7+ Scams Identified And Assembled In This ?Work Home Scams List.? Helping You To Avoid Work Home Scams At All Cost!??

7+ Scams Identified And Assembled In This Work Home Scams List. Helping You To Avoid Work Home Scams At All Cost!



The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned resources on internet programs that will take you nowhere. I know you are honestly trying to multiply the number of your income streams by taking advantage of all the goodies that the internet has to offer. That’s why you go online looking for legitimate work home opportunities, only to get drained and impoverished the more, by smart people that do nothing but offer empty promises of making $1 000s overnight.

So I decided to carry out a research using my experience online as a digital entrepreneur and in the process, I uncovered several internet programs to avoid at all cost because they exhibit characteristics of scams.

I invite you to check out these 7+ Scams Identified And Assembled In This Work Home Scams List. My sole desire is to Help You To Avoid Work Home Scams At All Cost. I encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference, as the list will be continually updated as many more scams will be identified and exposed in this article progressively.





There are some key reminders here which I always take the time to emphasize.


  • Learning how to make money online and generate passive income TAKES TIME AND EFFORT BUT DEFINITELY WORTH IT;
  • There is no such thing as ”easy money” and many other hypes that scammers always claim to draw your attention.
  • If it were that easy, 100% of people would be making money online today, not only 3%


Do you get the picture? You have to be willing to put in the work, build your brand, and let it work for you in the long run. The very fact that only 3% succeed online should ring a bell. With the appropriate (it should be affordable as well) training resources i.e. websites, community, updated tutorials & videos, support, 1-on-1 coaching, live classes, etc (it’s rare to find the real deal), you will learn how to start your own business, draw traffic to it, and make money online.













A SCAM is defined by a business dictionary as:


A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value. 

Not much will be talked about here. We all know what this means. If you reading this article, it means you have an idea of how they work, and now you are trying to avoid them at all cost.










If for one reason or the other, you have once been scammed online, I need you to understand that it’s not your fault. It’s the consequence of a lack of experience, and above all, the smart and apparently realistic proposals these people often put on the table. These offers are often hard to resist.

Even when carrying reviews, with all the experience I have, sometimes it takes me more than 3 days to research the program in question and bring my facts together, simply because their system appears to be flawless.

So don’t feel hurt if you are not able to identify these artists, because the fact is that they are extremely smart. That’s why I’ll be putting my expertise to maximum use when reviewing such programs, and bring them to your attention to warn you about them. My main goal here is helping you to avoid work home scams at all cost, and help you find genuine offers that are capable of helping you generate real income online.

And if you find yourself being enticed by another flashy hype, then take note of the following triggers to bring your awareness to the realization that you are dealing with a potential scam money making product online:








2.1??DFU – ”DONE FOR YOU” Systems??


Once you start going through an appealing offer, and the owner starts singing the ?”Done For You”? song, then your scam censors should be triggered at once.

Remember that there is no shortcut in this money making game. You should watch out for phrases like:

  • All you need is 15 minutes every day…
  • Our system will automatically do the work for you…
  • All you have to do is bring in the traffic…
  • 100% of the commissions is yours…


It goes on, and the idea is that they want you to understand that ?it’s an easy task?. As soon as you realize the owner is stressing on how easy it is to get started and start making money, it’s high time you start looking for scam reviews on that product.









2.2??”$1000 Within The First 24 Hours” Claims! ??


These guys will convince you to understand that ?you can start making money within 24 hours?. The more ambitious ones say in ?less than 2 hours!!?

Seriously??? I will not talk much here, but let me tell you something. The moment you start receiving those empty promises of rapid cash, know that your credit is in trouble, and probably already pleading with you to run away.

But the drive to make rapid cash could overshadow our reasoning faculties and make us to things which will cause us to regret afterward. You have to very careful here.


One more thing, if you find a program that promises rapid cash, and actually pays you $1000s of dollars in less than 24 hours, know that you are likely to pay back something in return.


Have you ever heard of the saying that goes:


The devil gives to the right hand and collects it back from the left hand


To be candid, you have to develop dreadful resentments towards anything that is free in our world today. It doesn’t exist, as you end up paying with something more important.








2.3??”It Is Difficult To Identify With Precision, What You Receive In Return For The Fees You Pay ??


Pay close attention.

