3rd Step In Affiliate Marketing Business

3rd Step In Understanding What An Affiliate Marketing Business Is



This is where the magic happens people. We have finally made it to the most interesting phase of Affiliate Marketing. We are done with selecting our area of interest (step1) and providing valuable information for our readers (step 2).

But wait for a second, What about the money part?? I know you cannot continue providing useful information to the reader, without being able to maintain the website that serves as a platform for such great information. Right? This is 100% correct.  How then do you make money with affiliate marketing by providing useful content? Is this not the reason why everyone starts an affiliate marketing business in the first place?

These are very important questions every serious affiliate marketer MUST ASK. Rest assured that your money making secrets with affiliate marketing will be disclosed in this 3rd step in understanding what an affiliate marketing business is.



You need a consistent source of income for your business, and eventually, a sustainable passive revenue that will last for decades to come. This is what all affiliate marketers dream of when starting this type of business. It’s not only about helping, it’s about surviving too, to enable you to continue helping.


This article will provide relevant information on how you can make money from the quality information you provide your readers.





If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you’ll work until you die – Warren Buffet






#1. Creating Content That Converts

#2. Monetizing It.

#3. Reaching Your Targeted Audience


#1. Reasons For Our Top Recommendation

#2. Conclusion & Questions









Website monetization consists of a lot of different methods summarised under 3 grand headings:

==> Creating Content That Converts;

==> Monetizing It

==> Reaching Your Target Audience;






Steps 2 and 3 in understanding what an affiliate marketing business really is all about, are very intimately linked to each other, even though they are discussed separately. How?

When writing your content to help a specific group of people, you equally optimize it for money making simultaneously (one that easily converts). Optimizing will include things like making your website look attractive, readable, interactive, informative, accurate, transparent, SEO friendly etc. You don’t finish writing your content and publish before you come back and start

optimizing it all over. In other words, create content that is capable of convincing, informing and engaging your reader, all at the same time.

How do I optimize content? Of course, there is specific training which I will reveal to you by the end of this blog, I cannot leave you hanging.

Let’s proceed to the next section to see how you can monetize it.






While creating your beautiful, attractive and engaging content, you monetize it when you get the chance to. What does this mean?

You monetize your content by inserting affiliate links related to the solutions you are offering so that your readers can buy your recommendations, without having to move away from your website.

For instance, if you are writing about the importance of food preservation, and you mentioned that the best preservations methods to be used in all home kitchens is Vacuum sealers, your recommendations should not end in plain text. Look for those merchants or online stores that sell the vacuum sealers you’ve just written about. Join their affiliate programs and grab your affiliate links.

When you reach that part of your content where you are recommending a particular vacuum sealer, insert beautiful pictures of the product you are recommending, as well as your affiliate links to that product, so that your reader can be taken directly to the merchants’ stores for more details. When they complete a purchase there, you make money.

Do you get the picture? Don’t worry if you don’t. I cannot leave you without telling you where to find the right resources to apply this method using a step by step approach.


By the way, these are some of the networks where you can find merchants and affiliate with them;

==> ShareASale

==> FlexOffers

==> Awin

==> OneNetworkDirect

==> Commissions Junction







Ok. You have a beautiful, informative, engaging and monetized content, just what the reader needs. What next?

Don’t forget who the content was meant for. It was meant for readers, and not for your website. You have to get to work, making sure that your content reaches the right people, thereby drawing traffic to your website, the lifeblood of your business.

With the resources I’m about to present to you, you will learn advanced methods on how to acquire free traffic continuously, by respecting uncle Google’s rules.







How how-how…? All this is new to me.  I don’t know where to start. >>


Answer waiting for you in the very next section.








You need a compatible training platform, a step-by-step guide, a supportive community, a platform where you can access anybody at any time to ask for help when stuck, a community of helpers, and above all a complete and hands-on practical training.


ONLY 1 RECOMMENDATION fits the criteria above:






This is truly one big internet university. No doubt this is where over 1.4 million successful and millionaire affiliate marketers are hiding, learning, and above all, breaking financial records online.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few affiliate marketing training platform and courses,  that has more than a million affiliate marketers. It must be for a reason.




