7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset?✈ And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing?✈

7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing




I guess you have heard a lot about Internet Jetset and John Crestani with regards to leveraging the internet to generate some passive income, and you are now making inquiries to clarify any doubts. Well then, I invite you to check out 7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing.




Name Description
Product Name: Internet Jetset
Product Price $47 + Upsells
Product Affiliate Marketing Training
Product Owner John Crestani
Best For Beginners In Affiliate Marketing
Overall Score 4/10








Internet Jetset is a course by John Crestani that offers the possibility for newbies online to learn about affiliate marketing and generate some income. But when looking deeper to understand the components of their $47 package, there is much that resurfaces, and which questions the user-friendliness of this training package, in terms of cost and quality.

That’s why I’m rating this platform, a 4/10 because of it’s legitimate intentions, but not recommending it for first-time learners of affiliate marketing, as quite much has not been covered.









1.1Who Is John Crestani?



7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing


Basically, John Crestani is a name that is popularly known online for affiliate marketing success.

He is the founder of the Super Affiliate System which focuses mainly on Paid Advertising methods to make money online, as well as Internet Jetset which you will discover more about later on in this post, that focuses on the use of free traffic for online money making purposes.

He’s also the CEO of Nutryst, a private nutraceutical affiliate network.


Curious to know how he sounds like?








1.2Components Of John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Training Course


This course focusses on the use of free traffic to make money online through affiliate marketing. Check out the image below for a brief outline of the courses:




Not all the courses presented above are delivered by John Crestani himself. Let me categorize them below for you to understand better:


a. Courses Delivered By Crestani Himself.


1 The Online Business Blueprint

2 Introduction To The Internet Jetset

3 Choosing Your Niche

4 Google

5 YouTube

6 Facebook


b. Courses Delivered By Other Instructors

7 Your Website

8 Copywriting Basics

9 Launch Jacking

10 Authority Review Sites

11 Facebook Ads For Affiliates










The Super Affiliate System represents – $997

The Super Affiliate System represents an upsell if you purchase the Internet Jetset. It contains extensive training on paid advertising at $997 one time payment.



b Xtreme Case Study Archive – $187

This archive brings together interviews carried out with successful entrepreneurs in various niche sectors. This will act as a motivation to understand that you can also succeed in any niche you decide to select for yourself.

So watching people tell their success stories about their online experience is a great initiative, and if you would like to get a motivational boost from listening to them, then be prepared to pay the price for the upsells, which represents a one-time payment of $187



c. JetsetLIVE Webinars – $47/mo

This is the possibility to contact John Crestani 1-on-1 live for any issues you might have. With this direct access to the owner himself, you get the singular opportunity to receive the most recent updates and the latest trends with regards to any of his packages.

It’s also interesting that he has actually drawn up a schedule making it possible to plan and reach out to him when it’s most convenient for both of you. Here is the most recent JetsetLIVE Webinars schedule:


7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing










Now it’s time to dive into the meat of this review. If you have been considering making money online from Affiliate Marketing, and wondering whether Internet Jetset and John Crestani are suitable companions for you,  this section will provide great information to help you decide.

Let’s get started.



2.1PROS Of Internet Jetset.


1. Multiple Sources Of Help Is Available

Jetset offers 3 different channels of help: their Help Desk, their Facebook page, and email support.


2. Step-By-Step Training.

The training offered here is chronological, making it very easy for a complete newbie to grasp the training without little confusion.


3. The Training Is Legitimate

Rest assured that you get what you pay for here, and the information provided is good.


2.2CONS Of Internet Jetset.


4. Too Many And Expensive Upsells

To learn about paid advertising, be prepared to pay. Same thing with motivational success stories. These two don’t even bother me the least.

The one upsells that bothers me the most is the JetsetLIVE Webinars. Why would you have to pay extra to contact Crestani? With very limited startup budget that the majority of newbies online often encounter, it would be quite disappointing for anyone joining to realize soon after that they have pay to contact the owner of the platform. And for how much? $47/mo. This amount is approximately the price you pay for more sophisticated training materials and videos with other platforms, including the possibility to contact the owners at any time and wait for a maximum of 2 days to hear from them.


5. JetsetLIVE Is available Only Once A Week

The JetsetLIVE you get to pay for grants you access to John Crestani ONLY 4 TIMES A MONTH! For $47/month?