In the advertisement videos, these scam artists will brag about how they:

  • ?fly to the moon and back every weekend;?
  • ?use the clouds as their dining tables;?
  • ?walk without their feet touching the ground;?
  • ?Every time of the year is summer;?

etc etc etc


And guess what, by the time you get to the end of their video, they are requesting that you signup to discover what they do to fly to the moon whenever they.

Did you notice something here? No legitimate product will do that without telling you what you get in return for the money you pay. Simply because there is nothing to hide.

Scam artists, on the contrary, will raise your expectations, and give you a selfish conditional offer:


…If you want to discover my secret, grab your…


Once they start asking you to buy without having actually understood what you will receive in return, it’s time to search for scam reviews of that product.







2.4??”The Use Of Spokespersons To Present The Product ??


The owners of the products ??never ever use their real personalities in the respective sales videos, neither do they always leave contact details??. Nothing available to get to them when in trouble.

This could only mean one thing. Isn’t this obvious? They know they are scammers, and they will not risk their personal identities, for fear of getting caught. That’s all there is to it. this one is not difficult.








2.5??No Specific Mention Of How You Will Make Money??


Some of these scammers at least tell you that you will be using an automated system. Others just ?sell you their dream and tell you to sign up,? as if just the act of signing up will open a door to the perfect lifestyle.

This one is the easiest to identify.








2.6??Puts Pressure On You To Get More People To Sign Up??


These types of scammers, after having clearly painted a picture of the dream lifestyle on your mind,?? start putting pressure on you to get more people to sign up as soon as possible.??

This is always the case with pyramid schemes and other similar structures. According to them, your success online depends on the number of people you deceive into joining. Can you imagine the pressure that starts mounting inside of you as soon as you sign up? To get others to join?

And if the smart ones who want to join start asking questions, ”But what am I paying for?” The recruiters will not even know what to tell them. The answer is simple: you are paying to get into the recruitment game. That’s all you get – access to the game.

You have to focus on recruiting others because that’s where your commissions actually come from.

No digital product you can call your own, and if at all there is any training, it is one designed to help you get more recruiters.








2.7??The Illusion Of Owning Your Own Business??


This is the trending method among scam artists today. They give you the illusion that ?by partnering with them, you are actually building your own online business.? This illusion is very easy to believe and it’s working pretty well, considering the fact that many people want to have an online business they want to call their own.

But the problem is that they are not willing to put in the time and effort required to start and run one. So by coming across a program that promises the possibility of having their own personal brand of business if they partner with them, the victims consider it to be an excellent opportunity to run a business with zero effort.

Do you know what it means to run an online business? You need to attend to the following:

  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Training to get you started. You definitely cannot start an online business without knowing what to do;
  • A domain name;
  • Your personal logo;
  • Support;
  • Mentoring;
  • Community;
  • Autoresponder;

etc etc etc


So when a potential scam is promising to offer you an online business, please take the time to find out if you would have the above-mentioned features included in your business package, and whether you would have the free will to do with it as you please.

If you realize that the business they are offering, ?only allows you to promote their products, or is completely controlled by them, ?then don’t be deceived because you actually have no business.













This is an attempt to make it easy for you to identify those products which have some of all the scam characteristics mentioned above and to avoid work home scams at all cost.

I have identified and assembled 7+ scams in this work home scams list, and this list will be updated progressively as more potential scams are being discovered.





3.1??AppCoiner – Get Paid To Test Apps??





The following characteristics mentioned above can be associated with this program:

a. DFU – Done For You

This program suggests that you focus on testing apps, writing reviews about the adds and getting paid. They claim they will ”automatically” monetize your website so that you can focus on writing several reviews about the apps you test.


b. The Amount Of Money You Can Earn With The System Is Not Obvious

They provided no specifics as to how much money you can make from the reviews you write, with the only information provided being an earnings calculator that allows you to select how much ?”you would like to get paid”?as well as how many reviews you can write per month, in order to determine your daily, weekly and monthly income.

Note, however, that no information was provided with regards to how much each review would make as commissions, in order to be able to identify the apps with higher commissions, and the most interesting part, ?a disclaimer was included specifying that the results on the earnings calculator are not typical.?


c. You Cannot Identify With Precision What You Would Receive In Return For The Signup Fee

Absolutely ?nothing was mentioned about what you get in return for signup?, other than access to their apps database. Nothing about training to get newbies started, etc.


