A Cash Magnets Review?EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS?You Need To Know

A Cash Magnets Review EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know


?‍♀️Hi. Welcome to my Cash Magnets Review.

Yes, creating passive income is definitely the way to go online today for several reasons which we are all too familiar with. How to go about creating that passive income, is a completely different story altogether. Passive income is one of those topics that unfortunately has a ton of resources created out there to help you get started. The difficulty now lies in choosing the most effective one that will offer value for your investment. When I discovered that Cash Magnets was one of such training programs offering to help you generate passive income online, I decided to have a look and write up A Cash Magnets Review EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know.



Name Description
Product Name: CASH MAGNETS
Product Owner Brendan Mace And Jono Armstrong
Launch Date March 29th 2019
Category Marketing
Overall Score





Passive income is a great way to prepare for that stress-free retirement but will Cash Magnets help? From an experienced point of view, the answer to that question is NEGATIVE.

That said:




Read on to learn more about what Cash Magnets really is.








If there’s a more appropriate time to learn passive income, that time is NOW!

It’s my highly recommended way to make money online today because it helps you to look at the larger picture and the long term instead. Any actions you implement today is in preparation for the future.

However, it’s difficult to come across the most appropriate solution, even though there is a plethora of them out there. Cash Magnets, a product by Brendan and Jono, is the newest addition to the list so far, but did they make a difference? Unfortunately not.

You are about to discover the reasons in my complete Cash Magnets review below. But before we get to that section, let’s first take a look at what Cash Magnets really is.






1.0What Cash Magnets Is And How It Works✌

Cash Magnets is a list of 5 different ways of creating passive income. Some training resources related to each of these methods have been included as well.

Remember that the launch price of Cash Magnets is $12.95, so you can already start guessing the quality of the resources you will find inside.

More on how Cash Magnets works in the next section.





a. Getting Started With Cash Magnets

The members’ area is very simple to navigate with all the passive income generation subsections listed for you to easily browse them.

Check out the image below for better understanding:


A Cash Magnets Review EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know


You can see from the image above that 5 different passive income generation methods have been identified my Cash Magnets. The use of:

  • Funnels
  • Reviews
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Adsense
  • Google Adsense

All you would be required to do is click on the respective methods, and available resources will be presented on a drop-down list which you can start exploiting.

Very simple indeed.







b. Prices And Components Of Cash Magnets Front End Packages!

The Cash Magnets Front End price currently stands at $12.95 and will be going up very rapidly after lanch. And what would you unlock at the Front End? Check it out below:

Resources Related To Creating Funnels:

These funnels are actually about creating landing pages to capture emails to your list, after which you can the use captured emails to write to subscribers and make money from the offers you propose in your emails.

  • Welcome To Funnel Magnet
  • Quick Website Setup
  • Funnel Landing Page
  • Instant Profit Connection
  • Passive Income With Emails

Resources Related To Using Reviews To Generate Passive Income:

Basically showing you how to write reviews.

  • Welcome To Review Magnet;
  • Our Full Review Promo Strategy;

Using Blogging To Generate Passive Income:

Here you will learn how to set up a blog, how to grow it and drive traffic to it.

  • Welcome To Blogging Magnet
  • My Story With Blogging
  • Quick Website Setup
  • How To Grow Your Blog
  • Blogging Look & Feel

Using YouTube To Generate Passive Income:

Here you will learn how to set up your YouTube Channel, and build your authority, get subscribers and monetize it. The main monetization method being taught here is YouTube Adsense.

  • Welcome To YouTube Magnet
  • YouTube Look & Feel
  • Keyword Research

Using AdSense To Generate Passive Income:

This is a monetization method using Google Adsense.

  • Welcome To AdSense Magnet.






c. Prices And Components Of Cash Magnets Upsells Packages!


Upsell #1: Done For You Magnets ==> $37:

Offers some ”done for you” magnets you can start using to make money online immediately.

Upsell #2: High Ticket Magnets ==> $197:

This package is supposed to show you how to land ”high ticket” sales in order to earn a significant amount of income without necessarily selling too many items.

Upsell #3: Advanced Secrets ==> $97:

More advanced strategies revealed here.

