A Boomerang Buddy Review ?Exposing 05 Reasons?Why Boomerang Buddy Is Not Newbie Friendly

A Boomerang Buddy Review Exposing 05 Reasons Why Boomerang Buddy Is Not Newbie Friendly


?‍♀️Hi. Welcome to My Boomerang Buddy Review.

If you are actively seeking objective facts about Boomerang Buddy, and whether or not this solution is a convenient method to start making money online as a newbie, then rest assured that you have come to the right place. Yes, it’s very possible to make money with Boomerang Buddy, but I realized that certain important information for decision-making purposes, are not being revealed to you up front.  As someone who is new to the online world, having no knowledge of how the entire process works as a whole, you can only discover these missing pieces of information only when you purchase this product. But because you decided to visit my article, you will discover deeper insights from an experienced marketer, which will be sufficient enough to help you determine whether buying Boomerang Buddy is worth it. That said, here is A Boomerang Buddy Review Exposing 05 Reasons Why Boomerang Buddy Is Not Newbie Friendly



Name Description
Product Price $27 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong et al
Launch Date April 19th 2019
Category Instagram
Overall Score






Boomerang Buddy can actually help you make money online, but this method has its shortcomings, especially in the long run, which are not obvious to spot from the point of a view of a newbie. Consequently:




Read on to learn more about what Boomerang Buddy really is.





It didn’t take me long to decide whether to write A Boomerang Buddy review or not.

The business model is one that is very simple to understand, and also easy to use, but not one without consequences which will certainly outweigh the short term benefits in the long run. What do I mean? More on this shortly.

But first, we should take a closer look at what Boomerang Buddy is and how it works.





1.0What Boomerang Buddy Is And How It Works✌

Boomerang Buddy is a new product by Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong et al, that will help you find influencers on Instagram, whom you can contact and convince them to sell your affiliate offers on your behalf.

That’s basically what Boomerang Buddy is all about. It has an integrated tool which provides relevant information about targeted influencers, such the number of their followers, engagement rates, number of posts, etc to help you contact the best possible influencer for your offer.

Brendan and Jono are popularly known for the many digital products they have successfully launched online on respective platforms, some of them including the following:

Jono and Brendan have been working a lot together. But it’s rather disappointing that I don’t usually recommend most of the products they create. They are always wanting in many areas, just like Boomerang Buddy that you are about to discover.

Go to the next section to check out how the Boomerang Buddy’s members’ area actually looks like.





a. Getting Started With Boomerang Buddy

Check out the Boomerang Buddy demo video below:



The demo above gives an excellent overview of using Boomerang Buddy platform. And now to the prices and upsells.







b. Prices And Components Of Boomerang Buddy Front End Package!


Components Of Front End Package $27:

  • Detailed Overview of what you can expect to find inside the Boomerang Buddy;
  • Software Tutorial;
  • Downloading, installation and how to use;
  • Profit Training:
    • Method #1: Easy;
    • Method #2: Medium;
    • Method #3: Advanced;
  • The demo you just watched in the preceding paragraph actually shows you what you get in the Boomerang Buddy Front End package.
  • Access to 20 Instagram influencers results displayed for every search;
  • Manually contact targeted influencers.


Easy Profit Method

Reveals how you can instantly make some affiliate commissions using Clickbank affiliate offers.

What happens here is that:

  • you find a product on Clickbank you want to promote,
  • you head over to your Boomerang Buddy tool to find the relevant Instagram influencers in that niche in question, and
  • then you get them to promote that offer to their followers.


Medium Profit Method

This method is based on building lists. Where instead of sending traffic from influencers to affiliate offers, they are instead directed to a squeeze page or landing page, where they would be required to submit their emails.

Once emails have been captured, you can now use your list for future marketing endeavors through email marketing.


Advanced Profit Method

List building PLUS Google Ads retargeting.

Retargeting actually helps you to reach out once again to those people who left your squeeze pages without taking any action and market to them one more time. This could literally double your results, and definitely a strategy to consider.






c. Prices And Components Of Boomerang Buddy Upsells!