This particular program exhibited all the characteristics discussed above, except for the aggressive recruitment of others to sign up, and the dream lifestyle, and I qualified it as being close to a scam. Access the complete review by using the following guidelines:


==> Understanding What AppCoiner Is About

==> A Detailed Review Of AppCoiner

==> Can We Conclude Whether AppCoiner Is Scam Or Legit?








3.2??Five Minute Profit Sites??




Here are some of the characteristics this program has:


a. The Use Of Spokespersons In Their Sales Videos

This program to? ‘‘help you make money online”? made the use professional actors, and guess what they shamelessly admitted to their use, as if it’s normal.


b. Done For You

The system will automatically select high commission affiliate programs and send to your list of subscribers. Not only will you not have total control over the messages sent to your subscribers, but you have no idea whether the products being promoted are ethical to use.


c. Building Your Business Takes Only Five Minutes And Making Money Is Easy

These are the scam artists who claim that making money is very easy, plus you can start making $1000s every day. I could go on but instead, I’d rather prefer that you visit the complete review by using the following guide:


==> Understanding The Five Minute Profit Sites System

==> Understanding How To Make Money With Five Minute Profit Sites

==> 13 Scam Facts Uncovered About Five Minute Profit Sites

==> Is Five Minutes Profit Sites Worth It?










3.3??CB Passive Income??





a. The Owner Of This Product Convinces You That You Own The Product

When you understand how this program operates, you would want to squeeze the owner’s throat for repeatedly lying that the business actually belongs to you. I cannot count the number of times he spelled it out.


b. Done For You

The owner also claims he’s ?doing all the work for you?, and actually said, free of charge, as if the $47 you would be paying per month is absolutely nothing.

The system also automatically sends affiliate programs to your list of subscribers, meaning you have less control over ”your business”. That’s not even the scary part. You don’t know what he would be promoting to these guys, or whether he would be contacting them at all.


c. Paying Extra To Retrieve Your List Of Subscribers

Nowhere is it ever mentioned before you subscribe that you would be paying extra to recuperate your hard-earned list, but yet he says the business belongs to you. I’ll suggest you use the following guide to discover more about this potential scam product:


==> Understanding What The CB Passive Income Is About

==> Detailed Review Of The CB Passive Income

==> Is The CB Passive Income System A Scam?









3.4??AZ Sniper??



AZ Sniper is supposed to be a product that helps you make the best use of Amazon through affiliate marketing. The business model is legitimate. I mean, who does not know about affiliate marketing and Amazon?

But here’s the thing. The product he developed to make the task easy for newbies online, does not really deliver for the following reasons.


a. They Make The Process Of Making Money On Amazon Appear Very Easy?

”Stephen Ford”, the owner of AZ Sniper, raises very unrealistic expectations, especially for the newbies online. He makes it sounds like he has automated the who process so that all you have to do is sign up and start making cash in less than 15 mins.

But when you signup, and discover that the process of making your first sale on Amazon, is not as easy as he made it appear, the disappointment could be devastating.


b. Fake Testimonies

To make things worse, he included fake testimonies in his sales video which I was able to identify. This is where AZ Sniper completely misfired, and I didn’t hesitate to label them as a scam.

It’s a good thing you have a 60-day money back guarantee, but no product online that is confident of the services they offer would employ the services of actors to play the role of happy customers.

Use the following guideline to visit specific sections of the complete review for more information:


==> Understanding What AZ Sniper Is About

==> Detailed AZ Sniper Review

==> Is AZ Sniper A Scam?









3.5??Daily Cash Siphon??




This internet program is the exact same replica of another scam I reviewed, by the name of Five Minute Profit Sites. When you compare the two, the only difference you see are the names, with one being Daily Cash Siphon (DCS), and the other, Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS).

I proceeded to bring out all the similarities that exist between these two products, and if you want to read more about it, please use the following guide to visit specific sections of the review:



==> 5 Shocking Similarities Between Daily Cash Siphon (DCS) and Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS)

==> Can You Make As Much Money As They Claim?

==> Concluding About Whether Daily Cash Siphon Is A Scam Or Not.








3.6??CB Cash Code??



The good thing with all these potential scam programs nowadays is that they have all included a money back guarantee period. If I were you, I wouldn’t try any of them, but if you must, then make sure you take advantage of the money back guarantee period to the best of your ability.

CB Cash Code, like all the others above, has made it sound so easy when it comes to making money online. But when you start digging deeper, you discover that they have used professional actors and spokespersons from Fiverr, to convey their lies to anyone interested.