This happens every Friday Pacific Time – Los Angeles at 3 pm, and I have no idea for how long each session is going to last. This platform doesn’t seem to be flexible at all. As a newbie online, you need all the help you can get when it comes to making money online from affiliate marketing. There are times when you would need urgent answers, and waiting for 1 whole week to hear from Crestani, is too much, and too expensive.



6. Very Few Social Media Platforms Have Been Covered In The Jetset Training Package.

Crestani has provided information to learn how to get free traffic from YouTube, Google, and Facebook. These are not the only 3 social media platforms out there. It’s true that they represent some of the biggest, but what about the others that are coming up very powerfully?

I’m talking about Instagram, Pinterest, LInkedIn, Twitter, etc, there are many. Some additional training included in this package would have really made it look heavy and worth it.

Making money online with this training could be very challenging because it seems a significant portion of free traffic out there has been ignored.



7. Very Limited Free Tools Such As Hosting And Websites


Nowhere is it mentioned that you will have free websites and hosting with this package. You need a website to start your affiliate marketing business and this is another huge budget that you must take into account. This amount will far outweigh that of your Jetset training cost because you will have to take care of hosting accessories such as speed, security, domain name, domain privacy, website security, SSL Certificates, etc.

That’s not all. You need a website builder, a keyword tool, and so much more. I seriously doubt that you will have all these features with your Jetset package.









The hidden costs related to Internet Jetset will sooner or later frustrate the beginner. There is just so much that has not been included in the $47, that could make the learning process more miserable.

You want to start your business online, and only focus on making it grow, while THE REST is being taken care of for you. And what does THE REST refer to here? I know of a platform where your monthly membership dues will include the following free of charge with ZERO UPSELLS:


  • Free access to the owners every day without any need to pay extra.  You would have to wait a maximum of 2 days for them to get back to you. Sometimes they respond sooner. No additional charges for this privilege;
  • 50 free websites (25 domain websites and 25 subdomain websites) to start and scale when you are ready. Be advised that these websites are an All In One, including all necessary accessories that a premium website hosting should have – additional website security to protect your online business, free SSL Certificates, free speed boosters to make sure your websites load even faster, unlimited email accounts to create professional business emails and build your brand online,…and tons of many others. Bottom line here is that once you pay your membership dues, you automatically gain access to everything without any further procedures;
  • Free website builder to take care of the technical stuff. It’s fully compatible with WordPress
  • In-house domain registry, where you can purchase a domain that already includes free domain privacy;
  • Live chat to contact other members of the community at any second of the day;
  • Private messaging to reach any member of the community privately including the owners
  • 500+ step by step tutorials and videos
  • There is training on how to create your business accounts on at least 7 social media platforms;
  • ZERO UPSELLS for all the features included;
  • Technical Support with an average response time of 5mins!
  • Free blogging space…


I could go on and I wouldn’t be able to list them all here:





There’s more. YOU CAN TRY FOR FREE WITHOUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NEEDED, and you equally have the possibility of remaining a free member for life, while still having access to some features.

There is no doubt that going premium will unlock all the potentials the platform has to offer and significantly increase your chances of success.











If you decide to go for Internet Jetset, you should have the following things in mind:

  • Internet Jetset provides basic training with regards to affiliate marketing. As a newbie online, you want to make the best investment that will save you time and money. Their training is legitimate and acceptable, but wanting in many areas such as creating your business accounts on social platforms.
  • In addition, you have a lot of upsells waiting for you and hidden cost, which can easily accumulate and create a hole in your pocket, and discourage you from doing affiliate marketing thinking it’s too expensive.




John Crestani has made huge earnings through affiliate marketing online. If only he could reinvest some of his profits and create value-added added courses, at a lower cost, and also include free tools for beginners, just for the sake of helping others, then this would have made all the difference.

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Internet Jetset Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



Overall Performance


24 thoughts on “7 Interesting Facts To Know About Internet Jetset?✈ And John Crestani If You Want To Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing?✈”

  1. There are so many affiliate trainings out there today. It’s essential for new affiliate marketers to have articles like this one to help them sort through and find a program that is truly worth the money and capable of producing results. I also agree with your recommendation for an affiliate training platform that actually works! 

  2. Thanks for sharing. I concur with you that it is too much for a beginner to pay for all the upsells in this Internet Jetset. Don’t think any beginner would want to spend this kind of money to access 4 times monthly session with the founder without free tools to build website. But I find the paid advertisement training pretty interesting despite the price is a little too high. What do you think ? 

    1. Absolutely, 

      Their paid advertising is excellent. 

