A Comprehensive Review Of The Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani⏩- 8 Things To Consider Before Joining⏪

A Comprehensive Review Of The Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani - 8 Things To Consider Before Joining



This is A Comprehensive Review Of The Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani, to draw your attention to 8 Things To Consider Before Joining. Just how good is this system? Is it worth your hard earned money?

You are about to find out in this review.



Name Description
Product Name: Super Affiliate System 2.0
Product Price $997
Commissions 50%
Refund Rate 12%
CRs on live promos 15%+
EPCs as a backend offer $10+
Product Owner John Crestani
Official Site


Best For Experienced Entrepreneurs
Rating For Paid Advertisement Training 4/5
Rating For Affiliate Marketing Training 0.2/5
Overall Score 4.2/10



I was very impressed with the extent of Paid Advertising courses that are offered by this system. I actually came across some Ads for the first time reviewing this course. To make things even better, when you sign up for this course, you are given free Ads credits amounting to about $895.

However, when it comes to the affiliate marketing side of things, I’m afraid, Super Affiliate System 2.0 still got a lot of work to make their offer more resourceful for their clients, especially the beginners who are about to discover affiliate marketing for the very first time.















Let us proceed to understand this system from Crestani’s point of view, for a better understanding of your potentials to use it and make money online.





The Super Affiliate System 2.0, according to John Crestani, is a system about AFFILIATE MARKETING and PAID ADVERTISING, with more emphasis placed on Paid Advertising, which helps people to make a lot of money online. It’s converting highly on Facebook, Google, YouTuber traffics, emails lists, product reviews as well as review blogs. All these traffic sources are used to promote the product and make easy commissions.

Since Super Affiliate System 2.0 is a high ticket product that anyone can promote, you can especially take advantage of your list and current audience greatly by introducing the product to them, or simply advertise it and receive cold traffic.









Super Affiliate System uses an auto webinar funnel which goes like this:



A Comprehensive Review Of The Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani - 8 Things To Consider Before Joining



Once the link/the new referral of the promoter goes through the optin, your cookie is set for 60 days, and the whole marketing system (Crestani will be sending out the emails for you to your list, making sure that people are watching the webinar and registering, buying, etc…) works for you.

Literally speaking, Crestani is saying that all you have to do is send people/traffic, to the optin page, and he does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that your traffic converts.  They have implemented Autowebinars, infusion soft, etc, to make sure that the conversion takes place, thereby increasing your commissions.

The supposedly great webinars created by combining the best resources obtained by following the best webinar experts online, help to convert the traffic you bring in.

He went further to identify the different traffic sources that you could tap into and push to their optin:








Crestani identified 4 main traffic sources which you could take advantage of and convert into sales:


a. Reviews:

This method is heavily implemented by the affiliates to this system, as they write a lot of reviews on this product. Writing reviews represents a reliable source for tons of free organic traffic no doubt.


b. Product Backends:

For those who are coming across this name for the first time, a back-end product is something you sell to a customer after they have made their original purchase. Back-end products often result in more profit than the original purchase did, and sometimes makes the original purchase worth giving away for free.

I really don’t understand how this counts as a traffic source as Crestani puts it since it highly depends on traffic that has already made an initial purchase.


c. JV Promos/email.

This is relevant to those who have a big email list because JV promotions are excelling with a 15% conversion rate (CR).


d. Facebook and YouTube Ads.

These ads work exceedingly well on cold traffic for SAS affiliates. Crestani highlighted the fact that they have high-quality video production for all of their advertisements so that your responsibility would be limited to advertising these videos on Facebook and Youtube. The traffic on YouTube is cheap, so he says. When you advertise these videos on YouTube And Facebook, they always work to bring in cold traffic.

Crestani is confident that this is the only program having an affiliate program with very high commissions within the affiliate marketing space. That’s very obvious. An affiliate commission of 50% on almost a thousand dollars is not negligible at all. This claim is 100% accurate.