Upsell #4: Limitless Traffic ==> $197:

Shows you how to use ad Pixels to put on the sales pages of the creators of Cash Magnets, to redirect some of the traffic off these sales pages for your own benefit.

Upsell #5: License Rights ==> $97:

With this upsell, you can sell Cash Magnets as if it were your own product, and keep 100% of the money.

Now it’s time to take a much deeper look at Cash Magnets.







1?Passive Income Model Being Promoted?

Not only is generating passive income the best way to make money online, but Cash Magnets have also included 5 different methods to help you do just that.

At a glance, you have a perfect overview of the various different possibilities, giving you the option to select the one which fits best for you.




2?30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

You also have up to 30 days to try things out. In the event where you find no value added, or unmet expectations, just request a refund, and all your money will be given back to you.

Pretty awesome.




1.2?04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know About Cash Magnets!!?


Let’s start by examining some of the bold claims made on the Cash Magnets sales page:

1?Fast Results Are Impossible With All The 5 Methods Disclosed Above?

This is the very first shocking truth you need to know about Cash Magnets. Please check out the image below:


A Cash Magnets Review EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know


This product is being advertised as a quick way to make money online, but let me tell you why this statement is an insane hype using all the methods advertised above. None of them will bring about fast results!

Let me explain.


Starting with Funnels, you need to first set up your landing pages, and once it’s done, then you are faced with an even greater challenge: driving traffic to those funnels. So unless you pay for traffic, by purchasing Cash Magnets Upsell #4: Limitless traffic at $197, no immediate results for you.

I even forgot to mention. Before you even set up those landing pages, you should know exactly what you want to promote. This will definitely take some time, selecting your niche and choosing products in that niche to promote.

So expect to spend more time getting prerequisites done before you start using Funnels, so I really don’t see how you will start getting fast results.



This method is even more challenging than creating landing pages discussed above. Not only do you need time to research a product, access it, go through the entire platform, and write up a critical analysis about the product, that will help your readers make informed decisions, but you also have to do that on a regular basis.

If you are new to this, writing up your first review can take days to issue an objective opinion, unless all your product reviews will be positive as those of the other marketers out there. In which case, all you have to do is copy and paste sales information and bonuses.

Once you copy and paste, don’t forget to optimize it for SEO. Do you even know what SEO is? If not, budget more time and resources to learn these before you even start writing a review. Because if you don’t, no one will find your reviews on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

In fact, writing reviews is the best way to generate passive income, but the most challenging as well in terms of time, commitment and focus. So don’t expect fast results here.



Very similar to reviews in the sense that you have to keep pouring out SEO friendly content, and creating unique content my friend, even if it’s only once a week, is no picnic.

You must blog regularly if you want to drive free traffic to your blogs. What I’m trying to say is that your first blog will go unnoticed. You need at least 50 and depending on your niche, to start getting visitors.

So if you want the easy way out, you can purchase products that steal unique content from others’ websites and pour on your blog. Stealing has become so popular today that when you stand against it, everyone looks at you as a mad person. This is exactly what Ankur’s WP Affiliate Machine does and users are very happy using the sweat of others on their websites!!

If you want to create your own unique content yourself, then make sure you strike ”FAST RESULTS” out of the agenda. But if you want to steal like the others, then go ahead and be my guest.



Don’t even try this method of passive income because it’s no longer popular ever since YouTube implemented some major monetization changes.

Besides, it would have required that you come up with great videos for your YouTube channel to make them go viral unless you can equally illegally access tons of videos created by others and use them for your own advantage, which is also stealing.

This time around, Jono Armstrong got you covered when it comes to illegally accessing and using videos from YouTube channels while abusing all terms of services with regards to the use of creative commons videos, with his recently launched product, OCTANE.

Jono has a good number of lanches in his portfolio which I recommend, one of them being Profit Maximizers. But Octane is a risky business model.



This method will strictly depend on how well your blog is performing. If you having an influx of traffic, you can make some passive income with Google Adsense, but the time required to start benefiting from free traffic doesn’t happen fast.






2????You Need Additional Resources To Make These Methods Work!!!!!????

Here is another shocking truth you need to consider.

You are not being told upfront, that you would need to budget extra to implement the strategies advertised by Cash Magnets. What am I talking about?