      The thing is John Crestani is Master of Paid Advertising. When it comes to that, there is no question. You might even think paid advertising was covered in his Internet Jetset, but guess what, if you want to talk Paid Advertising with John Crestani, then you should rather be looking at his Super Affiliate System, which focused more on Paid Advertising.

      But taking into account the fact that Paid Advertising is just one of the methods of getting traffic, and which is not really a sustainable way of doing business for long, because you would need to constantly invest in paid ads, the program actually lost some points. 

  3. Olonisakin Kehinde

    a well put together writing.  With the figure Cristani in the middle of the whole thing I’m sure it’s gonna be great.  

    As a newbie in online marketing,  I have come across a lot of manuals,  guides and the likes,  how can one merge all these together and still not get confused? 

    1. Hi Kehinde, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      When I was a  newbie, about a year ago, I tried some programs, not many, but the one I stuck around with for about 2 weeks was SFI. And when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, the difference was soooo obvious and I had no indecision switching immediately. What am I trying to say?

      It even becomes more evident if you have tried so many programs before, because by the time you come across something truly unique, you will immediately know that it is quite different, because it’s like what they offer, combines all the others, plus BONUSES.

      If you have not tried Wealthy Affiliate, I strongly recommend that you try it right now. No credit card is required because they also offer a free membership. 

      I hope you don’t get confused anymore. Wishing you the best online. 

  4. I’ve actually looked into John Crestani’s systems before and I feel that they’re just not quite what I’m looking for. While the training is solid you have to use 3rd party applications to apply most of the training you receive.

    Another problem that you pointed out is the # of upsells. I understand that’s part of some affiliate marketing programs, but I just don’t personally like it.

    This is one of the main reasons I stayed away from the training is that it just didn’t feel right to me. Like not all the information was included.

    1. That’s the thing Josh, it’s not all inclusive.

      I don’t like upsells at all. While it’s convenient for the product owner, it’s quite a setback for the client.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with this training Josh. Very much appreciated. 

  5. This looks like he took a pretty close replica of Wealthy Affiliate and just marketed it for a lot more money.  Everything is the exact same with the difference of not having a constant Lifechat and a few other courses.  He is definitely making a lot of money from people with all of those upsells!

    This is a really great review of Internet Jetset.  I hope a lot of people who are interested in joining this program read this review and see that there are better superior and cheaper ways of learning all of this information from a better platform!

    1. I know right?

      He’s getting closer, but he still has such a long way to go. The owners behind Wealthy Affiliate are always improving their platform every minute without increasing the prices of the training.

      Which other platform online can compete with that? The others are only interested in enriching themselves through insane upsells.

      Kyle and Carson, from all indications, are not the materialistic type, and I guess that’s the secret behind the huge success their training is currently facing. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is no doubt the most user friendly in terms of cost and quality. While Crestani requests $47/mo just to keep in touch with him only 4 times a month, Kyle and Carson keep their prices as low as $29/mo, if you opt for the yearly plan, to access a plethora of training resources, the possibility to contact them everyday, live classes every week, free websites, free hosting,……. here I go again.

      Thanks a lot Vicki for your comment. I could keep on writing, but I’ll stop here. LOL.

  6. An interesting review of the Internet Jetset program. You have given a thorough review of the program. There seems to be a lot available for the $47 but I do agree that it is not one of the better opportunities online.

    The upsells as you say are overpriced and the monthly rate for just 4 webinars is a little over the top in my estimation.


    1. Hello Derek,

      Only the price to keep in touch with the owner is really pricey. This training platform is not cost friendly, even though the Crestani did his best to included a reasonable amount of training material. I believe that he could do much better.

      Thanks for your comment Derek

  7. Kyle Ann Percival

    Hi, and thanks for the detailed review of the Internet Jetset/John Crestani product.

    I’ve spent many hours searching the internet for a viable work-from-home affiliate marketing program, and had heard the name John Crestani but had not had time to do the necessary research on his product before making a decision. You have now done all the work for me!

    I had actually decided on Wealthy Affiliate University, your #1 pick, to try for myself, and I agree with your rating of this program as the number one. 

    You have obviously done a great deal of in depth research and it is quite beneficial to people like me who just haven’t had the time to find out on our own. Thanks for this great site where we can depend on you for an honest review.

    Kyle Ann

    1. Hello Kyle,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m glad you found this post very informative. Wealthy Affiliate is really a place to be for all online marketers, especially for the newbies.

      I’m at the service of anyone looking for an honest review of internet marketing products. I will always make sure I give credits where due. I have a moral obligation to uphold.