If you must have noticed by now, we have been discussing more the advertising side of the SAS 2.0, and how to raise money promoting it. But, why should you promote it in the first place? Let’s see what Crestani has to say about the content side of things.

Crestani said that the Super Affiliate System 2.0 is the number 1 easy way program to become an entrepreneur and live the freedom lifestyle, starting an internet business. According to him, the easiest place to start an internet marketing business is with paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

But then, does this program contain information to learn affiliate marketing and paid advertising? Check out the following details about what Super Affiliate System 2.0 offers:


==> Training on how to create engaging ads

==> Free Ads credit worth at least $895

==> Downloadable Presell page templates. The number was not mentioned.

==> Click-And-Clone ClickFunnel Templates which makes it incredibly easy for first-time affiliates to get started without any programming knowledge needed

==> They help students to identify the highest converting offers, as well as the best affiliate networks.

==> Core skills: CopyWriting, Data Analysis, and Research.

==> Mindset exercises and psychological reconditioning for prosperity consciousness,

==> Length, of course, is 12 weeks training course









2.1PROS OF SAS 2.0 


Paid Advertising Is Extensively Covered.

This program has covered paid advertising extensively, including platforms such as YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and all sorts of Ads that I’m coming across for the first time.

Crestani appears to be a Guru in this domain.


Free Ads Credits Offered Of More Than $800

When you signup for this course, you are given Free Ads Credits of at least $895 to start using for your online campaigns. This is freaking awesome. Almost a thousand dollars. I was blown away by this bonus.


50% Commissions Rate – One Of The Highest In The Affiliate Marketing Space

Some affiliate programs offering this percentage of commissions would represent about $25 or $90, or something else, in commissions. The 50% I’m talking about here, corresponds to $460 per sale.

Seriously, this is one of the highest commissions I’ve come across so far.


Downloadable Presell Templates, as well as Click-And-Clone ClickFunnel Templates, are available for use, thereby sparing you the hassle of learning any programming skills.








It’s time to take a comprehensive look at all the information presented above with regards to the Super Affiliate System 2.0, as well as the 8 things to consider before you decide to join the course.

In other words, here are the CONS OF THE SAS 2.0:



This System Is Pricey For Paid Advertisement ”Alone.


First of all, I’m coming across this product for the first time and when I watched Crestani’s video, I was really concerned about the fact that the first 15 minutes out of 17 minutes, were focussing on how much you could make money promoting this system. It’s awesome to earn almost $500 per signup, but what would my referral gain in return?

By the end of his video, the major point I retained was that you would be learning advanced techniques on paid advertising.

I don’t know about you, but I think $997 is a bit too pricey for Paid Advertising alone, considering the fact that this method of internet marketing constitutes only one of the methods of making money online.



Is Paid Advertising Really The Easiest Place To Start Internet Marketing?


Secondly, I partially disagree with Crestani when he said that ”…the easiest place to start an internet marketing business is with paid advertising and affiliate marketing...”

So where do I disagree? Maybe Paid Advertising is the easiest place to start internet marketing, BUT AT HOW MUCH? How many people or newbies searching for opportunities online can afford to start a business online with paid advertising? It turns out to be insanely expensive in the long run.

Crestani can argue that they offer free Ads credits for close to $895 for anyone who signs up, but this will not last forever. In 3 months, your Ads credit would have been completely exhausted, plus your training as well, meaning you would have to start budgeting for new ads to run. You want to make money online, and you start by ripping yourself of the hard earnings you have made so far?

Ads are insanely expensive to run, and when I ran a Bing Ad for the first time (Bing Ads are the cheapest of all Ads), I had to pay $50 for only about 300 clicks, and that was for one day alone.

Let’s do a simple math here. If you actually decide to start an internet business through Paid Advertising, you have to buy Crestani’s course at $997.In 3 months, the training would be over, and more likely your Ads credit, and there is no guarantee that the traffic you generated would have converted. So what happens at the end of the training with no conversions? You start scratching your head one more time looking for money to buy Ads???