They give you the impression there’s is a secret automated system waiting for you on the other side, and once you purchase, you get caught up with upsells, about 4 ebooks and no videos to help you. How will 4 ebooks help you to generate over $80 000/month???


If you want to continue reading more about the lies they tell everyone, please use the following headings to visit specific sections of the review:


==> Discovery the CB Cash Code For The First Time

==> The CB Cash Code Review

==> Is The CB Cash Code Worth It?









3.7??Paid Social Media Jobs??



The owner of Social Media Paid Jobs, in the person of ”Annie Jones”, has identified a very hot market out there, and wish to take advantage of it as much as possible, by providing some training materials to those who wish to follow a career path in the related area.

That hot market which is currently trending and rapidly growing is that of Social Media Manager. It’s an excellent and legitimate work from home opportunity, which can really make life much better for those who are qualified to act in the capacity of a Social Media Marketer.

Social Media Paid Jobs offer some training in this domain and is also popularly known online. They also provide a 60-day money back guarantee and their course is very cheap. I was impressed.

It also turns out that this program is not a scam, but I uncovered some significant shortcomings with their training resources which rendered the quality of the training they offer very questionable and extremely shallow.

Consequently, I will not recommend her platform to anyone who wishes to take the Social Media Manager career very seriously. If you want to learn more, you can use the following guide to visit specific sections of my complete review:


==> About Paid Social Media Jobs And The Courses They Offer

==> PROS and CONS of Social Media Paid Jobs

==> Some Important Facts About The Social Media Manager Career

==> Is Paid Social Media Jobs A Scam?





3.8. Viral Cash App


3.8??Viral Cash App??



The owner of Viral Cash App, Matthew Neer, claims he can help you to tap into a $70 Billion free traffic source and generate some juicy passive income for you in the long run. The system would be completely automated meaning all the hard work would be done for you.

And that $70 Billion sources would be the use of viral videos. It’s absolutely true viral videos do get viral attention, and which could be used to make some great affiliate commissions through the use of display advertising on those videos.

The problem I have with Matthew Neer is that those videos would not be videos that he created himself. They are other people’s contents that he would be using to display your affiliate links.

Now don’t ask me how he gets those videos because I cannot tell you. He found this act to be very ethical because he was very glad to mention it in his sales video. For this reason, I score his platform a zero, and will not recommend it to anyone. He has no sense of Business Ethics.

If you want to access more information about other flaws I uncovered, then using the following guide to visit specific sections of the page:


==> What Viral Cash App Is All About

==> PROS Of Viral Cash App

==> CONS Of Viral Cash App

==> Is Viral Cash App A Scam?











Don’t think that starting your own business online is a terribly difficult and impossible task. It is obvious that you would have to show proof of perseverance, endurance, consistency and a lot of effort.

That’s why you need a step by step guide with a legitimate platform in order to learn how to build your own online business progressively. One which has all the tools: free websites, free hosting, free community, updated live classes, immediate support, free mentoring from me and from thousands of other experts, free trial without any credit card information needed, ABSOLUTE ZERO UPSELLS.


This platform knows that you cannot succeed alone, and that’s the reason why they have implemented the most dynamic community on the internet today, and as a premium member, you have access to the following features:

  • You can contact any member privately;
  • You can contact the owners privately;
  • You have your free blogging space;
  • You get 1-on-1 mentoring from the owners, other experts, and from me, FREE OF CHARGE.
  • And so much…….




I hope you found my article informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Work Home Scams List.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

16 thoughts on “7+ Scams Identified And Assembled In This ?Work Home Scams List.? Helping You To Avoid Work Home Scams At All Cost!??”

  1. Great article and list of dodgy opportunities here – I hope a lot of people get to see this article and learn from it (you could save numerous individuals losing their money!). 

    I think the Paid Social Media Jobs is probably the most effective scam out there, as this Annie Jones character has been using this avenue for social jobs for a handful of years now (she just renames the product…and herself….or himself!)

    Have you heard about the Binary Options scams out there? What’s your opinion on these?

    1. Thanks a lot Chris for your comment.

      It’s my wish that many people find this article as well.

      It seems as if paid social media jobs has been around for quite long and it was my first time coming across her name. It seems the brains behind this platform have got smart Technics to remain in business.

      I’ve heard a lot about Binary Options but haven’t given them a closer look yet. Thanks for this question. I’ve included in my tasks list and will check them out.

      Thank you once again for your comment.