There are at least over 30 points to corroborate my decision to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you as my #1 choice among the several online courses I’ve had the privilege to review. I will focus my attention only on the key aspects:




AIt’s a chronological and step by step guide.


Wealthy Affiliate has the simplest method to get anyone from any level of knowledge to an expert Affiliate Marketer. This is especially the reason why if you are starting for the very first time, there is no better option than Wealthy Affiliate. You need to finish one step before advancing to the next as this is very important for your progress. Don’t rush things. In that way, you never get lost amidst the interesting things you have to learn.


BWealthy Affiliate Offers Free Membership


You have the opportunity to start your affiliate marketing business for free at Wealthy Affiliate. You will access basic training and tools to help you kick-start your journey online.

This is what the free membership package is comprised of:



B.1Beginner Training Course comprised of 10 lessons as shown below:



There are tasks to be completed at the end of each lesson, making up a total of 28 tasks for the beginner training course. Courses will walk you through the process of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.



B.2 2 Free Websites B.3 Live Help for the first 7 days B.4 Website Backup B.5 Personal Affiliate Blog B.6 First Phase Of The Affiliate BootCamp B.7 Video Walkthroughs B.8 30 Keyword Research Tool Searches B.9 2 Training Classrooms B.10 Affiliate Program B.11 You can Earn While You Learn B.12 1-on-1 Coaching For 7 Days B.13






CFeatures Available To You As A Premium Member


C.1Structure Of Training Courses For Premium Members:


Premium members have unlimited access to unlimited resources provided by the platform. This can be summarised under 4 main headings:


i. Certification Courses


3rd Step In Understanding What An Affiliate Marketing Business Is


Free members have access only the first course, ”Getting Started”. As a premium member, you have access to all 5 certification courses above, each comprising 10 lessons, walkthrough videos, and an estimated total number of tasks that you implemented live on your website, of over 167.

The courses are very practical, and each will contribute to helping you build a successful online business while growing your brand to a more robust and trustworthy one.




ii. Affiliate Bootcamp



These courses are designed for those who wish to take Wealthy Affiliate as one of their niche websites. It’s comprised of 7 phases of 10 lessons each, and a reasonable number of tasks. Free members have access to the first phase (Getting Your Business Rolling) only.

It’s important to note here that even if you don’t want to promote WA as one of your online endeavors, you still have great information in this Bootcamp that you can apply to any other niche website. So not only do you have 50 lessons from your certifications courses above, you equally have an additional 70 lessons and videos to take advantage of, and finetune your existing knowledge.

In fact, every information that you will ever need to start and scale your business online is available at Wealthy Affiliate.





iii. Training HQ

Wealthy Affiliate platform is very easy to navigate, making it possible to easily identify the course created by the owners themselves.

With Wealthy Affiliate, as a premium member, you have the possibility of sharing your expertise with the rest of the community, through the creation of tutorials and getting paid for it. That comes as additional knowledge to the solid framework already provided by the founders of this amazing community. You can always have access to these tutorials by searching the platform.

But if you want to first master what the expert founders have preconized, you can easily find and locate these courses by using the instructions on the screenshots below:






Once you click on Training HQ, the following screen will appear listing all the courses that the founders have had to create themselves.




As a premium member of this platform, only the sky can be your limit with the number of learning resources available here. It’s better that you have these resources and not use them, than not to have them at all. Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the resources to succeed. You have to take action by making use of all of them.



iv. Classrooms


To access classrooms, the schema is similar with the one shown above, with the only difference being that you click on ”classrooms” at step 2, instead of Training HQ. Classroom item is last on the menu.

The following window will appear:




This platform was designed in such a way that allows for the most recent updates on internet marketing to be captured by the community immediately. There are many opportunities given to members to interact with each other and discuss trends and all the important stuff.

This makes the learning of Affiliate  Marketing, a very challenging topic, very enjoyable and motivating because you are not alone.







C.250 Free Managed WordPress Hosting Websites:

Wealthy Affiliate knows with certainty that once you start building your online business with them, sooner or later you will start to grow. Yes. They are very confident about their training, and they have all the right to be. My experiences with this platform have been nothing short of wooooow!!!!