      I appreciate all the good comments Kyle, thanks for stopping by. 

  8. Hi there

    I haven’t heard of this product or the owner before but really appreciate your honest review. 

    It’s hard for any newbie into the world of affiliate marketing to get truly stuck in if there is so much upsells regarding any product. This product is expensive and the fact that you have to pay to contact the owners on a limited time frame  per month is really off-putting. Time and money is of the essence.

    Thanks for the honest read.


    1. Hello Teresa,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. That’s what I really disliked about this course, that I have to pay extra to have 1-on-1 encounter, only 4 times a month, and the price alone is enough to get another training package, for far less than the cost of contacting the owners of this program.

      Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

  9. Frederick Owen Jr.

    I am a firm believer in constantly enriching your mind when it comes to building an online business. I have never been a big fan of consistent up-sells but do not mind spending money on something that could 10x my business. Where you a part of his training at one point in time? Great opinion insights overall. 

    1. Hi Frederick,

      I’ve never been a fan of upselling as well, who would want to be? Only the vendors of products love upselling. 

      No, I’ve not taken any of his courses, but when you embark on writing a review on a product you have never used, you have to watch a lot of videos, read from those who have used the course, verify updated information, and all of that.

      I did the research, and I believe the essential components of his products have been covered in this review. It will also be subsequently updated if there are updates. 

      Thank you very much for your comment Frederick, very much appreciated.

  10. The information regarding Internet Jetset was almost overwhelming.  After reading about it, I feel I would get lost in the shuffle.  The extra money for seminars and arranging paid appointments would not be my cup of tea.  I have to assume there’s great benefit in it for some or Crestani would not be so successful. 

    I love that you offered Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative.  No one can do a better job of promoting WA.  Your images and graphics are exceptional.  I love illustrating with cartoon and fun images.  You couldn’t have chosen better images and each one was perfect for it’s subject.  The fruit art for something you’re passionate about, the image for something you want to learn, and the image for only one niche.

    The light hearted approach works for me.  The information bout WA is presented clearly and precisely and was very easy to read. I have already bookmarked the page.

    Thank you for this post.

    V. Pearl

    1. Hello Vanna,

      I actually blushed reading your comment. LOL. Thank you very much. The most important is making sure the information presented is as accurate as possible, and that’s my primary objective.

      I’ll strive to improve to make sure my readers get the best out of my articles.

      Thanks for bookmarking my page as well. 

  11. jessie palaypay

    From the sound of it, it seems like Internet Jetset is a more expensive version of Wealthy Affiliate with all the up sells. The price of the webinars itself is the cost of a membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I suppose I can’t blame Crestsni though If you price something to cheap, a lot of people won’t appreciate it as much. I find a lot of people are willing to work harder when more money is at stake to be lost.

    1. Hmmmm.

      That’s another interesting angel to understand the price of his course. As you rightly said, perhaps some people are more comfortable paying more, as it guarantees quality according to them,

      In this case, they should go for Internet Jetset, in order to have that peace of mind and be able to assimilate the training.

      Thank you very much for your comment Jessie.

  12. John Crestani is a well known person in the affiliate marketing world. He has been featured in online publications such as Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

    He initiated as an affiliate marketer. He had a lot of success. And then he started launching his own products, and one of them is Internet Jetset.

    His story is very interesting. Initiating with a couple of failures and then archiving success, still at a young age. Any entrepreneur would like to have a similar story to his.

    Concerning Internet Jetset, it’s a legit program. It teaches beginners in affiliate marketing how to take off. But I agree with you, the up-sells make it expensive. In my humble opinion, he’s using the fact that he’s a well known figure to inflate the price of Internet Jetset.

    I know there are programs out there that cost much less and deliver more than Internet Jetset.

    1. Hello Henry,

      Thanks for dropping a comment. 

      I agree with you that he’s a public figure. But I was rather thinking he would have taken advantage of his position and fame, to help others climb up the internet marketing ladder with relative ease. But it seems he wants to get even richer. As it stands now, if you are not financially capable, you cannot take his course.

      And usually newbies online always have very tight budgetary constraints. Many tools are not included, meaning if you take his course, you would have to budget extra for third party applications such as hosting, keyword tools, buying a domain, etc.

      That’s why I rated a pass mark. I would never give a scam product a passing score, meaning it’s still very good if you can afford it, but you have to budget for more to complement your training and experience online.

      I appreciate your contribution. Thanks a lot.

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