I consider building a business online solely on Paid Ads to be gambling, literally speaking. It’s preferable to build a sustainable online business using free organic traffic. And if you have no idea how to go about it, then:






Thirdly, where are the affiliate marketing courses?


Crestani said The Super Affiliate System 2.0 is made of Paid Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing courses. I found a wealth of information on Paid Advertising alone, but so little on Affiliate marketing.

Check out the list of courses on the images below:



Some affiliate marketing training is taught on the 8th Week: IMPLEMENTING THE SYSTEM, including the highest converting offers, the best affiliate networks, finding a niche, as well as on the 1st week, when you are taught to set up your website, join affiliate networks, and how to set up your presell page.

It’s not enough to help students to identify the highest converting offers, the best affiliate networks, setting up a website, finding a niche, without teaching them how to promote these products with their websites, optimizing content for SEO, finding great keywords for your blog posts,…besides using Paid Campaigns. Affiliate marketing is not only about paid campaigns. The latter constitutes a non-significant portion of Affiliate Marketing.

And for only 12 weeks? This course appears to be a crash course, touching only basics on Affiliate marketing. Paid Campaigns, however, have been treated in great details.





Fourthly, What Happens When Your 12 Weeks Training Expires?


I cannot confirm whether you will continue to receive help from Crestani when your training is over, but the risk that you will be left on your own once again as soon as you are done learning is very high. Trust me on this. You cannot succeed online alone, and I don’t see him promising to help you anytime after your training is over.

However, to continue to have access, you need to purchase a completely new package, their Weekly live webinar called JetsetLive, for an additional fee of $47 /month.



Fifth, Crestani appears to be biased towards his affiliates.


Don’t get me wrong here. By asking someone to provide details of his traffic, already creates a psychological barrier, for someone who is barely starting online for the first time, and wanting to make some money promoting SAS 2.0.

Crestani is more interested in people who have established a robust online presence with a large following. This could be very frustrating for newbies online. Crestani surely has good intentions, but this decision could really affect the number of affiliates willing to signup.



Sixth, promoting SAS 2.0 Through Writing Reviews


If you are taking this course and would love to promote Super Affiliate System 2.0 through writing reviews, be warned that you would have to do that on your own. There is no related training to help you write engaging and SEO optimized content that can be indexed and ranked by Search Engines. It seems this training exists with their Internet Jetset Training, meaning you would have to pay extra to learn about writing reviews.

If you want to buy only SAS 2.0 alone, then be prepared to learn SEO on your own.


Seventh, Newbies Online Cannot Effectively Promote SAS 2.0 through an email list.


This reason is pretty obvious. They are new and don’t have any followers yet. It would take a reasonable length of time, several months, if not years. I know of a fellow blogger who actually has over 8 000 subscribers on her list right now, but which took 22 months to build.

So if you are signing up for Super Affiliate System 2.0, with the hope monetizing it through an email list, then you would be grossly disappointed. They are all left with one single option: WHICH IS TO PAY FOR ADS.


Eighth, What Other Tools Are Included Besides Free Ads Credits?


One of the topics treated under affiliate marketing was setting up a website. But nothing was mentioned about whether these websites were also included in the $997 price tag. And if it’s not included, then be prepared to budget additional for hosting, which should cost at least $400 per year.

This amount should cover important features such as website security, domain name, domain privacy, SSL Certificates, Spam Experts, and so much more to keep your hard work safe.











If you want to dive into the PPC world and learn extensively on the use of Ads, and if you can afford their fees, then, by all means, go for it.

But when it comes to making money online, this course will not be of much help to you. Not only is not user-friendly for the beginner, in terms of training and costs, because it’s way too expensive, but it also handles only paid advertising, which is a business model that only experienced and rich entrepreneurs can handle.


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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