OTO 1: Boomerang Buddy PRO $37:

Extra features added such as:

  • Hundreds of influencers are displayed instead of only 20;
  • Built-in contact templates to instantly contact targeted influencer directly from inside the software;


OTO 2: Limitless Traffic For 365 Days $197:

  • You can place your Pixels on the launch pages of Jono and Brendan to siphon some of the traffic from their sales pages to your lists;
  • You also get to access a domain reminder feature that will inform you of the availability of newly expired domains


OTO 3: Advanced Training $67:

  • Advanced method for more results with Boomerang Buddy and increase your income.


OTO 4: Done For You Campaigns $97:

  • Access to 7 best converting campaigns of Jono and Brendan, which you can use for your own affiliate marketing efforts.


TO 6: Resell Licence Rights $97:

  • Allows you to sell Boomerang Buddy as your own product and keep 100% of all the profits.





1.1?PROS Of Boomerang Buddy?


Available Ready To Buy Traffic

Access to ready to buy traffic is made very simple by this product, which allows you to search influencers with a juicy following and high engagement. There is a great chance that you can make money very quickly, as the only impediment would be the time required to search the products you wish to promote.


Sufficient Information Available For Decision Making

The results displayed by the Boomerang Buddy Tool contain key indicators to easily spot highly relevant Instagram influencers.

I’m referring to stats such as the number of followers, engagement rate, etc, are very important, as it makes it possible to locate the traffic that is most probably going to convert.



1.2?A Boomerang Buddy Review Exposing 05 Reasons Why Boomerang Buddy Is Not Newbie Friendly.?


Everything about Boomerang Buddy indicates that it’s very easy to use, but does this mean it is newbie friendly?

My experience online strong proves the contrary. This product, even though it is easy to use, is not newbie friendly for the following 05 reasons:



1?This Business Model Can Turn Out To Be Insanely Expensive In The Long Run?

I remember when I was starting out about 2 years ago with a very limited budget.

This is a plight the majority of people face when trying to make money online for the very first time. So the worst thing that could happen is that a solution that initially appears to be a real treasure at first glance actually turns out to be a parasite ready to drain you of every little resource you had planned to use online, within a very short period of time.

What It Takes To Make Money With Boomerang Buddy

Let me make myself clearer. We shall assume here that you wish to take advantage of Profit Method #1: make money through affiliate marketing.

The only way you are going to start making money is when you have negotiated with an Instagram influencer, to post your affiliate offers on their Instagram account. This negotiation comes down to financial commitments, as the influencers will certainly not allow you to take advantage of their following free of charge.

And the price per post could fall anywhere between $5 and $10! We will work with the worst scenario: $10 (which could be more, by the way, these are just financial estimates to make you understand better what you are about to get into)


Making Your Financial Estimates

There are thousands of offers online (Clickbank, Warrior PLUS, etc) that you can promote, but with a price tag of $10 per post, how many offers can you actually afford to promote?

Let’s take the example of my case. I’ve been able to review only about 100 internet marketing products as of today, and if I had decided to use Boomerang Buddy, that would have cost me

???$10 X 100 = $1,000!???


Do you see where I’m heading here? I have not yet spent up to that amount when it comes to the overall cost of building my online business, this website you are currently reading. But with my website, I can promote an unlimited number of affiliate offers, FREE OF CHARGE, provided they are worth it!

So is it really worth it to start an online business by spending that much per every product you wish to promote????




2?Budget Extra For Additinal Resources?

With all the money making methods recomended by Boomerang Buddy, you literally have to be disbursing all the time.

Perhaps thanks to my first point, you just discovered that making money with affiliate marketing could be insanely expensive with Boomerang Buddy, and you decide to check out Profit methods 2 and 3.

They are no better either because they have to do with building lists and retargeting campaigns. These are not done free of charge and require specific tools to get started.

Even though it’s not revealed upfront that you would need to budget extra for these additional tools, you should be grateful that you found my review where I state facts as they are.

Don’t be surprised if your monthly costs with Boomerang Buddy suddenly rises to $500 every single month. Even if it’s only $100/month, it’s still a lot of money because I spend way less than that figure for:

  • my websites, hosting, list building, landing/squeeze pages, keyword research, traffic, affiliate marketing training, website building tutorials, etc, etc ($24.9/mo to be exact)


Boomerang Buddy is a solution for rich affiliates because they can afford to pay Instagram influences on a regular basis without feeling the pain of departing with limited resources.