Are you probably thinking that you need web hosting/coding skills to make good use of your websites??? Absolutely not! Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Builder, Siterubix.com, makes it easy for anyone to start up a website with no knowledge at all in web hosting nor coding. You can launch your business and make it go live only within minutes!

Trying creating a website below and see what happens. It’s amazingly easy!




That’s the main reason why as a premium member, you have access to 50 free Managed WordPress hosting websites and free hosting for all of them because creating those websites is very easy. You start with one first, and when you think you are comfortable with more responsibilities, then move to the second, the third etc.

However, its always advisable to start with one first, as it takes time to build and gain authority.



C.3Free Keyword Research Tool:


The advantages are many for premium members. They equally have free access to the Wealthy Affiliate’s proprietary Jaaxy Keyword Tool, which is worth $49/mo for non-members.

This tool is indispensable if you want to write content that has a great potential of drawing huge traffic to your websites. No online business entrepreneur can succeed without a reliable keyword tool, and they are very expensive. Wealthy Affiliate offers the Light version of this tool to her premium members free of charge, making them have access to unlimited keyword searches.

The Light free version is what I use, and it’s really sufficient when starting off, as you have your main need, which is to identify high traffic low competition keywords, covered.



C.4An Excellent Affiliate Program:

Guess what. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs in the industry today. Not only are the monthly and yearly commissions very high and competitive, the continue to renew every single month and year.

Many WA members have made Wealthy Affiliate (even though they represent a really insignificant minority with respect to the number of WA subscribed members) one of their main niches online. And they are doing really great.

Let me share with you one of the blogs of a member really doing great at promoting Wealthy Affiliate:






Why Promote Wealthy Affiliate?


  • Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest niches online today. So the chances of succeeding are extremely high because the demand is insanely high;
  • Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training in affiliate marketing. You don’t need to create your own courses to make money. Just affiliate with this 1 in a million platform, and benefit from their years of experience and share the profits;
  • The affiliate marketing courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate, and the overall design of their platform and interphase, is one that makes them stand out as very unique, because of the ease of use, and the availability of a vast amount of resources just a click away;
  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few that integrates a community and makes it possible for ALL THE AFFILIATE MARKETERS (more than 1 million) to interact with each other 1-on-1 and share success stories and help;
  • Wealthy Affiliate Is Legitimate
  • etc


The reasons are many, and just by highlighting these attributes when promoting Wealthy Affiliate, will attract those who want to succeed at Affiliate Marketing to take this training course.






C.5Robust Community Support:

There is just no way you can succeed in affiliate marketing alone. The brains behind Wealthy Affiliate understood this long ago and created a community where members are interacting actively with each other at several different levels.

Here are the following ways you can participate in the community:


i. Live Chats

This is the fastest way to get instant help with any difficulty. This feature is a social media in its own right. When you access the live chat forum, you see members live exchanging information and helping each other.

This is what you should look forward too when starting an affiliate marketing business. There are so many challenges you will encounter as a starter affiliate marketer, requiring immediate attention, to enable you to move forward with some sanity. What would happen if you get stuck and you are not able to contact anyone immediately?

This is one of the major reasons why the failure rate at Affiliate Marketing is extremely high. You cannot succeed in this thing alone. You need to be integrated into a team that will be there for you at any time.

Check out the screenshot below of how the Wealthy Affiliate live chat community looks like:




You can see from the image above how a new member is trying to find a shortcut to the training, by jumping ahead of himself.

Had it been he was following the training faithfully, there wouldn’t have been any need for that question. This is an anxiety problem that catches up with newbies sooner or later. It happened to me too. LOL. That notwithstanding, another member encouraged him to continue to take his step by step training.



ii. Blogging Space

This is another excellent forum to help you reach other members of the community. You can use your private blogging space, and engage the entire community in a particular subject area. The members who follow you will receive notifications that you have blogged, and will likely come and join the community that you have created around your blog.