  2. everyone who is looking to make money online needs to read this article! It not only lays out plainly the obvious characteristics of a scam, but even puts to the light the most popular ones that are tricking people out of their money. What do you think of Wealthy Affiliate if someone is looking to have a one on one mentor?

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can have thousands of mentors at the same time. Ever since I started building my business with Wealthy Affiliate, I never for once considered to reach out to mentor under whose credentials I created my account.

      I selected the one I wanted to work with, and since then, she’s been reviewing my websites, making recommendations, replying to all my priavate messages, FOR FREE. I don’t pay anything for her pesonal assistance.

      With Wealthy Affiliate, the help is everywhere. Where else would you have someone review you websites without paying $1000s of dollars?

      Seriously, there is no better match out there for Wealthy Affiliate. This is no bragging. This is the truth.

  3. Thank you for an in-depth look at scams and what to look for. As you said, they are definitely everywhere. I almost paid $4000 to join an affiliate company and while the company is legitimate (in a sense), they kept emphasizing the Done For you and that is where they kept adding on more money in addition to the $4000! I personally don’t think this is ethical. 

    I really hope people will wake up to these scams and empty promises. When you hear things like, make $1000 a day without any work or any experience, it blows my mind. An online business is a job/career and you need the proper tools and put in the work. Plain and simple. 

    1. I know right?

      They use Done For You as an excuse to skyrocket their upsells. LOL. Quite brilliant indeed. Did you say you were going to pay more than $4000? It’s like there are people out there just waiting for the slightest opportunity to spend their money. It’s good you were smart enough not to commence.

      These mediocre products go up to the extent of saying that taking the time to build an asset online is old fashioned, and guess what, people believe them, hoping there is a miracle to getting rich very quickly.

      There will never be. The only miracle is the hard work, that we all know about.

      Thank you Mary Ann for this valuable contribution.

  4. Great post and good info.

    It is good that people like you expose the scams on the internet and save peoples trust and money.

    I know lots of people are so desperate that they would join any site, but really, making 1000 bucks overnight or something like that doesn’t sound good, right?

    I use Wealthy Affiliate and it makes me good money, so my suggestion is to join that instead of scams.

  5. Thank you for your comprehensive article and list on scams to avoid. It is not always so easy to spot a scam as most of these websites are pretty flashy with lots of recommendations, which in most cases are false. Luckily I haven’t heard of any of the culprits you talk about here or have been lucky enough not to run into them while surfing the net.

    I use this mantra in life. “If it looks to good to be true, then it usually is.”

    Anything that claims that you can become rich overnight is definitely a scam, otherwise wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

    1. I know right? Why are so many platforms singing about getting thousands of dollars as from the first 24 hours, but no one ever gets to achieve that? LOL.

      Thank you so much Michel for your comment. 

  6. Hi this is very good advice. These broad tips are widely used by scammers, sadly though some people are desperate enough or just inexperienced enough to fall for it. I hope many visitors come to your site and read your excellent post. There is a platform that is genuine however and fortunately we found it in Wealthy Affiliate. Many thanks, Kenny

    1. That’s right Kenny,

      So many desperate people looking for desperate measures, which unfortunately makes them more desperate and miserable.

      But there is a significant number that is inexperienced. Hopefully these warnings will get to as many people as possible. 

      There are no two options out there. Wealthy Affiliate will always top the list. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment Kenny. I’m truly grateful.

  7. Wow, another 7 scam products I’ve never heard of.

    I thought I’ve seen it all but not as I just learned. It’s incredible what these scams come up with. The one claiming it’s all your business but when you want to leave ant take your email list you have to buy it. Really bad.

    It’s so dangerous these days to trust anybody online. The good part is if one wants to go the safe way there are lots of sites like yours that point out the bad apples. Thanks, it’s important.

    1. There are still many of them out there Stefan, and I will not stop until I get them all exposed. LOL. You should remain safe online.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  8. Great article that everyone looking to make some extra money needs to read. I have been drawn into some of these scams in my early days online, and lost a lot of cash but now I can spot them a mile away and give them a wide birth. 

    Keep doing the great job you are doing by explaining what to look for and giving people the heads up on current scams. Top site 🙂

    1. Hello Martin,

      Sorry to hear about your bad experiences earlier. I’m really fortunate that I didn’t fall victim to any of them, because as soon I started searching for ways to make money online, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, and that was the best investment I ever made in a very long time.

      Thank you very much for the encouraging words. Much appreciated.

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