If you can deal with those additional expenses, you can go ahead and get this product, but I need to be candid with you: I cannot encourage you to spend money promoting affiliate offers, even if it’s only $5 per offer. For how long will you continue doing that?




3?It Could Be Time Consuming ?

I’ve since realized that there’s no online venture that will not take a significant portion of your time, irrespective of whether it is automated or not.

So I make sure I pay strict attention to where my every second is spent, to ensure that it’s being invested back into my main business to make it grow in the long run.

Let’s now take the case of Boomerang Buddy.

The front end package only helps you to find Instagram influencers. But when it comes down to contacting and negotiating with them, you cannot tell how much time it would take since the process is entirely manual. And to think of the fact that it is time wasted that might never be recovered only makes it hurt the more.

I prefer to spend time, building an asset online, because every second is only making my asset more valuable. But spending time contacting someone just to use his Instagram space, is not the best time investment to look forward to. At the end of the day, even if he accepts to post your affiliate offers, the account is not yours, neither are the followers.

That takes us to the next point.




4?Boomerang Buddy Does Not Offer An Online Business You Can Rely On ?

You are literally relying on someone else’s sweat to make money, meaning your online income solely depends on them. This dependence is very dangerous.

You should understand that this does not represent a major challenge for the experienced marketer because they have a main business running on the side, which they use by the way to fund all the negotiations with Instagram influencers.

If you are still new and you want to consider Boomerang Buddy as a starting point, then this is a fatal mistake you are about to make which you will surely regret. You should rather spend every little time you have now, trying to establish your own authority, following, audience, building your website and driving traffic to it. Once you succeed to get this done, then you can promote whatever offer you want to them, at any time of the day, free of charge.

It’s now yours to do with it as you like.

In fact, you get the privilege to start receiving requests from others to promote to your audience. Don’t be at the begging end right from the start. You should rather divert all your energy to create your own online business, which you can use as a main pillar to fall back on.





5?You Learn Absolutely Nothing About Making Money Online ?

Boomerang Buddy is literally teaching you to beg from others. While you can make some money with this method, don’t make it your permanent source of income. When you learn the real path to make money online, the entire internet literally belongs to you to use it at will, not only the accounts of Instagram influencers you are borrowing.

You don’t need to run away from learning how to make money online from scratch. It’s an incredibly enjoyable process, and also much fun to look forward to every morning. Well, that will depend solely on where you learn how to do it because there are crazy programs out there that don’t deliver.

Here is a brief summary of how the process of making money online works:



A Boomerang Buddy Review Exposing 05 Reasons Why Boomerang Buddy Is Not Newbie Friendly





6?The Acceptance Rate By Instagram Influencers Is Not Known ?

This is another fact that is not being revealed upfront.

No information with regards to how many influencers contacted actually responded favorably. These influencers are experts in internet marketing themselves, and that’s why they have become influencers in the first place.

So chances are that they will like to deal only with people who also have a certain degree of authority online, and if you think that a newbie like yourself, will just go to Clickbank and grab any product which is most likely going to be a scam (Clickbank doesn’t really have a great reputation online), you couldn’t be  more wrong that these experts influencers will accept to promote just any type of thing, from just anyone, only for a couple of bucks.

This insight is coming from experience because if I were an Instagram influencer myself, I would be wary and suspicious of people contacting me to make money with my hard-earned audience.






Here is my take:




Here is a brief recap of why if you are a newbie, you will not succeed to make enough money running after Instagram Influencers:

  • It can turn out to be very expensive in the long run;
  • Budget extra for additional resources such as paying Instagram influencers, buying list building, and retargeting tools;
  • It could be time-consuming trying to contact influencers and negotiating with them. That time would have been spent progressively building up your online business without any stress of being rejected by anyone, or anxiety of not being able to pay for what the influencers charge as fees;
  • This business model is not one you can fall back to, meaning only experienced marketers can enjoy its benefits since they have their main business on the side to lean on;
  • You learn nothing about making a substantial and sustainable amount of income online.
  • Instagram influencers would most probably like to deal with other authoritative buddies online. This is perfectly normal as birds of the same feathers fly together. So don’t be surprised if you never get to receive a favorable reply from an influencer if you have no authority online. The more reason why you should seriously reconsider starting your own online business as well.


That said;


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of Boomerang Buddy Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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