A great advantage of your blogging space is that all the blogs there get easily ranked by Google. So you can use this feature at Wealthy Affiliate as a great advertising milieu, provided you respect the blogging rules at Wealthy Affiliate.






C.6Robust Technical Support:


Besides the possibility of interacting among ourselves, we have a technical support team, for any issues concerning the functioning of all our websites.

What’s even more amazing with these guys? Their average response time is 5 minutes, even on Sundays! How they do it, I have absolutely no idea. They will do all to solve your problem, even if it means logging into your back office. This is how managed Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting is.

To contact the technical support staff, you need to submit a ticket as follows:




It’s unbelievably easy to find help at Wealthy Affiliate. The available help resources have been centralized under one single menu, ”Help Center”. Depending on what you want, you can choose the most appropriate source of help, either by contacting SiteSupport, or live chat, or contacting a member directly through private messaging, or asking a question to the entire community.

You can see from the image above that I can also contact the owners directly, Carson and Kyle, as well as my allocated private mentor, DeRaj.

It gets even better. This center lists the top helpers at Wealthy Affiliate. The members who will help you out no matter what. So it makes the work even easier. If you need any information, just contact these members directly, because you will be sure of getting help. That’s why they are the top helpers.



Back to our SiteSupport. When you click on SiteSupport as shown on that image below, a ticketing window will be displayed as follow:



You fill in the relevant sections of the screen above and submit your ticket, within an average time period of 5 minutes, you will receive a message from SiteSupport. No other affiliate marketing training platform online today beats the professionalism that Wealthy Affiliate employs in training their affiliates.







C.7Wealthy Affiliate Does Not Practice Upselling:

Not only are the prices offered by Wealthy Affiliate, to help you set up your business online are affordable, once you pay your subscription, rest assured that you will not pay an additional cent sometime later.

That’s not all. Once you take advantage of any available discounts, such as Black Fridays, you will continue to pay your subscription fees at those discounts for the life of your account.

Check out the following table below of Wealthy Affiliate Prices:



Name Description
Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price #1: $0
Price #2: $19 First Month, $49 Second Month+
Price #3: $359 /Yearly Discount
Price #4: $299 /Black Friday Yearly Discount (23-27 November Every Year!)
Renewal Renew at Yearly & Black Friday Discounts Every Year.
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Launch Date: 2005
Current Number Of Users: 1.4 Million +
Best For: Beginners & Experts digital entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, college students, university students, unemployed, retired individuals, disabled individuals, new career seekers, laid off employees, low salary employees, high salary employees, high school graduates who don't want to go to the university, people looking for a marketing education, those who wish to spend their retirement traveling around the world, etc.
Rating 10/10:


 width= width= width= width= width= width= width= width= width=




You have the free membership option. It’s important to note about the free membership; once you upgrade to a premium member, you can no longer downgrade to free membership. Either you remain a free member for life, or you upgrade to premium membership.

You also have the possibility to continue to renew your subscriptions at the initial discounts you first signed up for. Wealthy Affiliate is the only online training platform, amidst several of them online, that allows you to renew at your discount prices.



C.8Courses Are Up To Date, With Live Classes Organized Every Week!:


Once you become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you gain access to frequently updated and fresh content on industry trends.

What’s even more exciting, you get to have live classes and interactions with one of the brains behind Wealthy Affiliate, head of the Training Department, our very own Jay. We get to meet him every week, through live classes that usually last about 1hrs25mins.

Yes, we meet with him 1-on-1, see him live and ask him questions live. No wonder Wealthy Affiliate members were on top of the recent hit on MOBE by FTC, and the top posts on Google search were all written by Wealthy Affiliate members.






With Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t need to have any web hosting/coding skills, or any other related knowledge in the subject area.

Join over 1.4 million legitimately proud affiliate marketers currently learning and thriving at Affiliate marketing using the unique resources provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Join the best Affiliate Marketing university today online with the highest number of subscribers, and start your journey to success. No other recommendation beats this one. This is where I learned everything I’ve written about and much more. TRIED AND TRUE.








What experiences have you had with other affiliate marketing training platforms? Please let’s talk about this. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and I will be very glad to get back to you as soon as I can.




''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??

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