If you opt for any of the first three Cash Magnets Strategies, i.e. Funnel, Review or Blogging, you would certainly need to budget extra for the following services:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Domain Privacy
  • Website Security and server security
  • SSL Certificates;
  • Site Support for technical hosting issues and maintenance of your websites;
  • A keyword tool

You cannot successfully get started with these passive income generation methods unless you get a reliable host with the above-mentioned features, at least. Google Adsense also depends on your blog which needs to be hosted somewhere.

Talking about the keyword tool, its the very first place you consult before you even write a review or a post on your blog.

A keyword research tool is indispensable because it helps you to select the best keywords and phrases you would use for your reviews or post.

It’s shocking to know that keyword tools often cost at least 3 times more than what you would pay for hosting services.

So prepare yourself, because you will not be buying only Cash Magnets.

Now, just taking a look at the Front End package of Cash Magnets, which is only $12.95, chances are that you would have to pay extra for these services.




3?Cash Magnets Might Not Be Beginner Friendly Afterall?

I need you to consider this additional shocking fact.




The majority of the passive income generation strategies presented by Cash Magnets all require that you familiarize yourself with the use of a website and keyword tools.

When going through the resources available, the one I see which is relevant to helping you out with your website is the website quick setup. Remember that the marketers behind Cash Magnets are experts who have been running their websites for years, so the term ”quick setup of your website” might not really be that quick for a beginner.

You are going to need more than a quick setup. You would need the following when it comes to setting up your website:

  • Immediate access to site support whenever you encounter technical issues
  • Immediate and permanent access to a community that is more than willing to help out on an ongoing basis;
  • Access to resources that will help you select the products you would want to promote, by helping you to identify your niche of interest;
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching on demand free of charge;
  • Etc…


These are characteristics of a newbie friendly environment.

You see, Brendan did not even include an upsell for 1-on-1 mentoring, but this comes as a free BONUS with other passive income generation training platforms.

If you are a beginner online, you need to be able to get help whenever needed to avoid any roadblocks. It could be insanely challenging implementing the methods discussed in this review. So being assisted on a permanent basis will ensure that you don’t give up too easily.

For once I agree with a statement made on the Cash Magnets sales page. Check out the image below:


A Cash Magnets Review EXPOSING 04 SHOCKING TRUTHS You Need To Know


You see, Cash Magnets have managed to make these passive income generation methods appear very easy, but once you start implementing them, the reality would be completely different.

Only 4% of marketers are making use of these methods which are working big time in their favor, and the remaining 96% just give up. You should start asking yourself why the failure rate is so high.

So you think this is a new method discovered by Brandan and Jono?

Don’t fool yourself. These methods have been around ever since the internet was created, and many people deliberately avoid it just because of the work it entails.

And that’s why if you take a closer look at the few who succeed, they have a network of experts to fall back on for energy boost because the journey tends to be very tough from time to time.

You will not get this immediate support with Cash Magnets, simply because there is none offered, even in the form of upsells.

Do you already have a blog or a review site? How is it going? Where do you find help when needed? LET’S CHAT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION HERE




4?If You Set And Forget Guys, You Are In For The Biggest Shock Of Your Lives!?

This is yet another powerful declaration made on the Cash Magnets sales page which can result in several misinterpretations by the newbies.

Setting and forget does not mean that you write your first blog post or review, and run off into the sunset.

???No Way!!!!!???

While these are the best passive income generation methods, you should be willing to sacrifice at least 2 years blogging full time, before your website gets to the maturity level where you can finally forget it, and not for too long though.

Take a look at Brendan and Jono, a perfect example. Why do you still hear from them or see them launch products or promoting others? When they have already been recognized as top marketers? And making thousands of dollars every month?

This is because they are still in the ”set phase” and I wonder whether they will ever graduate to the ”forget phase

If you don’t remain consistent like them, you have only yourself to blame.








Here is my take on Cash Magnets:




Seriously, all Cash Magnets does is tell you what the passive income generation methods are. The implementation is totally up to you, as you would have to invest further to buy hosting, keyword tools, a domain name, etc to make it work.

And to make it worse, the entire sales page gives the impression that these methods are quick and easy. This is a wrong mindset to instill in newbies, and totally inappropriate.

I really don’t appreciate the way these marketers play with words.

That said:


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Cash Magnets Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌





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