, will stop here. If I could find alternatives for the first six with relative ease, it means the remaining have alternatives as well. Just go and Google it and see what you find.

I guess the price tag of $48 is to compensate the creators of DesignBundle for having brought all these features under one single platform, otherwise, this product does not offer anything new.






1.201 Honest Fact Newbies Need To Know About DesignBundle



This section is for you, newbies.

My definition of Newbie is that you are coming online for the first time, or you have been around for a while, but you have not yet decided on what to embark for your money making journey online.

So your main interest right now is finding a solution that will help you make money online. If you took the time to go through the facts I presented related to Expert markers, you would have understood by now that even the majority of experienced marketers are not yet into designing their own websites.

This can get very nerdy without the appropriate tools, and the majority of them would just prefer to shy away.

That said, the only area of interest experienced marketers might be drawn to, is the possibility that they can make some extra money, doing freelancing with the services that DesignBundle offers.

But between you and me, let’s get some facts straight here:

How many expert marketers would decide to switch to a more nerdy niche now simply because they have come across DesignBundle?

Well, I don’t know much about the others, but I DEFINITELY WOULDN’T MAKE THAT MOVE for the reasons you will discover below.

As a newbie, right now you don’t have a website, meaning the content of DesignBundle will add zero value to you unless you wish to take advantage of these services to enter into freelancing.

It’s time to check out the next section for more details on this.





? Either You Get Into Freelancing With DesignBundle Or You Just Leave This Solution Alone,?

I know you are a newbie, and your main interest now is getting the right solution that will help you make money online. The only way you can manage to make money with this solution is to use it for freelancing services. But will I recommend that you make that move? Definitely not and here are some of the reasons:

  • Many people searching for these design services often use Fiverr as their point of reference because that’s where you find all the Gigs for just anything. In order to increase your chances of succeeding, you have to sell on that platform as well, and the competition on Fiver is very intense. These Gig owners have years of experience, and if you take a closer look, the majority of them have a design background, so they are really comfortable in their domain. If you have no background or interest in designing, what are the chances that you will be able to compete with these Gigs? Freelancing with DesignBundle does not represent a great way to start making money as a starter;
  • Freelancing will not help you generate passive income online. Your presence is needed all round the clock, and the moment you stop working, your income stops flowing. You also have to deal with additional stress meeting deadlines, etc…
  • Making More Money As A Freelancer Means More Work. Taking into account the fact that the competition there is already intense, your prices need to be competitive as well. My website logo was ordered on Fiverr, and it cost me only $5. So use these statistics to calculate the number of orders you need to fulfill, to get to a certain targeted income amount.


Well, it’s totally up to you, but I will not recommend DesignBundle to any starter looking to make a sustainable income online.








My opinion will vary depending on whether or not you are an experienced marketer. That said.




One of the main disadvantages I raised was that most of the resources offered by DesignBundle can be found free online. So why then did I still recommend this product to expert marketers?

Simply because I couldn’t find an alternative online that had succeeded to bring together these design tools, and presented a newbie friendly way to start using them. Some work must have been put in upfront to make this happen.

But if you know your way around the internet, I don’t think you will find any value added buying Design Bundle.




In fact, I’ve had to review some products I didn’t recommend to newbies, but I told them it was OK to return to them when they were ready. But this one, Design Bundle, once you click off my review, don’t look back.



I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my DesignBundle Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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